Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Comes to PS3 June 10

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC Comes to PS3 June 10

Hopefully everybody enjoyed the double XP period for Call of Duty: Black Ops in May – neither Treyarch nor Activision wanted to see any of the PS3 fans miss out just because of the technical issues. Now the next round of Black Ops action is locked and loaded: the long-awaited Escalation DLC pack will be available in the PlayStation Store on Friday, June 10th.

Escalation features five big chunks of content – four multiplayer maps and one star-studded Zombies experience unlike any other. For fans of competitive combat, your new battlegrounds await:

  • HOTEL takes the sunny splendor of a luxirous Cuban casino resort and turns it into a bullet-riddled war zone. Details like the blown casino safe and poolside bar offer some unusual cover for run-and-gunners, but thanks to the high vantage points at opposite ends, it’s also a great map for snipers.
  • Why not visit the ZOO? The big cats and deadly reptiles left this abandoned Russian animal park long ago, but the overgrown, dilapidated facility still plays host to the world’s most dangerous game. Hide below in the bear lair or snipe from above on the monorail track – you’ve got the run of the place.

MP Match ZooMP Match Convoy

  • If you’re looking for a slice of classic Americana, check out the small-town motel and diner near the ambushed CONVOY. The freeway overpass has collapsed, leaving a missile stranded above and rubble littered below – not to mention a pre-fab house, apparently in transit by truck when the attack hit, now toppled on its side in ruins. Talk about trailer trash.

MP Stockpile 2

  • STOCKPILE looks like an ordinary town in remote Russia…until you find the warhead hidden in the building in the center of town. Use switches to slide the huge steel doors up and down – good for restricting access during objective-based games.


Last but not least, CALL OF THE DEAD goes meta on zombie lore itself with a unique setup: Cinema’s zombie godfather George A. Romero is making his latest undead epic – starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, and Danny Trejo – only to have a real zombie apocalypse break out, infecting the director himself and causing him to stalk you throughout the level. All the stars performed their roles with full motion capture and voice-over, so when you and three friends take on wave after wave of the zombie horde, you’ll do so as some of Hollywood’s most famous monster mashers. Proof positive that there’s a zombie killer in all of us.

Escalation will be available in the PlayStation Store on Friday, June 10, and to celebrate, the double XP will flow once more – enjoy twice the rewards for your efforts through Sunday, June 12. It’s also a perfect time to try out some my unorthodox multiplayer strategies that will keep your opponents guessing.

Enjoy next weekend – I’ll see you online!

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  • First! Black Ops Escalation Woot Woot.

  • Bunches of Bologna!! They definitely should have released this information earlier.

    • As soon as the date was decided, it was announced. I was waiting like everybody else, just glad I got to get the info out there.

  • HAHAHAHAHA!!! CoD fan girls have to wait another week!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Why June 10th? Whatever happened to June 3rd? I was ready to buy the map pack, Treyarch. I sad panda….

  • Umm so PS3 users get a DLC a month later than everybody else and for the same price as everybody else?
    not to mention its the DLC is of a game which totally SUCKS and was rushed.
    Sony should start supporting real games like Killzone 3 and Battlefield who dont give them rushed and buggy ports and give out DLC to everyone at the same time and their DLCs arent even overpriced

  • I believe we should have got it today on the third.. It’s already been a month.. Here I was ready to buy it today v_v

  • sigh another week, wtf man

  • I’ve already seen Too Much information on the Escalation Map Pack! Why are they trying to “sell” us still? Treyarch is very very lame.

  • nooooooooooooooo

  • I wish it was sooner, I have no interest in COD but now we’re going to have to listen to a week of whining

  • Lol I like how the screenshot is from the 360 version that’s hilarious. I seriously don’t understand the people saying “Where is Black Ops DLC” over and over again on random blog posts. If you’re gonna spend all your time playing Call of Duty why don’t you play on Xbox?!?! The game is made on 360 and not ported to it, there’s less lag, better graphics (for some reason…), more players, and dlc exclusive for a month! Yet all you do is complain and complain about not getting dlc early! Activision treats PS3 players as second or third class every time yet all you do is keep playing it on PS3 and complain. Get a 360 and get your call of duties or get a life

  • @5 is a stupid exclusive agreement they made with microsoft a couple years back. 360 will gt the exclusive on all COD DLC packs for the next 2 or 3 years I think it was.

