Introducing DUST 514, a Persistent Shooter from CCP

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Introducing DUST 514, a Persistent Shooter from CCP

Hi everyone! I’m the Community Manager for DUST 514, an upcoming title from CCP. This is the first time you’ll have seen DUST 514 highlighted on the PlayStation.Blog and we’re happy that we can reveal more about our game to you.

DUST 514 is a very different type of game. Yes, many people say this about their respective game titles — everyone thinks their baby is special, right? We really mean it though.

When playing your FPS title of choice, have you ever wished that there was something more to it beyond your rank, weapon unlocks, your kill/death ratio and leaderboard prominence? Those things are all great – but what if those matches you fought in actually meant something? What if your successes and failures against your opponents impacted the course of events in a vast setting, potentially changed a virtual world and the gameplay experience of thousands of other players? More than that, what if that impact was felt across two separate games – one on PS3 and one on PC/Mac – that share the same sci-fi universe?

DUST 514 is that game.

DUST 514 for PS3

The Persistent Shooter Concept

Some may know CCP as the creator of EVE Online, a sci-fi MMO with an open galactic setting. It’s a game perhaps best known for its sweeping fleet battles involving thousands of players, its dynamic player-driven economy, and for having (and allowing!) espionage and spycraft. We think of EVE as the ultimate sci-fi simulation, and that’s where DUST 514 comes in. It’s a whole new way of experiencing the EVE universe through what we call a “persistent shooter”.

“Persistence” is the key word here. The world of DUST 514 doesn’t spawn when you fire up your PlayStation 3 — it’s always there and always being experienced and influenced by other players in the EVE universe. When you take part in events in the EVE universe through combat in DUST 514, you’re taking part in something greater than your own individual experience of that world.

Your Battles Have Impact

Your actions have significance. We think that’s a compelling approach to a game, and something that’s currently lacking in the industry. But impact on what? The EVE universe is made up of thousands of solar systems, each with a number of planets within those systems. Those same planets seen in EVE Online, where the MMO players create various planetary structures and colonies, are the potential battlegrounds of DUST 514.

Your fights impact the entire EVE setting, comprised of both DUST 514 mercenaries and EVE Online starship pilots, known as “capsuleers“. When you capture or destroy planetary structures, you are asserting dominance over regions of that planet – perhaps eventually the planet itself. As you profit while wiping out your opposition in DUST 514, the outcomes of these conflicts can affect territorial control of vast regions of space in EVE Online, something of great importance to EVE’s starship pilots.

But making allies of some capsuleers makes rivals of others… and that’s where things get even more interesting. (Can you say, “orbital strike“?) Players of both games will have ways of influencing each other, and actions will ripple between DUST 514 and EVE Online.

Part of what makes EVE Online uncommon among MMOs is that the open setting allows for emergent gameplay. Large-scale fleet warfare is fought among the stars in complex military campaigns that can span months, while spies can infiltrate corps and funnel sensitive intel to the opposition. Industrialists plot and topple rivals on the financial markets rather than through violence; skilled corps of hired guns settle disputes through… aggressive negotiations. This is just a fraction of what players accomplish in the EVE setting, which DUST 514 mercenaries will find their own unique ways to engage in. The possibilities are all there to become a part of this, but what happens is up to you.

Of course, either game can exist on its own without the EVE-DUST Link, but both sides benefit from it greatly when the players of each respective game choose to use the connections for all they’re worth.
DUST 514 for PS3

A Single Community That Spans DUST 514 and EVE Online

Ah, an aspect of DUST 514 that’s near and dear to my heart. Those friends and enemies you make between the games leads to a great deal of player community interaction. CCP provides the setting with the EVE universe but ultimately it’s you, the players, who really breathe life into it. And people have certainly done so already, long before DUST 514 was even a twinkle in our eye.

EVE Online has history spanning more than eight years, with a vibrant and (usually) mature community linked together through EVE Gate, a social network for EVE players that is tied in with their characters. EVE Online players use it to communicate with their friends and enemies alike, and interact with their corporation even when not playing the game. We will open EVE Gate up to DUST 514 players as well. Opportunities will always be there for those who want to be part of the social fabric of this linked community, the wider EVE setting.

