PlayStation Move sharp shooter Origins – Part One

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PlayStation Move sharp shooter Origins – Part One

By now you’ve probably read a thing or two about the PlayStation Move sharp shooter – like the fact that it has a digital trigger, a pump-action grip, and an authentic form factor. But did you know that it originally started life as a side project for Killzone 3’s game director? In this two-part article, we look at the origins of the sharp shooter and the people behind it.

It all began with a Helghast soldier using a PlayStation Move controller.

“We were at a game convention where the PlayStation Move was being demonstrated,” Guerrilla Games Director Mathijs de Jonge recalls. “We had several Helghast performers walking the show floor, and one of them decided to have a go at the PlayStation Move demo booth.”

For Mathijs, the image of a big, intimidating Helghast soldier waving about an innocuous game peripheral just felt off. “I could scarcely imagine him playing a game like Killzone that way,” Mathijs says. “He looked like he should be holding something resembling a weapon – something with a little oomph to it. A peripheral that not only played well, but looked cool at the same time.”

The event got Mathijs thinking about an add-on for the PlayStation Move. “We’d toyed with the idea of designing a Killzone-themed gun peripheral before,” Mathijs says, “but with the introduction of the PlayStation Move, that idea suddenly seemed a lot more feasible. The timing was right as well, because development on Killzone 3 was still in its early stages.”

PlayStation Move sharp shooter (origins) for PS3

Early mockups consisted of kitbashed gun peripherals from other platforms.

Mathijs voiced his idea at a Director’s Panel, where Sony Product Design Manager Ennin Huang was also in attendance. Having worked with the SOCOM team on the first Bluetooth headset for PlayStation 3, Ennin was heavily involved with the development of PlayStation peripherals. “After the panel, Ennin approached us and said he very much liked the idea of a solid, realistic-looking Move add-on,” Mathijs says. “He advised us to put together an official proposal and submit it to the Product Design team.”

For his proposal, Mathijs enlisted the help of Guerrilla Lead Concept Designer (and resident weapons expert) Roy Postma. “Mathijs wanted to design a gun peripheral that could represent the majority of firearms in Killzone 3,” Roy says. “We chose the Helghast StA-11 SMG as our starting point: like most weapons in the game it requires two hands to operate, but at the same time it’s quite compact.”

PlayStation Move sharp shooter (origins) for PS3

The first mockup housed the navigation controller in the rear grip.

Using foam board, duct tape and pieces of gun peripherals from several different platforms, Mathijs and Roy then constructed a mockup roughly approximating the StA-11’s size and shape. The mockup housed the navigation controller in the rear grip and the Move controller in the barrel, while a trigger mechanism in the fore grip connected to the Move’s T-button. This setup, however, proved impractical.

“When you play Killzone 3 on a DualShock 3 controller, you move around with your left thumb and fire with your right index finger,” Roy explains. “Our first mockup had it the other way around, making the setup somewhat awkward for right-handed people. So I went back to the drawing board to design a clip/fore grip that could house the navigation controller. I also moved the firing trigger back to the rear grip, where it normally resides on an StA-11.”

PlayStation Move sharp shooter (origins) for PS3

Guerrilla CEO Hermen Hulst tries out the revised mockup.

Instead of relying on a complicated (and possibly error-prone) physical pass-through mechanism to bridge the distance to the Move’s T-button, the trigger could simply be wired up to the Move’s extension connector digitally. This solution allowed Roy to add additional buttons to the body of the peripheral, saving players from having to reach for the Move controller in the barrel whenever they wanted to reload or swap weapons.

In the meantime, Mathijs worked on the proposal document, outlining the type of user experience he had in mind for the gun peripheral. “I wanted players to experience a sense of joy as soon as they picked up the peripheral,” Mathijs says. “It not only had to look cool and authentic, I also wanted it to feel like a weapon. It had to enhance the overall experience of playing a shooter on the PlayStation 3.”

