Starhawk: Watch the E3 2011 Trailer Here

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Starhawk: Watch the E3 2011 Trailer Here

E3 is upon us and Dylan, myself and a number of the LightBox team members are all in Los Angeles and excited to be showing off Starhawk in the PlayStation booth. Up until now we’ve given you a small taste of gameplay, touched on our Build & Battle system, and shown you a snippet of multiplayer action from a tourney we did at LightBox—now it’s time to get fancy. Our E3 2011 trailer formally introduces you to the exciting new world that is the Starhawk universe, including our main character, hired gunslinger Emmett Graves.

As you can see, Emmett must navigate through a brutal playground of large-scale combat where the tide of battle turns all the time, whether you’re on land or in the air (YES there will be dogfighting in SPACE!). And with Build & Battle, you have the ability to alter this battlefield how you see fit by calling down base structures, weaponry, or reinforcements with just the touch of a button.

Throughout the solo campaign you’ll discover a lot more about Emmett Graves and his Rift Energy affliction…along with why he has an overwhelming distaste for The Outcast, the band of deadly monstrosities that he must destroy. And what is this “Rift Energy,” anyway? There are plenty of mysteries in the Starhawk universe that are waiting to be discovered. Not to mention lots of stuff to blow up!

I’m also thrilled to have our first playable multiplayer content here at E3. We showed you a brief video last week of how much fun the multiplayer mode can be to whet your appetites so I hope you have fun with it at the show. While our new single-player campaign is a huge part of Starhawk, we’re also staying true to our Warhawk roots with a kick-ass multiplayer experience.

We hope you like the trailer and thanks, as always, for reading! Keep your eyes on the PlayStation Blog,, and @dylanjobe on Twitter. Send us questions and comments any way you can. We love reading them. And thanks for your continued support!

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