Killzone 3 “From the Ashes” Pack Includes 4 New Maps

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Killzone 3 “From the Ashes” Pack Includes 4 New Maps

Today we’re offering a first look at two new maps from the upcoming DLC map pack for Killzone 3, “From The Ashes.” Consisting of two Guerrilla Warfare maps and two Warzone maps, From The Ashes will reinvigorate your Killzone 3 online experience with environments both fresh and familiar.

First up is a preview video of Lente Missile Base, a Warzone map for 24 players set inside an abandoned missile base at the edge of the Kaznan Jungle. One of many outdated defense facilities abandoned after the discovery of nuclear Petrusite, Lente Base is slowly being reclaimed by Helghan’s strange plant life. But when warring ISA and Helghast forces stumble across the remains of the facility, they find that most of its systems are still operational. As both factions vie for control of the base, the facility begins firing its missiles – frying anyone caught in the underground exhaust vents…

The second preview video features Mobile Factory, a Guerrilla Warfare map for 16 players set aboard one of the largest vehicles from the single player campaign. Part resource production facility, part moving fortress, the Mobile Factory is a strategic asset that both factions desperately want to seize control of. Combatants need to watch their step, however, as a single mistake can cause them to plummet into the heavy duty scrap metal shredders at the bottom of the facility. Those looking to do some shredding of their own will be able to wield one of two portable miniguns found in the Mobile Factory.

DLC Pack 3 “From The Ashes” will be available from the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, June 21st for $4.99. But that’s not all! Those of you new to Killzone 3 will be interested to learn that we’re simultaneously releasing the DLC Bundle Pack. As the name implies, this pack bundles the Retro Pack, the Steel Rain Pack AND the From The Ashes Pack – a total of eight maps – for the low, low price of just $9.99. Stay tuned to and the official PlayStation.Blog, because we’ll be posting preview videos of the other two maps in From the Ashes Pack soon.

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  • The new DLC for killzone 3 looks nice i hope it comes at the playstation plus.

  • Now that KZ3 has in-game music I might consider buying this map pack. Although the fact it includes a map I will never play (I do not play GW only WZ) may dissuade me from buying it. Perhaps you guys should release maps individually, cause I don’t like wasting money, and buying DLC with a map I will never use is a flat out waste.

    Releasing each map individually for $2.50 would be great!

  • should be free to PLUS


  • sweet, i’m getting this map pack, need to join a clan too.

  • @Leukoplast

    That makes no sense. Why would you want to spend 2.50 per map to buy two maps for a mode you play (5 bucks) rather than pay 5 bucks for the 4 maps total? Even if you never play GW, at least you’ve got the maps should you choose to or have a friend that wants to try it out. You say you don’t like wasting money, but that seems like a pretty big waste to pay the same price but short yourself 2 maps.

    Anyway, I’m with everyone else that is disappointed with the lack of Operations maps. Favorite mode (although partly because the framerate doesn’t choke like it does in the larger modes) but no maps for it. Sure, some may be on the way, but it’s still a drag in the meantime.

    I like the idea of releasing a map pack with maps for a specific mode, rather than the mixed method we’ve been getting. Maps look great though.

  • @Vanthern – From what I gather there is only two maps in this upcoming DLC (at least that was the impression I got from this blog post). But if there is indeed four then i agree, $2.50 for a map wouldn’t make any sense, LOL.

    So if there is 4 maps, than $1.25 each is what I meant to say.

  • plastation this is a little bit off topic here but i found a website that is giving away jailbreaking its called they are pissing me off they are hacking your system do please do something about that website

  • love it… can’t beat $5 for 4 maps. this will surely keep me entertained until BF3 drops.

  • guerrilla how about some new weapons for the multiplayer??? u know to have more variety! :)

  • Any chance there will be some new Operations maps coming soon?

  • Nice TY GG u guys r the best.

  • Kind of want to play this but the whole awful SP campaign of KZ3 and changes made to MP from KZ2 have turned me off the series. The spawn point idea just didn’t click. Some of the maps like Kaznan and Phyrrus Crater were badly designed and not fun to play. A lot of my friends used to play KZ2 religiously, but dropped KZ3 after only a couple of weeks. Think GG made changes to appeal to the CoD crowd and lost their own game’s identity, which reflected in the game being dropped by KZ2 players, reviews and lower Metacritic score. Really hope they can make a better game in the future, one that is a breath of fresh air like KZ2 was.

  • i need that s#¡t

  • Dam i really wish I had the money to play killzone. I foolishly bought black ops before I even heard of how great this game is. The maps look more diverse and more alive than any other FPS out there. The map packs are a lot cheaper than CoD map packs and include better maps. If I do get a summer job, I will be buying the collector’s edition for only $80 at a gamestop near my house. However, I have 2 questions: 1.) Is it worth buying killzone 2 for the campaign? 2.) Does the sharpshooter actually improve gameplay?

  • Best deal ever.

  • GG,we seriously need some operation maps.

  • So wait 4 maps for 5 bucks? wow you guys are awsome at pricing dlc. I think others can learn from you. Im looking at you COD. 15 bucks for maps you guys should slap yourself for that rip off. Thanks again GG for a fair price and im gettitng this day 1.

  • @Mattsta001

    That KZ2 crowd comment is not true. I was a huge KZ2 MP fan and I think KZ3 MP is much better done. KZ2 had horrible rocekt and grenade spam and the spawn grenades were just a bad idea for KZ2. It made everything one big cluster. I really hope GG doesint put those back for KZ4.

  • uh suRE

  • better than Black Op’s deal, $15.00 dollars for just 4 maps and one zombie map. I already got a little bored of them within 5 days :(

  • 2@ i tried move in single player and i couldn’t play at all, it was very hard to aim….i’m getting sharp shooter in a few days and i’ll try it online, hope it will make a diffrence….

  • @3 me too, i only play operations and i’m getting bored with those 3 map packs…(even if i’m pro and i never die xD)

  • yeah, it looks good, but what about at least one new operations map?! that’s all the community have been asking for, we only have 3 maps for that game type, to be honest they’ve become kinda boring already. why not releasing a new one, or two if you ask me. You could turn Radec Academy (wich we all know it’s comming out ’cause of the trophies) into an operations map, it would be awesome! but seriously, two guerrilla warfare maps?! the only reason people play that is to get the trophies or ’cause they’re sicked of the operations map. the most of us play warzone, thanks for those maps eitherway. You should think about it, give us a pair of OPS maps please, we’re starting to get mad about it. Cheers!

  • WOW!!!! Four maps for $4.99?!!! NICE! That’s Guerilla Games!

  • errr Thanks Guerilla Games :)

  • This looks awesome!

  • Couldn’t get into this game…

  • I’m with everyone else – give us more Operations maps and I’ll come back to the multiplayer for the game. It’s the only mode I really enjoy playing.

  • KILLZONE 4 life people this is the only shooter i will ever need!!!also sharpshooter and move work perfect for online once u get used to it!!!!

  • Dear Activision,

    This is how you price a map pack. Regards.
    The Gaming Community.

  • I don’t understand Killzone map packs are fair in price $4.99 in other first-person -shooters its $15.00 why??(Like Black Ops)

  • Is that a minigun I see?
    I’ll wait for PS+ info. At least give us a discount.

    Also I really love Operations, it’s upsetting that we aren’t getting those.

  • ………………………. no comment cuz i want kz3 soooo badly

  • i returned KZ3 cuz it sucked. i got it with my ps3. the reason it sucked cuz its was too muck like call of duty battlefield 3 <3

  • i like that one of the trophies is to get killed by the rocket. ha

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