There are definitely challenges ahead, with a unified console and PC gamer community each influencing a shared setting through their respective types of gameplay. Rivalries, alliances and, dare I say, even some drama. Interesting times.

The Virtual Goods Economy

A strength of EVE Online is the depth of its economy. We are taking a similar approach to DUST 514, though we will do so carefully, with a slow integration of economic activity between both titles. (Fun fact: CCP employs two economists to oversee the EVE universe’s virtual economy, one for EVE Online and another focused on DUST 514.)

Virtual goods will be a major part of the in-game economy, and our business model for DUST 514 is built upon digital distribution and virtual goods transactions rather than following the traditional boxed games model. In fact, that’s another key thing that led us to abandon the FPS label in the first place — as a persistent shooter, our approach to creating and operating DUST 514 is more like an MMO. We will continually develop and improve upon DUST 514, but that won’t be funded by going the ‘map pack sales’ route. DUST 514 will have free expansions, and that development will be funded through virtual goods sales. Plus, everyone likes having customization options, right?

The virtual goods themselves will provide all manner of weaponry and defensive technology, vehicles, and more. This perpetual arms race will provide DUST players with variety in their gameplay and an array of virtual goods that supports a chosen playstyle.

“Would you like to know more?”

We are just now beginning to pull back the curtain and reveal more about DUST 514. So this is an important time for CCP, and we’re very much looking forward to bringing you something that’s quite unique in the gaming world. If you’d like to hear more about DUST 514, be sure to check the following for more info over the coming months:

Official website:

Facebook fan page:

Twitter: @dust514 (hashtag is #dust514)


And if you’re a true masochist, you can follow me on Twitter: @ccp_shadow

Now, do you have questions for me about DUST 514? If so, I’ll do my best to answer as many as I can in the comments below.

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  • Kind of makes me think it’s the PS3 version of Halo.

  • Vita+AT&T= Sucks
    Game looks good.

  • SO AWESOME! Game looks great purchasing it at launch

  • Looks great cant wait to play!!!! Looks like Crysis 2,CoD,and BF mix

  • Very interesting concept. I hope you guys can pull it off

  • Hey everyone. This is CCP Shadow. Glad you all like what you see.

  • looks cool

  • Now this game sounds very very interesting. Two separate games influencing each other on multiple platforms. Sounds like it could either be epic, or an epic fail. After reading the blog entry though I’m going to be keeping my eye on this game, because this blog entry has gotten me interested in this title.

  • Glad you think so Richie. I’m going to be hanging out in the comments section here for a bit. If you’ve got DUST 514 questions for me, then fire away!

  • This came out of left field!
    It looks like it has a ton of potential.
    can’t wait to hear/see/read more

  • How much will the MMO cost for this per monthly? Also, how massive will the environment be in the game, just to get an idea?

  • You mentioned PSV support, can you give us any more details? Would this also only be for DUST or could we be looking at also interacting with EVE-Online through the PSV?

    • At present, those plans are DUST 514-only, but it’s still a bit too soon for us to reveal anything concrete with what will be possible.

  • Will there be a beta before it ships? If so, can you guarantee that I’ll be a part of it? This looks hot.

  • Hi Vorlord. DUST 514 won’t have a monthly subscription like a number of MMOs. DUST 514 will have virtual goods sales though, that allow you to buy various types of gear used in combat.

  • Very good bring to E3!!..Definately want to see alot more of this and the price :)

  • Hi, I am Eve Player and PS3 owner and have been waiting for Dust for a looooong time :). Any news on the beta? Will the sign-ups be on dust website? Will eve players be preferred? Will I need Playstation Plus to be in beta?

    • It’s too soon to reveal the beta details but we certainly do want EVE Online players in beta.

  • I’m soooo disappointed that this is a PS3 exclusive!!! Why no PC version??? What happens when the PS3 platform ends?? As a current EVE player, i think it’s a big mistake on CCP’s part to exclude PC users from being able to take control of this aspect of THEIR game universe.

