UNCHARTED 3: Naughty Dog Talks Multiplayer

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UNCHARTED 3: Naughty Dog Talks Multiplayer

By now you’ve probably read the full details of what you’ll get with UNCHARTED 3’s upcoming multiplayer beta. Now, in our new video interview, Naughty Dog’s top developers reveal just how deep this rabbit hole goes. At a glance, UNCHARTED 3’s most obvious multiplayer enhancement lies in its sweeping character customization options in the form of weapon loadouts, gun mods and a wide selection of ability-enhancing Boosters. You’ll be able to modify your character’s appearance in almost every way, whether you want to slap some aviators on Nathan Drake or cobble together a custom hero or villain from scratch. “There are hundreds and hundreds of parts and every part has a customizable color,” Game Director Justin Richmond tells us. “You can look the way you want to look. We want it to feel personal.”

“Personal” is a theme that permeates every yawning nook and cavernous cranny of UNCHARTED 3’s redesigned multiplayer experience. Underneath the ultra-polished shooting mechanics and well-balanced arsenal of weapons lies a social media platform that is positively thrumming with potential. With UNCHARTED 3, community is finally a two-way street: You can tap into your Facebook friend list to recruit a Buddy, then fight by his side while earning rewards for coordinated kills — with a bonus for landing the obligatory post-kill high-five. Afterwards, you can upload your favorite video clips to Facebook and YouTube for sharing. Or, if you prefer, you can watch streaming community clips via UNCHARTED TV while you wait for the next match to begin.

You’ll get your hands on UNCHARTED 3’s new multiplayer modes when the beta begins on June 28th for PlayStation Plus subscribers and owners of specially marked copies of inFAMOUS 2; full access follows on July 5th for all PSN users. Watch the video and read on for more excerpts from our interview with Game Director Justin Richmond and Game Designer Roger Cogburn. And chime in with any questions in the comments!

Uncharted 3: airstrip approachUncharted 3: airstrip jump

You’ve already contributed to UNCHARTED 3’s multiplayer mode by playing The Lab.

“We’ve been running The Lab sessions for UNCHARTED 2,” UNCHARTED 3 Game Director Justin Richmond explained, “and we used that feedback to help design UNCHARTED 3.” With The Lab, Naughty Dog’s designers experimented with new modes using UNCHARTED 2’s sizeable multiplayer audience. “Plunder Pistols ended up being super popular,” Richmond said, “We knew it was fun internally, but being able to test it with the fans in The Lab verified that we thought was cool. We want to do even more of that with UNCHARTED 3. We have the ability to get feedback from the fans, and we want to maintain that dialog.”

UNCHARTED 3’s 3D technique paved the way for split-screen multiplayer support.

“There are a number of ways to implement 3D; some are more ‘fake’ than others,” Richmond explained. “We committed to using 3D early on, and we wanted to do it as real as possible because it allowed for splitscreen. 3D and splitscreen are kind of the same thing because the game is basically rendering each frame twice. As soon as we figured out how to do that with 3D, we knew we could handle splitscreen. Now, I am grossly oversimplifying that — the programmers would kill me for saying it was that easy! But basically, our 3D implementation allowed for splitscreen support.”

Uncharted 3: airport hanger drake

UNCHARTED 3’s splitscreen multiplayer enables dual PSN logins.
“You don’t have to be on some guest account,” Richmond said. “You and your friend can sit down in splitscreen and level up both of your characters. We support two different PSN ID logins.”

The dynamic multiplayer events were inspired by UNCHARTED 2.

“UNCHARTED 2’s Trainwreck multiplayer level that had an event where a cargo train fell down and revealed an RPG,” Game Designer Robert Cogburn explained. “We were surprised by how that resonated with people, so with UNCHARTED 3 we decided to swing for the fences and go as epic as we can.” Every level includes some sort of dynamic event: Airstrip’s opening truck chase ends in a finale at the airport; Chateau’s spreading fire slowly consumes the central floor and reveals a new area and weapons.

You’ll collect random loot in order to unlock new gear.

Fallen foes will occasionally drop randomized Treasures, and you’ll want to collect every piece you find. “The Treasures add a bit of an RPG element,” Cogburn said. “Every Treasure piece has a varying level of scarcity, and they fit into sets. Once a set is fully completed, you’ll earn an item: a gun, a custom part, an emblem, and so on.” What’s more, if you’re battling with a buddy, he or she can run over and grab Treasure for you. “We can update the Treasures dynamically, too,” Cogburn teased, “so we can add more later if we want to.”

