Resistance 3 E3 2011 Trailer, Doomsday Edition Revealed, Demos in L.A.

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Resistance 3 E3 2011 Trailer, Doomsday Edition Revealed, Demos in L.A.

We hope you just had a chance to watch the PlayStation E3 2011 Press Conference that just wrapped up at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena! We were extremely excited to be a part of the show with our live gameplay demo of Resistance 3. You may have also heard about that announcement of the Doomsday Edition of Resistance 3 – containing the game, the PlayStation Move motion controller, the navigation controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, and the sharp shooter – everything you need to have the complete sharp shooter Resistance 3 experience at home on September 6th.

If you missed the conference, our stage demo took place in the streets of St. Louis circa 1957. We catch up with Joseph Capelli as he works with a group of young rebels waging a guerilla war against the Chimera. This group calls themselves The Remnants, and Capelli joins forces with them to stage a daring ambush on a Chimeran dropship, hoping to acquire its valuable power core. Things go bad quickly, and we jump forward in the interest of time to show you what happens when a third participant, a feral Chimeran Widowmaker, enters the battle.

Over the next three days, E3 attendees can join in on multiplayer matches set on our newly revealed Wales Seaside multiplayer map. We also have brought an updated version of our Haven Town Defense level, now in both 3D and with Move/Sharpshooter support. Can’t make it into E3 but live in L.A.? The updated Haven demo will also be available to play at the NIKE Vault, near the Staples Center and E3 itself in downtown Los Angeles.

Finally, many of you have asked to see the Mine Town Snipers segment of the game we showed to press at our April Media Day (Sid wrote about it here). The good news is we’ll be demoing the Mine Town Snipers single-player level on several live broadcasts – to find out when and where, stay tuned to Insomniac’s Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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  • Vita+AT&T= Sucks
    I’m going for the TV bundle.

  • SWEET I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRE-ORDERED

  • blakewilliams13

    This is kinda off topic but….. I got a message saying that sony is giving 50$ to everyone and to enter a code, and send to all friends. Is it legit?

  • no thats just a spam message sorry.

    This game looks amazing and now you made me convinced to get PSmove as its bundled with the game =D

  • still feel shafted we get no survivor edition like pal what if some one already bought this bundle with killzone or socom.SMH

  • I want this.

  • Single player look like Resistance….MP is Call of Duty with Resistance character skins. Thanks for F*ing up the original fans of Resistance Fall of Man MP.

  • Perfect combo. I’ve been wanting to get all these pieces at a bargain.

  • Resistance 3 is lookin SO awesome!
    I really want a survivor edition though like our fellow european players.
    Is it gonna happen? I hope so. I would buy it in a jiffy :D

  • Gonna be nasty :)

  • Any chance the 3D trailer will be up on the store tomorrow. I seriously want to see it on my 3D tv :3

  • i only want the sharpshooter –
    already have the eye and motion
    controller from PS sports bundle.



  • Ok ok ok… This actually looks like a real Resistance game again. My attention is taken again.

  • Can i get the TV bundle without resistance 3 since i already pre ordered it?

  • dang i thought the “Doomsday Edition” was some sort of Collectors Edition of the game :-(

  • Awesome

  • Survivor Edition please.

  • I don’t see how humans can realistically take it all back. They should just nuke the whole planet. lol.

  • headshotpoison16

    after seeing this showcased, I will purchase that 500$ TV bundle. This year in Sony will be amazing

  • I’ll be getting this one. Love the Resistance games.

  • Survival Edition (like UK’s), make it happen!

  • Sharingan_itachi

    I had resistance one, it was great. Skipped on the second one, but I’m not going to skip this one. ^

  • Insomniac if your listening please include the splicer in R3 I loved that gun!!

    Liking the look of the weapons so far except the firestorm it is way too overpowered !!! And your weapons aren’t looking as innovative and creative they usually look, too drab.

    Anyway you’ll probably prove me wrong, hope your game doesn’t bail like KZ3!

  • I Can’t Wait For Resistence 3 I’ve Loved Number 1 & 2 And I’ve Pre-orderd Survior Edition. c:
    James If You Read This Please Reply Im Wondering Because in The Speical Editon l think it is You Get the Necklace. But it dosen’t show it in the Surviror edition so lm not sure if its in it but if you can tell me the necklace is in the surviror edition that would be Great.
    Cheers Xx_C_o_R_z_O_xX <3

  • I already miss Hale. Aside from the storyline, it looks fun

  • Oh, Hell yeah!. Can’t wait for this!!

