NGP Previews: Let’s Talk Games, Starting with Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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NGP Previews: Let’s Talk Games, Starting with Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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Until very recently, only a handful of people outside of PlayStation had ever laid their hands on an NGP unit. People would ask me what I thought about the upcoming handheld, and I’d have to reply with: “It looks really good.” I hadn’t had the chance to play it either.

<UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for NGPUNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for NGP

That’s why we invited the cream of the gaming press crop onto a Sony Pictures soundstage in LA, where they (and we) could finally spend hours experiencing some of the titles that will comprise the NGP’s diverse launch lineup. Straight off, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, made it clear what the day was all about:

“We’ll talk more about social connectivity features down the line – today is about showing off the core games and getting you hands-on time. I’m sure you have burning questions on launch date, pricing, 3G data plans, and we’ll be very happy to share all those with you moving forward.”

UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for NGPUNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for NGP

We first spoke with John Garvin and Chris Reese of Sony Bend Studio, who are developing the highest profile launch title, UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss. Their team was responsible for the PSP’s best shooters, Resistance Retribution and a pair of Syphon Filter titles, so I wondered what they make of the new hardware.

Then we toured around sampling the rest of the titles. Today, you’ll see posts for:

A note about the videos you’ll see: Every NGP you’ll see is a dev unit; they’re the right size, but they don’t possess that final PlayStation-quality fit and finish. What you’ll eventually be able to pick up in a store will look a heck of a lot better.

The titles you won’t see today, you’ll see demoed live at E3 on our stream. Look for much, much more on NGP at next week’s E3 Expo.

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  • @19 Surfaced
    I’m sorry cheif, but the word Vita means jack… to me and the majority of the people out there. For starters I don’t speak italian or latin and I don’t care about the happy happy joy joy nature of all the colorful definitions and implied intellectual background of the name. Here’s what the rest of the world will see:

    * Due to limited brain function of the populous a loose association of Vita for Vista will be made. Why? Because you can’t spell vista without shoving an ‘s’ in the word vita. Sounds stupid? ya well lets see you try to run it by a few people you know and ask them what Vita reminds them of when they say the word.

    * We just got done with “PlayStation 3 takes up an entire label lets rebrand” we ended up with PS3. PS Vita, ya not gonna happen. PS Xperia was far more compelling name and it went to a weak product covered by those idiots at Ericcson. Gamers aren’t gonna conform to “It’s a PS Vita”, know you’ll be seeing PSV every where.

    * Life style product is just another word for expensive, I think Sony should really step away from that. PSP2 works, put out some good games and give us a PS3 experience and they’ll be all set.

  • the more and more i hear and see about the NGP the more and more i get all giddy… I love the direction sony is taking their handheld, i’m truly amazed and definitely saving my money for a pre-order once that’s available :) Maybe a E3 release date??? :) That would rock!

  • mephistopholes73


  • mephistopholes73


  • This is superb, I love the content. I really hope you’ll include FIFA 12 as well!

  • Oh man! I can’t wait to get home and watch this video! Just like most people here his is an instant buy for me.
    I also want to mention that PS Vita sounds kinda uh “not cool” as a name! Since it wont be called the NGP which everyone is kinda used to by now! Id also like to cast my vote for PSP2!

    Hey I just thought of something! How about having a poll and the community can decide on what they’d like it to be called! That’s if the community does have input in naming stuff :)

  • I want a ngp or whatever they’re going to call it. what’s with in store purchases ( non-downloadable games) ? I didn’t see a umd.

  • I shall now begin my adventure in naming this device. Maybe I’ll win one :).

    PSP2 is the obvious choice.
    PSL (Playstation Light or Lite)
    PSH (Playstation Handy) I like that one cause there’s marketing potential I think. But it’s kinda boring so meh..
    PSW. (Playstation Wow) Cause that’s exactly what it is.
    PST (Playstation Touch) makes sense.
    I have more I just gotta think em up first

  • Or the Sony Wow.
    “Wow dude you got a WOW? That’s Awesome!!!!”
    Step your game up!!!

  • Hey Jeff, since you’re the social media manager, can’t you talk Sony into letting us PS3 users who used up our warranty for a refurb PS3 to get 1 free PS3 after the refurb stops working in less than a year? I don’t think it’s fair that we treat our PS3’s like new born babies and it decides to stop working on us.

  • where is the black ops escalation map pack?come on sony if your not gonna release it today then at least update us on when it will come out.give us a timeline for once!

  • I surrender….I surrender…. There’s no way I get my hands on NGP (Whatever it name is)….

    Jeff, 2 questions….I hope you can answer me:

    1 – Digital content/games on PNS Store will be available? For example Uncharted Gold abyss download or just media only?

    2 – What type of integration with PS3??? Any ideas? |Release dates? Any ideas?

    Yeah I know it was 3 questions… sorry anyway… I bursting out my PSN Store guys…thanks!!!!

  • i want one of these so bad

  • Buying it the day its released, gotta start saving up, hopefully gamestop will have that discount thing if oyu trade in your old psp

  • I heard that Sony got hacked again. any truth to this?

  • NGP looks to be like the perfect marriage between the features that have made the mobile revolution of the past couple years so great (touch screen, etc…) and the ideas, controls, and all the details which have made console games so engrossing over the past couple of years – this is going to be a great device.

  • My list of NGP wants.
    -affordable price point, $200-$225 for the unit.
    -games priced at a competitive price point, $20-$30.
    -better battery life than the pspGo, approx 5Hrs gameplay time.
    -20 Gigs of internal storage.
    -ps1/ ps2/turbo grafx/minis compatable.
    These are the essentials that I need for me to upgrade to the NGP.
    Thanks Sony.

  • Anyone else experiencing problems logging on to playstation network?

  • Wow, you’re really pushing the NGP/Vita pre-E3. Makes me think we’re going to get a price point at the Sony press conference, and it’s not going to be pretty.

    Doesn’t matter to me. You already have my money when it comes to this thing. I was sold at ‘LittleBigPlanet’ and ‘Uncharted’!

  • ded_in_the_water

    The more I see this thing, the more I want it! I’m liking this so far, and with my love for the Uncharted series, there is already a desire for the NGP. My PSP has definitely seen better days, and I would consider this a fitting replacement. I eagerly await what you will demo at E3!

  • no tv out wtf????? man I have to cancel now uggg these little screens are no good for my eyes. Was hoping for tv out :( Well Ill save some mula for some trip somewhere I guess. School clothes for my boy :)

  • Uh, yeah @118, you think its gonna be $200-225? Good luck with that.

  • this looks really cool and well made.

    one question… when did ND have the time to make another uncharted game?

  • damn these handhelds… I love the PSP and NGP and all, but with all these new models of handhelds coming out one after another, you never know what they’ll take out, or add. Still debating on whether i should buy this holiday, or just wait for another model of NGP sometime next year.

  • Will they make this Installment PS3 compatible in the future or is it already cross platform it’s amazing how all the Interviews nobody asks this question…

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