inFAMOUS 2 Launches Today

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inFAMOUS 2 Launches Today

Well, it’s finally here… Launch day!

Two-plus years, eighty thousand individual checkins of art and code, countless hours of testing, and it all builds towards today! At long last we turn over the keys to you. It’s your game now… Whether you’re someone who plays the game on easy and wants to see how the endings differ, or a borderline crazy completionist who needs to get every last blast shard and every last XP possible. Or maybe you want to contribute your own pages to the story and create some missions for the whole community (including us at Sucker Punch!) to play and enjoy…

Whichever you are, it’s your game now. We hope you enjoy the game a bunch, and look forward to hearing from you all about your inFAMOUS 2 experience!

And it wouldn’t be a launch without posting without a quick peek at the new launch trailer, and of course the TV spot that you’ll see popping up all over the place!

Thanks again for all your support and feedback along the way, and here’s hoping you have as much fun playing inFAMOUS 2 as we did making it!

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  • WOOT! im picking it up today!

  • First! Sweet game:)

  • CrimsonOblivion

    When is the store updating today pls reply

  • getin it later today…get out of work @ 630..gettin to the gamestop i pre ordered the HERO EDITION at 8:00..LATE NITE GAMING TONITE! ALL NITE!..its going to be ELECTRIFYING night – :p

  • Hmm, I’m not sure about this game. I canceled my pre-order because it looks like more of the same (with polished graphics and a different Cole). The demo confirmed that…

  • It better not suck. Gonna be disappointed with my purchase if it does.

  • Freakin Sweet man. im saving money for a couple of months so i might even pick up the hero edition.
    big fan of the first game (psn id is a tribute to it) played the demo and got super hyped. Sucker Punch studios I LOVE YOU GUYS. BEST GAME STUDIO EVER.

  • The hero edition is currently enroute to my home… thanks to amazon. I have one question that needs to be answered. I got codes from the Shick razor and Subway tie ins for the game… when will those codes be available to use? I have tried them and they do not work even though the official rules say they should be available for me to pick up…. I really would like my Kessler skin, mission packs, and what not… any idea on the availability would be nice… Thanks!

  • Should be just beyond my mail slot when I get home. Can’t wait. Having a job is great when you need to pre-order things. It sucks on the day they’re released.

    Oh well.. “Ut est Vita”

    E3 is officially on hold the second that disc gets popped into my PS3.

    Thank you so much Sucker Punch. Can’t wait to hear more about Sly 4!

  • @loadstone007 Don’t forget to cancel your pre-orders on every other game…

    I am going to pick this up in an hour, can’t wait.

  • I’m a huge fan of the first Infamous, so it was only natural for me to purchase the Hero’s Edition. I’ll be picking it up from Best Buy when they open. Best of luck to everyone at Sucker Punch on a successful game, and franchise!

  • @ToDDLeS_1982 It´s already available ti redeem, I did it with 4 codes I had and a a few hours earlier I downloaded: Sniper Blast Powe, Stalker Grenade, Infamous Cole Skin and 3 mini-missions by Sucker Punch. Go redeem yours now!

  • How early does gamestop usually open? PLEASE TELL ME! lol

  • AWWW, finally its out. =’D

  • My copy is going to arrive at my house. I love Amazon and their release date delivery.

  • Getting this tomorrow after work, I’m playing the inFamous 1 right now!

  • @13 mine opens at 9:30

    “Cole is more of an underwear-on-the-inside kinda hero” XD

  • Im working til 10pm, that sucks but ill take the time to at least go get my copy of the game.

  • first of all, 1 hr until gamestop opens and i can get it.

    second, and most importantly, WHERE CAN WE BUY THE LIFE-SIZED AMP KEVIN??

  • sw00t! can’t wait, got my Hero Edition callin 4 my name @ gamestop lol

  • Wait wait wait, back the out of control bus up, there arent any trophies relating to the quest maker are there?

  • uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh…I’m sitting here writing pointless comments because stupid store opens at stupid 10am…cooooooommmmmmmmeeeee on!

    LOL, anticipation is killing me, the Demo didn’t help Sony/SP! :)

  • I’m waiting for my Hero Edition to be delivered from Amazon :D!!!

  • The game was awesome. Beat it on both good and evil and got the platinum trophy.


    Yes there are 4 trophies dealing with the User-Generated Content. You have to make your own level (which you could make it as simple as just picking up one collectible to finish it) and then you have to play 5 UGC from the “Newest” filter and then play a total of 10 and 25 UGC missions. There is a mission that someone created called SP1DER MAN – it takes 3 seconds to complete and you can do that one over and over again until the trophies pop.

  • @nyc_rocks Thanks , I am gonna go try them now!

  • Less then 3 hours until I pick up my Hero Edition! Kyyaaaaaaaaahhhh!

  • @23 oh phew, was afraid there would be stuff like “50 plays on a mission you created”

    Might be able to get platinum.

  • Pre orderd so I get a bunch of stuff. Getting it at around 9:30 if the mall is open. :o Ty sucker punch. :) Your a great developer, and you have yet to sell out. Woo.

  • @nyc_rocks the only one it would not let me redeem is the stalker grenade.. but that could be my fault, i made the code look like chicken scratch on the paper… lol

  • Bout to leave to get my Hero Edition. Can’t wait!!!

  • infamous 2 is great, im almost 50% now with the missions and i am having a blast

  • @ToDDLeS_1982 Well, I have one remaining with me, add me on PSN and later tonight I will send you a message with the code to redeem on PSN USA. Hope it helps.

  • Was not going to miss Infamous day one buy and now I’m not going to miss this one either, plus this is the Hero Edition even more worth it.

  • Already have my Hero Edition, best collector’s edition I’ve ever bought and I buy most, so worth it, thank you Sucker Punch and of course Sony, GREAT game!!! 8)

  • Waiting for my Hero Edition! :D

  • YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!! *fistsintheair*

    Loved the second trailer XD !!

  • @nyc_rocks I figured out my terrible pen marks and got the code to work for stalker grenades too… but thanks for the offer and I will add ya! Ya’ll better watch out for some of my wicked missions coming soon!

  • gutted! doesnt release until 10th here in the uk

  • “Underwear on the inside kind of Hero” Hahaha! XD

    I’m picking this up today.. Too bad that I have to wait for GameStop to open >_>

  • me likey

  • lol @ the inFamous 2 commercial.
    “hits desk, EPIC!”

  • SOLD, and BOUGHT when Cali store opens.

  • Love it!

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting forever for this!!!!!

  • Pre-ordered the Hero Edition and being delivered today. Can`t wait. Great conference by the way, walked away very impressed.

  • Yo, the look Ultra Guy gives at the end………PRICELESS!

  • I got my Hero Edition and input the Super Voucher. Is there another code I’m supposed to get for the Reaper skin and the 4 alternate Amp skins? I didn’t get a second code when I picked it up at Best Buy, who do I contact?

  • Just ordered the Hero Edition. I must be a SERIOUS fan , it’s price equals to $200 in my country.

  • Can’t wait for Best Buy to open it’s doors! inFamous was my favorite game this entire generation of gaming, next to MGS4 of coarse, and I simply cannot wait to get my hands on this new sequel! The music and storyline from the first was simply stunning, and I can’t wait to play this new one! Cheers Sony and Sucker Punch Studios! You guys are a rockin’ good team!

  • I have the same problem as comment 45, is there something we are supposed to do to get the dlc for the sly cane, caveman club, samurai sword, and reaper skin?

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