Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest Coming to PlayStation Move this Fall

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Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest Coming to PlayStation Move this Fall

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Jeremy here live from E3. Last night at our press conference in LA, we revealed Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest, a brand new game title for PlayStation Move from Zindagi Games and San Diego Studio, the same team that brought you the best selling Move title, Sports Champions. So you know you can expect best in breed motion controls with an emphasis on fun gameplay. Medieval Moves is the first action adventure game that uses a unique set of motion controls to seamlessly transition between throwing stars, sword fighting and archery for an intuitive and immersive gameplay experience.

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The story behind Medieval Moves involves the evil Sorcerer Morgrimm who has invaded Prince Edmund’s Castle and plots to take over the kingdom, raising an army of skeletons from beyond. While trying to stop Morgrimm, our hero, Prince Edmund is also turned into a skeleton! Now named “Deadmund”, he must fight to save his homeland and defeat Morgrimm and his minions to restore order to the kingdom.

Medieval Moves Deadmunds Quest Mechanic_00

You control your character’s actions with the Move controller with a slash of the sword, shooting an arrow, or flinging throwing stars and much more. There is no cumbersome inventory system or weapon selection screen, you do the action and it just works. For example with an enemy in your face, the sword and shield are perfect. Swing your arms to swing the sword and hold the Move button to position your shield. If you see a distant enemy, reach back for an arrow from your quiver for pinpoint accuracy. Sometimes quantity counts, so grab a throwing star or three with the T button and let them fly as fast as you can throw.

This is only the start, there is so much more to be found in Medieval Moves! This Fall you will be able to face off against a relentless army of skeletons and experience an all new action adventure with your PlayStation Move! Stay tuned for more information in the weeks and months ahead.

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  • looks cool :)

  • not interested…..SONY GIVE PS3 CROSS GAME CHAT


  • So how does movement work in this game? I only saw the one wand so is this on rails or would it normally be played with a sub-controller? On rails = no buy from me.

    Also, what kevin said…party chat should have been announced for PS3.

  • Shut up K3ViNPwNz.

  • I have to admit the game seems like it could be fun, but I just don’t know why it had to look that kiddish. I mean I like cartoony, but it just seems a bit too cartoony. Oh well, it still looks like fun. :P I look forward to seeing more. a

  • You wouldn’t believe how disappointed I was as I was watching this live demo. I found it hard to imagine that the developers of Sports Champions, who have arguably shown off the Move’s 1-1 movement better than anybody else yet, made something that looks this janky and unpolished. Sony makes a navigation controller; don’t dumb it down by making it on rails when they make an add-on specifically for movement in a game like this. I would have much preferred Sports Champions 2.

  • Kevin DOES make a good point, and if SONY looked at the comments they would see that many are asking for the same thing. It’s a CHEAP shot when you announce cross game chat for the PS VIta but you STILL have yet to make it happen for the PS3 fans (isn’t ps3 more powerful than a handheld???) So.. there is no reason this shouldn’t have happened yet.

    And it’s why I’ve seen comment’s like this all over your blog SONY…


  • It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Was always a fan of Medieval.

    As far as everyone complaining about cross game chat. It’s useless, completely over-rated, and adds absolutely nothing to the console. Get yourself a phone, a computer, or even a PSP if you want to chat with your buddies when you aren’t even playing with them.

  • So is this on rails? If so why? Why not use DS3 or what ever the name was of that sub controller to move your guy? If it is on rails = DON’T CARE!

  • And LIKEWISE, #5 also makes a good point. I was very disappointed when I saw this game, I’m sorry to be harsh but I and I’m sure the MAJORITY of playstation and MOVE owners (like I have a reason to be disappointed with games that don’t use the move+ps3 FULLY….) would love to see a game that PUSHES the power of the move AND the PS3, not a game that just passes by (which this one clearly does.. but does LITTLE more……).

