E3 Replay: Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3

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E3 Replay: Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3

When the friendly folks of the PlayStation.Blog asked if I’d like to close out their official E3 livestream with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I said “yes” in about three-fifths of a second. We’re always eager to show what we believe is a great game, and, on a personal level, how could I resist appearing on a very cool livestream and blog?!

Speaking with host Sid Shuman was a blast. The guy’s a true fan of the series, so much in fact I was starting to get worried he’d stump me with a trivia question or random reference that I wouldn’t pick up. Thankfully, he held off on flexing his muscles and crushing me.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3

Demoing a game like Deus Ex: HR isn’t easy, but it also isn’t boring. As you can see in the video, sometimes our strategies don’t go as planned, so we must improvise and adapt. Adam, the man behind the controller (who coincidentally shares a first name with the game’s protagonist Adam Jensen), does just that by showing viewers multiple solutions to potential problems. Would you have played differently than Adam? Let us know below.

If you enjoyed hearing someone from Eidos-Montreal answer user-submitted questions, I recommend heading over to our tumblr page. There, members of the dev team, including myself, game director Jean-Francois Dugas, and more, read and respond to users. No question is too crazy, or too boring, so flood our inbox!

As always, thank you for your continued support. We all appreciate the comments, criticisms, and general interest, whether it’s positive OR negative, we’ve received. And I’d like to personally say it’s truly a pleasure to be the community manager for such a passionate and intelligent community.

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  • cant wait .when it come out?

  • trailers looks great, but not sold on gameplay. Will there be a demo before release?

  • Will there be a downloadble “HD” version of the original games available, as is popular these days? Loved this about Alice: Madness Returns and Beyond Good & Evil HD, especially the latter which looks and sounds AMAZING on PS3.

    My husband and I loved playing the original on original Xbox, can’t wait to get my pre-order!

  • I liked seeing the game but the interview was boring.

  • @3 – That would be an amazing idea… I doubt it’ll happen though… as nothing has been announced yet… and we’re just a couple months away from ship.

  • I might be interested when this is a bargain title. It just doesn’t seem all that special.

  • The game is out in the US on August 23rd and Europe 26th August apparently.
    really look forward to this having never played any Deus ex games at all. Not a fan of digital downloads, somehow only being limited to 5 downloads is not my cup of tea. Prefer a hardcopy back up personally. also loving the Soundtrack.

  • This interview has got me very interested in this game. I love having choices

  • Very impressive demo.. August can’t come soon enough.

  • Nice. Looks very good. Kind of expected a climbing animation into the air-vent, I guess :p But this looks interesting. Was really worried it was going to be some sort of console shooter called DeusEx, but it seems pretty deep. Would have liked to hear more about the conversation system, the writing and the augmentations as well.. :)

  • Awesome game. But the dude that’s playing, he’s got no strategy.

  • Graphics are mediocre but the game-play looks cool.

  • Having already played the leaked build, I can say this will be a definite first day buy for me. On the PC where the graphics will shine, though.

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