PlayStation Network Video Content Update

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PlayStation Network Video Content Update

The Video Store reorganized this week based on your feedback! We’ve changed up the eight categories on the home screen to better suit your needs and help you navigate through the thousands of titles on our store.

Up at the top, you’ll find the New Releases, showcasing the latest films and television that have hit the store. This week, Battle: Los Angeles explodes onto the store with this epic mêlée between marines and alien invaders. Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight), Michelle Rodriguez (The Fast and the Furious), Ne-Yo (Stomp the Yard) and Michael Peña (Shooter) are a part of a Marine corps that endures a new take on urban warfare. The film comes to you at a great low price!

Also, you’ll find the hilarious Hall Pass with six more sidesplitting scenes not seen in theatres. The latest Farrelly brothers film stars Owen Wilson (Wedding Crashers), Jason Sudeikis (Saturday Night Live), Jenna Fischer (The Office), Christina Applegate (Anchorman) and Stephen Merchant (Extras) in a comedy that asks the question: “What would happen if you had a week off from marriage?” If you buy the film in HD, you’ll get even more exclusive digital content!

Plus, Red Riding Hood hits our New Releases with this modern twist on the classic fairty tale. Starring Amanda Seyfried (Big Love), Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight), Shauna Kain (X2: X-Men United), Virginia Madsen (Sideways) and Julie Christie (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), the film follows a village regularly terrorized by the Wolf who demands a monthly human sacrifice or he will unleash bloody fury. Buying in HD? Then the film comes with an alternative ending and even more bonus content!

Next, you’ll find Top Downloads, which shows you what’s popular today. Here we breakdown what everybody is purchasing in film and television. You’ll also find the top PSP downloads as well. Great films include Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, as everyone gets ready for the release of the final film in this magical series later this summer.

The Movies section allows you to browse all things film. You can wander through our thousands of movie titles by a variety of options, including studio and genre. Also, this is a great place for free movie extras and you’ll find theatrical movie trailers provided by Flixster. Current trailers include Green Lantern, 30 Minutes or Less, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.

Rent Now shows you all the great video on demand titles available to you. Often you’ll find great films available to rent 28 days before Netflix or Redbox, like Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and Sanctum. Plus, Despicable Me is available to rent right now at a new low price!

The next section down is Available in 3D, where we house all our amazing 3D content you need. In addition to great titles to rent or own like The Green Hornet, TRON: Legacy and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011: The 3D Experience, you’ll also find selection of free 3D titles as well.

In TV Shows, you will find all your favorite television, sports and anime content in one place. All the great episodes that have just aired are available in TV New Arrivals. And right now, you can download free episodes of the hot shows White Collar, Teen Wolf and Raising Hope for a limited time.

Our Collections & Sales section is the place you will find all our great featured collections and price specials. To coincide with the release of the new straight to video film Jackass 3.5, we are offering the best in crazy stunts, pranks and insane acts in our Jackass Sale. You’ll find episodes of the television series and past Jackass films available at amazing prices. Want even more Jackass on your PlayStation 3? Head over to the Games Store and check out the brand spanking new Jackass 3.5 Dynamic Theme.

Lastly, you’ll find Deal of the Week prominently placed so you can easily find this regular special. This week, we’re honoring the great and no-so-great dads with our Deal of the Week: Father’s Day. At phenomenal low prices, you can own amazing SD films like Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 3:10 to Yuma and World’s Greatest Dad.

We have all this, plus thousands more! Here’s a look at what else is new this week…

Just In TV
US Store: Pretty Little Liars: Season 1, Jon Benjamin Has a Van: Season 1, Childrens Hospital: Season 3, Outcasts: Season 1, The French Secret Services: Season 1, Earth From Above: Season 2, Potlach the Farm: Season 1, Youri the Spaceman: Season 1, and more!

Canada Store: The Vampire Diaries: Season 2, Outcasts: Season 1, The French Secret Services: Season 1, Reporters: Season 1, Earth From Above: Season 2, Potlach the Farm: Season 1, Youri the Spaceman: Season 1, and more!

New Release Movies
US Store: Jackass 3.5, Battle: Los Angeles, Red Riding Hood, Hall Pass, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, Blood Night, Chatroom, When They Were Young, Mirageman, and more!

Canada Store: Jackass 3.5, Battle: Los Angeles, Red Riding Hood, Hall Pass, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, Kill the Irishman, Kingdom of War Part 1, The Other Woman, and more!

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  • am I actually FIRST for once!?!? AYYYEEE!! anyway…GREAT UPDATE!

  • Battle: LA already? Seems like that just came out ;)

  • the Deathly Hallows!!!

  • @ oshstriker331 that is a great movie, I recommend. But I redboxed it… cant beat $1.50.

  • Sony Pictures decided to block digital rentals of Battle: LA until 6/28? I wish studios would stop delaying digital releases. Any plans to bring us 1080p video downloads like VUDU offers? Thanks.

