NGP Preview: Super Stardust Delta

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NGP Preview: Super Stardust Delta

Every half-baked fake mock-up of a mythical future PSP floating around the message boards had one thing in common – a second analog stick. Well, at least that part was right. There’s no doubt that the NGP’s dual analog sticks (a portable first!) will revolutionize first-person shooters on the go. But for my money, the NGP was tailor-made for a portable Super Stardust. Its genre *is* “twin stick shooter,” after all.

Super Stardust Delta for NGP

Super Stardust Delta should feel instantly familiar to anyone who’s experienced Super Stardust HD on PS3. But it’s important to note – Delta is not a port of that 2007 classic. It’s an entirely new game.

We sampled the traditional Arcade Mode, and got a feel for two new weapons, the Laser Melter and Ice Laser (names not final). Unlike SSHD’s singular, screen-clearing smart bomb, each primary weapon comes with its own secondary attack that you activate with a touch of the screen. The Laser Melter drops a black hole that sucks everything in – including your ship, if you’re not careful. The Ice Laser shoots out a huge swarm of missiles that home in on targets.

The only thing that’s really needed to make a good portable Super Stardust are two analogs (check) and a pretty display (check), Delta features an intuitively implemented use of the six axis gyros; you tilt the NGP to see what blast-able fodder is lurking just over the planet’s horizon. There’s also a devastating Shockwave attack that you activate with a quick, light shake of the device.

Super Stardust Delta for NGP

However, if all you wanna do is shoot like you’re used to, developer Housemarque is working on a “purist mode,” which will more closely mirror the controls in the PS3 version.

Super Stardust Delta looks awesome at this pre-alpha stage – possibly even better than Super Stardust HD. That 5” OLED screen certainly doesn’t hurt. The hardware handles the debris-filled landscape with ease, even when you start shattering asteroids into ever-smaller particles. Delta also features a vibrant color palette; this is especially obvious with the Laser Melter weapon, which pulses with an eye-searing glow.

The team promises online play (details TBD) as well as some new special play modes that make heavier use of the touch controls. But ultimately, that’s icing on the cake. This is the Super Stardust you know and love, and finally playable as it’s meant to be played on the go.

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  • Wooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww!

  • cosmic

  • Another great exclusive coming to the NGP i am exploding!!!! I want one so bad SONY GIVE ME PLEASE XD!

  • its great game. I just hope they push dlc . and try to build a community page for the game becuase its a great franchise.

  • I love Super Stardust, but that “eye searing glow” has me worried. I don’t think I want my eyes actually seared :(

  • Yes…does this mean PSP won’t get anymore games? Or is kind of a DS Lite and 3DS situation? Multiple platforms on multiple fronts.

  • more, More, MORE!!!

  • LOL Jeff your going hard today man super stardust i want an NGP NOW!

  • Grooovy, but why no video?

    And it kinda sux that there is no video output on the Vita…….

  • That black hole weapon sounds like an interesting twist.

    Based on what this game is, it should not cost more than $15.00, and at that price, everyone who buys a Vita would likely download this game.

    I wonder if this device will support custom soundtracks.

    I’m thinking with that big screen, and hopefully a long lasting battery (utilizing Sony’s new battery technology, maybe) the Vita will be too expensive to succeed… Unless of course, if the 3G data plan is extremely low. For example, If PS Vita costs $400 but its 3G cost is 1dollar per month, then yes it should be a great success.

    However, if the device costs $299 or $249, and then an optional 3G plan comparable with Verizon and what have you, then expect the Vita to fail.

    That’s just my prediction. I wish you good luck, Sony with this impressive portable gaming unit.

  • Looks magnificent. NGP is going to be a wonderful product!

  • All i just need is a price for the NGP!

  • So jeff, just saw the announcement of MGS HD Collection and Z.O.E. HD Collection for PS3 and Xbox360.
    You guys gonna have a post explaing what transfarring feature is for the PS3 version?

  • I can’t wait to hear more about the NGP – it just looks fantastic, I think the concept of the device is far more solid than the competition – Let’s see someone with an iphone try and play super stardust or Uncharted!!! Great way to set up the NGP as a solid and necessary gamer device!

  • Super Stardust HD is one of the best games I’ve ever downloaded from the store. It’s been on my system for so long, yet I’ll still regularly turn it on for a few rounds. If I do end up getting a NGP, this will be one of the titles I start with.

  • OMG, I so want this. Such awesome news.

  • Hot Shots Next please!!!

  • oh god oh god oh god

  • Super Stardust was an AMAZING game. definitely will be picking this up with my shiny NGP :).

  • wow, great. but can you update us on hot shots next. WITH VIDEO PLEASE.

  • Two sticks was the only way to go and if ngp didn’t have it then sony would of failed.

    I really like that sony is pushing connectivity between ps3 and ngp.

    I hope there is still games to show at e3. I kid.

  • WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m probably never going to get one unless it is $250 or less. Awesome is always costly.

    I’m going to start saving now.

  • Sharingan_itachi

    I love Startdust. Its just awesome.

  • does this run at 60fps?


  • where is the black ops escalation map pack?come on sony if your not gonna release it today then at least update us on when it will come out.give us a timeline for once!

  • black ops new map will release on july or something

  • @mgl1162 hello no!theyre supposed to be released today!

  • hell* no

  • spectacular graphics, can’t wait!

  • The shockwave sounds bad if you are playing in transit. Seems like it would be really easy to accidentally activate it.

  • where is the black ops escalation map pack?come on sony if your not gonna release it today then at least update us on when it will come out.give us a timeline for once!!

  • today they release NEW map on PC not ps3 … they suppose to release ps3 first but sony got hacked and they release new map on xbox. NOW we have to wait ..LOL

  • I wonder how much NGP would cost roughly?…

  • How bout the internet browser on the NGP? Will it be trash like all the ps products? Opera? Google chrome or firefox mobile? Flash? Real flash? Basically my question is, will the ngp be up to date? Cause all ps products are always behind.

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