You’re no longer helpless while climbing.

Back in UNCHARTED 2’s multiplayer, climbing left you high and dry — especially if you encountered another enemy. “It came down to who could hit the ground first and get his gun out,” Richmond said. “It kind of sucked — you could only climb or drop down.” Not so with UNCHARTED 3. “Now it’s more like a chess match. Should I edge over and try to kick him? Should I drop? Should I climb? If I do, will the other guy pull me down? It adds an extra dimension to the combat.”

Uncharted 3: chateau gas mask

UNCHARTED TV support supports uploads and downloads for YouTube and Facebook.

Plenty of games enable you to capture multiplayer footage and show it to your friends, but UNCHARTED 3 is transforming its multiplayer component into a full-blown video publishing platform. “We can not only upload your video clips to YouTube and Facebook, we can stream videos into the engine,” Richmond said. That means you’ll be able to watch Clips of the Week and community clips while you wait for that next multiplayer level to start. “And we will constantly update that content,” Richmond promised.

UNCHARTED 3 will give high-level players much, much more do.

“With UNCHARTED 2, high-level players would hit a point where they didn’t have anything to spend money on,” Cogburn said. “UNCHARTED 3 is much deeper.” Boosters, which enhance player abilities, can now be leveled up with use. And if the competition gets really tough, you can even buy pricey-but-potent Paid Boosters to temporarily even the odds. “The ranking system plays into that because the higher your rank, the more Paid Boosters will appear. It’s a far more interesting ranking system than in UNCHARTED 2.”

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  • Absolutely CANNOT WAIT to play the game!!!! :D

  • Can’t wait! I was a huge fan of Uncharted 2 Multiplayer :)


  • Sony is a LIE

  • Chaotic_Renegade

    I should probably play 1 and 2 sometime

  • Is end of month??? Were is the Ps Store

  • hey dont worry the store is coming up this week you can be quite now

  • Cool Indeed!!

  • They Said by the “end of the week”. Not “by the time you read this post”

  • Going to make my time at FIEA very difficult with this game when I start this fall lol. When do we get to hear about MP Co-op, it was one of my favorite features in Uncharted 2?

  • split screen with two psn log ins on the same console??? now thats effin cool!

  • The UncharteD games are awesome!!! I cannot wait for this one!!!

  • @LuiguiPR Come on calm DOWN. You are acting like a spoiled brat the night before Christmas but his parents won’t let me. The store will be up when they have everything working right and that it is more secure than it had been. Till then I recommend that you calm down stop wantonly posting right and left for no reason, and wait until Sony has everything up and working the way they want it to be working. Until then there isn’t any thing any one of us can do, not even repeatedly posting, to make them bring the store back up sooner.

  • naughty dog question are you going to make a jak and daxter hd collection for the ps3

  • @LuiguiPR

    Ummm What are you talking about? Why are you polluting a Blog post for Uncharted 3 with your BS? Sony hasn’t broken any promise in regards to their network. They gave us an ETA (E stands for Estimated btw in case you missed that) which they’ve pretty much stuck to the mark and have told us for sure that between today and Friday (not saturday, not sunday) that the PS Store will be up. That is within ear shot of the estimate and dead on if we see the store open today.

    In light of the recent threats made against the PSN, I think Sony maybe a bit cautious and take a few extra days. However you need to relax, it’s not like you have a PSP Go and the only games you can buy are off the PS Store. Which I’m guessing isn’t your problem. Go find something else to do, because you’re spending way to much time fixating on something you have absolutely no power over.

  • if they add Zombies i will probably play the MP, otherwise i’ll stick to the single player experience

  • Awesome

  • Ok, first thing first: I’ll never THANK YOU enough for the inclusion of splitscreen and with REAL dual-login in wich each player can earn “xp” and unlock stuff, that is AWESOME! : ) Also thanks for the additional ways of fighting while climbing, the loot to collect while playing like an rpg, great idea! …and for the dynamic events! : )

    Now, the BAD: Richmond said at the beginning of the article that the LAB helped them to “forge” U3 multi in a sense…so…why did you decide to add so much UNBALANCED boosters with radar and SA-like boosters?? 90% of U2 community agreed that SA was the worst thing in U2 multi comp and you add it in more than one way in U3? After reading the IGN article yesterday, there seems to be a lot of things that unbalance the game and reduce the importance of sheer skill…wich is SAD. :( A long-gun upgrade “CALL OUT” wich show us the locations of ennemies!?!?!? : ( With all these medal kickbacks and weapon upgrade, especially “Call Out” you almost lost me already for U3 multi Competitive, I hope things will be ironed out and improved to feel as fair as it can…

  • Prince_of_da_Bay

    Looks pretty clean.

