Killzone 3 “From the Ashes” Pack Includes 4 New Maps

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Killzone 3 “From the Ashes” Pack Includes 4 New Maps

Today we’re offering a first look at two new maps from the upcoming DLC map pack for Killzone 3, “From The Ashes.” Consisting of two Guerrilla Warfare maps and two Warzone maps, From The Ashes will reinvigorate your Killzone 3 online experience with environments both fresh and familiar.

First up is a preview video of Lente Missile Base, a Warzone map for 24 players set inside an abandoned missile base at the edge of the Kaznan Jungle. One of many outdated defense facilities abandoned after the discovery of nuclear Petrusite, Lente Base is slowly being reclaimed by Helghan’s strange plant life. But when warring ISA and Helghast forces stumble across the remains of the facility, they find that most of its systems are still operational. As both factions vie for control of the base, the facility begins firing its missiles – frying anyone caught in the underground exhaust vents…

The second preview video features Mobile Factory, a Guerrilla Warfare map for 16 players set aboard one of the largest vehicles from the single player campaign. Part resource production facility, part moving fortress, the Mobile Factory is a strategic asset that both factions desperately want to seize control of. Combatants need to watch their step, however, as a single mistake can cause them to plummet into the heavy duty scrap metal shredders at the bottom of the facility. Those looking to do some shredding of their own will be able to wield one of two portable miniguns found in the Mobile Factory.

DLC Pack 3 “From The Ashes” will be available from the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, June 21st for $4.99. But that’s not all! Those of you new to Killzone 3 will be interested to learn that we’re simultaneously releasing the DLC Bundle Pack. As the name implies, this pack bundles the Retro Pack, the Steel Rain Pack AND the From The Ashes Pack – a total of eight maps – for the low, low price of just $9.99. Stay tuned to and the official PlayStation.Blog, because we’ll be posting preview videos of the other two maps in From the Ashes Pack soon.

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  • omfg first! and 4.99 for 4 maps, i’m in

  • Killzone did need some new maps so that’s not bad at all. I think I’m gonna hop in this. Anyone using the sharpshooter for online?

  • Definitely great to see 4 maps for only $4.99! MUCH better value than what the CoD map packs offer.

    Any chance there will be some new Operatons maps coming soon though? I’m a big fan of the mode, but having only the 3 maps is getting a little stale.

  • This is great, but GG should start releasing some Operations Maps!

  • @1

    It’s actually two maps, not four. Even still, this is going to be an awesome map pack.

  • damn 4.99 for 4 maps i havent boughten the steel rain map pack yet but its free due to ps plus!!!!im buying steel rain this week and a 20 dollar psn card to buy killzone 3 themes,avatars,and other goodies!!!KILLZONE 3 is the only fps i like and is the only unique one in my opinion!!!Thank Guerrilla Games!!!!im going to turn into a killzone fanboy if this keeps up!!!

  • doesnt it say 4 new maps but just previewing 2 of them!!!!

  • @4

    Nope, it’ll come with 4 maps. They are only showing 2 of them today. (re-read the first paragraph)

  • @sethchilders

    It’s 4 maps, it says it right there in the title. The other 2 are Radec Academy and Tharsis depot returning.

  • Yep, four maps – not bad at all – I may get in on that bundle action…

  • It looks like I’ll be getting even more DLC on the 21st than I bargained for. New L.A. Noire case, new Killzone 3 maps, emptier wallet… I’ll gladly pay for these maps, considering I got Steel Rain for free via PlayStation Plus. I can’t wait to tear it up with the minigun.

    @JaY_Ci_415 I’m not yet skilled enough with the Sharpshooter to venture online with it.

  • The new patch added custom soundtracks for MP but it’s still not working for me. Am I the only one who has this problem?

  • At the end of the last paragraph they say that they’re only showing 2 and LATER they will preview the other 2 maps!!

  • + emzee83,

    You need to go into settings and turn on the music setting there- options>audio>system music on

    Note that you can’t go into chat if you have music playing at the same time.

  • @ Aryeh Loeb

    This is just great! Not much to say besides congrats to all Guerrilla Games team!

    The DLCs you’ve been releasing are awesome and with the best prices of the market, both appealing to veterans and new comers of the game.

    But, most importantly, this one of the best support I’ve ever seen in a game, tied to your fellows at Naughty Dog have been doing with Uncharted 2. You guys are really listening to the community, gathering feedback and doing your best to improve the game. Which is no easy task due to the big amount of jerks out there.

    The game is out only a few months and we are on patch 1.10 already! People don’t realize how big this is. I play the best and more popular multiplayers out there and I know most developers don’t care much after the game is out or don’t care at all about listening to the community and try their best to improve the game.

    So, one more time, congrats and keep up the good work!

    PS: Please release new maps for Operations for the next DLC!

  • #13 thanks dude i had the same problem for music even tough i wont use it just want to try it out!!!!!

  • Radec Academy!!!!! can’t wait :)

  • Awesome maps! Can’t wait to see how Radec and Tharsis turn out!! Now how about some Operations maps?

