Free Avatars for PixelJunk Junkies

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Free Avatars for PixelJunk Junkies


Important news is churning – much like smooth, creamy butter – out of Q-Games headquarters. Is this the big announcement of the special PixelJunk-branded cheese you’ve been waiting for? Not exactly, but we’re happy to announce that now YOU could be the proud owner of the FREE PixelJunk Shooter Loyalty Avatar Pack!

If you’re such a loyal fan of the PixelJunk games that you’ve purchased both PixelJunk Shooters 1 AND 2, you deserve a freebie – and a good dousing of water for good measure. Only own one of the Shooter games? Purchase the other one and you can secure some lovely Shooter avatars for free, too!


What magic is this? Well, we can’t divulge all the super-secret ingredients in this awesome recipe (a dash of bubbling hot magma and a smattering of PixelJunk love?), but we can direct you to PixelJunk Shooter 2’s category page on the PlayStation Store on PSN, where you will find this lovely little package waiting for you. Yay, free avatar pack GET!


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