Full PSN Services, including PlayStation Store, Return This Week

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Full PSN Services, including PlayStation Store, Return This Week

This press release just hit the wire – PlayStation Store and related services (like voucher redemption) back this week:


Tokyo, May 31, 2011 – Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced today that Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI, the company) will fully restore all PlayStation®Network services in the Americas, Europe/PAL territories and Asia, excluding Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea by the end of this week. The company will also resume Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity™ for PlayStation®3 (PS3®), PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), VAIO and other PCs. Details for Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea as well as the remaining services on Qriocity will be announced as they become available.

The company implemented considerable security enhancements to the network infrastructure, as well as conducted testing of the payment process and commerce functions. The first phase of PlayStation Network and Qriocity restoration began on May 15 in the Americas and Europe/PAL territories, followed by Japan and Asian countries and regions on May 28, when the company brought partial services back online. With this partial restoration users were able to access to some of the services such as online game play, account management, friend lists and chat functionality were restored. The full restoration of PlayStation Network as well as part of services to become available on Qriocity will include:

• Full functionality on PlayStation®Store
• In-game commerce
• Ability to redeem vouchers and codes
• Full functionality on Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity for PS3, PSP, VAIO and
other PCs
• Full functionality on Media Go

Customers will be able to purchase and download games and video content from the PlayStation®Store on PS3 or PSP. In addition, consumers will have full access to Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity through PS3, PSP, VAIO and other PC’s. Service restoration of Video on Demand powered by Qriocity™ and Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity for a variety of network-enabled Sony devices will be announced later.

“We have been conducting additional testing and further security verification of our commerce functions in order to bring the PlayStation Network completely back online so that our fans can again enjoy the first class entertainment experience they have come to love,” said Kazuo Hirai, Executive Deputy President, Sony Corporation. “We appreciate the patience and support shown during this time.”

The company will be offering customers a “Welcome Back” package of services and premium content to all registered PlayStation Network* and Qriocity account services. The details of this program will continue to be detailed regionally.

* Only available for those countries with access to PlayStation®Store.

We will update the PlayStation Blog when the PlayStation Store is once again open for business.

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  • wow just wow

  • Cheers Sony and Playstation!!! VIVA LA PLAYSTATION

  • Yeaaaaaaaaah , PS Store is coming baaaaack

  • Yes! It’s about time!

  • got my credit card already stored, Im ready to buy

  • Good Job Sony <3

  • Woot!

  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyty!!!!!!!!!

  • just in time for the week before finals! bad timing, but i’m not really complaining.

  • YES!!!!! Bring on the store!!!!

  • been wanting this back more than multiplayer.

    Just not an online playing person, but I want those games.

  • abrushwthgrtnes

    really!? I’m willing to bet it will still be down a week later -____-

  • thanks for finally updating us about the store
    you guys rock!!!!
    can’t wait for shopping spree, i got 50 dollars waiting for you

  • Are the new Black Ops maps going to be in the Playstation Store?

  • LightningZombie

    Wow another not 100% its coming back ETA was supposed to be back by tomorrow the latest now we have another week to wait maybe longer

  • Dice_for_Death_

    Fantastic. Ready to throw my money at your games. Come at me, bro.

  • Blakkternalx520

    well its about bloody time mate!

  • YES! Thank You! I have lots of code’s to redeem and lots of money to spend.

  • Sweet! I had a feeling it’d come back this week. Got me a PSN funds card for the occasion too.

  • Hmm so sunday?

  • Everyone knows that restoring servers of such magnitude can be a tumultuous process and is not without a few setbacks, but time and again you keep rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

    Just wanted to say good job on the tireless, you all deserve a break. And while I may have been critical in my earlier comments (on lack of proper updates, not the downtime), I’m still gonna be (whether I like it or not) a fanboy. Hah!

    It’s so refreshing to see everything return to the way they were. Hopefully we can put this behind us.

    Thank you!

  • On the tireless work*

  • Thx finally, we love you Sony atleast most of us do.


  • wow!! datz really awesome btw will they restore the PSN in INDIA????

  • They wait until the very end of the deadline to announce this.

    Typical Sony lol:P

    But I’m glad it’s coming up this week.

    Also rumor has it that hackers are planning another attack on Sony. I hope you guys are aware of this and prepare accordingly.

  • Yepee!!!! PSN Store Here I come =D

  • musically-_legit

    what about the damn map pack? so much for the 3rd..

  • So not end of the month like announced. Close enough I guess.

  • Finally! Yes!

  • Awesome news!!!

  • This week so u are extending it another week……..why dont you stick wwith the END OF MAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @1

    Have to agree, but all we can do is pray that this info is true

  • is this true or another tale? is real or next week are you gonna say, “store won´t be open this week, more information later and blah bla blah..”

  • So you wait until hours before the date you gave for the PS store being up to finally update the ETA. Thats bad business. At this point I have doubts that this can be trusted. Seems like damage control more than information at this time. A few days ago would have been a good time for this announcement not now at the 11th hour.

  • It better darn well be ready for America tomorrow as promised SONY. Otherwise you lied to us again!

  • time to break out the PSN cards that been a very good paper weight since the outage of the store!

  • “Customers can now purchase and download games and video content from the PlayStation®Store on PS3 or PSP.”

    That is not true. PS Store is still down. You should not say you can do something “Now” unless people can actually do it Now. “Can now” should have been replaced with “will soon be able to”

  • ElementalBliiss

    Finally – DCUO here I come.

  • yea i figured it would be this week due to E3. i called it woot woot. thanks sony.

  • eh the end of 1 month beginning of another same difference. I’ve waited over a month what’s an extra couple days

  • knowing sony it’ll be up at the end of the week so sunday :D and screwwww the effing welcome back package , work out a deal with treyarch for escalation , dont let microsoft crush you. Make the ps4 easier for developers to develop on and please squish the xbox KILL IT DESTROY IT !!!!! EFF it!!!!!!!

  • It better darn well be ready for America tomorrow as promised SONY. Otherwise you lied to us again! Yet, what would be new about that. Absolutely nothing, you have become a compulsive lier as of late

  • about time dude!

  • Coool Sony COOL!!

  • thank you for gracing us lowly peasants with some news

  • I know you guys have been bombarded stress by the bucket load with angst and impatient questions left and right, but do you guys have an estimated time frame for when we can get our first access at the store again this week?

    Also, will you guys even get a break from all this to E3…? I suppose all jobs have their highs and lows, but still… I would hope the guys working on restoration aren’t the same as the E3 team. I can’t imagine the back to back work load if so…

  • This is like the 3rd time sony has given a date and broken it.. fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me..

  • I can wait to get my free copy of Infamous in just before I pick up my Heroes edition next week. Gotta get some shard collecting in before then.

  • Finally!

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