God of War: Origins Collection Coming in 3D, Watch the Trailer

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God of War: Origins Collection Coming in 3D, Watch the Trailer

We are extremely pleased to bring our two God of War titles – God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta – to PS3 with the God of War: Origins Collection! The move to HD has allowed us to show off the visual fidelity that these games offer in a whole new way. Both titles went through an in-depth re-mastering process to make them shine like never before. One of the features we’re truly excited about is the addition of stereoscopic 3D. Both games look truly awesome with this functionality and the amount of depth in the scenes, the layering and parallax of the backdrops, and the dynamic camera motion throughout really pays off when experienced in all of its 3D splendor. To give you a taste of what this compilation is offering, here’s a look at our first trailer…

This collection will also support DualShock controllers so every impact and every bone-crushing moment can now be felt in your hands. This is a huge deal to me personally because a God of War game contains so much over-the-top, heavy hitting action that you really want to feel a tactile connection to Kratos. Now you can! These games are also receiving a new Dolby 5.1 Surround mix to make the audio more enveloping. Everything from character sound effects, to positional audio sources in the world, to the incredible musical score now wrap around you while experiencing these epic games.

Additionally, God of War: Origins Collection will include unique Trophies to be unlocked as you battle your way to the top of Olympus. And there’s bonus content, including our special director’s roundtable video that was created for the release of Ghost of Sparta. It features an insightful discussion between the five directors of the five different titles in the God of War series and answers some big questions about the story, characters, and developers behind this massive franchise.
We are so proud to bring these games to PlayStation 3 and we hope you enjoy them!

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  • Interesting.

    Any word on pricing as of yet?

  • I have CoO and GoS already, yet nothing will stop me from purchasing this collection. I can’t wait!

  • That looks tight guys!!

  • Another must buy collection :)

  • FIRST DAY BUY!!! the only bad thing is that I wont be able to get the platinum considering that I couldn’t clear the battle arenas in the PSP games :( I will try harder this time YEAH!!! XD

  • Always wanted to play these games. Now I can.

  • Yes, price for the bundle please? Discount for Plus? Date of Release? More INFO PLEASE!

  • can’t wait. i missed playing these two games origially, but i loved the other three god of war games, so i’ll definitely pick these up this time around.

  • I really hope GOW betrayal is redone by ready at dawn (the cellphone game) for the PSVITA and that GOWIV is in development for the PS3!!!

  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! FIRST DAY BUY!!

  • DUDE…

    I’m with maitreyp29. This has to be gotten.

  • hmm i’ve heard god of war is good and im gunna buy that god of war 1 and 2 set soon if its good ill buy this

  • Trophy support…I’m sold!

  • loved Chains of Olympus, haven’t played Ghost of Sparta.
    this game goes in my maybe pile.

  • Great. Another game I gotta preorder.
    Where do you guys think I’m going to get all this money?!!!
    PSVita, Ico Collection, Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, Vita Games and now this?!!! Such cruelty.
    But I like it.

  • Have both on the PSP already. Both epic games. Especially GoS!!! It was a masterpiece.

    I will definitely be getting these again on the PS3 for the trophies and ability to play the series in order with GoW 3 and GoW Collection.

  • Will it include trophies?

  • Clever wording. What do you mean “unique” trophies? Not just in-game ones, right? There will actually be PS3 trophy support that syncs with all the other PS3 trophies? Definitely will purchase if that is the case. If not, already played and completed both on the PSP. No need to replay again.

  • So these games are the ones for PSP now remastered for PS3?

  • Any chance a 3D trailer will be available on the store today?

  • Oh yes.

  • KeyBladeWeilder9

    Alright I can’t wait to get my hands on them considering i never played them. I hope they do something like this with kingdom Hearts.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Wait, so these PSP remasters have trophy now? I thought MHP3rd HD didn’t have them?

  • @17 read the post stupid

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Will this be playable on Vita?

  • @24 yeah some people don’t read… But, I’ve found out that Amazon has it listed @ $59.99… I can only hope that they are wrong.

  • cant wait!! man am i gona spend $ this year….mw3, infamous 2, uncharted 3, resistence 1&2 bundle..resistence 3, PS Vita, 50′ sony 3d tv…n now this gow collection awesome!!!! how many people agree with me all this is worth the money?

  • awesome cant wait!!!

  • Monster Hunter??????????????? Plz Answer Sony

  • @EnaNo91766 If you have some money to spend, then yes it is worth it XD

  • Man i got to play in 3D for this game this is my favorite game YAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • @27
    Amen brother!

    This is all so amazing. Those two games, especially Ghost of Sparta, are really good games.

  • Day 1 buy for me.

  • @30 yes i do have money 2 spend n im spendin it on wat i love n thats gamin yeeee!! add me people for blacks ops

  • @32 i only played chains of olympus great game cant wait 2 play ghost of sparta n on ps3 even better

  • What happened to the new IP Ready at Dawn was working on for the PS3? Will RAD be making PSVita games like they did on the PSP. Will the PSVita get this game collection too. Will you make a new IP if you make PSVita games. I so want to see what RAD can do with their own IP instead of just other peoples IPs. Not to say the games you have made were bad. They were great. I really enjoyed them. But I want to see what RAD can make from their imagination. So I hope the next game the team at RAD makes will be a new IP.

  • Kratos asks, “What have I become?” To that I answer, “you have become a bad ass, my friend!”

    I never got a chance to play this on the PSP, so I’m going to pick these up for the PS3. Going to pick up the 3D TV bundle, and this. Man I need some overtime.

  • If they are reasonably priced I could purchase them again.

  • will the games be trophy support because otherwise im not getting because i beat both game on my PSP!!! For anybody who has not played the 2 and likes GoW it is totally worth the money they were amazing on the psp!!!!

  • it gets better and better

  • This is great news. Are there any plans to bring any other PSP titles to the PS3 in HD as well? I would love to see a Syphon Filter Collection (Dark Mirror and Logan’s Shadow). These Syphon Filter games were so much fun on the PSP and it would be great to see them in HD on the PS3.

  • You should have done this for the PSVita instead of PS3. It would give the damn system a couple games that are actually looking good as opposed to just one (Uncharted). I’d buy Vita for this.

  • this is the second post this week to explicitly mention Dolby 5.1, which is ridiculous as a selling point. my original xbox could do Dolby 5.1. the reason I invested in a PS3 was it’s unique ability to deliver HD audio. 16-bit, lossy audio is beyond last-gen — why even mention it?

    hopefully these games have HD video for the cutscenes; that was the most distracting/emberasssing part of the first GoW collection.

  • Wow, this so rocks! I’m gonna be broke before Christmas even arrives. GoW Origins collections and Uncharted 3 is also going to take away time from family and work! :)

  • Nice. Real trophies, or just in-game stuff?

  • when can we preorder this
    i want it so bad

  • this would of been on the PSV not ps3

  • Ready at Dawn.. I have your next HD remake idea………. JAK n’ Daxter please??? :P

    But thank you for this, definitely getting it since I never had the PSP and I love my God of Wars… I had a feeling they’d make it to the ps3 just like MGS Peace walker HD is coming too :)

  • theonendonly720

    I hope this is better then when they moved Liberty and Vice City Stories from the PSP to the PS2. But regardless this is going to be a first day buy and even a pre-order for me.

  • So pumped for this to come out, and will definitely be picking it up on day 1. Played them through on the PSP, but couldn’t help but sit there wishing I was playing this on the big screen with a proper controller. Figured it’d look similar to the God of War Collection which is fine by me, can’t wait :)

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