  • Nice, can’t wait to watch them.

  • Is anyone else not surprised at sony’s trickery? I do remember a certain company who was going to “release new content” two times a week due to the psn outage. And they only did it what once? Last week was e3 video releases which was all biased on the same stupid games they keep shoving down our throats. No where was there any other e3 updates on games that weren’t directly partnered with sony. And this week its a video store update. Where is update two for the game store? I’ve just about had it with sony’s false statements. Just like “the ps store will be up this week……okay next week….. ok may 31rst….. ok june 1rst…… ok maintenance then it will be up…. ok wait…. now its fixed”

    So I am calling sony out on their two times a week ps store updates. I know it was down for a month. That’s 4 updates. So with this weeks content. You should release one week of last months content. There should be a minimum of 4 weeks with two store updates.

  • @7

    Or you know..lump 2 weeks worth into one posting so that you are catching up on all the ‘missed’ content within 4 weeks but still doing it once a week.

    Math is hard.

    Tell me…how is that multinational, multidepartmental, Fortune 500 company that you run doing?

  • I don’t think it is trickery….really…..trickery? they didn’t say the movie side would get 2 per week….just the game side (and they did do two weeks of 2x store updates.

    however they did say they were going to give us a few free movies for rental as a welcome back and was really disappointed when the three offered were minimum 5 years old!

  • What happened to the Ford Focus Rally across America Content?
    I started to watch this and never did finish it because after the outage I can’t find the content anymore. Can anyone help???

  • @8

    hypothetically let’s say they did. They said prior to the ps store being available they were going to do two updates a week. A notice of “well we are going to update it once but more at one time” would be nice. As a mrine and a high ranking one at that I have to keep my marines informed and lok out for their well being before my own at all times on and off work. Now I can’t hold a company to military standards but sony is losing a lot of face with a lot of people to their lack of communication lack of clarification and over all failure to meet their deadlines. I know all about pushing information that benifits yourself, (Such as posting a million times about uncharted3 battlefield3 and any other 3rd installment of a game) and keeping everything else n the back burner (batman arkam city silent hill hd re-releases etc) all I am saying is stay true to your word or let us know when you change something

  • @9

    I posted here because I wanted a response and they never respond to old threads. This one is fairly new. Also they did 1 week of updates in m mind. June 1rst and june 3rd updates. But june 7th was an update the e3 videos I don’t consider an update. They would have done that if the system never went down. And the only thing they updated those days were game movies as they happened (by day and they never revealed all games. Perfect example the ps3 sizzle video showed game trailers that were never released in the store as stand alone videos.

    My opinioln but I see it as subtle subliminal messaging. Ps3 sizzle video (look at all these games) but then the stand a lone videos are 3 street fighter videos 3 first person shooters and a game that was already released prior to e3

  • no long thing

  • @7 actually did release new stuff every two weeks even last week.. they do it on fridays.. last friday they released (as far as i can confirm) the black ops escalation pack and modnation racers arctic them dlc… they just never made a blog update about it (but days before that friday they DID say the black ops maps WOULD be released friday) that being said i hope theres another update today because i want beyond good and evil HD already…. after that I can stop caring about the store until street fighter 3 and journey come out which Im sure are months away.

  • Goes to show why I don’t go to the movies that much anymore. Movies are coming out on blu-ray/dvd with the quickness now.

  • I’m still waiting for them to reset my thing so I can watch movies again. I missed out on the free rentals because of it. I recieved an e-mail asking for my info, I sent what they wanted back, and have recieved to “Service Performance” surveys but not the confirmation they reset my video stuff. “Send another e-mail” Why didn’t I think of that? It won’t let me. Everytime I try, it tells me I need to select a reason. I select a reason, it does the same thing. Hopefully somebody will see this and get on the ball. Really hate not having it working.

  • Snapping turtle on a stick.


  • @14

    If they have been updating but not posting a blog about it then that’s fine. I wasn’t looking for a black ops map pack so its easy to see why I missed it. I go to new releases and scroll down to new games/demos not selecting the add on sub folder or anything like that. If that is true then I retract my previous statements and accept the humility and shame of being wrong. So thank you.

  • Lol sony where r the updates u said would haapen?

  • Again another failed promise

  • This is nice to know but I can’t seem to sign in easily with my console but I have no problems signing in on here. That is really weird.

  • will there be maintanence i am having trouble logging into psn on my ps3

  • i want to know why the network went down on 6/17/11 @10pm . you guys also need to fix the problems with MAG .the game worked fine before the hack , now it keeps kicking people off for no reason .if you guys are doing work to the servers ,how about letting US know before we just get kicked off in the middle of a game.i dont know why you guys cant send email notices to us saying when the network is going to be down.

  • its obvious to me that you guys still have a lot of work to do to get this system running right again.


  • When did they start adding in “Come Fly With Me”? i havent been able to watch it, and saw it on the video store.

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