  • I will say this though, DUST 514 looks absolutely stunning!!!!

    • Thanks Kyuss. And our goal is really to extend the EVE universe to a whole new group of gamers, and of course we’re hoping a great number of EVE Online players also get in on the action in DUST 514.

  • The REGIS has been waiting for this game for over 2 years. The REGIS hopes this game will live up to it’s potential. Where can The REGIS sign up for the BETA.

    I am the Replicant Engineered for Galactic Infiltration and Sabotage MK V.

    • The REGIS will get info about beta signups once we get to that point. Also, we suspect The REGIS will soon see DUST 514 living up to said potential.

  • so to clarify Eve And dust will go hand in hand? cool

  • I must say this sound absolutely incredible, but at the same time, quite inconceivable. There are far too many questions to be asked… When can we expect more information?

  • I was under the impression that this would be a free PC game, is there any future plan to make it for pc for those of us that can’t afford a PS3 and already play eve online?

  • I am sure PC port wouldn’t be hard, Dust runs on Unreal engine, but it has been said from the date of first announcement that it is designed for a console.

  • I though this game was going to be World of Darkness MMO, seriously. What’s the status on that CCP?

  • Sorry to ask this, since I know there’s a section specifically dealing with this, but just to clear it up.. the interactions in Dust 514 are actually taking place within the same EVE online gamespace / universe? Not just in fiction but in real player actions?

    Apologies if that’s difficult to understand.

    Anyway, I love the sound of this, persistent world shooter. mmmm. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    • Tgebbs, that’s correct. DUST 514 isn’t just an EVE Online-themed persistent shooter, it actually shares the same virtual galaxy with EVE Online pilots (called capsuleers). The planets seen and interacted with by EVE Online capsuleers are the planets that DUST mercs fight it out on.

      Player actions will ripple between both games, and DUST 514 players will have an impact on the EVE universe just as EVE Online players do.

  • Kyuss1979 CCP already stated why they would not put it on PC. They don’t want the PC crowd to alienate the console crowd. Everything does not belong to PC anyway who said the console will end. People have been playing MAG for over a year and still going strong so no fear.

  • Hi i was estatic when Dust was announced at the Sony press Conference, but I have a few questions.

    1. WIll Dust off League/Clan support and ways to set up private games against rival leagues/clans?
    2. Will Dust be pay-to-play via a subscription service?
    3. How many players will Dust support on a single map?
    4. Are you guys going to launch a forum where people can communicate directly with you guys leading up to the games release/ beta phase?

  • Will there be a clan ladder? and private/custom rooms?

  • I recently got the EVE trial after reading some rumours about this and the game is not for me (but I love the ISK and the things it makes people do like piracy). This game looks perfect for me. I do have a few questions.

    If you have decided on how many players, are you allowed to tell us? (if so tell us =D)
    When you talk about virtual items do you mean people can pay real money to unlock weapons and vehicles or do they pay ISK to unlock these things? Or are you guys using a renting system similar to free to play FPS’s?
    Is these a tactical teambased game (with classes)? Or is it run and gun?

    Sorry if you have answered these in the article. I didn’t bother reading it because I watched the reveal on the live stream.

    • Hey Shoryukenll,

      You’ve asked a few things I can’t delve too deeply into, but what I can comment on is what you said about virtual items and real money. DUST 514 will support purchases made through both in-game earned currency and real money currency.

  • Never really heard of this game, but definitely interested. The persistence and strong economy really stand out from every other shooter coming out this year, and I thank you for making map packs free and using the sale of virtual goods for funding. Will keep an eye on this game, as well as this studio.

    • Excellent, glad to hear that. We don’t charge for expansions in EVE Online, nor do we plan to charge for DUST 514 expansions. It’s how we roll at CCP. ;)

  • Can you describr more the actual gameplay ?
    Will we be able to go from planet to planet ?
    Can you give us exemple about the persistant aspect of the game in combat ?
    how much player does the game support ?!

