Free Avatars for PixelJunk Junkies

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Free Avatars for PixelJunk Junkies


Important news is churning – much like smooth, creamy butter – out of Q-Games headquarters. Is this the big announcement of the special PixelJunk-branded cheese you’ve been waiting for? Not exactly, but we’re happy to announce that now YOU could be the proud owner of the FREE PixelJunk Shooter Loyalty Avatar Pack!

If you’re such a loyal fan of the PixelJunk games that you’ve purchased both PixelJunk Shooters 1 AND 2, you deserve a freebie – and a good dousing of water for good measure. Only own one of the Shooter games? Purchase the other one and you can secure some lovely Shooter avatars for free, too!


What magic is this? Well, we can’t divulge all the super-secret ingredients in this awesome recipe (a dash of bubbling hot magma and a smattering of PixelJunk love?), but we can direct you to PixelJunk Shooter 2’s category page on the PlayStation Store on PSN, where you will find this lovely little package waiting for you. Yay, free avatar pack GET!


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  • thats cool. I downloaded these the other day wondering why they were FREE. Now i know.
    Thx PixelJunk!

  • Thanks to Q-Games and Dylan for this offer. Very nice surprise. What about the ultimate loyalist avatar pack for people that purchase all PixelJunk titles to date?

  • I got pixeljunk shooter 1 with my PS3. I guess I gotta play that more and buy shooter 2.

  • Nice, more games should do this. I buy a ton of PSN games.

    Anything special for owning all PixelJunk Games? A nice gold pixel junk star would be good. Or a cookie.

  • What if I have the other pixeljunk games but not shooter 2?

  • Tight thanks.

  • This is cool, but I’m in the boat as others, as I own all Pixel Junk games and add ons except for (Eden Encore) and Shooter2.

    Personally, I don’t think the first one was worth ten, so I’d like to get Shooter 2 for five bucks…. not sure if it was on sale before, but I’d purchase it for $5. That being said, I don’t think I’d even want the avatar.

    Pixel Junk Eden gave me atleast 50 hours of game time. Please put (Eden) Encore on sale for 3 bucks.

  • PJ Shooter is one of the best PSN titles and jas one of the best soundtracks produced by High Frequency Bandwidth. Preview the tracks on Amazon to hear it. PJ Shooter 2 goes even further and is better than the original. Both games are worth the low $9.99 and you get three exclusive avatars too.

  • Thank you! I feel appreciated now :-D

  • Is there something wrong with PJ Shooter 2 in the store? I can get to it, but it won’t let me buy it. Pressing X on the Buy button literally does nothing. Its been like that since release for me and is the only game that does it.

  • Novel concept! This is a model I would like to see others follow.

    Along with this, maybe other games could release free avatars for those that own a game and DLC to go with that game?

  • BTW, any news on PixelJunk Lifelike or Dungeons? Outside of PJS2 which the store won’t LET me buy, I own and like all of your other games so I’m looking forward to anything new!


    Now that’s what I’m talking about!!! Again Q-Games/Pixeljunk making there customers happy not only with some of the PSN all-time greatest games, but with appreciating their fans!!! Looking forward to Pixeljunk SideScroller as well as other PJ games! Thank you PJ/Q-Games.

  • Free stuff is good. PixelJunk is also good. Free PixelJunk stuff? Excellent.

    @Neil/Comment #5 – Your answer is in the fourth sentence of the article.

  • hii i cant get onto ps home like it says blah blah blah must do update nd i do but it never workss helpppp

  • This reminds me i need to play 2.

  • Been sporting mine now for a while…

  • Amazing! Thank you :D

  • is there a Pack were I can buy 1 and 2 for cheaper? I am also a Plus member for a long time, and I am waiting for a good discounts.

  • Nice! I’ll look for them soon

    Thanks Q-games, I love pixel-junk!

  • Any chance of these or new versions of PixelJunk Shooters coming to the Vita? Remote Play of the first one was great, but just made me wish I was able to play it on the PSP all the time!

  • Aww, I have every PixelJunk game except for Shooter 2. Guess I’m not loyal enough, eh? :P

  • Bundle them all together and we may have a deal.

  • I got mine already. Thanks Q-Games and Sony!

  • Agree Love the Avatars!~

    <—— I got mine :D

  • Awesome! does it include the ships? will pick up Shooter 2 soon though Sidescroller looks awesome

  • Gotta buy me Shooter 2 then ;)

  • <—— Buying Outland gets you one too.

    No more excuses, gotta get PJS2 right now :D

  • I do not like this; I all day everyday will play mw2 than any other game I mean come on this or MW2-MW2 or this. Its a pretty easy question. MW2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is a great thing to do! Avatars are cheap, and really, at 49 cents, it’s not like they lose money on it. It’s just a little picture that gets used to represent a PSN account. I’m glad they decided to do something like this. I’ve never tried these games, but I may have to give it a go. I hope more games will follow suit and do something cool like this! It’s definitely a really good idea, even if it’s something so small, it’s nice to see they care and want to give something extra.

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