NGP Previews: Let’s Talk Games, Starting with Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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NGP Previews: Let’s Talk Games, Starting with Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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Until very recently, only a handful of people outside of PlayStation had ever laid their hands on an NGP unit. People would ask me what I thought about the upcoming handheld, and I’d have to reply with: “It looks really good.” I hadn’t had the chance to play it either.

<UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for NGPUNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for NGP

That’s why we invited the cream of the gaming press crop onto a Sony Pictures soundstage in LA, where they (and we) could finally spend hours experiencing some of the titles that will comprise the NGP’s diverse launch lineup. Straight off, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, made it clear what the day was all about:

“We’ll talk more about social connectivity features down the line – today is about showing off the core games and getting you hands-on time. I’m sure you have burning questions on launch date, pricing, 3G data plans, and we’ll be very happy to share all those with you moving forward.”

UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for NGPUNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for NGP

We first spoke with John Garvin and Chris Reese of Sony Bend Studio, who are developing the highest profile launch title, UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss. Their team was responsible for the PSP’s best shooters, Resistance Retribution and a pair of Syphon Filter titles, so I wondered what they make of the new hardware.

Then we toured around sampling the rest of the titles. Today, you’ll see posts for:

A note about the videos you’ll see: Every NGP you’ll see is a dev unit; they’re the right size, but they don’t possess that final PlayStation-quality fit and finish. What you’ll eventually be able to pick up in a store will look a heck of a lot better.

The titles you won’t see today, you’ll see demoed live at E3 on our stream. Look for much, much more on NGP at next week’s E3 Expo.

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  • first!looks epic,will definatly get an ngp.

  • the video doesnt seem to be working for me.

  • nevermind its working now (= .


  • i really want one

  • Lets talk price?
    Soundshapes is the only original title on this machine so far.

  • @BlooodyCow im guessing the ngp is gonna be at least 299.99$ just like the ps3 is right now as it has a powerful engine from what ive heard.also the graphics kinda look similar to the ps3 except its in a smaller screen.

  • HOLY MOLY! Thats Uncharted on NGP? I’m SOLD 300 TIMES OVER!

  • Ghost-of-SpartaX

    yo jeff my ps3 harddrive got corrupted (from downloading something from the store) right after the midnight update what do i do. WHY NOW !!!

  • Hey Jeff, do you know what happened to Gravity Daze, Broken, Smart As, and Hot Shots Golf Next?

    I’m supposing these are all Japanese-made. Is that why we aren’t seeing any coverage for them yet? Can we expect some coverage soon?

    • We haven’t put out all the posts for today yet. Coming up later today: Hot Shots Golf, Hustle Kings, Super Stardust Delta.

      The other titles you mentioned weren’t at this event.

  • Hey Jeff the game looks amazing, I will buy this system for sure!! (Have it already pre-ordered))

    A little off topic: Will there be a E3 PS Blog meet-up this year?

    • There’s no meet-up this year – we’re streaming the press conference and event to everyone online instead this year.

  • can not wait to get me one of these.

  • Gonna pick this up for sure :)

  • @Jeff Rubenstien
    3 things:

    1) TV out/mini HDMI Out?
    2) How true is this to the Uncharted Experience?
    3) Please slap the people in marketing over this whole naming thing, just call it the PSP2 or find something other than PS Vita. the initials spell PSV, which makes me feel like I’m talking about an STD or something horrible. NGP is just a horrible name to come to market with.

    • 1. No video out
      2. This is true Uncharted. The level I played was more focused on exploration. I actually enjoyed the touch controls more than expected. Like many of you, I was glad to hear they were optional, but then I found myself using them.
      3. We haven’t announced NGP’s final name, but it won’t be “NGP.”

  • Please have something left for E3!!!


  • Prince_of_da_Bay

    Cant wait to get a PSVita

  • I’m just waiting for a date and a price……then I’m going to pounce on this like a cheetah on a gazelle. Oh and please don’t call it Vita NGP or PSP2 is much MUCH better.

  • @14

    I can answer this for you..

    They are not going to change the name. It is PlayStation Vita, and it will stay that way.

    They won’t market it as PSP2, or even PSV. The shortest you’ll see is PS Vita. The whole point if calling it Vita is to make it seem less like a machine…. make it more organic… which blends into the easy-to-use design theory behind Vita’s GUI, LiveArea.

