NGP: Introducing Sound Shapes

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NGP: Introducing Sound Shapes

Hi everyone, it’s Jonathan Mak here. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on the PlayStation.Blog

I don’t have any pictures of my basement this time around (I’ve moved!), but I do have a video of a new NGP game I’m working on called “Sound Shapes.” Sound Shapes is both a musical instrument and a classic 2D platformer. You can use it to make music, but then you can “play” that music like it’s a video game. It’s kind of hard to describe in words so check out the video!

The project started out as a collaboration between myself and Shaw-Han Liem, but has since grown to include several pairs of helping hands. We’re pulling all nighters right now to cram one more level/song into our E3 demo. If you’re around, come by the Sony booth and try it out!

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  • Looks fun!

  • can you change the color of yourself

  • Interesting! Any ad-hoc co-op or multiplayer options?

  • This looks like a for sure buy when it comes out.

  • Really awesome. I loved Everyday Shooter, still play it. The music in it was great. Can’t wait for this.

  • Now that is awesome.

  • Well if you were wanting a simple fun game on the NGP I think you just found it!

  • Been TOO long! I still love to play Everyday Shooter going to get this day 1!

  • SWEET!

  • Oh wow. Creating your own music, which in turn creates your own levels. I love it. Will you be able to share levels, like in LBP?

  • Welcome back Jonathan! The new game looks great, how are you finding the NGP hardware? It seems your getting a lot of mileage from the touchscreen. I think a game like this is a great fit for the combination of the NGP real buttons and touch screen. Can’t wait to check it out.

  • cool concept… need to make more simple games like this

  • cool. Art design reminds me of Pixel Junk game, which is good.

  • That looks freaking amazing !!

  • Game looks cool but it makes me notice that the psp screen is so big that the touchscreens might be clumsy to use sometime. I’m sure they’ll come out with other versions just like the psp did.

  • Look at all these awesome posts about the NGP! I love it, keep them coming!

  • Will this be the only thing to be revealed at E3? Anything new for the Ps3? Cross game chat would be nice don’t ya think that would be nice Jeff Rubenstein?

  • I sorta wish the name was different, because I could have easily passed this up. But luckily I watched the video, and now I want it! It reminds me of TerRover and yeah, a PixelJunk game, plus obviously Everyday Shooter. Very interesting.

  • Glad to see your making a new game. I’ll looking forward to seeing more about the game and trying it out myself.

  • Everyday Shooter was awesome, I look forward to this game as well. Does this code avoid any 5 or 4s as well?

  • Looks really cool. I look forward to trying it out.

  • This looks like a lot of fun! Will it be a download-only title or will there be a physical release as well?

  • if it wont be called NGP, stop calling it NGP already!!!!

  • Looks great. Can’t wait to play it when it comes out.

  • the NGP looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • would love to try this looks so fun and new

  • “if it wont be called NGP, stop calling it NGP already!!!!”

    How do you know it won’t be called the NGP #22? I’ve seen rumors of a name but so far Sony has only called it the NGP. I don’t trust rumors ever. Until Sony gives it an official name it’s the NGP.

  • Cool..:)

  • Yeah, I think one NGP story a day is *plenty*.

    This is – what – the third?

    And is Sony really going with that as the product name? Because one day it’s going to be the old Next Generation Portable.

  • Looks AWFUL. It will have the same fate as the PSP Go. 3DS = Best. You can’t beat Nintendo in the handheld market.

  • looks very interesting and I would definitely like to give it a try.

  • Good to hear from you again Mr. Mak. I am looking forward to your next efforts with great anticipation.

  • the NGP line up is lookin VERY good right now. this game has priqued my interest. has a kinda locoroco style/vibe to it. It looks very unique though with its’ musical/level creator. I can’t wait!

  • If I can create heavy metal, then I will buy it. Please not just artsy-midi style!!!!

  • NGP is way better than 3DS. no competition.

  • Will buy this!

  • @34: Its just a smart phone with analog sticks. The main thing that will drive people away from the NGP and towards the 3DS will be price. I’m betting on a launch price of at LEAST $400. Sony is trying to compete with Nintendo in a sub-industry that Nintendo created. Nintendo has nothing to worry about. Sure I bet you said the same thing when the PSP first came out and look where that ended up. The bargain bin because of price and lack of a decent game libary. Most of the good games are JPN only.

  • You could totally make that in LittleBigPlanet 2!

  • @Someguy12121

    What? Did you create an account just to troll a Sony website?
    NGP could eat the 3DS.
    You say “Its just a smart phone with analog sticks”. No phone can compare to this beast.

    You say “I’m betting on a launch price of at LEAST $400.” Thats tells me right there you know nothing about it. Sony said that they were thinking about price from the beginning.

    Also you say “Sony is trying to compete with Nintendo in a sub-industry that Nintendo created. Nintendo has nothing to worry about. Sure I bet you said the same thing when the PSP first came out and look where that ended up.” Well maybe not here, but the PSP has owned Nintendo in Japan. Its outselling the 3DS right now BECAUSE OF PRICE!

    NGP will win because of the support behind it, the tech behind it, its versatility, and the fact that Nintendo doesn’t go to well with the hardcore audience.

  • ok i got a question how will 3g network will work?

  • Obviously, The name is not “NGP”… Sony has already confirmed that that will not be the name.

  • Wow, I thought Sony kinda ghosted this dude after Everyday Shooter came out. Glad he’s still alive and well! I actually bought Everyday Shooter over SSHD when they both dropped. Never regretted the decision. :D

    Will hopefully be there day and date for Sound Shapes.

  • impressive work, looks really cool

  • Great stuff! I really enjoyed the video, the game looks great.

  • this looks real fun ill play this allot to make music

  • Looks great, Day 1

  • where is the black ops escalation map pack?come on sony if your not gonna release it today then at least update us on when it will come out.give us a timeline for once!

  • This is what’s going to make me buy the NGP.

  • Cool and this guy has Polamalu hair.

  • if you can record your own samples and sounds this game will blow im pants off

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