  • Here’s a HINT on how to be successful with the PS move and with people who probably don’t even have a MOVE YET……. (and I shouldn’t have to give this hint to working developers who should be coming up with great ideas for a LIVING…but I guess I have to after seeing this as the only “new” game/thing for the move besides Bioshock…….) : Make a SERIOUS sword game instead of a CHILD’S sword game……. another hint: Tenchu, Ninja Gaiden, Onimusha… BUSHIDO BLADE.. these names ring a bell? MGS Rising… all these kinds of games would be great for the MOVE… make a new IP of your own.. or.. Here’s another idea that SONY owns and CAN produce….. bring heavenly sword back and bring it with the move.. that game deserved a sequel. OR…make GOD OF WAR 4 with the move for FIGHTING….. OR… make an ORIGINAL AAA IP… keyword is AAA…. That’s the point we’re trying to get across. You wanna make half-assed games… you need to sell them at half PRICE then. That’s all I have to say and it’s just the simple truth.. you’ll find out the hard way when the game comes out..

  • I think it looks fun. On rails or not.


  • You guys can figure out your own hints from here on out. Or hire me because I have plenty more that will make you more money than this cute lil game will… ;) In all honesty, yes it’s a great game for children… but as I said before, not many people will pay $60 for a basic game like this, even if it’s for their kid. There are plenty of choices of games for kids out there… at LEAST make yours STAND OUT.

    Sorry for all the posts but they don’t fit into one.. and also I think this is what the PS Blog is for.. for you guys to communicated and for us to talk back. Just saying what I’m seeing. Would be nice to see sony address the Cross game chat problem on the PS3 sometime this decade.. and would be nice to see them take the PS move to the NEXT level, where it should be and no less.

    ***God of War with 2 Move’s as the chains of olympus and as kratos’ arms (used for punching the F out of people of course… ;) would be the baddest game on the planet***

  • This game looks awesome, but I was disappointed that there was no Sorcery in the show :(

  • Why would they hire someone that makes blunt accusations that have no merit Porsche? The game will cost $15-$20, as most PSN games do.

    As far as your accusations about move. Sony isn’t much of a developer for games. They pay for the work some people want to do, but they don’t simply say “Make this and have it use primarily this”. People have to be INTERESTED in making the Move compatible games you want, which very few are….Move isn’t that “hot” of a thing right now, which leads to very few developers being interested in implementing it full scale in their games.

  • Ps3 Cross Game Chat Pls Sony!! :D
    Can’t wait to have VITA on my hands

  • i don,t want any CROSS GAME CHAT why i want to talk to someone that not playing the some game 0-o

  • Hey any news about a upcoming FW update. We really need one that adds stuff its been so long….. Just look on the Blog.Share thing..

  • is that Sir Daniel Fortesque as a child or is this a totally different Medievil with the same name?

  • Avalanche, I think it’s the same Sir Daniel Fortesque we’ve played as. It’s just the new version of him, graphics changed a lot and what not. Don’t get why they had to make him shorter though.

  • @14.. Really? Did Sports Champions cost $20? lol.. I wouldn’t say anything if I thought this game was going to be sold for only $20. It would make sense then. And as for your other point: Good developers, artists, CREATORS do just that… they CREATE a market for things. Why should someone buy a PS Move if there are no BADASS games for it? I’m not saying that there aren’t.. but thats the mindset sony needs to be going with. If not, they will continue to make cheap games because they themselves think their own product is cheap…. and then nobody wins.

    @16.. you may not want it.. but it’s the most requested thing by all playstation fans. And sony still hasn’t done it, they’re too busy doing their own new ideas to listen to their thousand’s of customers’ 3-4 year old request……..

  • Boo. Zindagi, you are an embarrassingly mediocre developer and I want something better from you.

  • Sports Champions was also disc based. Most disc based games get released at a higher price. So far, it looks like this game will be a PSN store release….which means it will end up costing about $15-$20.

