E3 Replays: Mick Hocking Shares Future of 3D

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E3 Replays: Mick Hocking Shares Future of 3D

For those who followed PlayStation.Blog last week, you might have seen Jeff, Sid, Rey and I hosting live interviews and demos with the developers and executives behind the biggest games and announcements of E3 2011. This week, we’re uploading those videos to give you an ever so slight idea of what it’s like to travel through time. Now, let’s revisit that heady day of last Thursday when I spoke to Mick Hocking, our resident 3D expert, on what we can expect from the future of stereoscopy and how it will impact gaming, and I ask that ubiquitous question — why don’t we have glasses-free 3D TVs yet?

Stay tuned throughout the following week for more E3 Replays.

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