  • Not Beyond Good and Evil…..

  • I’m suprised this game is still getting supported. GG pulled a “release now and patch the heck out of it later” on Killzone 3. You guys should have released the game later, perfected the story mode more, and made more weapons and game modes.

  • Wow! Learn something new everyday, I had no idea custom soundtracks were added back already :-) awesome dlc coming on Tuesday, ill be there. But like the majority suggest..more Operations maps please, that is actually my favorite mode, but rarely play it cause of the 3 maps

  • Awesome Map Pack… However if you want to re-invigorate my KZ3 MP experience, get that G** D*** BOT CAP OFF THE ENGINEER JOB!



    Then give us some legacy spawn grenade modes so we can choose to use spawn claims or spawn grenades for a map.


  • That’s a good deal, count me in.

    How about some more operations maps?

  • What a steal (in a good way)! Great pricing, and the bundle is awesome too! Not that I had to pay for the first two seeing how I got the first DLC in my Collector’s Edition and the second one via PlayStation Plus =D

    Can’t wait to actually spend some money on KZ3 DLC this time! =)

  • I’m pretty tired of paying $60 for a video game and then having developers nickel and dime me for a map here and there or a weapon pack or some such other thing. That said, $5 for four maps is a pretty good deal — that’s three more maps than Activision would give you for $5, right? That two of them are Radec Academy and Tharsis Depot means that I’m certainly going to have to download this.

  • So. Free maps because I am PS+. And now 4 more for 4.99 and I can play with up to 23 friends….. Why do game companies claim this can’t be done when Guerilla has no problem doing it.

  • @DanieL_Caldas

    Exactly, only a few months old and we’ve had a handful of patches. Many would not applaud that. Support or not, it’s because the game was released broken, not just because they are trying to appease us. Many of the fans already left because GG scrapped everything that made KZ2 what it was.


  • This is definitely a day one buy.

  • Lately there been a mild unbalance feel to Killzone 3. A lot of camping and unfair shots happen now since the last few updates. I’m not sure if that just me, but it’s starting to turn me off of the game.

    On the side note, I’m happy to hear this getting a great price and finally a release date :D

  • @ 29, this isn’t Zipper dude…. seriously stop spamming

  • thanks Emerald_Swords

  • No thank you… I bought this day one and got the platinum trophy on day 6. On to other things. It’s nice that they are releasing new content though.

  • How about a double XP weekend to go with it!

  • Four maps? $9.99? Very nice.

  • Four maps for 4.99 (From The Ashes )the two stages above and the other Two coming soon to to the PS blog nice. they will show them off later.

  • I won’t be getting this as I don’t play much Killzone, but this is how you price map packs.

  • @26 Totally agree with you. I used to play a lot of FPS multiplayer. This console cycle has created the $80 prie point game. $60 up front, and then nickel and dime with map packs.

    If you don’t buy the maps, then you are SOL when it comes to matchmaking.

    Games used to come with many more maps, and if you didn’t have a map, all you had to do was download a fre map or happen to be on a multiplayer server that was running said map (still true with some PC titles).

    I wish DLC was not so high margin. If people were given map editors and the ability to share maps, it would be awesome. However, I think that train will never arrive in console land.

    I think the last MP FPS I played was Halo 2.

    Unfortunately, it seems we are in the minority as I look @36 who is happy to get 4 maps for $10.

  • Thank you GG!!!

    Hey don’t listen to the whiny idiots. Listen, I couldn’t stand KZ2. But Killzone 3 turned out to be the BEST shooter of this entire generation. I don’t say that lightly. I’ve been gaming since the NES days, and I can assure you that everything in Killzone 3 was amazing. I gigantic leap in quality from its predecessor. Never had I played a more epic co-op split screen game in my life. The controls were superior and more refined than its predecessors, the environments more varied, the pacing of the narrative, the graphics. The online component is always so much fun AND tactical. I could go on and on. I just wanna say that I give you guys at Guerilla Games a HUGE thank you for making an incredible game. I will be there to continue playing and supporting Killzone 3 with the upcoming DLC. Can’t wait :D


  • Holy hell that looks amazing!!! The lighting, oh my the lighting. Guerrilla Games you are my gods! : ) We need new IP that combines RPG elements with a FPS and we need it now!

    I love you Sony!

  • Finally GG and Sony fix the price. Better late than never.

  • @FfoegNosnibor – that’s actually four (4) maps for $4.99, or eight (8) maps for $9.99… pretty good in my opinion.

  • great deal for the new map pack but i wanna know….is that it? these are the last maps coming out or what?

  • Sweet! I’ll be all over that!

  • Once GG starts making operations maps then I might buy into kz3 again. I’ll never understand why they would neglect their best game mode.

  • By far the most creative environmental hazards in a shooter in a long time. Day one!

  • yeah PLS! more Operations maps!
    btw theses maps look HELGHSOME!!!!
    thanks for the low price.

  • operation maps pleaase……….

  • finally!

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