RUIN Brings Social Action-RPGs to PS Vita, PS3

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RUIN Brings Social Action-RPGs to PS Vita, PS3

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“I have a great idea for a game….”

If you only knew how many times producers hear those words it would honestly amaze you. We hear them all the time and we have to try our best to get excited about the words that follow that phrase. When we (Sony San Diego Studios and Idol Minds) stopped building PAIN expansions those words were music to my ears… Okay, what’s next?

When I started working in games 20 years ago, I worked as an RPG designer/tester. So when we decided to make a social action-role-playing game you KNOW I was on board. When the decision was made to make it a PS Vita product I got even more excited. Even among the nerds here in San Diego Studios I am branded nerdy. So making a game based in fantasy is right where I want to be. RUIN (Working Title) will be that fast-paced action-RPG that I have wanted to build since I first played old-school action-RPGs.

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There will be some unique differences. Social networks and constant net connections make your victories (and losses) more public. The ability to talk, trade, and compete allows your dungeon-crawling exploits to be seen by everyone. Building a lair as well as a character will be a welcome addition. Rivalries will also factor heavily in RUIN (Working Title). It’s not just about winning it’s about making others KNOW it.

Oh… and how cool is it to be able to play RUIN on your PS Vita or your PS3? Just like we showed in our press conference, you can save your game on Vita to the cloud, go to your PS3, download that save file, and continue the exact same game on PS3. That’s what we are calling cross play. Save anywhere and resume anywhere, on either system. That’s pretty exciting stuff!

I’m sure you have lots of questions but rest assured we’ll have many more details to unveil in the near future so stay tuned for more news.

I have a great idea for a game!

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  • nice game keep up the great work.

  • wow i’m actually looking forward to this

    so will trophies you get on psvita carry over to the ps3 version?

  • I’m still not clear on this, is this game going to be released on PS3 and PSVita? Or are we just going to be able to play the Vita version on the PS3?

  • first one to post my first time lol, E3 great and ruin looks like good game. Can’t wait to play it on the PSVita and PS3.

  • I Love the idea of PSV PS3 ubiquity! the showing at E3 was phenomenal! I can’t want to get my hands on PSV.

  • This is one of the Vita games I’m really interested in. I really like the whole battling people by going through their dungeon. The better they are the bigger and better their dungeon is. Plus being able to play on the PS3 too. The whole connectivity of this game has me thinking of getting the 3G enabled Vita instead as I would always want to be up to date with my character and battles. Can’t wait to see more on this.

  • demo please?!

  • “When we (Sony San Diego Studios and Idol Minds) stopped building PAIN expansions those words were music to my ears”
    Can PAINiacs still expect the one last bug fix/content patch promis…hinted at eons ago?

    Anyway, I like dungeon crawling. That’s one of my things. Will the game have any of your trademark humor or is it another “serious business” kind of thing? Also I could hardly tell what all was going on in the game though since the PSV is so small and focusing a camera on it really didn’t work out well. Hope you guys can release a trailer for it on PSN soon!

  • Very cool idea and may just sell me on a PSVita!

  • Question:

    Do you have to purchase the game twice or do you purchase it is once (either system) and it can play on both? I need some clarification please. Thank you!

  • @3

    yeah there will be two separate SKU’s of Ruin

  • is this like an online mmorpg?

  • @Travis

    This is looking awesome especially the shared save of the PSV and the PS3. What isn’t cool however is that you expect us to pay twice for the same game. Please either offer a bundle, discount, or even give the PSV version to us for free with purchase of the PS3 version or vice versa. IT’s pretty silly to charge us twice for code build when we’ve already paid our dues with one version. Make this a selling point along with the interoperability of game saves between versions of the game.

  • Most anticipated Vita title yet! This game looks amazing!

  • @3 its ps vita game, but with cloud you can save the game to ps3 and play it.

    @travis seca. ,, how many frame per sec is this game. . When defining a action rpg. what element did you use so its anot a adventures title with rpg elements. whats makes it a true rpg. Do the rpg parts comes 1st and action second.

    I just wanted to ask becuase . were over here debating if its a real rpg or not.?

    vp-psn legionairee group

  • This game is just about killing someone´s character and destroy his/her dungeon?? Or that is only a part of the multiplayer component; and the game will also have a “full scale” story mode?? The word “social” doesn´t let me to understand “correctly” what are you trying to do with this game. If the game also has an awesome single player campaign, count me in because it looks “Diabloish” XD

  • at&t only wath does that mean

  • I don’t mind them releasing two SKUs (some people will only have one system), but there had better be a cheaper option for playing them together. I’ll pay a $10 online pass or some nominal fee, but screw the idea of paying $60 for the PS3 version and $50-$60 for the PS Vita version. Ideally it would be part of Playstation Plus, but I’m probably hallucinating if I think Sony would go that route.

    I wonder if there are any stats on how many people double bought games like Madden on the PSP and the PS2/PS3 just so they could transfer saves on their franchise.

  • Thanks for the post Travis!

    Looking forward to this on the PSV!

  • @13: You are right, I was about to ask the same thing. Hopefully Sony will make available a code within the manual of the copy you purchase of either PS3 or PSVITA version of the game so you can have a discount on the PSN store in the other version. Considering that the PSVITA is like a portable PS3 in terms of raw power, I dont think they are making 2 separate games, so they are only spending money in making 1 game, and then spending some more in order to port it to the other console/portable. So maybe in the PS3 version you can have also a VITA version of the game, or maybe they should make a bundle including both games :D.

