NGP Previews: Let’s Talk Games, Starting with Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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NGP Previews: Let’s Talk Games, Starting with Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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Until very recently, only a handful of people outside of PlayStation had ever laid their hands on an NGP unit. People would ask me what I thought about the upcoming handheld, and I’d have to reply with: “It looks really good.” I hadn’t had the chance to play it either.

<UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for NGPUNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for NGP

That’s why we invited the cream of the gaming press crop onto a Sony Pictures soundstage in LA, where they (and we) could finally spend hours experiencing some of the titles that will comprise the NGP’s diverse launch lineup. Straight off, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, made it clear what the day was all about:

“We’ll talk more about social connectivity features down the line – today is about showing off the core games and getting you hands-on time. I’m sure you have burning questions on launch date, pricing, 3G data plans, and we’ll be very happy to share all those with you moving forward.”

UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for NGPUNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for NGP

We first spoke with John Garvin and Chris Reese of Sony Bend Studio, who are developing the highest profile launch title, UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss. Their team was responsible for the PSP’s best shooters, Resistance Retribution and a pair of Syphon Filter titles, so I wondered what they make of the new hardware.

Then we toured around sampling the rest of the titles. Today, you’ll see posts for:

A note about the videos you’ll see: Every NGP you’ll see is a dev unit; they’re the right size, but they don’t possess that final PlayStation-quality fit and finish. What you’ll eventually be able to pick up in a store will look a heck of a lot better.

The titles you won’t see today, you’ll see demoed live at E3 on our stream. Look for much, much more on NGP at next week’s E3 Expo.

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  • Playstation Vita

  • @48
    According to the Ars Technica hands on, Nolan North is indeed the voice of Drake.

  • Hell yeah!! Jeff thank you so much!!! I just got the e-mail and it said I wont a trip to E3! I am finally going to E3!! Thank you PS Blog, and Jeff!!!

  • Will this be the only thing to be revealed at E3? Anything new for the Ps3? Cross game chat would be nice don’t ya think that would be nice Jeff Rubenstein?

  • This things gonna be amazing

  • @Jeff

    I posted an idea here about the NGP that I would now like to amend. It has quite a few votes. Will I get any sort of demerit for doing so? I want to change my idea from “allow copy of NGP games” to “include a download voucher in each retail game”-make it similar to the concept of a Blu-Ray Digital Copy pack.

  • Very impressive tech right there. As always I will own another Sony masterpiece. Jeff thanks for everything man.

  • I would like to know if Amy Henning or any of the core team from Uncharted 1/2/3 had any input on the games, design, mechanics and/or story.

    • We’ll be talking with the team live at E3, and delve more into that. I know that a lot of assets were shared.

  • I can’t wait for NGP! Still can’t help but think why this is being posted now instead of after E3? Hopefully this means Sony has bigger projects to announce!

  • I will defenetily buy the “NGP” Next Year. (tax season)

  • I might actually pick up one of these bad boyz come christmas. This looks too good to pass up.

  • custom soundtracks on anygame??????????

  • LOL. I cannot wait for this, I am so giddy with excitement you have no idea. More Uncharted please. More more more! ^_^

  • ¡Qué interesante juego!

  • Yay! Big videos! Also I think this game may get me to buy an NGP.

  • Is there still cameras for this system and trophies that you can get? The only other question I have is on if the system will have a pretty big hard drive, so you don’t have to keep on flipping through Media Sticks to look for games that you downloaded. My PSP Go has so many of those memory sticks, and I keep on forgetting what is on which one! The system looks incredible! Can’t wait to see what Hot Shots Golf looks like, and hopefully we’ll get a Jak and Daxter and new Ratchet And Clank on it!!!!

  • This looks cool, I admit it, but i just don’t see how they’re going to make this work

  • OMG! I see Jeff from GB! Hah.

  • If there is no video out, how is the person playing’s game on the big screen in the background? Also why would they not allow us to hook it up to our 52″ LED big screens?! Not a make or break feature for me but still, they already have it on PSP, surely it can carry over to NGP?!

