E3 Replay: Battlefield 3 for PS3

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E3 Replay: Battlefield 3 for PS3

DICE’s Battlefield 3 had an incredible showing at last week’s E3, racking up over 30 award nominations. But for many shooter fans, one question remained — “Where’s the console version?” Well, tonight those questions are answered as DICE’s own Johan Dohl stops by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to give Jimmy the first hands on with Battlefield 3 for PS3. Be sure to set those TIVO’s, and for more information on Battlefield 3 be sure to watch our interview with Patrick Bach, Executive Producer on Battlefield 3 below.

One more thing! If you missed the news at PlayStation’s E3 2011 Press Conference, the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 will include the full version of Battlefield 1943 on the Blu-ray disc — an exclusive bonus just for PS3 owners.

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  • Love it can’t wait to play it…. looks amazing also:) but it will be a wile for me I got Battlefield 2 when it came out and not 6-8 months later they come out with GOTY Battlfield 2. I wait untill GOTY.

    • Eduardo Vasconcellos

      Thanks zombie! Just you wait ’til you get your hands on it for yourself. I played a fair amount at E3 and I’m jonesin’ for more :).

  • Add a zombie lvl

  • I think they said medal of honor is like this game.

  • @2 – Are you serious? Really?

  • PS Move SharpShooter support pls

  • People Will Not Understand the Upgrades & Scope of this Title Until They Actually Play It. Its Great Stuff!

  • I want to know what their excuse is for not bringing 64 player battles to the PS3 or 360. The GI interview for the game said that the PC is getting it because they complained about it the most. Do we really have to complain to get it on the consoles?

  • Graphics look really nice o.o

  • Can’t wait for this game!

  • This is going to be one of the most realistic FPS that we have seen in a while… CANT WAIT !!!

  • The game is going to be great. Play and own every Battlefield game out, can’t wait!

  • I’d like to see how the footage REALLY does stack up vs PC Versions. I will definitely get the PS3 Version (don’t want to spend 1500 to play the game). Bummed about the “free deal”. I already have BF 1943. Oh well. Can’t wait. While i’ve been playing COD I have been getting tired of the arcade feel. Back to the roots of BF 1942 and BF2!

  • I’m going to ”Love” this game.

  • This game will be great i cant wait to play this game i hope they put some zombies later. I will not buy modern warfare 3 they dont care for ps3 community and a lot of hacker in that game and lates maps no good. i got black ops i am a 15 prestige and the most i love is zombies so i hope to have some zombies here in the amazing battlefield 3

  • One more question if the EA rep can answer this. How long has Frost Bite 2 been development while other Battlefield games were in development?

    • Eduardo Vasconcellos

      That’s a great question! I can’t give you the exact details, but rest assured Frostbite 2 was created with a lot of care put into it to make sure we can make the best games possible. One of the best showcases of this would be with the animations and the ANT tech incorporated into the game. Specifically, in Fault Line, Episode I, you can see the marines crossing the street, but as they run, they dynamically shift their weight, making for some great realism and physicality for the game.

      And the destruction! Oh my, the destruction! ;)

  • @galaick

    I think he’s really serious. I hope he’s not, but I think he is.

  • Looks pretty sweet, I’m just burnt out on realistic shooters though, but it looks cool.

  • I got Jeffs shirt! Just wondering What does it say? XD. My guess is playstation in JP?

  • wow, that i didnt know, that they will include battlefield 1943 on the BF3 blu ray disk only for ps3 players…thats great…thanks a lot guys….

  • @zfredo90..REALLY??!!..There is ENOUGH Zombies games out there…tard..Damn i can’t wait for this one :) Waaaayy better on PS3 :)

  • Day 1 purchase for me. =)

    • Eduardo Vasconcellos

      Thanks for the support! I’ll definitely be online day one as well. I’ve even started doing some heavy marathon sessions of BFBC2 to make sure I’m not rusty when BF3 comes out :).


    BC 1 – $14.99-$19.99

    BC2 – $24.99-$29.99


  • @17 Same here :) The shirt does say Playstation in Japanese.