    You can’t force people to get interested in the Playstation Move. The fact of the matter is that the majority of the community (gamers in general) prefer to be able to control things via the controller rather than the Move stick. You cannot blame Sony or any given company that matter for not wanting to please the minority.

    As for your last comment. Cross game chat still doesn’t add anything to the console. Convincing Sony to bother with creating something that won’t win people over to buying the console isn’t exactly of the highest priority for them. It also causes people to pay less attention to the game…gamers like myself don’t want to see that happen at all because of it.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    This game looked pretty bad, sorry.

  • Pretty hyped to see more about this game. I really like the art style so far, and the combat mechanics seem pretty intuitive and fun. I do so hope it isn’t on-rails though, mostly because I feel that will certainly get boring rather quickly, even with what appeared to be multiple pathways to choose from. I do have a few questions about what we might expect for the product going forward.

    Will it have some form of multi-player or co-operative play?

    How will this be released, stand-alone title or cheaper and shorter for the PSN?

    Will there be more than just SHOOT THIS for puzzles?

    I don’t wish to sound sceptical, especially as I absolutely adored Sports Champions, but I do hope that this product has a bit more meat on it than some of the more recent Move centric titles (Playstation Move Heroes, to be exact).

  • wow I just want to ask WHERE THE HELL IS SORCERY FOR THE MOVE??? they havent released anything since last year’s E3 and it was the reason i bought the move and this game looks really bad awful I was exited when I saw it but when I noticed the guy was only using one motion controller and not with a nav controler I imeadietly said this is a piece of crap cuz the character will move alone similar to time crysis arcady games i am really disapointed with the move all sony is doing is adding move support to non move exclusive games I hope sorcery is being released because if it isnt i just waisted 150$ for a piece of hardware that sony is not supporting or making software for, with lots of potential to make a game like sorcery (which you can freely move around) or a game similar like nintendo’s zelda twilight princess with multiplayer or maybe a first person lightsaber starwars game.

  • This game looks awesome! I wish we could use the Navigation Controller though, that would make this game a must have for me. :) Either way, I can’t wait to play it!

  • Not to beat a dead horse, but like everyone else I was disappointed with lack of Sorcery. Main reason I got move was to play it, there are a handful of games I want that support move, but I’ll still play with a Dual Shock mostly. I’d like a Move title that makes my purchase of the move justified.

  • Whatever happened to sorcery? You know.. the game just like this one, but not on rails. I was really excited about it..

  • Trying so hard to not be rude here folks, but there’s a difference between Medievil, the PS1 platformer, and Medieval, the dark ages… Don’t be stupid. This game has nothing to do with the PS1 platformer. Medieval is not Medievil. Did any of you go to school…ever? It’s not Fortesque, they said in the post that his name is Edmund. Even if you didn’t know the difference between Medieval and Medievil, you could’ve read the post and noticed that it’s different. Beyond that though, you’d think you’d notice the lack of fanfare here. If it was a return to the Medievil series, there’d be a big opener like “After x years, Medievil is making its triumphant return to Playstation.” Do you see that. I don’t.


    The game looks good, I just REALLY hope it’s not on rails. It should be fun regardless, but I’d love to have full character control with this one. Keep up the good work Zindagi.

  • *Sigh

    Can people please shutup about cross game chat/party chat?
    Sony knows millions of people want it. I can guarantee you that they have looked into it and tried to add it to the list of features on the PS3. Maybe it isn’t possible…but I’m sure they have looked into it, and are looking into it now if it is possible to do.

    PS Vita will have party chat, but maybe PS3 just can’t have it due to some software issues/bugs/glitches/problems.

    On topic, this game looks very interesting and awesome! Love the art style, and the combat looks insanely fluid and innovative! Can’t wait to try it out :D

  • Whatever happened to Sorcery?

  • Sports Champions 2? Sorcery? You guys can keep this on-rails garbage.