  • This is a must buy : )

  • pienso que podrian mostrar algo mas del juego!!! para ser la tercera parte no se ve nada novedoso o diferente a lo anterior.

  • Sweet deal! Waiting for a collectors edition! Game looks great guys. Keep it up!

  • #29- Agreed, details on the Collector’s Ed.! Great showing Insomniac Games!

  • resistance 2 is amazing and resistance 3 ooh i am waiting

  • When is it coming out, coz on the trailer in Playstation Store it was coming out in September and in this one i think it said 9-6-11.

  • I’m sorry to say it guys but Resistance 2 just sucked, the co-op was rubbish, that was the main reason so many of us fell in love with Res 1 in the first place. I hope you’ve sorted that out and gone back to the same co-op format for Res 3.

  • @DanteK1 in the USA they write the date as mm/dd/yy not dd/mm/yy like we do in the UK.

  • Dead The Angel – Relentless Revolution, Perfect song for this game.

    I wash my hands of the troubled past
    A brand new feast and I trimmed the fat
    Our time is precious, we start anew
    The fruits abundant without you

    A chance to deliver, prepared to attack
    What’s rightfully ours and we’ll take it all back
    No time for reflection, just time to proceed
    A non-stop mission of force, and release

    We won’t be up-ended
    and we won’t be denied
    Relentless revolution
    Join us or step aside

  • awesome!!!!!! i can’t wait….

  • @3

    Its a spam message and I’ve been getting messages like this before the outage so…delete it

  • i love this game like my mom

  • @32 9-6-11 is September?

  • Hopefully this time we will see a better ending than Resistance 2

  • I wasn’t too impressed with the SharpShooter when I bought the SOCOM4 – Full Deployment Edition. I don’t get arm fatigue, so the biggest fallback, for me, was the positioning of the nav-control housing. I’ve got fairly broad shoulders, so when I reach to grip the nav-control it puts my wrist/hand in an awkward position. After about an hour, my knuckles feel so strained I can’t play. If the nav-control housing had a built in angle set-and-lock system, the control could be set more ergomically for the user.

    I do know I’d be happy if the Resident Evil HD remakes were Move supported, and even SharpShooter capable (only if control scheme could be physically changed instead of choosing preselected control layouts), but that’s not near enough of a reason to keep the peripheral for 2 games.

    Anyone know if anything’s planned for the future of the SharpShooter, besides Resistance3?

  • If I didn’t already have Move, I’d get that bundle. Kind of tempted to shell out for that monitor bundle though…

  • we the people demand a beast special edition just like R2 got with the action figure, the book, special gun skin, and the making of the game please imsomniac do something for the fans of resistance

  • i hate resistgance im probably the only one on psn to have the balls to say that hears my storie on why i hate resistance in 2011 i found out about resistance *i know late* i saw how cool resistance 3 look so i decided HEy let me get resistance 2 i wasted 20 bucks on it when i played the gut renching horrible spawning random gameplay i hated the game after 3 minutes of it i already had resistance 3 pre-ordered and paid off i hated resistance 2 soo much i went back to game stop cancled my pre-order and got my money back sorry insomniac but mildly horrible gameplay isnt how i role

  • Listen. I will only say this once SCEA: Understand that America is your largest market. Understand that another “Australian” or European Exclusive Collector’s Edition for a core PS3 Title is not only unprofitable, but also unfair. I realize that the different divisions of your company create and approve …different editions for each region, however, North American fans do not deserve the cold shoulder (yet again). We want a “Survival” Edition here in North America. We deserve one. As a fan myself, I am constantly being shunned by developers and publishers I love and I am really getting sick of it. If you only realized as a company how damaging it is to alienate a particular market in your worldwide fanbase you would think twice about allowing a particular, smaller division (Australian, European) from announcing any kind of exclusive.

  • So, with all that off my chest, I plead with you (I BEG you) as a fan, as a loyal customer, even as a friend! to please reconsider your position on offering a Collectible edition of R3 here in North America. I guarantee you will NOT regret it when you find they are all sold out (unlike an “Australian” exclusive which often times has a plethora of stock left after launch).

    I also understand that the ultimate decision is up to each Region, SCEA or SCEE. You need to reconsider your position for the SCEA Region. Don’t alienate your fans Sony. We will fight back. I am the RESISTANCE. We are the RESISTANCE. As fans we should RESIST.

  • And just for clarification: The Doomsday Edition DOES NOT COUNT as a Collector’s Edition. It is a sad attempt to sell a product (Playstation Move bundle) that has not done well on it’s own. STOP bundling the move items with games here in North America. We are sick of it. It is a slap in the face as a fan.

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