Wipeout Your PS3 Opponents On NGP

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Wipeout Your PS3 Opponents On NGP

As a fan of arcade racers and an evangelist for all things fast, my face melted off with a recent build of Wipeout (working title) specifically built from the ground up for NGP.

Game director Stu Tilley promises the biggest Wipeout experience to date; with 10 new tracks, 20 new ships, new game modes and weapons. My favorite feature and new to PlayStation, is cross-platform-gaming. Load up your copy of Wipeout HD Fury on your PS3 and you’ll be able to race up against seven NGP opponents in online multiplayer sessions. You can mix and match the number of PS3s and NGPs racers however you like, bringing the world of Wipeout seamlessly together with the power of PSN.

Learn more details in the video above, which also showcases how Tilley and his team took advantage of NGP’s touch technology, dual cameras and built-in six axis motion controls. Sure, the NGP may be the new kid in town, but it’s doing fantastic things with one of PlayStation’s legendary racers.

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  • CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  • Very cool. Defiantly Wipeout and Uncharted are my launch games.

  • Interesting console. I hope the next generation of handhelds will not get bogged down by what ports they get. It would be nice to see original exciting content.

  • Looks great!

  • Can someone please tell me if there is an E3 PS blog Meet up this year?

  • will the analog sticks be able to go in

  • Can you please take the movie advertisements out of the load screens for Wipeout on the PS3.

    I do not think I am alone in thinking that they are obtrusive ion the immersive experience and would only have been appreciated if I could have received a free ad-supported version.

    Or put the ads on the billboards of the track (you know–where they might make sense)…

    This was a beautiful 1080p game on the PS3 that was ruined by a patch to squeeze out more revenue.

    After seeing 5 adverts for the movie “Machete”, I haven’t touched this game on PS3 and regret buying the Fury add-on.

  • It’s impressive that you’re doing Wipeout HD (PS3) Wipeout 2048 (NGP)! I’m looking forward to see what other tricks you guys have up your sleeves.

  • I can not wait. This thing is so awesome

  • wow it looks incredible
    just take my money and send it to my address

    this is my dream come true

  • Well this is great that you can play against PS3 users. I hope after his WipEout game comes out Psygnosis (SCE Studio Liverpool) can make some other games from their IPs. I would really like to see a new Colony Wars, Lemmings, Rollcage, Shadow of the Beast, Drakan, Barbarian & G-Police.

    I think Colony Wars would really work great with the motion sensors on the NGP. I also think Rollcage would work great with the motion sensors too. So I hope after WipEout more Psygnosis games will come out on the PSP2.

  • 1:08 Jeff Gerstmann from Giant Bomb FTW NGP ROCKS!

  • Hey Rey can’t wait for the NGP to come out.

    Off topic, I know that Sony just put the store back up here in America, but I was wondering why there is advertisement for free DLC for MAG Interdiction Mission Pack under the What’s New section of the XMB, but when I click on it to download the free DLC there is no MAG Interdiction Mission Pack. The only free DLC I can find under the Plus section of the store is for Socom and Killzone. I own MAG and would love to download what you guys are advertising, I don’t think its bait and switch as the store just got restored, but it would be nice to not be offered something and not be able to get it. The advertisement says offer ends 6/28. I will gladly take the Interdiction Mission Pack over the welcome back package as I already own all those games, anyways just though I would let you guys know of the mistake.

    Back on topic, the NGP looks awesome and will blow the gimmicky competition out of the water.

  • Totally off-topic…report me if u want but I have to say it: I missed you Rey.

  • sweet

  • Please NGP specs!
    512MB Ram ?? (Rumor: cut to 256MB)
    256MB video ?? (Rumor: cut to 128MB)
    16GB de NAND Flash?? (Rumor: zero)
    Hope the rumors are not true, Sony don’t cut the specs of the ngp please.
    It it’s true, I better get an iPhone :(

  • Didn’t even think about it. Maybe this is a part of the next Plus update.

  • Wait a tick… If the NGP Wipeout has 10 new tracks then that must mean that Wipeout HD Fury is getting another expansion pack right? That would be the best news ever as it’s easily my favourite PS3 game.