Check back next week for the second part of sharp shooter Origins, in which the Guerrilla team gets help from their friends at Zipper Interactive!

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  • More “CRAP” posts from SONY instead of bringing tthe store back up
    By the way FIRST

  • @1

    You seriously think Sony wants the Store to be down? Think of all the revenue they are missing by each day. They are working as quickly as possible to bring it back up.

  • Self control number one, god people act like they can’t go on in life without PS Store.

    Keep it up Sony, you are doing a great job.

  • @midknight24, good job kid, this post is one of the editors of the Killzone community. he has no say on the PSN store…anyway, back on SUBJECT…I never got a chance to pick this up, definitely might though if the opportunity arises.

  • @1 The store wont be up until Tuesday at the earliest

  • You should allow to view the images in full format like before.

  • @1
    Sony said from nearly the beginning of the outage that it may take till the end of the month to get everything fully functional. My prediction is that it will literally be the last day of the month since that is a Tuesday, and that is when the store is updated, but don’t hold me to that prediction.

  • got me the sharpshooter. nice to see how it all started, something i would have put together in my garage, lol.
    keep up the good work, and rock’n’roll.

  • yeah, its nice, but we cant see pictures well.

  • Still not a Move buyer. Not enough games, good reviews, accessories, interest, etc.


  • @midknight24

    The first dumb comment…..

  • The move controller is sweet. I wish mine came with custom duct tape. I would like to see more options available like colors or add-ons. Like a scope or a strap to hold it on like guitar hero. Just my opinion.

  • some people *cough* first *cough* r so stupid. first of all, playstation is working really hard to get the store back (keep up the good work sony). some people just can live without playstation network. those people dont have any lives, and they just spend there entire life time playing video games all day and being noobs in the cod series. And back to the subject, i atually never held one of those sharpshooters, or even the actual controller itself. It seems pretty cool, but its almost like a version of that sharpshooter thing for the wii.

  • I can’t imagine playing KZ3 without the Move. For Campaign, I like to use the Sharpshooter….for multiplayer, I sometimes cheat and use the Move by itself. hehe.

  • @1 Jeez you need to calm the f**k down it’s as if u can’t live without
    The ps store Sony said said it’ll come back at the end of the
    Month can’t you wait that long besides Sony
    Knows how u feel

  • so is this going to become a mainstay for first person shooters love the idea of it

  • played killzone3 beat the campaign love the multiplayer it is quite the improvement on multiplayer platform cod is just to generic

  • @1
    Would you really rather this blog be filled with nothing more than non-updates and apologies? You can play online now, so just be patient about the store. I am sure that Sony will soon bring the store back up and you will be able to buy all of the stuff that you can’t afford. I am sure that you never came to this blog before PSN went down, so let me assure you that this article is the norm. This blog is for fans of the Playstation, not for noob kids to complain that they can’t download lego batman or some crap.

  • I actually really enjoyed this post. I find it fascinating to learn about how products go from a conceptual stage to becoming a reality. Keep it up. Can’t wait for E3 hope to her some crazy announcements from SONY. I’m still hope that a Heavenly Sword sequel is still in the works…..wink wink ;)

  • Sweet i wondered about how the Sharpshooter came to be i figured that you just took that crappie WII remote and added on to it to make it the best cont. out there after play 500+ hours on KZ3 with it its still working great and still feels like i just took it out of the box!!! Great Job GG,SONY

  • Sorry about the dumb idiots up there ^^ but beside that, I REALLY want this. like you have no idea. I bought the move bundle with sports and I’m saving up for the sharp shooter now. I love it so much. Dead Space extraction is also so fun with the move. thanks!!

  • SONY does NOT know how I feel hence why I am posting. Secondly I couldn’t give a rats *** aboutSonys or anyone elses feelings for that matter. They keep people in the dark for almost a month then, they feed every line of crap that they can think of to the loyal masses who think that SONY is preaching Gospel. Since then SONY has not hit ANY( and that my friends is documented on pretty every news site) deadlines that they themselves has set.