  • The touch screen, back touch pad, and tilt control will not be used much. Look at the Dual Shock 3, it has better tilt sensor then the original Wii mote, yet in full scale games(not little mini games) it doesn’t feel natural because it lakes resistance to the tilting. As for the touch pads they take your hands away from the controls to do something simple that a single button can do.

    And finally, AT&T.
    They don’t got LTE yet and don’t plan on starting to till 2013. While Verizon already has their LTE network started and plan on getting it to 75% by 2013.
    I hope Sony got a good deal from AT&T at least. Because I know for a fact you cant game on AT&Ts 3G+ network.

    But those aside I think PSP Vi(s)ta will do alright once its hacked.

  • on-rails = garbage

  • And my computer failed me

  • So is this just going to a downloadable game on the PSN or is it a a blu-ray game?? Can someone answer my question pleassseeee….. Last one what is on-rail? Is it like Time Crisis style (Arcade)??

  • This game looks really awesome from the E3 demo – also would like confirmation if this is a rail-game as well. Would be a bummer if it is as I feel Move is the only motion controller outside of maybe the Wii that can both do player movement and motion as well. Either way, it looks really good and considering the great entry level for the move I might just get it anyways,.

  • How did he control both shield and sword with a single remote?

  • hey Y’all shut up about XGC… It aint ever gonna happen. Go to xbox if you wanna chat so much, guess what the sound quality is horrific…. I was just chatting with buddies in the same state, it sounded like they were in China. we all had the same internet isp and speed.. So lay off the chat thing and just play your games! be glad the network is back on. (and SHUT UP)

  • austinite04 is right =) I’m pretty sure when you play online games you can’t chat really well with your other friends especially when your playing games like MAG.

  • Guys…. is not on rails…. You must press O to walk…see at the first secs on the video.

  • Jerometheknight

    LAME! –


    3/4 of your PS Store is either crap games or DEATH. the other 1/4 I own!


  • Jerometheknight


    Warhawk – ALL 3 add-ons
    Hyperballoid HD
    Wipeout HD + Add-ons
    Super Stardust HD + Add-ons
    Peggle + Peggle Nights Add-on
    Cuboid +Add-on
    Crash Commando + Add-on(s)
    Comet-Crash + Add-on
    Sonic 2


    Oh and Lame movies…
    I bought Legend of the Seeker (Season 1 and 2) for $120 – AWESOME
    >Everything else is mostly crap…

    More awesome games like:

    Warhawk (PS Starhawk looks DARK AND EVIL) – not buying it.
    Hyperballoid HD – Awesome Pad game
    Wipeout HD + Add-ons – Best futuristic racing game
    Super Stardust HD + Add-ons – best space game
    Peggle + Peggle Nights Add-on – best old person’s game (parents edition :)

    More games like that and you’ll make more $$$
    Just letting you know.

  • Jerometheknight

    FAMILY GAMES = $$$$$$$$

    TEEN GAMES = $$$$$

    MATURE GAMES = $$$

    KID GAMES = $$

    >DUDE. Playstation. Make more family games!!!
    >>Want my money! Make some good family games!

  • Cross Game Chat is useless, and a waste of resources. Please do not ever add it to the PS3. I have a solution for cross game chat, its called a cell phone, you pathetic Xbox freaks!

  • This didn’t look exactly on rails (though it did look a whole lot like Link’s Crossbow Training) as he walked over that balance beam, I don’t see how that would work on rails. As someone else said, O to walk, which might mean you don’t turn so it is on rails but you control when you move or stop, which I don’t think meets the technical gamer definition of “on rails”. Looks fun for $20, which whatever price it starts at it will be $20 or less soon enough for me.

  • I have to say, wasn’t very impressed watching this. Enjoyed Sports Champions, but this looks so weak and basic.


    don’t knights kill people?

  • if you want cross game chat buy a phone, so you can talk to your dear friends O.o…. that thing is unnecesary for the PS3, instead of that, give us a neww XMB with new features

  • Dam i want this game! looks awesome

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