E3 Replay: Dragon’s Dogma is Not an RPG

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E3 Replay: Dragon’s Dogma is Not an RPG

In the beginning of Dragon’s Dogma, you are immediately confronted by a dragon that rips out your still-beating heart and flies away. Your quest is to track down the dragon and discover why he stole your heart and why you can still hear his voice echoing in your head.

At PlayStation’s E3 livestream, Product Manager Mike Schmitt gave a live demo of our E3 build of Dragon’s Dogma. The dragon rears its head, breathes a spout of fire and flies off, paving the way for an intense battle with Orcs and Harpies. It also introduces the Chimera, a monstrosity that combines the attributes of a serpent, goat, and lion. The E3 demo introduces the gameplay concept of “pawns,” or computer-controlled companions that aid you in the fight.

Dragon's Dogma for PS3Dragon's Dogma for PS3

Dragon’s Dogma is not an RPG. The development team has previously masterminded the Devil May Cry games, Resident Evil 4, Killer 7, and many more. This team likes action, and that fact shines in Dragon’s Dogma — a game with fast, stylized combat in an open world filled with massive beasts. This is Capcom’s first open-world game and is powered by the powerful in-house engine MTFramework, responsible for other PS3 games including Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet 2. That allows us to have an open world without sacrificing the graphical quality you expect from Capcom games.

Dragon's Dogma for PS3

Aside from the fast action, we’re also introducing new mechanic that adds an extra dose of mayhem. At any time in the game, you can grab enemies, large or small, and interact with them. If it’s an Orc, you can grab him and slay him. Once he’s dead, you can pick him up and use him as bait to lure a soaring Griffin to the ground. When the Griffin lands, you’re able to tackle the beast and start stabbing. When it takes off, hold on for dear life. Eventually, you’ll set fire to the Griffin’s wings, sending you and the beast crashing to the ground.

Dragon's Dogma for PS3

Check out gameplay videos of the Chimera and the Griffin on Capcom-Unity.com, and look forward to more information soon! Dragon’s Dogma releases for the PS3 in early 2012.

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  • This game looks sooo nice, I can’t wait! :-) Reminds me of Monster Hunter (and that’s good :-)). Is it going to support multiplayer too?

  • My most wanted 2012 game right now. Love open-world games!

  • this looks awesome with the pawn system easy was to incorporate co-op come on guys the co-op on this would be awesome please please do this

  • Great looking game, looking forward to it.

  • Hope I can make time for this game, it looks interesting.

    @PS Blog
    Hey we haven’t really heard much on Uncharted 3’s music. Think we can get details in the next month?

  • The game looks awesome. Would rather be traveling and fighting by myself without pawns however.

    Forget all the pawns and just give ME all those abilities; mage, archer, strength.

    I hate single player games that force you to “control” squad mates. They always respond like zombies, They talk too much, you always have to help/save them, and they just get in your way.

    I was hoping for a great single player adventure, but now we have to worry about all these scrubs that follow us around our journey. UGH!

    Can you just let them die or not use them?

  • Found from another article…

    Key moments will appear during battle, such as a pawn needing help. The camera will automatically change focus on the stricken party member as a signal.

    “The way it works with the pawn system, is when you add those people to the party, it mainly effects how you fight in the game and how you beat enemies,” said Kobayashi. “In the greater scheme of things, yes it they will affect the story in main parts, but the main way it works with them is how you fight.

    “The pawns themselves pass information to you during the battle, and that will make you make the decisions on how you wish to play. So the focus is on you, and you control them. If you are in the middle of a fight, sometimes you might decide that the pawn you have isn’t good enough and you may want to replace it.”

    There are some encounters in the game where you might not have the appropriate party for that type of boss, and you will want to go and find other pawns that will be more useful in the fight.

    You can also solo. If all of your pawns die in battle you can just go and do what you want on your own, but the game’s been designed for the lead character and at least one pawn.

  • Already have this baby preordered. Looks fantastic.

  • I seriously can’t wait for this game, it looks absolutely terrific!

  • I kept returning to the Capcom booth at E3 to play this. I’m really looking forward to its release.

  • Looks pretty cool. Kind of reminds me of Demon’s Souls.

  • This game is looking really cool. My only concern is that the pawn AI. In the single player game, relying on AI teammates usually leads to frustration. If they get the AI right, or better yet unveil the co-op, this game could be amazing. The different classes are all awesome looking so far, and I’d love the opportunity to be able to play as them.

  • Out of all the CAPCOM games shown this one looks the most interesting to me. I hope RE: Operation Raccoon City comes out good though too :D Trying not to get my hopes to high though.

  • Combat moves and turning looks too stiff and slow I hope they make it more fluid and natural.If they don’t loos like it will be a rental for me.

  • I want to know is there any chance of a Vita version of this game. I think this game looks really interesting & it would be great to be able to play this game on the beautiful OLED screen.

  • I hope they don’t waste time on a multiplayer. I’m so sick of gamers constantly needing a MP in a game when they aren’t concerned with one. Cause it just comes out crappy like in two worlds 2 and many other games. We need more game players that appreciate single player games like the good ol’ days before gaming was reduced to being a frat boy playing FPS games. That’s my view anyways.

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