  • Nice! Need to play some Uncharted again – such a great game series!!

  • Want this so badly. Novembers going to kill me in games.

  • Oh, just to not feel too negative because hey, I’m a BIG fan of U2, best game of the last 2 decades at least for me!

    To follow-up after my last comment:
    At least i know the Single Player and Coop will be awesome! (these boosters could be ok in coop because we play against CPUs ennemies, but in Comp, I like to have the same “arsenal” at level 50 than a level 2, I hate this tendencies these days in online to please the kids that want to feels better than the new players not because of skills bu because of “upgrades”)

    Oh, and the character customisation is SUPERB, that, is a good addition to the Competitive Multiplayer along with the new moves in climb stances and the dynamic and cinematic things I can’t wait to see in action!


    I never really got into U2’s multiplayer but i am definitely interested in this.

  • jak and daxter is a great game series not uncharted

  • Custom soundtracks! Custom soundtracks! Custom soundtracks!

  • Looking SWEET! All I hope is we don’t get another “1.05” update when the game comes out if you know what I mean :). No but seriously, it looks like Uncharted 3 is improving on EVERYTHING that was wrong with Uncharted 2 and then some! Can’t wait to play the beta, though I will have Infamous 2 to easily tide me over.

  • i can’t wait till this game comes out

  • usedtoiletpaper

    It looks fun.

  • I have wait and have been more than patience and what makes you thing they will finish Friday if they give us only lies

  • Oh but I do agree with DaveedT13, Situational Awareness and anything close to situational Awareness have NO PLACE in Uncharted multiplayer! Please for the 90% of players who can’t stand SA just destroy it! PLEASE!

  • Put…the…store…back.

  • Sexy.

  • cool wish I had a ps3 I only have a psp 2000

  • cool wish I had a ps3 so i could get it I only have a psp 2000

  • forget 33


  • Does the split-screen support ONLINE multiplayer?

    So, you can play with a buddy next to you on the couch AND be online against other people at the same time?

  • I can’t wait 2 play this game ;D

  • Seriously, I am so eager for this its almost obscene. Come on beta! a quick fix to hold me over until November!

  • Great franchise….and it is getting even better. ONLY ON PLAYSTATION 3 baby!!!!!!

  • i have high expectations for this game!
    i know naughty dog will deliver and not

    nate action figures or pvc statues please!

  • It only does EPIC!

  • @Sony

    Any idea if we’re going to get a “Drop” blog post for this week?

    Thank you.

  • as long as it has local muiltpayer t i delfe thing wil be fun eather way

  • oooh man :D

  • UNCHARTED 3’s splitscreen multiplayer enables dual PSN logins.
    “You don’t have to be on some guest account,” Richmond said. “You and your friend can sit down in splitscreen and level up both of your characters. We support two different PSN ID logins.”


  • eyesofreality03

    ok wait a second….DUAL LOGIN SPLIT SCREEN?! i love you guys…..seriously.

  • Everything potentially looks like a lot of fun and I can see myself playing this a lot.

    But please ND, I beg of you to really think about the boosters/weapons mods you’re including into the game. Any one that reveals the location of an enemy is essentially the same as a wall hack. You know how terrible that is balance wise? You know the backlash that the SA booster got in Uncharted 2, YET NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IT.

    I’m hopeful that you guys deliver with this one and listen to our concerns because the game looks like it could be amazing fun. I know this game is the way that you want to make it and that’s fine, but at the very least please aim it to make balanced with the inclusion of boosters and power plays.

    Another one that concerns me is the retaliation booster due to the fact that a whole team could potential spawn with power weapons and that would not make for a fun multiplayer match, which is what you’re aiming for!

    I appreciate the hard work ND, can’t wait to play the beta

    • Good points. I’m eager to see how it mixes up the status quo in online matches — I think it could downplay annoying tactics such as camping, but we’ll see how it pans out!

  • I hope we get an Eddy Raja skin. I never changed my villain skin after he came out.

  • @DaveedT13 (18) I think we should wait for the beta (and final game) to know better how it all balances out. Some of the stuff you mention is only available for a short moment (1 minute , I think) for the losing team, and since there are many of these (called Power Plays , I think) I’ve got the impression they will be activated randomly. Still, let’s just wait to play the game, although I share your concerns.

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