E3 Replay: Fantasy Action Adventure with Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest

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E3 Replay: Fantasy Action Adventure with Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest

How time flies: at E3 2010 we were checking out Sports Champions and just one year later, Zindagi Games is back with Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, a very different kind of game using the expertise the team has gained through developing for PlayStation Move. I spoke with Jeremy Ray at E3 while Colin O’Hara played through an early level.

Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest is an action adventure set in a fantasy world of dungeons and goblins where the title character has been transformed into a skeleton and must overcome the curse. Most interestingly, the team has developed a fluid control scheme that allows you to switch seamless between your sword, your throwing stars and your bow without the need for any kind of weapon change interface – you simply perform the required action with the Move motion controller.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest and will post when we hear of any new information.

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  • Okay, but where is Sorcery?

  • Where is Sorcery ><

  • Speaking of ‘Sorcery’… Where was it? Did it just drop off the face of the earth? How is there no information in over a year since it was shown. The one game that made me want a Move (other than for Sharpshooter)… Other than that, Deadmund’s Quest looks okay. Wish it wasn’t on-rails, though. =(


  • I’m assuming there is no support for dual move controllers. It would be nice for controlling your shield and realistic archery, but it doesn’t look like it will be supported.

  • @5, there is support for two Move controllers. It shows it in the trailer.

    I’m excited for this game, and I’m glad that it is on rails. I don’t see how fun it would be if there was free roam.

    And +1 for Sorcery!

  • finally a game worthy of my move purchase besides killzone 3 with the sharpshooter!!!i was waiting for sorcery but this game is okay and also waiting for house of the dead overkill!!!meanwhile ripping it on killzone 3 and uncharted 2!!!

  • Seriously I don’t want this. That view is so terrible and frustrating. I want Sorcery. That game looked awesome, it had character.

    At the very least, get rid of that ugly transparant view it is so infuriating. Make it 3rd person.

  • I mean what the hell, Sorcery was by popular opinion the best move game at E3 last year. Yet of all the move games you showed, you idiotically dropped that one. Why? Why not drop that dumb fighting game or something? Who the heck calls these shots Sony? You guys are so out of touch with your fanbase, know what we want damnit, and we’ll make your pockets fat.

  • It’s funny to see all these posts asking where’s Sorcery. I was wondering the same thing. That game looked like a great Move game.

  • Yes, we all want Sorcery. I think it’s hard to make & they’re taking the time to do it right. Isn’t that why they’ve gone dark on Last Guardian, which was from E3 2 years ago. Also still MIA from 2009 E3 are Skyward Sword & the Milo fakery. Yes, don’t flame me, I know those are other consoles.

    As to the actual subject of this blog, I agree that the transparent protagonist thing is awful so that alone disqualifies it as a day 1 purchase for me.

  • Interesting that he mentions multiplayer: I’m guessing that it’s just local multiplayer, or is it online as well? And will we ever see an online mode for Sports Champions, Zindagi?

    Deadmund’s Quest sure looks fun (and is it just called ‘deadmund’s quest’? what happened to “medieval moves”?), but agreed with everyone else: Looking forward to Sorcery. Really bummed that there hasn’t been any talk about it since…

  • Great job, Jeremy.

  • 12# He said both offline and online multiplayer.

  • Zindagi will need to work extra hard to prove their mettle to me after the *awful* looking Sports Champions. The game were fun, but in many places it looked like an upscaled Wii game. The repetitive animations and dialogue cemented their mediocrity as a developer in my brain. I’m willing to be convinced otherwise, but this video and the other interviews haven’t done it yet.

    PS: I also am missing Sorcery. Maybe they’re taking the time to come up with a great story and characters? Let’s hope so!

  • I won’t be surprised if this game reads your actions wrong with the whole weapon system. Like if you swing your sword to high you’re going to reach for an arrow instead.

  • What a weird missed opportunity for Sony to cash in on a old PS1 franchise “Medievil” a game about a skeleton warrior with a sword shield and magic. http://www.emuparadise.org/fup/up/52367-MediEvil_(E)-1.jpg

    It seems they have completely forgot about it. That said this looks charming and fun to play, i agree that i think Sorcery will be a better title.

  • This game would be infinitely better with the Navigation controller and more difficult puzzles. Seriously, Sony, you could have a Zelda killer here. If not with this game, then make some game where you can free roam and use swords and archery with Move. So far it’s a huge missed opportunity for the very promising motion tech.

  • Great Job Jeremy

  • for those (most of you here) complaining about Sorcery, it’s supposed to be realeased in September/October of this year, dont remember which one it was. It’s on gamestop.com, just go on and search “Sorcery”, theres a pre-order option and it says the release date. About this game, I was pumped for it and was gonna pre-order it, but it’s on-rails, which didnt impress me.

  • Sony needs to make more Move Only games. There are a lot of genres like: sports, adventure, action, RPG, RTS, party games, shooters, and a whole lot more that could take advantage of the move controller.

    Its cool that some games gives you the choice of a traditional controller or a move controller but Move Only games bring another type of interaction.

    Please Sony make it happen.

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