  • so why even be here or is it just to annoy us that care

  • besides he does not work for sony if you read he is the editor for killzone 3 community probably hates having to blog because he knows he is going to get flak for sony

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  • LOL at more useless time spent of them posting about crap we dont care about nor need seeing as YOUR services still arnt fixed nor are you willing to answer your consumers.

  • “It not only had to look cool and authentic, I also wanted it to feel like a weapon.” And then we painted it white. haha

    But seriously I picked one of these up with Killzone 3 and it has definitely been worth it when I feel like playing Killzone 3, Socom 4, the Shoot, or Time Crisis with the Move.

  • I’d really like to try the sharpshooter, but at $40 it’s beyond impulse-buy range… Especially when I have to consider every game I buy, it’s not something I’m just going to pick up at a store without getting a feel for it and how it’ll affect (hopefully improve) my game. It’d be great if Sony could encourage stores to have one available to try out, which might encourage more sales if it works as well as it sounds like it should.

  • Even though this is a deterrent to keep our minds off of the PSN Store i liked this article :)

  • Cool post. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m a Southpaw, I actually think the original design would’ve been better suited for me.. Any chance I can get a “Left-Handed” edition.. aka.. prototype??

  • hey people at sony can you just give us an update about the store so people stop acting up over it

  • 37 I need a ps3 all I have is a psp 2000

  • Niceeeeee! is good to see some history from the PS3’s accessories

  • The move is awesome, I got the Socom 4 Sharpshooter bundle. The best deal on the peripheral that you will ever get. Just buying the accessories alone without Socom 4 would have cost 160 bones. Got the bundle and the game for 150 and it was a total win. It takes some getting use to, I’ve played quite a few hours with it on Socom and Killzone 3. It’s accurate when you get it set right, which takes a few tries usually. But once you do, it is very fun. Not the best to use online though. I’d recommend just using the dualshock for online play.

  • Has anyone stopped to think that maybe the store is done they just dont want to post it because of the face that they want people to join the protection plan before the start using credit cards again??

  • If there could be an official statement on how best to set up the camera, player position (sitting versus standing), and sharp shooter control settings for optimal usage I would love that!

  • No #40. People started this garbage with the PSN not coming back ever. They are making it FAIL PROOF. No more free stuff for crackers and hackers. It will be back by next week. I think you can count on it. As of a week ago Sony’s projected loss was 170 million since the outage. It will be back soon.

    On topic, I freaking love Herman. My favorite dev interview hands down every time. I own a sharpshooter but can’t make it work for me. I personally don’t prefer it to sixaxis but I havenb’t traded it in either.

  • Sorry 40 I misread your comment. I thought you were saying that it was done, like DONE…not coming back.

  • Hey! More Cool Stuff To Read On The Good Ol’SONY Blog!! I Can’t Wait To OWN A PS3… Until Then… Keep Up The “Makeing Of” Videos. I Like Seeing How They Come Up With New Gadgets.

  • Ohh…I forgot. #1 is a troll.

  • Sony is it true that wii said that you stole their idea

  • I’ve grown very accustomed to using the move sharp shooter for online play and after awhile do better than I normally accomplish with the dual shock.

  • I’ve been wondering on if I bought the move sharp shooter, if it would work for the game THE SHOOT. I have the Cabela rifle, but it only works on one of the Cabela titles. I was also wondering on when more family party games like START THE PARTY and TV SUPERSTARS would be coming for the move, or on if a sequal to Sports Champions is in the work? The gun does look good, but let me know if it works for the SHOOT

  • @ #47 It does not. Unless a title is built around it as a controller it will not work as intended. I tried it with Dead Space: Extraction and The Shoot and it works if the buttons match up in functionality but they don’t on those titles. Think of it like a driver for some device on a computer. If that game patched their software to accept sharp shooter then it would work. But not until then.

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