ModNation Racers PS Vita: Modding with your Fingertips

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ModNation Racers PS Vita: Modding with your Fingertips

As most of you heard at the Sony Press Conference kicking off E3, we are proudly bringing the ModNation franchise to the much anticipated PlayStation Vita. It was a great opportunity to share with you all some of the things our team has in store. For starters, the ModNation Racers PS3 Community has created in just over a year’s time over 2 million Mods, Karts and Tracks. All of which will be available to anyone who purchases ModNation Racers (Working Title) for PS Vita on day one. That means by using the online capabilities and processing power of the PS Vita, the ModNation team has made it possible for users to download any PS3 user generated creation and bring it with them on the go.

The team has also made huge strides in creating a ground up effort to make a ModNation title that takes full advantage of the PlayStation Vita features. As mentioned in the Press Conference, this title is not a port of the PSP or PS3. On the creation side, we showed that in a matter of seconds how fast and easy it is to create a track by drawing it with your finger. The front touch capability of the PS Vita has kicked the door wide open for more intuitive ways to edit your track and place props to your personal liking. But without a doubt, the single most element that received the most “Oooos and Aaaahs,” was the power of the back touch.

Play puppet master in your very own ModNation universe and raise mountains by simply touching the back panel. The longer you hold your fingertips to the back panel, the higher the peaks rise. On the front panel, if you feel inclined to create a lake, simply press down until you strike water. We also demonstrated that the integrity of ModNation kart racing is still intact with the advantage of Dual Analog Sticks. With steering on the left stick, and performing stunts on the right, racing could not be more fun.

As you will watch in this never before seen video, creation is certainly at your fingertips. It is a great time for technology and the PlayStation Vita has given us a wealth of tools to work with. We are excited to say that this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is plenty more that will be revealed in the months to come so keep your eyes peeled.

Also, be sure to check out G4’s Best of E3 2011 special airing Monday, June 20 at 6:30pm ET/PT. We were nominated for Best Handheld and Best Racing Game!

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  • I hope it becomes a launch title.

  • I am so excited for PSVita and Modnation Racers!!!

  • Sweet! Modding with my- oh, wait, ModNation. Awwww.
    Kidding! The Vita launch line-up is looking really good!

  • MNR is an awesome series. Hopefully load times for the Vita version will be more palatable than its PS3 big brother.

    • Load times is a biggie on our list and will certainly be addressed. Thanks for the positive words as well.

  • IM VERY ANXIOUS TOO.. meanwhile this,I’m Playing Infamous thanks to sony,and LBP too :D

  • When they announced Modnation at the press conference, that basically sealed the deal for me. LOVED the PS3 version, which still gets a lot of play when friends come over, and now I’m really enjoying the PSP version thanks to the Welcome Back package.
    Glad this is a Vita launch title.

    Incidentally, has anyone else fallen in love with their PSP once more, in the knowledge that Vita is just around the corner?

  • How come there PSV doesn’t have the symbols on the touch pad?

  • If only I could mod it with my fingertips…

  • This is going to be sweet i cant wait for the playstation vita!

  • “NGP” lol ^_^

  • i want the ngp sooooooooooo bad!

  • ModNation should be great on the PSV.

    On another unrelated ModNation note: Will you be bundling the PS3 track pack DLC at some point as 9.99 each is a pretty steep price point…

  • nice!!! getting it day 1 , hey Jeff can you guys give us more info on the 3G service that AT&T will provide ? i pre ordered the 3G version and its paid in full already but i wont sign any contract with AT&T , i hope you guys bring the service to other phone companies

  • @zekececil14 It’s a prototype. There’s a disclaimer at the start of the video stating as such. Note how the guy from Santa Monica Studio refers to it as an ‘NGP’. This was probably made a while ago, and is being released now in the wake of E3. He probably didn’t even know it was the Vita until the press conference (or a few days before, like the rest of the planet!)

    I’m amazed how Sony were able to keep the price under wraps, if not the name. I saw an interview with Ken Levine at E3 where he was saying he was surprised and happy about the price of Vita, so even though he’s developing a Bioshock title for it, even he didn’t know it was going to be such a decent price.

  • Who’s developing this? Is this United Front Games?

    • SCEA San Diego Studio is developing this effort for the Vita. The reference to Santa Monica Studio under my name was a mistake…its actually San Diego Studio.

  • I hope this does more justice than the PSP version did. Sounds great so far and I’m really excited about making this one of my first games for the poorly named PSV.

  • i dont really care about how fast you can make a track..because no matter how fast they say you CAN make the track your still going to want to add nicks and nacks..and that takes time…which is not really a huge problem. What im really concerned about is LOADING TIME and RACE MODES ELIMINATION and BATTLE or even TAG TEAM…yeah remember that AWESOME PS2 GAME CALLED CRASH TAG TEAM…yeah that game was a mario kart killer! Now all MNR needs is some new features and its a MUST HAVE HAND HELD GAME – wow i never thought i would say more about MUST HAVE PS3 INfamous 2 and Resistance 3 and lets not forget UNCHARTED 3 and TWISTED METAL…and the ooh so anticipated STARHAWK!! GOD BLESS SONY…and all their AWESOME EXCLUSIVES and the PS Vita! :)

  • Yup, live demo was fantastic. When dude drew the track on touchpad & pushed on rear touchpad to elevate terrain? Wow, welcome to the future! Skynet can’t be far off now.

