E3 Replays: Mick Hocking Shares Future of 3D

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E3 Replays: Mick Hocking Shares Future of 3D

For those who followed PlayStation.Blog last week, you might have seen Jeff, Sid, Rey and I hosting live interviews and demos with the developers and executives behind the biggest games and announcements of E3 2011. This week, we’re uploading those videos to give you an ever so slight idea of what it’s like to travel through time. Now, let’s revisit that heady day of last Thursday when I spoke to Mick Hocking, our resident 3D expert, on what we can expect from the future of stereoscopy and how it will impact gaming, and I ask that ubiquitous question — why don’t we have glasses-free 3D TVs yet?

Stay tuned throughout the following week for more E3 Replays.

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  • I can’t wait to buy one of those 3D PlayStation TVs. :)

  • The future of 3D gaming : 3D gaming without glasses…

  • Thanks for releasing outland today. Oh wait. You didn’t.

  • 3D is a cool technology and everything, but I can’t see it because of a birth defect. I’m fine with this new 3D push, just so long as I won’t be left behind.

  • I couldn’t have said it better, frito_x. If I could sell my PS3 straight up for an xbox 360 right now, I would in a heartbeat. This is ridiculous….

  • 3D has always come and gone. I hate to see Sony putting all it’s eggs in one basket. Yes, this turned out for them in Blu-Ray, but think of Beta and other failed techs. The price point is still too high (and no I don’t want to pay for a TV small as computer monitor), and we as humans already see depth with depth of focus and visual composition in pictures, games, and movies.

    I don’t see myself buying a 3D TV as long as normal content is available.

  • I recently bought a 3D tv and I love it, I have tried a few 3D games like Super Stardust, Wipeout and Killzone 3 and I have to say the 3D in those games is top notch, I’m excited that Uncharted 3 will have 3D support and its awesome that R3 will as well.

    There’s a little game called “Flower” that I wish had 3D support though, I played it again recently to see how it looked on my new tv and it looks beautiful, but one thing I though would make it better would be 3D, its absolutely perfect for it, the flower petals could look like their coming off the screen and everything in the back could look like it has depth making it look so much cooler. If someone there at sony could get the word out to That Game Company to patch in 3D for the game or if they could get someone else to do it, that would be awesome. It just seems like 3D and Flower were meant to be.

  • @ 6

    Then you would be left with only kinect shovelware and 2 exclusives coming soon, sounds like a bad tradeoff to me. I agree it can get annoying though.

    @ 7

    Not true, I recently bought a 51′ 3D tv for under a 1000$ and I bought it bundled with an HDMI cable and a pair of 3D glasses all for around 1000$. If that’s not affordable, then I don’t know what is, you just gotta know where to look. I bought mine off amazon.

  • I dont really like 3D its amazing yes but its gonna like probally KILL my eye ill get a tv that doesnt get u blind or kill brain cells that is probally gonna be the best tv ever!

  • Let’s focus on good videogames first this gen before worrying about fancy tech stuff.

  • My favorite implementation so far is Super Stardust HD. The way the whole globe rotates and the galaxy behind it in parallax is mesmerizing. The meteors and monsters coming down at all angles along with the blasts and explosions all going off to the left, to the right and right toward you puts you into that space. It’s so much fun.

    But I think the two key factors that make SSHD such a great 3D experience are, the focus point never changes because your ship is pinned to the center of the screen and it is displays beautifully in 1080p. As Mick had mentioned, you don’t strain your eyes continuously trying to focus in different places that your eyes can’t actually resolve because the light source and distance never changes, despite the effect. The higher resolution keeps your eyes from feeling like they need to keep focusing for clarity. That’s an issue that can be solved by moving farther from the screen, but who wants to do that?

    In any event, I can’t wait to see 3D on PS4. 3D in 1080p at 60 frames per second to each eye. That’s what I want from every single game in the next generation. (Oh, and that nice party feature you added to Vita. Thanks.)

  • Vita? Day One Buy.

    3DTV pack? I would only use it if someone gave it to me, and maybe not even then seeing as my computer monitor is basically the same size; gonna need something much larger for the living room.

    I like the idea of movies and gaming in 3D, but as-is I just can’t invest in it. Until someone can crack the nut that is multi-viewer glasses-less 3D I’m just going to have stay behind-the-times:

    1) I got contacts so I could stop wearing glasses.

    2) My current TV still works just fine.

    3) I have gaming friends who physically cannot see 3D.

    4) Even if I did decide to buy a 3DTV, I have a wife, kids, friends and other family. Maybe if the glasses drop down to $20 a pop, but it’s way too cost-prohibitive right now to lay down $$$ for each additional viewer on top of paying twice as much for a TV.

    All that being said, I DO think being able to have two separate screens for each player is pretty cool.

  • Be honest with me, will this technology work on my current 3D TV?

    Through software update maybe?

    Will I need to add those glasses, that would actually make sense?

  • I think Uncharted 3 will add this feature, no brainier here.

  • sony keeps getting better and better

  • Dear 3d. Please die……..again.

    when you get rid of the space glasses and we can use it all day every day like a normal tv, call me. until then, go away fad.

  • What I meant by it is can I play split screen with one of my friends utilizing whole 55 inches of my TV. Not just small part?

    Uncharted 3 PLEASE!!!

    This would be ideal of MW2, MW3, MW4 etc.

    Battlefiled 3, Battlefield 4 etc.

    This could be one of the best selling points for getting PS3 version of the game and being able to play it with your friends on the big screen TV.

    I am actually 100% sure this can be done.

  • only reason 3d may hurt your eyes is because they’re weak, once you start exercising your eyes it won’t hurt so much or at all. I can stare at 3d for days and feel fine

  • anyway, how big is that tv? i need an hd tv but i dont want a big one and that split screen thing sounds pretty nice.