    Why to stick it to PS3 COD fans eh? We are like second class fans to them.

  • I hope no one buys this crap so Activision finally realizes that you dont Fu*k with PS3 users. and for the love of god MAKE A NEW FUC*ING ENGINE FOR MW3.

  • sony that is crap

  • @pvtmarlowe
    Exactly, PS3 users should boycott this map pack!

  • wat happened to june 3rd i want hte maps now ive been waitin a month for this

    • June 3rd was not, in any way I can see, ever announced as a release date. PC was named for June 2, but when the announcement was made, the Store was down, so I suspect that had something to do with it. Now that the Store is back up, they can get specific again.

  • I’ve been waiting for a month and now I have to wait one more week?

  • I’ve played these multiplayer maps(on another unnameable system…gasp!), and I think they’re very good. I especially like “Zoo”. If you’re big into Black Ops, this is a must buy.

    Equip a grenade launcher attachment and the Nova gas grenade when playing on the Hotel map.

  • Love listening to ppl whine about late overpriced dlc for a crappy game.

  • we always get map packs 28 days after Xbox. so we should have gotten them may 31 but store was not open so why the ten day delay ?????

    • All I’ve ever seen was “360 first” and “other platform later” and stuff like that. The only time hard dates are mentioned are when a release date is confirmed — like this.

      I don’t believe 28 days was ever specified anywhere — can you share your source with me on that?

  • Very excited for this…

  • Kristi from the psblog just said on the other post that it was coming later today and now you change it to the 10th. Wtf?

  • Will there be a PS Plus discount on the map pack?

  • I think that the new maps are lame and over priced. The ONLY reason i buy them is for the 1 zombie map.

  • The only reason I buy these maps is for the zombies, in this case, it seems worth buying.

  • We PS3 users, highly demand that the escalation map pack to be a discount price when it comes out on the 10th because you’re making us wait longer than the expected date!!!

  • You mean support the DLC that’s 15$ along side turning a standard multiplayer experience into a premium charge pack. Yea, I’m not supporting this at all.

  • It’s already bad enough Playstation owners get the cheap end of the stick with DLC and support.

  • Now, where’s Activision going to show off The new COD game? $10 says Microsoft’s show.

  • what a joke, out for PC before playststion? Feel sorry for you Dan, there’s gonna be alot of hate in this blog!!!!! lol

  • I thought it was suppose to b 2day. I had to keep researching. And they say it was today one month after Xbox. And while were on that how come they get to get it one month b4. All my friends hav Xbox and make fun of me cus I get map packs l8r. Now a one week extension. Great.. :(

    • Don’t let your friends treat you like that.

      But no date was ever announced — this is the first time any specific date has been announced for Escalation on PS3. So that’s probably why you did not find anything while researching; there was no data out there to find until now!

  • @ Basindo. Did u say less lag. As if Xbox lags like crap. Plus u pay for Xbox Live. Do yur research dipthong.

  • Thanks sony i been waited for it

  • YES!!! :)

  • All I can say is there better be a discount!!

  • @link01 I bet $50

  • but the stores up today!!!

  • Cant wait to not download it! Saving money towards better games, woot woot!

  • there alot of b***ing going on here wow, it’s a freaking map pack, wait another week, big deal, im glad so i can scrap some cash up to get it and put it on my debt card

  • why not today?we have to wait 1 week ;/ .oh well at least you updated us on it.

  • Call of the dead! Fuxk lame box

  • what a disappointment…

  • Does anyone know if this is gonna be free? There was something goin around ps3 sayin it was gonna be but I dunno if that was just junkmail…?

  • I think they should let us get it for a lower price then 15$ since we had to wait 2 months for the store to come back up

  • I never buy the maps at full price. Damn ripoff and I understand the game is or on of the highest selling on the system but it’s very buggy. Sony as a corporation shouldn’t have to bend over for Activision because of the immense popularity of this game. I always loved COD but its getting really pathetic.

  • Black ops can SMD (suck my di*k)

  • Such a horrible game…

  • Dont_Get_AII_Mad

    Wow. was hoping to download today or at least monday. yet another let down like that ‘Welcome back” package. HA

  • So true. Welcome back plus members! Screw all you others.

  • I just can’t wait for zombies.. Map packs are never that great

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