    I saw some art from the game at neogaf that look really cool, i hope sony tech ninja will support your game because the art is really nice !

  • will this game offer clan/ league support for hardcore shooter fans via private matches?

  • I’m usually not one for FPS,but this looks fantastic! Great showing and can’t wait too get in on some of this action!

  • Three-way linkup across three very different platforms, I’m curious to see how this works!

  • Regarding player advancement: would you say that its going to be heavier on character builds, skill points, abilities/talent trees, or whatever Dust will use, or will it be more based on equipment?

    Will death impose permanent or temporary setbacks to your character or will the penalty just be that you lost your equipment?

  • will this game offer clan/league support?

  • Will this game have a dedicated single player campaign? I don’t game online.

  • Why do all the mercs look the same in all the vids so far?

  • This looks totally amazing. Cant wait!

  • This will be the best game ever created I almost peed myself when I saw this, I have been waiting for so long for this game. It is going to be awesome!

    • I hope the trailer and the info didn’t actually empty your bladder, but it’s great to see you’re excited by what we’ve revealed.

  • Yet another reason to finally get a PS3 then by the looks of it : ). My wife already complains enough about the ammount of time i spend on EVE and X3-Terran Conflict as it is. I could just get her to play DUST 514 herself, and then she could be my very own private Merc!!!lol. One question though – Will EVE Online capshire Clans or individuals for planetside missions with ISK from their accounts, or will it be a Corp based missions???

    • From CCP Praetorian’s dev blog at about how EVE Online and DUST 514 players can work together:

      “EVE and DUST share the same player-run corporations. That is to say, EVE Online players can join DUST 514 corps. Likewise, DUST 514 players can join EVE Online corporations.These social institutions are crucial to the long-term prospects of DUST 514.”

  • Can we begin clan recruitment through EVE Gate?

    • EVE Gate will absolutely be a useful tool for recruitment in the future. Our plan is to bring DUST 514 players into EVE Gate and it’s part of our strategy for supporting a single shared community of EVE and DUST players.

  • I’ve been playing EVE on and off since 2006. DUST514, like EVE, looks incredible, and definitely a must-have. I’m wondering a few things, though:

    1) What will be the maximum player capacity of a map? Will there be differently sized maps, with each general size having a different max player capacity?
    2) When’s the gameplay trailer for level editing coming out? :) Will you be able to modify everything about the map, possibly including the boundaries (I’m assuming there will be boundaries, or can you travel the entire planet even if it takes a long time?), or will it be more limited? Will the level editing be available for EVE players, DUST514 players, or both?
    3) Will there be weather? It seems like something CCP would have. You guys are into complexities. :P

    Thank you, CCP, for your hard work, dedication, and amazing games.

  • FRC_Scar there are supposed to be 4 factions so I’m sure in the coming months we will see different avatars.

  • will there be clan/ league support AKA private matches, or at least a way for two rival clans/leagues to play against each other

  • Thank you for adding Move support to Dust 514. That was the best part of the whole exclusivity news. Looking forward to it more than I ever was before.

  • Awesome! Thank you James :)

  • Hey, a recent (been playing a couple of months now) but HUGE fan of Eve Online here and I have a few questions.

    Will any ships in Eve be making appearances in/near ground combat in DUST514?

    And will you guys pay for my medical bills once my heart explodes from all the excitement?

  • yo you skipped my question(#24), will there be a clan ladder or Private/custom rooms?

  • Thank you for attempting to answer my questions. :p I know how it is since the game has just been revealed. But I’m glad to hear that everything is attainable without real cash. It just makes it a lot easier right? Even if that isn’t the case, it’ll be worth it for the free expansions and I’m expecting this to be supported for a long time (maybe even after PS4 :O). It’s good to know that you guys have a lot of experience with this sort of thing (EVE Online) so it won’t crash and burn too. :)

    • You’re welcome. And as you said, today is significant for CCP because it’s a pretty big announcement, and we’re going to reveal more about DUST 514 between now and when we launch. Also, we’ve been operating EVE Online for a bit over eight years now, so we’ve got a good handle on how to do things with DUST 514.

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