  • @Lord_Ka1n It’s 24inches

  • This TV is 24 inches, so something for your dorm room or bachelor pad.

  • How come I never saw this stream during E3? Was it during that long period on the last day when many of us just saw that chubby blue shirt guy demoing the vita? When we kept saying we couldn’t see the interviews but none of you would answer us on the Euro or US blog?

    Made me feel like agreeing with all the Outage complainers that Sony isn’t responsive to its consumers.

    Anyway, the U3 demo, trailer & interviews with Anne & Nolan made me decide to go 3D. I hope the Bravia 46 inch 240 LED 3D is on sale by then. 24 inch won’t cut it for me. Once you go big, you cant go back. But it’s a great package for many, I’m sure.

  • Really informative stuff, I appreciate all the light Mr Hocking had to share on the subject

    My one question regarding the Tv is does it come with one pair of glasses, or two?
    with this revolutionary abolition of split screen for local multiplayer enthusiasts, It’ll be all too ironic if someone can’t even use the feature out of the box.

    Furthermore, he definitely said the glasses for this tv are a new model, and in the event that the tv only comes with one pair, when will we know pricing on a stand alone pair of glasses to truly take advantage of all the tv is capable of?

  • Zoryu_of_Setsuna


    + jim2point0

    Stop whining, It’ll come out when the game is out. You need to have some patience in life, that’s pretty pathetic crying because a game isn’t out yet and wanting to switch to xbox.. Get real.

  • Im waiting for a good Sony deal on 3D TV. Cant wait to try those games!

  • I went 3D late last year and loved Wipeout and Motorstorm 3D Rift, but my dream 3D game would be a new Jumping Flash. Not only would the platforming be brilliant in 3D, but the colorful world of Jumping Flash would look wonderful when brought into the HD era (short of a gritty Call of Duty-inspired remake of course).

    I also hope more 3rd party games take advantage of it. 3D isn’t for every game, but for some, it really adds something special.

  • i have a sony braiva 3dtv but it didnt come with glasses or the transmitter…

    Didnt sony announce that the 3d glaases will be 60$ starting somewhere this fall?
    I’ll wait to buy the glasses then and enjoy 3d for the first time.

  • I bought LG 3d passive tv & the best feature about this tv is you don’t need to pay $ 150 for 3d glasses to watch 3d contents ! , all you need is the same glasses you use in the movie theater or you can buy them from eBay for no more than 5 bucks ! I have all the 3d titles on my ps3 as well as 3d movies & its the best experience that I ever had in entertainment , watching or playing in 3d looks so incredible ! ! I really do appreciate the technology & especially Sony for creating the 3D .

  • Playstation.Blog crew, is it possible that maybe next year we can get the E3 Press Conference, interviews, and/or shots of the Playstation booth in 3D?

  • 28@ lraqisoldierboy

    Passive 3D sucks compared to polarized 3D..too much ghosting and other effects…

  • What I want to see with future implementation of 3D is universal adoption, meaning we shouldn’t have to go out and buy a special 3D capable TV in order to watch 3D movies/games. I understand the 3D in use now utilizes the 120Hz TV’s as it puts a separate image for each time the TV refreshes, but we all know the old captain-EO Disneyland 3D can be done on ANY TV. The technology is exactly the same, except it sticks the entire 3D image on the same screen. No need for ridiculously expensive shutter glasses either, as those cheap blue/red ones work just fine (or any other polarized lens that has the right eye with vertical polarization and the left eye with horizontal polarization).

    I would hope soon that the PS3 will get a FW update that will allow it to convert the propitiatory 120Hz 3D used in games and movies to a traditional 60Hz 3D for which we can just use a nice cheap pair of 3D polarized glasses. The 3D nowadays is the biggest scam ever, as it requires you to buy expensive propitiatory 3D TV’s and expensive shutter glasses which often need expensive batteries. All while the old 3D which has been in use for several decades works exactly the same way, except it is significantly cheaper for the end-user.

  • I want to know the price of the TV alone.

  • I recently bought a 3D TV. I got a great deal on it, without the 3D, and it being LED TV alone was a steal. I enjoy 3D Gaming, I haven’t watched any movies but Avatar because it’s free on Fios, and it looked really good but I’m only interested in gaming.

    So far KZ3 uses 3D really well, probably the best example of 3D Gaming right now, Motorstorm Apocalypse works well, but I think KZ3 works better. SOCOM 4, you can tell they just quickly implemented it in, rather building around the idea. It’s not bad, I played SOCOM 4 Campaign Mode in 3D and I do prefer it slightly more then non-3D, but it’s not something to talk about a good example of what 3D Gaming can look like.

    The Uncharted 3 trailer in 3D already looks great. 3D can work very well, the problem is some developers just throw 3D in without trying to make much of an effort to make use of the effect. I was glad to hear Sony is still pushing 3D this E3, and I hope they will continue to support it.

  • Does this work with current Sony TVs? what if I only bought the glasses?

  • If not what does this TV do that current 3DTVs don’t? from the video the only difference is the signal sent so it only shutters on one eye.

  • 3d is for sony that Kinect is for 4 m$ but done better

  • I’m buying this new PS 3D Display JUST for Uncharted 3!!
    Of course, I’ll buy more 3D games afterward to enjoy on this new display, but Uncharted 3 is what sold it to me.

  • only 24 inches is too bad ohh and id love to have the option of not having to get resistance 3 with it cuz then i would pay less, id love a 32 inch yeah that would be nicer

  • Thank you for answering my question. My birthday is in September I hope I can get this for my b day. Any word on release date?

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