E3 Replay: SSX on PS3

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E3 Replay: SSX on PS3

To be honest, I was completely overwhelmed by the reaction to SSX coming out of E3. In the early days of this project, there was a lot of debate internally at EA about how many SSX fans still existed and how much interest remained in the market for games like SSX, and even some of the games we have taken further inspiration from such as Burnout and old-school Tony Hawk. The huge reaction to our launch trailer at the VGA‘s was the first indication that the SSX fan base was still very much alive and as passionate as ever, but actually meeting some of these people and seeing their reaction to what we are building first-hand was truly inspirational. Of course, with that passion comes a lot of strong opinions on what else we should be adding to the game or bringing back from the old games. We know we can’t possibly please everyone, but our fans should know that we are listening to everything they say and that the team is killing themselves to try and make the very best game possible.

Here I spoke with Jeff Rubenstein of the PlayStation.Blog about how we use NASA satellite maps to create new runs, including the PS3-exclusive Mount Fuji level.

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  • I cant wait for SSX any exclusive DLC for Ps3? and really good job with this game guys!!

  • jeff i meant besides mount fuji :P

  • I CANNOT wait for this title. Whoever decided to include Pretty Lights as an artist in the soundtrack is a freakin’ genius. That alone made it a day one buy! Not to mention the openness I loved from SSX3.

  • I want to try before it before i buy this one Hey Jeff Rubenstein I have That same Shirt that is the PlayStation Shirt for the Beta Rewards Program.

  • I used to play SSX3 for hours doing full mountain runs :D. i’m uber excited :3.

    i imagine if the game has 3d support people will love it.

  • I will buy just because you can jump from anywhere in the world for Google maps I believe I heard that right .

  • i’m glad to see that ssx is back

  • One word – SSXellent, wheee, can’t wait!

  • Sharingan_itachi

    Mount Fuji? The highest awesome mountain in Japan? I’m in.

  • hell yeaahQ!@!!!Q!!! PS3 graphics an SSX action!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I bought SSX when ps2 first came out. This game looks like it will bring back that feeling. I can’t wait for this! Looks like it is “Reborn”. And Mt. Fuji exclusive. W@@t! Thanks for posting, this is a day 1 buy thanks to this post. They guy representing SSX was full of energy, he sold it!! Thanks! He even compared it to Borderlands! You can tell he is a true gamer, and really wants true “Epicness” out of the new SSX.

  • My 2 best 1st PS2 games where TimeSplitters & SSX! :P I hope it will be good as the old PS2 SSX’s. Shame its not PS3 only to. It would look better if you know what i mean :-o

  • nice i have that same exact Playstation プレイステーション in japanese shirt.

  • How about SSX Blu Ray HD Remakes for PS3/PSVita? I’d buy that.

  • Thanx Jeff for another great interview with my “hands down” most anticipated game and Creative Director, Todd Batty. After seeing multiple interviews with Todd, I can sleep at night knowing that one of my all time favorite franchises is in good hands. Any word on 3D, that would make me buy a 3D TV in a jif-fy!

  • I cannot wait for the new SSX game, long overdue for a reboot. It really sounds like the time is bringing back all the classic gameplay and adding cool new features. Definitely will pre-order the game.

  • Oh yeah!

  • So excited about this game, never thought I’d see it return but glad it did.

  • As long as you give us retro controls and none of this trick stick nonsense, I’ll be happy. I hated the trick stick in On Tour and I didn’t buy Skate because of it either. I want SSX 3’s controls.

  • Really excited about this game, loved it on the PS2, this is a must buy for me!!

  • at first i saw “Deadly Decents” and i was like WTF did they do to my favorite series! this game is gonna suck!

    then i saw the developer diary’s on EA.com and was like thank god they dropped the Call Of Duty SSX Mash up!

    no im like……this is ok but this is NOT the SSX we grew up with

    i didnt see ONE not even ONE Firework going off. and even thoe the enviornment looks nice and real…….THATS NOT WHAT SSX IS ABOUT!!!!!!


  • PS why couldnt they just make SSX3 in HD :-(

    everytime developers try to resurrect a franchise from the dead, they do more harm than good **COUGH** SOCOM4 **COUGH**

  • thanks ea, bring back Psymon along with the rest of ’em.

  • OMG! Am I the only one who saw that Daxter 4 logo on the tv behind Todd Batty? And not only that, it was a ps3 beside it and not a PS Vita. So Daxter 4 means JAK & DAXTER 4?! I swear it’s a picture of Jak beside the logo. Were you suppose to show that Jeff? :D

  • dudefacetimbomac


  • i use to love ssx tricky and this looks awesome the gear upgrades sounds awesome and if they put some nice multi in it this is a def buy for me

  • Sorry, this game is far from SSX.

    Where is the FUN?

    You guys are trying to make it too serious.

    Just some dude doing flippys down white hills while listening to some boring heli pilot. Where is the light hearted fun, where are the colors, where are the crazy grinds, where is any personality in this game?

    Oh, and the terrain deformation really looks horrible.

    Im sorry, but this game is a mess and it is obvious you don’t know what direction to take it. Deadly Decents? Real mountains? Hey, at least you have flippys in there, THAT will definitely make it SSX. smh

    I know you can’t listen to and please all of the fans, but who the hell ARE you listening too????????

  • EA and the team that’s working on SSX Deadly Descent please add Custom Sound Tracks to all your games in the future! PS3 has been out now for almost now 6 years and counting. So don’t you think its about time that they finally decide to add those features to all the PS3 DLC games as well as the games you pay $59.99 for? Seriously Sony update the PSN or PS3 console I don’t care if it has to be a big update just do it!

  • Oh yeah I forgot to mention I didn’t like SSX Tricky stupid over the top break your finger tricks! But SSX 3 was the best just like the first SSX! Awesome OST as well The Black Eyed Peas, Prodigy, Yellow Trick, Oh dare I can’t remember the rest! All I do remember it was fun to play and I hope SSX Deadly Descent is even better! Enjoy peace!

  • man i cannnnnooot wait for this :D

    feels like forever since iv played a good snowboarding game.

  • This game looks extremely nice, fluid, and exciting. I used to play SSX on the PS2 with my cousins, and it was one of the most exhilirating games I’ve played in recent memory. SSX on PS3 should be awesome!!

  • I love this series and can’t wait for this new one!

  • justanotherjoe57

    that game looks cool i might get it!

  • This generic looking garbage is not my SSX. As usual, another disappointing reboot.

  • @27 I

    It’s at the pre-alpha stage right now, as seen at the bottom right corner in the footage. There’s still a lot to work on, hence why it’s not releasing until 2012.

  • Super psyched that SSX is back, but like others have said, really hope it holds the personality and humor that the others in the franchise did.

    More than that though, it MUST have split screen, or at least for me, it simply won’t be worth buying.

    The PS3 has far to few local multiplayer games right now, and if such an iconic title as SSX doesn’t help increase those numbers, it will be a real disappointment.

  • Fre4king_Perf3ct

    ohhh awesommee game, i have skate 3, and i want somethink better cant wait for it (:

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