Alien Zombie Mega Death Hits PS3 on June 21st

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Alien Zombie Mega Death Hits PS3 on June 21st

Tis a joyous time. Summer is here. The birds are singing. The Bees are buzzing. Flowers flowering. However… we don’t care about that nonsense. Oh no. What we say is: Draw your curtains. Turn on your PS3. Grab a pair of super friction thumb protectors… and a spare joypad… or four. Make sure you have $8 in your PlayStation Store wallet come June 21st and prepare yourself for one of the most ridiculously intense shoot-em-ups ever… or at least since PomPom made their last PlayStation game.

But first, a dash of history. Last year PomPom made Alien Zombie Death on PSP minis. Heralded as “pacy, mean-spirited, and delightful” by EDGE magazine, it was a simple, extremely focused platform shooter. We loved making it. Anybody with the required skill set loved playing it. Those who didn’t clearly play too much backgammon.

Now, on PS3, we have the official sequel to Alien Zombie Death! We’ve taken the original game, pulled out a big jar of MEGA, and gratuitously poured it all over. The result? Alien Zombie Mega Death!

Alien Zombie Mega Death for PS3 (PSN)

List of loveliness:

  • Levels? … 70 of them!
  • It’s a platform game, with a lot of shooting and explode-y stuff… and we mean, A LOT!
  • Multiplayer? … Oh yes!
  • Game types? … Survival levels. One-shot levels. Decoy pods. Jetpacks. Bomb disposal. Space baby rescue.
  • Beasties? … A whole menagerie of cute yet ugly little blighters to feed with laser death!
  • Fancy a new space suit? Plain white doesn’t do it for you? We have a catalogue of snazzy threads available as well as some fancy suits tucked away, waiting to be unlocked.
  • A medal award system with over 280 unique medals to earn spread over all the levels.
  • Weapon power-ups, for those sticky moments.
  • Online leaderboards.
  • Guaranteed thumb blisters.
  • All wrapped up in our Super PomTech Mega X Engine of Doom.

And finally, It’s made by proper, salt of the earth, independent game developers. In other words, just two dudes sitting in dark caves somewhere in the UK. All by ourselves. No help from no one… apart from a sound engineer we keep locked in the shed.

Buy it! Its cheap! It’s mad! It’ll make your fingers fall off.


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8 Author Replies

  • looks fun!

    trophy support included or not mike?

  • Im trying to figure out who has it worse. You two in the dark caves, or the dude locked in the shed! :)

    Looks like a lot of game for $8.

    You mentioned multiplayer and online leaderboards… there online multiplayer?

    Good luck with the game!

  • How many players are supported in multiplayer? I saw two in the video but I’m hoping for more.

  • Nice…

  • The previews music seemed more exciting than the product, but just as repetitive. Every level looked the same.

  • I have a question.

    What happened to the two publishes per week schedule that was supposed to be happening on the Playstation Store. Last Friday I don’t think anything new came out. I’m waiting for Sonic 3 and the Dirt 3 demo, among other things.

    • We ended up pushing out most of the backlog in a mega publish a while back. We’re back to Tuesdays, as per normal.

  • I’m sold on this game!

  • Ya know what this needs…. 3D!!. Looks like good fun.

  • Looks like a button masher’s paradise!

  • …….I just don’t know about getting this game?!?……To hell with it once it has Zombie in it’s Title It’s Worth Getting.:)

  • WHOO HOO !!!

    I have been playing the Mini version of this game on my PSP for MANY hours and am so close to beating all of the planets at while acheiving the max goals. (I have 2 left to fully complete.) This game is an absolute blast. THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT AVAILABLE ON PS3 !!!

    It is such an addictive game. One of the few out there that has an old school arcade feel to it. I can not recommend this game highly enough to everyone. You will have my $8 tomorrow fellas.

  • Never heard of it before, but this looks incredibly cool. $8 sounds like a great price, sold!

  • Looks really fun!

  • Alien Zombie Death is one of the best minis in that category, this version looks pretty good too. Good luck, ill probably pick it up too.

  • loved Astro Tripper, and this looks fun as well. can’t tell too well from the YouTube video, but what’s the native rendering resolution? the screenshot is 360p(!), which is obviously unacceptable for a native PS3 game.

    also, will we be hearing losslessly-compressed audio assets?

    I’m totally down with awesome PSP games coming to PS3, but if they don’t take advantage of the console’s features (1080p, MSAA, HD audio), the value proposition can be quite dubious. (Those Metal Gear and God of War collection screenshots look *awful*, for instance.)

    any model, lighting, shader, and/or texture upgrades to make this more compelling versus the PSP version?


  • Hello all

    Answers to some questions in no particular order:

    Yes, there is online multiplayer.

    Its 2 players.

    yes, button mashing is rife.

    Its a proper PS3 game. The graphics are HD and the sound is fat and juicy. Particles. Shaders. Substantially sexier then before…. honest, guv’nor.


  • Can’t wait to play the free copy of Alien Zombie Death Mini when it is finally published to Plus members (was set to publish 26 April before the network outage), so we can decide if Alien Zombie Mega Death is a must have purchase on PSN…

  • Someone might want to make Michael’s comment red…

    Anyway, the level based gameplay has always been fun back in the day. I’d be interested to see how it translates to this gen.

  • When does Beyond Good and Evil HD hit?

  • Looks cool!!! Trophy support?

  • Awesome!!! Thanks for the fast reply Michael Michael :)

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    Where is the Official Playstation App for Android and iPhone you promised us 6 months ago?

  • Wow lots of game there. 8 bucks too.

    Is the MP local only or online too?

  • A lotta game for 8 bucks, definitely buying this tomorrow.

  • Rescue the space babies? lol I love it!

  • WOW all that!!! It deserves a Platinum LOL

  • Now we need a battlefield demo and uncharted 3 beta and were set! :D

  • Glad it’s a full PSN game and not a mini.

  • This looks fun… Just hope it’s not a lot of redundant levels like some other PSN games… like.. flock.

  • Easy question for the developers!
    Q: Is the game a PSN exclusive?

    And the game looks AWESOME :D
    My birthday is June 27th, it could be a great birthday present!

  • I will definitely be purchasing this. I loved the crap out of Mutant Storm Reloaded, Mutant Storm Empire, and Astro Tripper. This looks like it’ll be just as fun.

  • AYE! Thanks for the reply :)

  • “mega publish” ha, good one.

  • Hi Michael Michael (identical 1st & last name?), is there OFF-line 2 player couch co-op? Thanks for the great video preview!

  • Loved the first game, though there was one little control tweak that I always wanted made to it; the ability to just hold either up or down to continually jump up or descend down. Will we be able to do this in the new game? Always hated repeatedly tapping up or down in the first game when there was no good reason to not just let us hold the button instead.

  • Will there be a demo released?

  • Does the online play have Voice Chat? and XMB Invites?

  • jjayman_is_cool1

    when the thing say that it going to be shooting and alot of stuff is blowing up they got me . man i cant wate intel the demo come out.

  • how do you get UFO’s to show up, it’s driving me crazy

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