    • Thank you for the fine words. Its a good time for technology…a lot of cool stuff happening.

  • @13 Dragun619

    It doesn’t look like it – although they tagged this under United Front Games, Team RamRod is part of San Diego Studio who did the PSP version.

  • MNR for the Vita looks good. But is there any chance that you guys at SCE San Diego might make a new The Mark of Kri game next?

  • idk but this morning the psn was glitching so bad killed me twice n im really upset about that . So get that fixed pls thnx………………..

  • @ 7 if you notice he calls it an NGP so this is pre press release video and the still rough version i am guessing so that they have titles at release of the system. Which i cant fricken wait for 12-31-11 is gonna be far to long of a wait, at least thats the date gamestop said it would be available

  • i have a question !!!
    im from mexico , if i go and buy it in the UE the 3g edition ,
    i will be avaible to use it, whit my telephone company (telcell)??
    tank you …

  • AT&T, a bad choice for provider.

  • Really wish the control stick was where the D-pad is and vice versa for the D-pad. I hope sony changes the look and feel with the PS4 controllers with the control stick in a more comfortable place.

  • My biggest question is I supported the PSPGO which was the largest failure for support have the games that game out for disk never came to store for PSPGO users such as Kingdom Hearts and Naruto games. Will the PS Vita be continuting those failures or will the kingdom heart and naruto game that are currently out now be released for GO and Vita for downloads?

  • I watched my recorded E3 sony conference and when you guys announced the vita you talked about the “party” feature that let you talk to your friends no matter what game they are playing with a headset or built in mic so my question is when will that feature come to PS3 but anyways I can’t wait for the PSV it’ll replace my old DS if I get it for christmas

  • WO!! it’s look like amazing, the new MN R wow!! I think the PSV is the best Portable Console ever CREATE!! just amazing EXCELLENT!!!

    • We are all very glad you think so. The entire team has made every effort to make this game amazing. Thanks for the support.

  • I really like the concept of MNR for the PSV with all the new features it will most certainly be a new MNR expierience wherever you go. I own the PS3 version, but it has the YLOD so I have been playing the PSP version because of welcome back and it’s very entertaining. I know PSV will be a run-away success and I look forward to it’s release. I love the PS3 version and PSV’s graphics are identical so it will absolutely be a great game. PSV is great.

    • The Vita has given us a ton of tools to work with, so putting MNR on the Vita just made a lot of sense. Thank you for the fine words.

  • I hope there is a modspot (to have a good community) and Battle Mode…. Cross Fingers

  • I hope that there will be cross platform play similar to Wipeout for PS3 and PSV, or like Kojimas “transfarring”. I plan to get a PSV but probably the next model, hopefully slimmer/lighter, better hardware and controller and video out support.

    Modnation on PSV looks phenominal!!! Its going to make holding off on the first PSV nearly unbearable!, but I hope we can play a new Modnation on PS3 soon too! I had a blast getting my Modnation platinum trophy, and creating Mods and Karts of my favourite characters from movies, TV shows and other games!

  • Have you guys announced whether or not this version of MNR will have a new campaign and/or creation tools (weather, time of day, etc.)? Also, will the DLC from the PS3 version be compatible with the Vita version? A new portable version of the game is awesome in itself, but add in some new features (besides a new control scheme) and you’ve sold me!

  • If we can use camera, can the game scan our face and then automatically the feature try to immitate my face into the racer’s caricature? that would be awesome!

  • so will the psv be compatible with psp disks?

  • Hi brandom, i was wondering if there is chance that the new weapons come to the ps3 version. greetings from Mexico

  • Love the Vita, and this game looks awesome.
    Hopefully there will be a lot of games at launch.

  • ModNation on Vita is very slow, I mean it lacks a little bit with the touchscreen. It’s like that because it’s a demo ?

    • It’s not perfect yet. The push for E3 was to introduce to the world what we’re up to. Greatness doesn’t happen overnight, so be patient with us. Hopefully you were able to get your hands on it and check out some of the cool features we have in store for you. We certainly have ways to go, but you can expect that when MNR hits the shelves we will be rock solid. Thanks for checking in with us.

  • i soooo want one of these

  • Please convince Sony to add TV-Out to Vita! And the ability to use a PS3 controller like PSP Go did.

  • Will you be able to connect your account you have on your PS3 to the Ps Vita and Will they change the game name like Modnation racers 2 and like Littlebigplanet3?

  • When I found the demo on the PSN store for psp I downloaded it and thought it would just be like mario kart, later… much, much later it came out and I bought it I headed straight for the cusimazation it was AWSOME I love the game, what is even better is that if you don’t feel in the action race mood you can just do a pure race this game is pure genuis best racing game I can’t wait to get it. from reading the other posts so I won’t look stupid and that I don’t repeat questions I now know not to ask weather it is a launch title or not. Plans don’t always work out but I am confident that sony will be able to make it a launch title… you know in 6 months and all when the PSVita comes out. Oh, and having the PSVita able play previously purchased PSP games from PSN also genuis

  • This is looking great! I just hope it has most of the tools from ps3 like repave, deleting sections of track, shortcuts, and breadcrumbs.

  • Alsome i gotz to get me one :p

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