PlayStation Home Welcome Back Package Details

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PlayStation Home Welcome Back Package Details

As part of PlayStation Network’s ‘Welcome Back’ Program, PlayStation Home will be offering an enormous package to all players as a way of saying “thank you” to our community for your ongoing support. Today we will begin rolling out the first phase of this customer appreciation program, which will include 100 free items, two personal spaces, and an exclusive game available for all users to download for 30 days. Here’s what we will be giving you (and when):

100 virtual items: The 100 free virtual items package will be available starting today from the Central Plaza kiosk. This huge package includes popular clothing and furniture items and has been made possible thanks to our 3rd Party partners – including Lockwood Publishing, Heavy Water, Codeglue, Konami, Mass Media, Digital Leisure, LOOT, and Hellfire Games.

Home: 100 item WB

Two personal spaces: The Dragon’s Lair and the Mansion Garage – a medieval abode based upon Digital Leisure’s classic game and a luxurious, premium personal space never before released to the PlayStation Home community – will be available to all players today from the Central Plaza kiosk.

Home: Mansion Garage

Ooblag’s Alien Casino: This is an exclusive game that will be published later this month and will be available via the PlayStation Home Navigator. Enter this interstellar casino and try your hand at Ooblag, a multiplayer game of craps…with a twist. Winners will be rewarded by being transformed into extraterrestrial high rollers while losers will be punished severely by Raaksu, the casino’s ruthless Pit Boss. As an added bonus, players that access the Ooblag Alien Casino space will be rewarded an active item version of the Ooblag game that can be played in their personal spaces.

Home: Ooblag

See you in Home!

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  • ItCantBeTooEpic

    Is PSH For PC?

  • the_only_wizard


  • I’m not a home enthusiast but I gotta say thats quite a lot of great things! I never have doubted you Sony and never will…But lets hope you don’t fail like Sega, :P

  • Impossible to get items they return error on checkout all time ¬¬

  • Well….now I have more stuff to add to my stuff on Home that I don’t use anymore. Add a “give away all your useless stuff button” and then we will talk. As for the rest of the games in the welcome back package…I enjoy them very much thank you.

  • Cant wait to cee u all in the home theatere. I’ll be the dude dressed better than u :)

    …btw whats been up with the blog lately? i haven’t been able to log in for like 3 days upto today :(

  • cant wait until i get my ps3 back :)

  • Going to take a while to go thru all this stuff. stuff i wont use, but my son is having a blast with it. i may not think the welcome back package is the greatest but at least one of us in this house thinks its Christmas!

  • I know right? Its been down longer than the PS3 itself. Also, if you look closer at these items, some of them have already been given away free at some time or another, and there are dupped items shown more than once.

  • its not duped, its Male and Female versions

  • Look closer…the Paris furniture set is duped.

  • Same thing here…I can’t access the free items or any other content in any of the stores because of an error and it says that I’m disconnected from the store server. Any update or fix for this?

  • Keep trying (backing out and re entering) it’ll work like the ps store. Everytime ps store had error I’d just hit circle to go back one step and then press X.

  • Must be an overload of downloaders. Sony said they were back up…but they never claimed to be perfect lol.

  • good good!

  • I do appreciate some itens but the Mansion is so frustrating. You can walk around on the outside, but if you want to enter in it (first floor), you’ll have to pay 14.99… Sony to us: u mad? :-D

  • woohoo, free stuff.

  • Ha, double post by sony!

  • I have a question not pertaining to this section of the welcome back program. Im a U.S psn user and when I go to select my free games, inFAMOUS isn’t in either sections. I even checked through the service list, but its still not there. Wanted to download it but I can’t cause its not an option. Any help?

  • wth – double post fail?!?

  • @#4 you don’t have to download everything and you can put all the stuff you don’t use into storage too.

  • #3 is right. All of this stuff just checks out as the message “error”. What’s going on PS Home?

