Coming this September: The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection for PS3

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Coming this September: The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection for PS3

The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection for PS3 Box Art

I’m excited to share a great bit of news that I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting! The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection will be hitting stores starting September 27th, 2011 for $39.99 (MSRP). Featuring two of the most beloved video games of all time from famed visionary Fumito Ueda and his talented team of developers, this collection is a must-have for gamers.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection for PS3

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus have never looked or sounded this good. Both games have been re-mastered to support full 1080p HD resolution for a stunning, razor-sharp presentation, as well as full stereoscopic 3D support to bring the games to life in a brand new dimension. You’ll also be able to enjoy the games in up to 7.1 surround sound this time around, and unlock Trophies as you master, or re-master, these video game classics.

The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection for PS3

The development team is hard at work to meet and exceed expectations for The Last Guardian, so this collection is the perfect remedy to tide you over until the team’s latest gaming masterpiece is ready.

Look for more information about this collection coming in the months ahead.

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  • These masterpieces deserve no less. Must-buy.

  • Looks like confirmation that I’ll be taking that week off.

  • Finally!

    I can’t wait to play these games!

    There is so much to get in 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WANT!!! I have the PS2 versions and can’t play them anymore. WANT HD!!!!

  • ShadowKnightStar

    Awesome Sony!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait for this game! I just wished the box art looked like the amazing Japanese one though.

  • ShadowKnightStar

    Add me on PSN Every Body Friend list is almost full

  • No Last Guardian demo or sneak peak?

  • I wish we’d get that awesome slip cover japan’s getting, but I’m glad to see you’re using the better box art for Ico. Amazing, I can’t wait for September.

  • That’s very nice but the last guardian was missed at E3.

  • preorder am confirmed

  • omg, iv been waitting for quiet some time for news about this bundle, apparently in japan the two are coming out seperately?? well still cant wait to play those two and collect all the trophies on them, anyone with me? add me on PSN xD


    Played through both of them on the PS2 but dying to relive them.

  • Dear Sony,

    Take my MONEY

    Sincerely, Going to be BROKE


  • Thanks for the announcement; I hope to see it in europe
    @BigBoss712 Maybbe last guardian will be in gdc or in tokyo game show. I think that 1:30 was not enough for Sony this year.

  • I still have my original copies of both games, but I don’t care, this is so mine, SOTC is probably my favorite game of all time, for someone like me who’s been a gamer since the early 80s, that’s saying allot, it’s a MASTERPIECE!!! 8) 8) 8)




    Just do what SCEE does, minus the “Classics HD” branding.

  • AWESOME, 2 of my favorites games of all time :D

  • Been a long time coming, I was hoping for the original April release, but I guess a few more months wont hurt.

  • Vinland_Krauser

    Hey, Brian
    You forgot to point out the game will work at locked 30 fps.
    Quite a difference from the sloooow PS2 sequences. Pity it won’t be 60 but it’s OK.
    Seriously, as soon as I jumped onto a colossus’ back, the game went “bullet time” at 5~10 fps.

  • Vinland_Krauser

    Also, where is the post regarding GoW Origins?

  • Didn’t really care for ICO, but Shadows Of Collasus IS a must. I really wish they’d do another. That stuff was addicting.

  • Guys, check the SCEE PlayStation Blog and look at what they’re doing!

    They are doing this way better than SCEA!

    Make sure your voice is heard! Lets have them change this! No one cares about these games aside from the loyal PlayStation fans! Make them remember that!

  • I have never played these games so I’m very eager to play them and see what all the hype and fuss is about these 2 games. So in that sense I can’t wait for them to come out so I can finally play them.

  • Never played Ico, so I am looking forward to experiencing it and getting trophies in SotC! I love supporting first party Sony games.

    Any news on Sorcery?

  • Vinland_Krauser

    @ Surfaced
    hm? what do you mean?
    what are they doing better?

  • Tell the guys at Team Ico that we appreciate this, I loved both of these games espicially Shadow of the Colossus and I cannot wait for The Last Guardian =D

  • I have been waiting for this AND The Last Guardian for years now :D

  • I just couldn’t get into ICO. It was the same for SOTC, but that was only because I rode on that stupid horse for an hour before I found the colossus. Once I did though, the game didn’t get put down. Too excited for this to come out.

  • hey guys, what kind of games are they

  • unfortunately i have to wait for it in 2012…. i have to many games already preordered this year…. thats unfortunate..

  • I didn’t play enough of Ico, but basicly in SOTC you ride around on a horse until you find giant stone monsters you have to climb on and around and murder. It’s great.

  • @ Vinland_Krauser

    First, the exterior cover art for Europe is better. It shows as much of the original covers as possible. For America, they are confined to little windows.

    Second, Europe confirmed reverse-side cover art featuring full sizes of the originals for both Ico and SOTC. SCEA didn’t even mention this.


    Only two of the greatest, most innovative, most sincere, most refreshing interactive experiences ever designed.

  • Will you release a demo? I have never played this franchise and have no idea if I’d like it.

  • @Surfaced thanks. i’ll be picking this up

  • I’ve had this pre-ordered for awhile. Not exactly news lol.

  • Awesome box art… already pre-ordered!

    Two of my favorite games of all time!

  • Had this preordered once this was announced. I’m glad that there’s finally a date!

  • Vinland_Krauser

    Well, to each his own, I guess. I am looking now at GoW Collection and I didn’t find anything wrong with it.
    I like the frames around the images, some kind of ruins and the light coming from above, quite cool.
    Sure they could’ve been a little bigger so the colossus didn’t get his arm cut, but I’m ok with this.

  • Two of the greatest ps2 games ever! Very excited about this! If the slip cover bothers you just download the image of the japan version, do a nice color print and stick it in the box. That’s what I did with all my ugly ps2 games, even though really this is not bad box art…should have seen the early days of gaming…..barf!

  • LionsguardAgrias

    YES!!! And on my birthday (38) no less.

  • My favourite games of all time. Please disable trophy popups for this in the options. And get Last Guardian demo in there.

  • LionsguardAgrias

    I kinda like the cover art myself. It’s got that old castle vibe and the “windows” seem more like scrolls to me, which is fitting considering the tone of both games.

  • @BigThaiNitty lol @ old game art… remember fabio on the original NES boxes? lol

    cant wait to play these, SotC is one of my favourite games ever… be cool to see some new colossuses (colossi?) if they maybe sneak some in there for us =D

  • i hear “beyond good and evil” is also being re-done!
    thanks for bringing the very best of PS2 to PS3! :D

  • There needs to be a special edition of this set; I would gladly pay more for that. Something like the Japanese version, with soundtrack and artwork.

  • Are they both coming in one package or separately like in Japan?

  • johnny_toastburn

    It’s VERY nice to have those rare PS2 games re-mastered and available…. I’m looking forward to picking this one up! Maybe someday they’ll make that one Okami for PS3… it’s tough to find that one!

    And Beyond Good and Evil was incredible! If they bring it to PS3, don’t miss it!

  • YES!!! Thank You sony. I love you. The Welcome Back package, this great news about SotC and ICO. You guys are the best. Now I can say without a doubt. “Suck it Xbox360.”

  • Some of the biggest games I’m looking forward to are the re-mastered collections. This, MGS, ZOE. Now please do some JRPG collections. So many greats on PS2.

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