    LiveArea is about creating an environment of mobile socially-networked gaming. It’s like Facebook/Twitter crashed head-on with PSN. You’re constantly connected and aware of whats going on with all of your friends. Applications like Near enhance this, and take it to the next level, like nothing you’ve ever seen from Nintendo or any smartphone.

    Why call it Vita? Well, Vita is latin/italian for Life.

    PS Vita is a lifestyle product.

  • Will surely get one, unless you release a downgraded NGP (with less RAM etc.). This will disappoint.

  • those analog sticks kinda stick out. and it looks like it’s gonna be difficult to put in a pocket or something like that. will they be able to get pushed in?

    • They don’t push in. It’s portable, but it doesn’t fit in a jeans pocket. The screen is big and beautiful and you will be glad it wasn’t shrunk down.

  • NGP Uncharted looks good. Plus with the rumor that the NGP will not come out with internal memory being nothing but a fake rumor is great news. Because this way you can store your games on the internal memory of the NGP & if you want more memory you can buy a memory card. Plus with the NGP having internal memory I will be able to download games off of PSN right away. I can’t wait to be able to buy the NGP. I hope it comes out in North America before the end of this year.

  • Looks fantastic. just hope it’ll be worth the price cause i plan on getting it.

  • Cream of the gaming press crop, LOL!

  • fingerprints aghrrrr

  • wow i want this now

  • 1:44 Jeff Gerstmann GIANTBOMB FTW!

    Also NPG and Uncharted are awesome!

  • Please tell me the vita name is bullocks that name is the worst since the wii just because that sold like hotcakes dosent mean u can choose a weirdo name and itll sell I understand the urge not to call it the psp2 the original didnt do as well outside japan but vita come on I mean come on

  • Since NGP is coming out are prices on PSP go and other PSPs going to drop?

  • Day 1 purchase along with the NGP for me!

  • Must have.

  • it looks cool but if it’s like PSP Go with download ONLY I’ll pass. PSstore is still down:(

  • I believe Uncgarted is awesome!

  • SRY i’m certain Uncharted is awesome. It’s pretty much impossible to be otherwise!

  • Hey Jeff I was looking under the Whats New section of the XMB and was directed to download free DLC for MAG Interdiction Mission Pack offer ends 6/28, but when the store loads up there is no DLC for MAG. I was wondering if this a total mistake or is this free DLC offering going to becoming out in the next Plus update?

    On topic, the NGP is going to be the best handheld ever made, as long as Sony can keep the price down around the competition then they should have no problems out selling the gimmicky competition.

    I also asked Rey about the MAG free DLC advertisement issue under the Whats New section of the XMB.

  • Please tell me its coming to the US in 2011, Im ready to preorder this baby, right now!

  • @34
    PlayStation Plus
    MAG Interdiction DLC (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers, regular price $4.99)

  • please, please, please, please find a way to let this cost $200-$250, pretty please with a cherry on top and whipped cream and sprinkles and everything nice. Oh and there is a selection of cupcakes and brownies too!

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • Never mind Jeff, stupid me, I thought I had the other MAG DLC but I have the one that is offered for free already, hence it is not in the store. Live and learn. The NGP does look damn sexy though.

    @Diggy305 thanks your comment made me go check my download list and sure enough I was thinking of the wrong DLC pack.

  • Looking forward to more NGP details next week.

  • This is one product I am looking forward to see at the E3 press conference. Looks amazing right now, can’t wait to see what else you will show off with this product.

  • Hmm… uncharted, one good reason to buy the NGP.

  • One thing I love about the PSP is it accessibility to everyone. If I hand a I phone, I pod, or I pod touch to my parents or my children, I have to train them on how to use it. My mother of all people takes a look at any given one of them and says “that’s nice” and just hands it back. With a PSP however; I hand it to them and they start playing no problem. I’m worried that the NGP is getting away from that with duel touch screens.

    In the video above it was commented how nice it was to touch a ledge and drake would follow. At this point is the player still playing a game? Are you playing as drake or is he just following commands?

  • Will there be a NGP + Uncharted bundle? I would definitely get one!

  • @31 ps store is up now

  • I agree with jazzyrider
    A NGP Uncharted bundle would be perfect! Especially if the NGP came decked out Uncharted style in some way sort of like the God of War PSP.

  • They didn’t involve you in it’s creation? You have the greatest connection to the community, bad call on their part. At least they involved developers this time.

  • I read this has trophy support. If that doesn’t change then I WILL buy it on launch.

  • Oh yeah, and I was wondering if Nolen North is still the voice of Drake in this since he is also busy as Drake in Uncharted 3. Have any idea?

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