  • This aint a RPG. I’m sorry but this is just an action game. But this is all you get in terms of RPGs anymore.

  • First of all, I hope we only have to buy it once to play it on both systems.
    Also, will cloud saves for Ruin have that 24 hour delay like other ones do? That would be really annoying.

  • lol its silly to read all you wishful people

    you have got to know they are going to release a PS3 version and a PSV version SEPARATE!

    i seriously doubt they will give you a copy of the other consoles version for free. When has this EVER happened?

    sheesh if you want to play it on both systems then you will have to BUY BOTH VERSIONS OF THE GAME!

  • how many units did pain sell worldwide? and can you update pain to put different pain dlc in seperate trophy sortment?

  • @Chase: They did it with Portal 2

  • Sounds like a combo of Diablo and the old school web games I used to play like Ominix. I’ll definitely give this a try.

  • So are you going to announce anything about the game’s class differences or skill trees? I’m more interested in the game mechanics than the technology.

  • @Chase: It might be a game downloadable through PSN, with one version working with both systems.
    That, or a bundle. Either way, I’d be satisfied.

    Also, I hope the cloud ain’t the only way to transfer saves on this thing. A good option could be the USB cable. I wouldn’t have problems with tranferring the save in the morning to my PSV before leaving to school, then transferring it back to PS3 when I get home from school. :D

  • This game looks amazing and it seems cool how you can stop one place, put the game file in the cloud, and continue on PS3.

  • You guys put out an amazing games. I do not play RPG’s but you make me want to play. Bring on more Vita updates soon! We look forward to hearing from you. Also will vita games have trophies?

  • Hey, how are you. I loved the demo on the show. I had this 1 question. Is it going to allow some sort of share like Portal 2? I mean, I buy the PS3 version and get for free the PSP version or vice versa?


  • @ChaseHammerJ
    “i seriously doubt they will give you a copy of the other consoles version for free. When has this EVER happened?”
    It happens with movies all the time. Buy blu-ray, get a digital copy for on the go viewing. Games need to start going this route as well.

  • I’m so gonna get this with the PS Vita, I totally want a PS vita !!! Please release it on September ! I can ‘t wait!

  • why no move support? newsflash sony… consoles are great for fps and 3ps but not mmos and rts… thats where move would be at its best!

  • This game have multiplayer ??? co-op??

  • Very interested, i have been dying for an action rpg for a while now. I got a good first impression form the game in its early stages. I like that is more then hack and slash, and from the sounds of it your a RPG “nerd” so i hope it does not really skimp out in that aspect. What im hoping for seeing all the support for pain is lots of DLC with new character classes would be awsome (druid please). The one thing i never understood was games like these have huge potential to run on for a while with supported DLC, yet NO ONE does this. Dont fail me Idol Minds! Also more info ASAP please.

  • Sony, you guys need to trademark the term Cross/Xross Play or Transfarring!

    There is gonna be so much potential for the PS3/PSV connectivity.

    I can’t wait to see more info on the PSV!!!

  • For the love of god, don’t make us buy both copies at full price to take advantage of the cross platform compatability.

    The Vita copy should be included free with the PS3 version.

  • Having fond memories of Diablo 1/2, I must say this is easily one of the reasons of getting a Vita for me. Looks amazing and I can’t wait to see more about it

  • Is this a launch title for PSV?

  • Can we get Trophy information ? Will vita games have trophies ? will they be connected to your Ps3 account ?

  • i cant wait for the PSV and if this is a launch title or maybe even a bit of a later title i cant wait, this title looks so promising, cross play with ps3 users as well, with the 3g you can play anywhere you are slashing people in dungeons, AMAZING!

  • So if I don’t have a Vita I can still play this game on my PS3?

    Is this a two versions of the game or one to rule them all kind of thing?

  • I really like the interoperability between the PS3 and Playstation VITA for this game.
    Really lookin forward to it and the VITA :D

  • Yeah like some of my PSN brothers and sisters have already mentioned you should do this like Valve did with Portal 2. Charge full price for the game but have the PS3 copy free to download with a key you type in the store. IF this cannot be done then the PS3 version has to be insanely cheap. The economy is not very loving to our pockets these days.
    All in all a fantastic showing of the hardware and its functions. I will be purchasing the $299 version. Yes I know I mentioned economy and pockets but I have enough time to put aside that money and I’m also an AT&T customer so it works out. :)

  • This is the most interesting Vita title I have seen yet. I love dungeon crawlers and the multiplayer sounds very cool.

  • Great presentation @ E3, Travis! Now, can you please offer some insight on:

    1. How much loot? This game should mirror Dungeon Hunters or Borderlands. Give us tons of it!
    2. Co-op? Is there a SP campaign?
    3. PC classes? At least 4-5 different classes are preferable.
    4. Can the PC have pets/summons?
    5. Are there town hubs for player to player interactions?
    6. Different environments are a must for an RPG/action RPG; & a random dungeon generator would be great!
    7. Is there a working economy & or a trade system?

    Thanks dude…! The gameplay looks very promising so far!

  • The 3 cliche Class fail on my end :/ Was hoping for something better. Just fell under generic.

  • Everything I hear about this game seams to point to it not being an RPG, just an action game with some RPG elements thrown in.

    Just because your character has stats and levels (or dungeon, however it plays out) does not make it an RPG.

    You need a story, a good story, a story with depth to it, not so thin you can see through it if you hold it up to the light.

    Can you confirm if this is really an RPG, or just an action heavy game with some minor RPG elements to it?

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