  • I asked this on the other post but since I’m not sure which one gets replies here it is. Does the free garage act as the first piece of the Mansion? What I mean is if you go to purchase a second piece does it cost the $10 or $15 dollars? Also are there any plans to make the mansion more seamless so friends don’t get kicked out when you go from one area to the next?

  • wont load object information…….oh well! these i can wait on. but man do i want me a dragons lair!

  • I, too, keep getting Error. I was looking forward to all these additional freebies (hey, who doesn’t like free!), but I constantly get the Error. I’ve tried backing out countless times but I can’t get it, period. This should have been planned better to prevent things like this. Thanks for the freebies, but they’re pointless if they can’t be accessed…

  • Hmm well I see most of what is being offered to date as junk except for the PS+. Sony can keep their 2 free downloadable games of choice as I have no interest in any of those games. Also I do not use home so again keep the junk. Thanks anyway sony.

  • @ 9 I see the paris ornament set and Furniture set listed and also broken up but if you exclude those sets thats 98 furniture and clothing plus 2 apartments= 100 so there are still 100 items given away.

  • Natural_Killer47

    SONY im pissed because not only i am unable to recieve my gifts in home because of the error i cant purchase anything at all WTF? Waiting on the gifts i can deal with but when i cant purchase somthing i want really bad is very frustrating please fix very soon. p.s why coudnt you have prepared for this come on free games and 70 million accounts you do the math SONY and come prepared and one more thing i hope their is no lag or problems when we watch the livestream in home but fix the error i got things to buy

  • WHERE DO u got to get ur stuff?

  • #26 not really any point in complaining. Of course its going to have problems due to high traffic. But your really going to complain about not getting free stuff right away. They didn’t need to give us a thing, but they did. Just wait for traffic to slow down and you’ll get you items.

  • Okay, while I understand under the circumstances the extremely high but annoying error rate, I find it unconscionable that the ENTIRE female costume section says I have already purchased them but they are NOT showing up in my closet… WTF?? Fix it!! >_<

  • Everything else came down great though :)

  • @24 You can’t please everyone and by the amount of downloading going most people do not agree with you. If you don’t like the games being offered thats fine it hardly makes them “Junk” though. look up the ratings of the games being offered they have very good scores and offer diverse genres. They couldn’t do much more. This is coming from some one that owned everyone of those games already.

  • @30 are you a guy checking in your male clothes closet? just asking.

  • Also…and should have asked this in my previous post, but…why wasn’t everything included in *one large package* instead of having to access them all *individually*, which takes a good while to go through to get everything? I realize that some people may not want everything that’s included, but it’s free! So why not do it all at once?

  • where do you get the cloth, i went to plaza and its not there

  • anyone got the error code to download the 100 items?

  • i cant even purchase ANYTHING on playstation home its been like this before the outage.Good job sony

  • @1: Not sure if serious…


    I Think that it’s great that Sony is doing this for us. I’ve already downloaded my 2 free games and Playstation Plus and I’m Loving it. Anyone wanna play Black Ops?


    @35 Yes it is an overload of other people downloading it all at one. Just keep hitting x.

  • is anybody else having trouble getting in to the psn store.was in it earlier and got my free stuff but having trouble going back

  • Locust_Star these are some very awesome items for free. But I was wondering if Playstation Home will ever have any games for the Playstation Move controllers.. What i think would be awesome is if you could actually move your arms and stuff using the playstation move controllers. So you could actually virtual wave to other people the way you wanna wave. Any info on anything with the move controllers?

  • That’s Whatsup!


    @40 Y E S Everyone is trying to go to the PS Store that it is to where you have to just keep trying it until it let’s you in.

  • I am not impressed by these items :P

  • good job sony u really F. this up real good… i finally got pass the errors on getting the stuff to my basket now when i try to checkout its giving me an error code 80710D36? n i been trying this for over 2hrs now wtf?

  • o sick i always play psh thanks sony!!!

  • i guess the heavy traffic

  • @45/ try it late at nightr or at dinner time more likely night though

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