Qore Episode 37 – inFAMOUS 2, Alice, Shadows of the Damned

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Qore Episode 37 – inFAMOUS 2, Alice, Shadows of the Damned

June’s Episode 37 is electrifying with previews of the season’s hottest titles packaged up in a sweet new user interface. The new design is streamlined to better present all that each episode of Qore has to offer.

Qore: inFAMOUS 2 main menu

inFAMOUS 2 is this month’s lead story as Audrey Cleo ventures deep into New Marais to reveal Cole’s shocking new powers. Meet the new characters, explore the dense environment, and learn more about the very, very cool user-created missions feature.

Then, prepare yourself for a journey through the looking glass with a preview of Alice: Madness Returns. Veronica Belmont interviews American McGee about the world created for (or by?) Alice, the wild new weapons she wields, and what’s different in this hotly anticipated sequel.

Veronica also steps into the cage with MMA fighter Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig who debuts as one of the first female characters in Supremacy MMA. She talks about her inspiration, her training, and what it’s like being immortalized in a video game. Also, don’t miss the video extras and outtakes as she teaches Veronica some of her signature moves.

When Suda 51 (No More Heroes) and Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) announced they were collaborating on Shadows of the Damned, everyone expected it to be over the top. Well, you be the judge after watching Qore’s preview which dives into a grindhouse-inspired horror-action-comedic interpretation of Hell…just in time for summer.

We hope you enjoy the brand new look of Qore Episode 37 now available under the Media section in PlayStation Store.

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  • I’ve Finished INFAMOUS 2 on both good and bad side.
    I will state this,I love this game.
    The best superhero story,comic,movie or game ever made.
    Cole Magrath is my Favorite Superhero ever.

  • I am really enjoying the new UI! it is much better than the previous.


  • I purchased InFamous 2 day 1 and I am on my second playthrough as evil. Very close to the platinum. It is an awesome game, everyone should play it!

    Also, this episode of Qore sold me on Alice Madness Returns. It looks like a game that I would enjoy.

  • I like the new look, but what happened to the download section?

  • Yeah where were this months downloads…?
    Oh well. Plus might as well be an idiothole and spam this section. WHEN WE GOING TO SEE OUTLAND? :D

  • One question; Where’s Outland?

    I do love the new QORE look though. The old one got pretty boring, glad you guys decided to change it around a bit.

  • Infamous 2 is awesome…been playing all week…just wish I had more time for it…sucker punch fixed everything I didn’t like from the first game (enemies r more diverse, city more interesting, characters less annoying except I kinda miss Cole’s original voice)….but the first game is pretty awesome too.

  • I love the new look as well. It also seems like the audio quality is higher?

    Great to see Alice: Madness Returns covered; I was worried it was flying under the radar.

    I was also missing the downloads section, but if it was just going to be High Velocity Bowling and a lame wallpaper until the end of the time, then I guess it’s just as well.

  • Loved the new Qore. Alice: Madness Returns looks great. I was going to wait a while before ordering it, but when I saw that it contains the original Alice as DLC, I pre-ordered it as I sold my old PC copy a while ago. Can’t wait until it gets here so I can start playing it! Thanks a lot!

  • @BritishFreak007 is out today June 14th on us store i played the demo I downloaded from UK store its a fun game im going too get it

  • I am getting Alice:Madness Returns I enjoyed the video segment on Qore too the game looks great and very crazy at the same I had it pre-ordered a couple months ago from gamestop but, this made me a lot more excited too play Alice.

  • Fantastic layout! This is how the PS3’s XMB should be. Attractive, easy to browse, not crowded but not empty.

  • Haha i was going to say the same thing #4 said, love the new look and feel of it. It actually flows well, but it was missing the download section. Thanks for the hard work

  • I love the new Qore the new menu makes it look a lot more exciting and enjoyable for me I loved the segment on Shadows Of The Damned i have had that game on pre-order and can’t too laugh and kick demon butt :P

  • I love the new Qore the new menu makes it look a lot more exciting and enjoyable for me I loved the segment on Shadows Of The Damned i have had that game on pre-order and can’t wait too laugh and kick demon butt :P

  • I just started downloading the original Alice game from the PSN. BIG MISTAKE! I redeemed the code from the games main menu. HUGE MISTAKE. Estimated time 191 minutes!?!?! WTF Sony? It certainly is not a problem on my end in any way so WTF…

  • Infamous 2 was fun, going for evil playthrough next.

  • I like pie.

  • I love Imfamous 2. Haven’t it yet. Got side tracked on the side missons. Thanks for the free infamous. forgot how much fun it was.

  • The first thing i noticed was that I really love the new UI. Props!

  • New interface is very slick. Love it.

  • Didn’t this come out last week? I also liked the new interface, great improvement over the old one.

  • cool new look

  • Is there going to be an Infamous 3?

  • Already downloaded this last week.

  • i can download special skins for Cole ?
    like the reaper skins that came with the Hero edition

  • New interface is big improvement. The old one was loud & annoying–had to always dive for my remote to lower the sound. Alice Madness looks fantastic but PTOM gave it a poor review so I’m going to wait for more reviews. Haven’t started Infamous 2 yet. I’m drowning in great games, thanks to Playstation.

  • This new UI is great! Reminds me a bit of the old PS2 demo discss you got from the Official Playstation Magazine.

  • looks cool! Im still hunting for all the blast shards in my first game play. About 30 or so left

  • inFAMOUS 2 has now become one of my fav action / adventure games!! The REAPER skin is simply awesome and the new AMP weapon… KILLER!!

  • You just don’t know how big of an inFamous fan I am, I’d so love to thank the makers of this great action packed game. Again thanks to Sony for making the PS3.

  • love the new design! and the content was great.. though I wasn’t sure if there was no download section for this episode or if it was hidden.

  • I was able to platinum infamous 2 in 2 playthroughs and 5 days, anyone on the fence about this game should stop right now and go put your hands on it. The best part is getting to use both sets of powers having beat the main story on both sides. You can go back and destroy all the side missions no problem when all good and evil powers are unlocked. Thanks for an awesome game Sucker Punch.

  • what is next for sucker punch will they make a new game or will they somehow make a infamous 3? (you have to beat the game to understand it) because sucker punch isn’t doing sly cooper and I really want another awsome game from sucker punch

  • The inFamous 2 score is fantastic.

  • I love Infamous 2 i can’t stop playing it.

  • Must admit thanks to free download of imfamous one I am in love with this game! Duke may have been a bomb but a was able to swap for this! A true winner worth every bit of 64 bucks! Still waiting 4 beyond good and evil! outland is great but really need date or price on beyond cause id like to find 3rd title to buy with change after outland and evil hench what card was for. can i get a answer?

  • I know you guys aren’t in charge of this but do you guys know if Sucker Punch will make any dlc for inFAMOUS 2?

  • Will there be any DLC’s for inFamous 2 in July?


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