  • @ #3

    medal of honor had no real vehicle control

    the multiplayer was designed by Dice for Medal of Honor but the level layout were small like Call of Duty and there was no destruction (also like Call of Duty)

    Battlefield games usually HUGE levels with vehicles and infantry battle and world destruction

    they did say they will make some smaller levels tho

  • PS3 exclusive is free battlefield 1943 (Which is already released)

    Can you Ask DICE/EA to patch the PS3 version of 1943 when Battlefield 3 is released because the microphones in 1943 stop working after 1 game…..the very next match they bug out….you can ask anyone who owns 1943 for PS3 the mics don’t work properly

  • Already preordered! Looks great guys. DICE will always have my money day one. Although I will say I was a tad disappointing with BF1943 being the exclusive, it was already given out in the BFBC2 ultimate edition….regardless stoked for Oct!

  • Finally..A game that will hopefully beat CoD in sales. I’ve been waiting for this day..Too long has CoD been deemed Numero Uno, when in reality is the worst FPS on the market. Cheaply made, repetitive, boring, no recoil, KIDS, etc. All hail Battlefield! PreOrdering as soon as i can ;) Also..Showing PS3 footage instead of xbox footage was awesome. It’s nice to know that this company isn’t biased towards Microsoft like Activision is..

  • one more thing.. PLEASE tell me this game doesn’t have a fully auto shotty.. The USAS in bad company 2 almost makes me want to sell the d*** thing

  • The graphics look freaking amazing! when will we get a multiplayer prewiew? Anyway, this looks awesome! :O

  • sorry preView lol

  • The game looks amazing but if zombies I would preorder this second

  • This game looks Beast Mode!! I already know it is going to be the best game of 2011 and maybe the best game since a long time ago and for a very long time it will be superior. MW3 comes out this year but we all know it is going to be exactly like MW2 but a few small tweaks. The story is the only reason I will play MW3.

    But Battlefield 3 has everything. Tanks, Helicopters, Humvees, FIGHTER JETS!!! and awesome gun play.

    Far Cry 3 looks awesome too but maybe not quite as good as this.

    and AC: Revelations looks good but all together Battlefield 3 will own!

  • Hope this game does not trun out to be like MOH :( just hoping for that! other than that so far LOOKS AMAZING!
    And please keep Teamwork no.1 priority.

  • I definitaly want this more than MW3 now just because of vehicles and destruction. Also, is the M16 automatic or do you select fire modes

  • #31 the M16 will probably be auto like MOH, or fast 3r burst like BFBC2.

  • #13 #29 why would they ruin this with zombies?!? this doesn’t need zombies.

  • #13 add me we can beast kino :)

  • Does anyone know the key differences and improvements from the FROSTBITE 1 in BFBC2 to the FROSTBITE 2 Engine?

  • Can’t wait to hear more about the game and see more footage of the PS3 version, let alone play it!

    Btw, I like how you guys slipped some PS3 footage into one of your trailers. I’ve watched those vids so many times, I literally never even noticed the text in the lower right corner! Was simply too amazed at the graphics to notice!

    Also, big thanks goes out to DICE for clearing up the exclusive pre-order items.

  • This game looks very realistic can’t wait to get the game.

  • seriously… zombies are a Black ops thing. This game would depreciate drastically if they threw in zombies…it’s silly even thinking about it. This game is more about combat realism.

  • I hope the bullets still affected by the gravity effects.

  • @ Eduardo Vasconcellos…Please add sea vehicle types,more aircraft types & more land vehicle types in the game like a for example stealth bomber,black bird,v-22 osprey,aircraft carrier,submarine,gunship,apc,hab wolverine,m26 dragon wagon ect.. because players like a balanced of diversity of land,sea & air vehicles both offensive & defensive that players can play in the campaign mode,co op mode if there is one & multi player?

    P.S..you guys overkilled the whole tank deal maybe swap some for some different land vehicle types instead!

    Thank you!

  • Good questions- too bad they were all dodged with the precision of a politician

  • i got the limited edition of medal of honor that comes with a beta of this but i dont know how to activate it can i get some help here?

    • Eduardo Vasconcellos

      We haven’t announced the exact dates for when the Beta will start, but rest assured, it’s on its way, and you’ll hear more about it right here on the PlayStation Blog and Battlefield.com down the road.

  • Will Battlefield:1943 be a voucher code or pre-loaded in the Battlefield:3 disk?

  • I can not wait for this game also wanted to tell Jeff I have that same PlayStation shirt I must of got it the same way you did.LOL

  • This over MW3, enough said!

  • What tablet is Jeff using? Is it the… S1/2?
    No? iPad? Damn.

  • BFBC 3 is going to r@pe MW3, especially now that Infinity Ward (Activision corporate bots) is no longer Infinity Ward

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