E3 Replay: Little Deviants Rolling onto PS Vita

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E3 Replay: Little Deviants Rolling onto PS Vita

Whenever you get your hands on a new game console or electronic gadget, you want to check out all of its shiny new features. Little Deviants is just perfect for that – it uses a host of different player inputs in a collection of games that is only possible on PS Vita.

It’s developed by Bigbig Studios, the creators of Pursuit Force and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, bringing a wealth of handheld development experience to what was one of the most popular Vita titles shown at E3. As part of our program of live video interviews, I caught up with Richard Ogden, Game Design Director, to eek out as much info about the game as I could.

We’re not quite done with the E3 replays yet; watch this space.

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  • Why would some idoit rate 1 star….

    Anyways, Did you guys get any Tomb Raider footage? Or Final fantasy?

  • I really just can not wait for the PSV. So many games that I want to play. I’m worried my PSV will take me away from my PS3 hah! Looks great guys!

  • Will regular psp games that you downloaded for psp work for ps vita? I was wondering cause I am gonna sell my psp once ps vita comes out and I like slot of psp games I have. Thank you for your time James Gallagher!

  • Also will ps vita have internal memory?

  • off topic but please reply back; can you please tell dice to really polish the ps3 version of bf3 so it can look amazing even more than the 360 after all ps3 can out perform the 360 anyway. so please sony employees tell dice to go that extra mile for the ps3 not like other developers who just port it. i don’t want this to be like bayonetta i want it to be like mass effect 2.

  • Love it.
    Hope to hear something about FIFA 12 for the Vita. Without it I’ll probably wait a bit before buying it.

  • off topic bu my ps3 just randomly shut off and everytime i turn i back on it always blinks green and shuts off. when its off but not all the way( i didnt turn the back switch off) it blinks red. whats going on?

  • PSV will play downloaded PSP games with dual analog support. There will alos be upscaling to make the game look better on the PSv than it did on the PSP.

  • It looks amazing indeed! I’m so buying Vita… :-)

  • very good interview , congrats Big Big on 10 years making games , Little Deviants looks really fun , it would be great to play it between Uncharted and Little Big Planet long sessions , anyways i have two questions , first one is for Richard , are you guys thinking about bringing Motorstorm to the playstation Vita ? i love Arctic Edge but lets face it , PSP lack of Online functionality didnt let it live true to the Motorstorm franchise , now that we are gonna be able to play with our psn friends online and make rooms with matchmaking would be great to have it on the go , and second one , Jeff , Rey , James anybody please answer when are we gonna know more about the 3G functionality ?

  • Nice! I love the PSV!

  • THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! What other features will the camera have? will the camera just take pictures or will you be able to edit them? like i saw in the LBP video. anyways this will be awesome and CAN’T WAIT good job sony I hope this will be success and will over sell i will get one

  • this game look okay……but its just not my type of game. but im still definitly getting a psvita

  • @guitar247 What you’re referring to may be the yellow light of death. It has happened to quite a few people (including me two weeks after i bought my ps3). You may want to contact sony if you have a warranty as im not sure if there is any way to fix it.

  • WipeEout, LBP, Little Deviants… looks like the entire British economy is pretty much riding on the success of the PSVita!

    The game looks like a lot of fun – and a real showcase for the new styles of input. Would be awesome if it was included as a pack-in with the PSV (remember how Tetris sold about a billion Gameboys, back in the day?) because, being that it’s not a recognized IP, it could easily get overlooked amongst the big names.

    By the way, when are you guys going to announce Loco Roco PSV? C’mon… there’s no way you’re not working on it!!!

  • I think little deviants should be bundled with playstation vita at launch because it looks like a perfect system seller to get gamers excited about using all the new functionalities that playstation vita offers gamers to get ball rolling early!

  • Games are downloaded so I wonder why Amazon just opened pre order on Golden Abyss. Don’t we have to get downloaded games via PSN? That’s how I get my pap games.

  • the updates are coming in way to fast.

  • 8# Not every game will get dual analog support and upscaling. But one game that is geting it is Resistance:Retrubation.

  • Can’t wait for PSV it looks tight!!

  • Dunno if it’s been said, but: PLEASE, SONY, INCLUDE THIS IN THE LAUNCH WINDOW HARDWARE BUNDLES! It makes great use of everything that sets the Vita apart from the competition, and looks to be great fun in byte-sized (pun intended) chunks, so yes: please include Little Deviants in the Launch Bundles Day 1. Sony, you’d be remiss not to!

  • so i have the psp and after a while of owning it and no really good games (other than valkyria chronicles 2) i started to use this as an mp3. I didnt mind the weight so much as the audio that comes out the headphones. I like listening to music that is loud and the old psp didnt deliver so i want to know that if the long run doesnt live up will i be able to still use this as a mp3 player? And will this give more decibels to beat the crap out of my eardrums? (being serious)

  • This is cool ! But are we going to see any first person shooters for the PSvita anytime soon ? It will make or brake my decision on wether to buy the vita when it comes out. Most of the games so far other than Uncharted just look like kiddy games, Nothing for the mainstream gamer really . That’s just my opinion thanks>

  • Wow! Augmented reality games :D
    Camera looks to be good quality as well :)

  • At one point they showed sort of an on-rails shooting section that looked really cool. I can’t wait to see what actual FPS’s are going to be like on this.

  • @17: You can also get the games via some kind of small memory card. Not sure of the specifics but i imagine it will be pretty similar to a DS cartridge

  • @17 and @26: they said they are going to use cartridge similar to DS but it’ll hold about 4GB of data, and i am assuming the option to download the games too, guess for people that want a physical product, or dont mind downloading games, i want to know if it’ll have built in memory, know you can use memory card of some sort, but be awesome if it had at least 16GB of data like psp-go did

  • I think ill buy it in a couple years when they make a slimmer and better version, like they always do!

  • wats the use of the microphone in this game ????? :(

  • I hope this game comes bundle with the PS Vita at launch.


  • the only real thing i think would use the rear touch panel would be to make a pinball game, when the ball comes down you back touch to hit the pinball and you can even use the six axes to shack the pinball would be very cool. also would be cool to be able make your own levels and such. so many sick ideas i cannot wait to see what the developers come up with.

  • awosme

  • My playstation 3 is currently suffering from the yellow light of death. Now all i have for entertainment is my ipod touch 4g, and my psp 3000. Idont have many games for my psp , what are some of the best games out for psp?

  • All this stuff that ps is coming out with and microsoft isn’t rally doing anything so my point is xbox SUCKS!!

  • How many times do they roll it still COOL but how many?(Do they roll at least 15 or 100 times)

  • i NEED to know what the game library situation is… i also need to know the game media… dl only? cartridge only?… i NEED to know these things!… also, i would like to know if it has any internal memory, if so, how much?!…. i NEED to know!…

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