E3 Replay: The Indescribable PixelJunk lifelike

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E3 Replay: The Indescribable PixelJunk lifelike

While still recovering from last weeks E3, the PlayStation.Blog team wanted to share some of their favorite interviews with everyone who didn’t catch them when they aired live. Dylan Cuthbert, Ariel Angelotti and Baiyon (!) flew over from Kyoto, Japan to show us the latest titles in the PixelJunk series.

Here we have the interview in which Baiyon does a live performance of his new collaborative title: PixelJunk lifelike! This title garnered a lot of buzz during the show. It’s nearly impossible to explain what it is, so Baiyon and Dylan decided to show us what PixelJunk lifelike is all about. While it may not be a game, per se, it definitely is a game changer! Hope you enjoy the video and Baiyon’s performance.

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  • Awesome, buying this day one, which means I’ll need a Move soon.

    Matt, how did you land your job as a producer? What did you study in college?

    • Hi Surfaced,

      I got into video games after 15 years of Film Production. I studied Film, Radio and TV production in college. Moved to Los Angeles to pursue that career and took a job as a QA tester for a video game company. I soon noticed a lot of similarities between the two industries and changed my focus to games.

      Get in as a tester and work your way up! You will know many things about every aspect of the industry that way. In my opinion, QA testers are the great unsung heroes of the industry.

      It was pure luck landing the job here at SONY with the amazing Deb Mars as my boss. Even MORE luck that I’ve been associated with Q-Games since the beginning of the PixelJunk series!

      Keep the interest and PixelJunk Love coming!

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on it! I know I’ll certainly spend hours just playing around with it…

    As for sharing: Will there also be a Youtube upload function similar to previous PixelJunk games? It just seems like a perfect fit here and I’d love to see/hear what others have created!

  • i really love everything they have done so far so im sure this will be pretty fun to mess around with.

    but one thing i would like to know is that if this game/time killer will have support for the dualshock at all or is it just PS move?

  • Move game = fail game. Move = fail.

  • Will you guys ever make a Pixel Junk Monsters 2? I love the first game and would love for a sequal or even further expansions made with new towers and enemies.

    • Q-Games is always watching the forums and posts, so keep letting them know! One of the great things about Q-Games is that they listen to their fans and value any and all feedback!

  • I like all of the PixelJunk games but this one seems to be the first I won’t be buying. I’m not into motion controlled gaming or trance music.

    When is PixelJunk going to make a side scrolling platformer already ? !

  • Again, once of the reasons PS3 is my platform of choice. Nothing else comes close to this kind of innovation. I assume, since it’s a music-oriented game, it will have bluray-quality audio?

  • Thanks for the first response, hopefully I can find a studio around Gainesville or Daytona Beach Florida looking for QA testers. … besides the EA in Orlando.

  • Looks good. :) I’ll be getting it for sure if its not more than $10.

  • I don’t get it.

  • I have a friend who’s a mad raver. He’d probably be down with this, I’ll have to tell him about it.

  • I refuse to buy Move so I really hope there’s NORMAL controls and none of this forced motion crap.

  • why cant i sign in to my account. i went to network settings and it said my signal was strong but the PSN was down

  • same with me!! this is the last night im gonna have internet hooked up to the psn and now i cant even freakin play! THANK YOU PLAYSTATION!! GEEZ

  • anyone feel like popping something?

  • oh and one thing:

    will it have CROSS GAME CHAT?

  • where can I get a set of those PS stereo head set, hopefuly its got a mic… game is looking good

  • the bass sound nice!

  • I have so much great respect and love for the pixeljunk series; you guys are never afraid to do something different! I really hope you guys actually do release more basic visualizers, even if you charged a little bit i would love to have a robust wealth of visualizers. I’m always listening to music on my ps3 and more visualizers never hurt

  • Those headsets look cool. And getting there from a tester is amazing :D


  • On topic I really love the PJ Shooter 1+2 soundtrack.

    Looking forward to future games, and i really need to buy eden and monsters.

  • So your the guys who make the visualizer for the music backgrounds. Good, I have been meaning to say UPLOAD NEW VISUALIZERS!!! For a console that’s supposed to have at least a 10year life span you guys don’t update everything enough, we have a few photo apps more than we need, too many movie apps. No new visualizers, playstation life is a pointless icon because you guys don’t touch it, I could go on but you guys get enough of that. Just wish there was a place were our voices could be heard, thought it was playstation share, but you guys don’t touch that anymore either.

    But on topic, I love pixeljunk games! You guys are extremely creative, this looks interesting as well.

  • Not once does Baiyon turn toward the camera. They barely acknowledge his presence during the demo at all. Weird.

  • yea…i would also like a pixel junk monsters 2 but if is possible can u increase the number of players…i always feel bad that my cousins don’t get to play, because is only for 2 players.

  • Game looks awesome! I watched the video, but I might of missed it, will this game support 3D? It would be really cool if it did!

    Also, there really does need to be more visualizers! Many more! I would love pixeljunk visualizers like this while I’m listening to music. A visualizer based off the game “flower” would be fantastic as well! Just give as a lot more visualizers! :D

  • Oh, cool. Instead of PixelJunk Monsters 2, they made an interactive screen saver.

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