  • jackfrost123456

    will they say anything obout COD for NGP at e3

  • It’s looking great and this Uncharted is looking just about as good as Uncharted Drake’s Fortune. I am impressed so far by the new handheld and if the price is right I will definitely be buying one :D

  • jackfrost123456

    will this uncharted relate to drakes deseption (uncharted 3)?

  • LoSO3-point0-KC

    when will the welcome back package be available Jeff

  • LoSO3-point0-KC


  • Looking forward for it… just please be around 250 price range!!!!

  • Damn that things looks so NICE!
    Can’t wait. its gonna be awesome

  • that-acmilan-guy

    The tweet button doesn’t link to this page or any page.

  • Are they going to release a trailer for this? because all there really talking about is the tech specs of this perticular title. Normally they release a trailer and then talk about the game not the other way around.

  • why can’t i download the free games you promised would be available due to the PSN outage?

  • i will buy it before the 3DS, so i will have the 2 best portables in the wolrd, i hope there is a phisical media for the games in the NGP.

  • Are the analongs rubber.?Ans will it be sold with screen saver film? and carry case like psp go and psp100o-3000@jeff.

    Also it would be nice to sega here to promote sega rally arcade online. that game has been being made for long time and manny sega rally players have been roooting for it and finnaly got our wish . I Hope you can get them onthe blog becuase it really deserves the spotlight and attenion of racing gamers who love rally games.. or driving in general.

  • This makes all other handhelds look like busch-league garbage.

    Would it be at all reasonable to say we’ll have a date, price, and be able to preorder after E3? That’s usually the way it goes.

  • ^_^ Can’t wait for both the system and the game!!!

  • @Jeff: Please confirm that new name of NGP not going to be PSVIDA leak is crazy and makes slap marketing team with lack of intelligence for a unique name for this monster… it deservese MORE RESPECT in terms of the name…

  • argg looks small again. I still get finger cramps on psp. Need a manly edition

  • release day purchase for me!
    though, it’ll be hard to part
    with my PSPgo! :D

  • Thank you for taking the time to answer my question Jeff!

  • Assasinator0240


  • insaneslayerfan

    ¡Looks like Christmas came earlier boys! :D

  • This game looks interesting, but the fact that it is not made by Naughty Dog has me concerned.

  • Hey Jeff, are these titles compatible with the PSP? Just curious since I’m going to upgrade but would love to have my family and friends play along.

  • I chant to myself: I’m not gonna get another handheld, I’m not, I’m not! Wait…a new, exclusive Uncharted!? D@mm u, Sony! Will u never stop forcing me to want to give u my money!!!!!!!

  • Looks Awesome!!! first day buy, with a PSP Vita XD

  • Sup Jeff, yo does the NGP have skype software in t, because all my psp’s were my mobile phone as skype is my land and mobile line…? Im dying for this NGP already, i hope its not a fall release but an E3 release tho i doubt it. Gladd my PS3 if Alive 100% again.. never realize how much you can miss something like this! lol

  • please don’t call it ps vita please ngp is the best name for this!!!

  • Vita, baby!

  • Touchscreen and sixaxis have GOT to go. These are the two worst things about technology nowadays, touchscreens and motion sensing (third worst goes to 3D). I wish these ridiculous mainstream gimmicks/fads would just die off already.

    If the NGP did not have sixaxis or touchscreen, I would have bought it, but since it has those things I am NOT going to buy it and suggest others not buy it either. SA is bar none the worst addition to the PS controller, every game that uses SA controls makes the gameplay experience incredibly annoying. . I can’t even imagine being forced to use touchscreen junk with the NGP, just the thought of that makes me want to break something.

    We need to get away from touchscreen and motion-sensing gimmicks, not embrace them.

  • Lets be honest here, games that have touch screen options wont be so easy to work since its impractical to circumvent the status quo. Being able to simply press Tringle or a similar button to do something will always be easier or more practical then swiping the screen or touching the rock to climb over it.

    Even if the game relies 100% on the touch screen it needs to be of a completely different medium than we today accept. We will need to think more Nintendo DS games – like Elite Beat Agents – then something like an Uncharted.

  • Can I get a pass to E3 PS.Blog.

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