  • This is INCREDIBLE!
    Cross-Platform play! Massive Online userbase.

    It’d be incredible if the new CoD game and other games like Killzone and Resistance, also suppost cross platform play.

    NGP will be off to a great start pushing this cross platform play feature!

  • Just so you know, I’m going to be wearing a diaper when watching Sony’s E3 conference. Yeah, I’m that emotional.

  • Wipeout looks awesome on NGP. I can’t wait to download Wipeout HD from the Welcome Back package.

  • 30FPS is disappointing. Any word on whether they’re aiming for 60?

  • looks very promising, any word on trophies?

  • I imagine we can expect the games to see a huge price increase from previous PSP titles.

  • Cool

  • so, it’ll be called NGP???

    not Vitta?

  • Never mind Rey, stupid me, I thought I had the other MAG DLC but I have the one that is offered for free already, hence it is not in the store. Live and learn. The NGP does look damn sexy though.

  • If the NGP is successful, which I’m hoping and praying it will be, this could very well be the future of online gaming. One could only hope that developers and Sony work around in porting titles for cross platform play, and cross platform saves (hopefully via the cloud). I could imagine playing Tekken, or Super Street Fighter IV AE at home then go out (to the workplace or school), take the train/bus (NYC boy talking) and practice on the go. It’s an amazing thing to look forward to.

  • Gonna be all over the NGP like gravy on biscuits lol

  • Ok the ps3 store is up GREAT!!! Where’s the welcome back package!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It looks so crisp and clean on the new ngo… and i really like the idea of cross platform compatibility so you can play with friend on either console… it would be cool if the ps3 version got a new control method also like move support, why not?

  • interesante!

  • also will this version of wipeout be playable on older models of psp such as the 3000 / go? and be available on umd? if it is playbable on older models will all the features be the same except the motion control?

  • Heh. Saw Gertsman there ;)

  • Very cool! Would love to see this and/or Uncharted in a NGP bundle please!

  • @6 the analog sticks will not push in as i have heard….n awesome cant wait 2 get this novemeber

  • Cross-Platform play is going to rock. Very exciting!

  • This is a must buy for me at launch! Can’t wait to try Wipeout HD and Wipeout 2048 (NGP)! Going to be amazing

    At launch I’m getting Hot Shots Golf (NGP), Uncharted, and Wipeout!

  • wait did he just say cross play? =D

  • I LOVE Wipeout HD and the gameplay was truly exhilarating! Zone Mode was my favourite game mode. And wipeout is my proudest platinum xD speaking of which, any news on how trophies are incorporated into the NGP? will they include a platinum as well?

  • So does this mean that Wipeout HD will be getting updates? New maps maybe?

    Please give us more DLC. HD was my first Wipeout and I love it! Fury is still the best value DLC on the market imo.

    I will update HD Fury to HD Fury 2048 ;) Sorry not really a handheld guy I like the big screen. So I needs some DLC.

    *Insert Fry gif “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”*

  • NOW THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! CROSS-PLATFORM PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that more games use that feature.

  • @SpiritThief

    lol Killer App episode? XD <3 Futurama

  • My god.. I’m pumped. i’m sooo happy about the cross platform capabilities. My question more so revolves around the trophies. Any chance we can see more of this support, even a simple tour?

  • I had always been a big Nintendo fan – but their are two exceptions – the antagonistic virtual boy I tried in Best Buy as a kid (and if you’ve never heard of virtual boy you’re better off for it!) and the 3ds – I think Sony’s going a route with the NGP that’s just AWESOME! I can’t wait to hear a price point on this bad boy and start saving up towards it!

  • OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!! Someone hold me

  • wow its looking good

  • Cross-Platform play #WINNING CHARLIE SHEEN VOICE…now all I wanna hear is game data can go between NGP and PS3

  • The fact you’ve integrated Multiplayer between platforms is a triumph. All NGP games need to take advantage of this feature.

  • I really hope it’s not called Vita. It sounds stupid. It’s spelled stupid. It means stupid. I mean, handheld gaming is life? that’s wack. What does that say for the PS3. Please keep the name to NGP.

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