PlayStation E3 Livestream Day 3: Farewell Recap

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PlayStation E3 Livestream Day 3: Farewell Recap

We’ve reached the 3rd and final day of E3, and we’ve already shown you most of our exclusive 1st party games. Today, it’s time we’ve heard from some of our top publishing partners, such as EA, Capcom, and Square Enix. We’ll begin streaming at 10am. Watch right here!

If you’d like to watch a higher resolution version of the stream, please click here.

Here’s today’s programming schedule (all times Pacific):

10am – Carnival Island
11am – PS3 3D demonstration
Noon – Battlefield 3
1pm – SSX
2pm – Need for Speed: The Run
3pm – Capcom roundup (Street Fighter x Tekken and more)
4pm – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Not a bad lineup! Please keep in mind that E3 is a bit nuts, so things may move around, add in, or drop out at the last second. To keep up with last second changes, please follow PlayStation on Twitter. In between segments, we’ll be streaming out live footage from the booth. It’s just like being at E3, but without the smell!

Speaking of Twitter, we want this to be really interactive, so we’ll be asking you for questions right before the segments start. See you soon!

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  • See you later.

  • no Final Fantasy XIII-2 Jeff? ….and what about Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City? both big PlayStation franchise, even if recent games are multiformat.

    You should also take a look at Tecmo’s Ninja Gaiden 3 (PS3 seems to be the lead development platform).

    -Thanks and keep up the great work guys!

  • Is the 3D demo on the new 24″ 3D tv?

  • meh i stopped watching e3 after day 1….it was kinda boring.i was expecting some new info about mw3 and duke nukem.the only things that looked promising is the ps vita and uc3.

  • Looking forward to SSX.

  • Playing inFAMOUS 2 and watching the stream on my Android :-)

  • WKC 2 info. And any information about a US/ CAD release in 2011 for the PSV. If Sony releases in Japan, but missed a holiday PSV release, they’re idiots. So much money to be made in the holiday season in North America, it accounts for a substantial % of annual video game sales. They got the price right, just don’t mess up the launch.

  • Oh, and are we getting an inFamous 2 digital release like the UK? I rather prefer digital format, especially for new releases (the Mass Effect 2 PSN release was a nice treat).

  • @4

    shame dude u missed some great demos/Interviews for Twisted Metal (jaffe couldnt stop cussing lol), Starhawk, and uncharted golden abyss demos. The Little deviants/LBP vita demos were surprisingly good also

  • Can’t wait untill the Street Fighter x Tekken part!!!! Cole from inFAMOUS all the way!

  • @dark: i totally agree with u on that, not only just that but nothing on the RE game for the psp that was announced last year, or maybe it be for the vita which would be great as well, either cant wait to get my hands on the psvita

  • Sharingan_itachi

    SFxT and BF3 :)

  • @spartan5585 that RE psp game was announced 2 years ago and I’m pretty sure it’s RE: Revelations on the 3DS. Capcom gave up on the psp

  • does anyone now what time the call of duty map pack comes out tomorrow

  • we the gamers ned to play the demos to out them on ps3 to

  • we the gamers ned to play the e3 demos to put them out on ps3 to pz

  • this is lame…..

  • this is cool

  • add jarvisdavis

  • Where is this show taking place?

  • I’m not seeing any demo. What up?!

  • Ummm. I wonder why E3 never come to Detroit MI… We always get the auto shows but never get any video game shows here. Why is that??? Add me whoever wants to…

  • will there be battlefielf gameplay?

  • White Knight Chronicles 2 (yeah I still play #1). Of course Uncharted and Resistance 3. I want some info about a new resident evil and perhaps Capcom you could be nice enough to bring Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles to the PS3 with move and sharpshooter PLZ :)

  • @ Jeff Rubenstein There have been reports that the PSVita does not have click in stick. This comes from people that said they got to try it at E3. Yet in the past on this site you said it does. So did R3 & L3 get taken out or do they just not work because this is a prototype of the PSVita? I hope they are still in the system because click in sticks rock.

    Also will the PSVita come out at launch with more then one color? I like the look of the white one but at E3 all I see people using is the black one. There was a report on IGN that said the PSVita is region please say that is true.

    Last question there have been different memory cards shown for the PSVita & the biggest size is 32. Is there any chance of a 64 gb memory card. Because my PSP 32 is full & if PSVita games are bigger that one will get filled up sooner. So I hope there will be a 64gb memory card or a even bigger one.

  • Are they playing Pink Floyd music? :D

  • where the heck is the demo. It is 3 in the morning here and me wants to go to sleep

  • so i guess no PS3 3D demonstration??

  • GCXtreme_Boombox

    I’m definitely looking forward to Modern Warfare 3, Street Fighter X Tekken, and WWE12.

  • Come on, Hurry up with the BF3 content!

  • Would love to see some more footage for Gravity Daze on the Vita and if the 3D split-screen feature is available on other TVs

  • Yeah MW3 for sure, sux I have to go to work. Can’t see all of it…

  • @ Jeff Rubenstein u should get Final Fantasy 13-2 in too am big fan to the series. Hey Jeff is the PS Vita media card on the bottom and does it hold two memory cards like Memory Stick Pro Duo and i know it holds the new media card NVG card if i am right.

  • what the f? if i log n it wont let me view the feed, but if i log out it lets me

  • Why isn’t the Super Street Fighter IV Super Complete Alternate Costume Pack – Sale (PS3) (now $8.99, original price $17.99) actually listed for $8.99 yet?

  • are they going to show battlefield 3 gameplay on the PS3??

  • Mass Effect 3 coverage? come on!

  • cross voice chat to ps3 please

  • I’d like a blog post/interview for White Knight Chronicles 2 please. I know the rumor is it’ll be released August 2nd but I’d like to hear it from D3. I really hope it has Japanese voice overs. I’ll miss the frogs with the cockney accents but everything else would be better in its original language.

  • Hey jeff im wondering about prototype 2 when do u thing youll show that on E3?

  • Will this be available for DL off of PStore?

  • cant wait for dynasty warriors gundam 3 to to come out in Na

  • @ 7 its releasing on december 31 in the US

  • Battlefield 3 waiting

  • I am glad SONY’s E3 wasn’t all about 3D + MOVE. It’s nice to have if i ever want to get into it in the future tho;)

  • when will the e3 demos be available to all psn members since we all cant afford playstation plus

  • They just need to show battlefield 3…

  • Its already 12:14pm over there and no Battlefield 3?

  • Yea i know i wish they would just show it already

  • Will this be BF3 footage on PS3 or more PC footage? I already know what PC looks like…show me some PS3.

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