RUIN Brings Social Action-RPGs to PS Vita, PS3

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RUIN Brings Social Action-RPGs to PS Vita, PS3

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“I have a great idea for a game….”

If you only knew how many times producers hear those words it would honestly amaze you. We hear them all the time and we have to try our best to get excited about the words that follow that phrase. When we (Sony San Diego Studios and Idol Minds) stopped building PAIN expansions those words were music to my ears… Okay, what’s next?

When I started working in games 20 years ago, I worked as an RPG designer/tester. So when we decided to make a social action-role-playing game you KNOW I was on board. When the decision was made to make it a PS Vita product I got even more excited. Even among the nerds here in San Diego Studios I am branded nerdy. So making a game based in fantasy is right where I want to be. RUIN (Working Title) will be that fast-paced action-RPG that I have wanted to build since I first played old-school action-RPGs.

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There will be some unique differences. Social networks and constant net connections make your victories (and losses) more public. The ability to talk, trade, and compete allows your dungeon-crawling exploits to be seen by everyone. Building a lair as well as a character will be a welcome addition. Rivalries will also factor heavily in RUIN (Working Title). It’s not just about winning it’s about making others KNOW it.

Oh… and how cool is it to be able to play RUIN on your PS Vita or your PS3? Just like we showed in our press conference, you can save your game on Vita to the cloud, go to your PS3, download that save file, and continue the exact same game on PS3. That’s what we are calling cross play. Save anywhere and resume anywhere, on either system. That’s pretty exciting stuff!

I’m sure you have lots of questions but rest assured we’ll have many more details to unveil in the near future so stay tuned for more news.

I have a great idea for a game!

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