New Official Wireless Stereo Headset Coming for PS3

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New Official Wireless Stereo Headset Coming for PS3

Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of the enemy approaching your bunker. Only you’ve heard them way before they’ve even seen you and now your commandos are ready to unload. What’s your advantage? It’s simple – the official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset – the latest addition to the PlayStation 3 accessories family.

Official Wireless Stereo Headset for PS3Official Wireless Stereo Headset for PS3

The official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset will be available for $99.99 (MSRP) at retailers nationwide this September. Many more of your favorite franchises, such as Killzone and Gran Turismo, were also designed for surround sound audio. Featuring 7.1 virtual surround sound, the Wireless Stereo Headset lets you hear all the minor in-game audio clues clearly, whether you are in a firefight in a first-person shooter game or racing for the checkered flag.

Designed with comfort in mind for hours of gameplay, it’s the perfect addition to your PlayStation experience. Connecting the Wireless Stereo Headset with PS3 is made easy with the included USB Wireless Adapter. Precise volume controls and accessible microphone mute make it so you never have to interrupt gameplay to fumble for buttons. You can easily stay informed about battery status, sound controls, etc. with on-screen headset status updates. On top of that, the Wireless Stereo Headset also offers the highest quality voice chat for crystal clear online conversations. The mic is retractable so you can put it away if you just want to listen to music or play a single player game.

We’re very excited to be able to offer you yet another new way to get immersed in the game. Be sure to keep checking the Blog for more information soon.

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  • now if only i can get a voucher for them i would be set

  • Fabrizio_Arturo

    I want one of those!!! Wow!

  • Great I will get one maybe two :) Whats up with store any news yet?

  • tis a nice addition to the market great idea thanx

  • Snoopy_Corleone

    Wonder how they compare to my sennheiser hd 598’s.

    if they are under 50$ i’ll try em but, I”m not paying more for a set of headphones… even if they do look sleek and sexy as hell..

    Especially when my Senn 598’s are a 350$ value..

  • What is it with sony thinking bigger is better that thing looks like a tool belt..I am not gonna waste my money to have a wireless 5,lb headset Id rather spend 80 on a 1,lb wired turtlebeach

  • I’d love one of those

  • Hmm. Looks nice. I might consider getting that.

  • A nice surround headset is a good idea, and it’s something I’ve been looking around for already.

    I’ll probably pick up a Microsoft or third-party headset though unless Sony offers a customer appreciation / welcome back package to me like they’re doing for other loyal PSN customers.

  • Finally, a decent headset. I should have waited for this instead of buying the Bluetooth one

  • those things are huge

  • wow I’ve spent the last three years looking for these because i was convinced that these already existed in some fashion, well there here now and I’ve got my $99.00 ready and waiting!

  • Snoopy_Corleone

    Guys they really aren’t that big.. they are just REAL headphones..

    Not earbuds..

  • Will it work with other devices?

  • HOLY MOLY that looks tight. Will be buying this. Darn it Sony why September? Ahh well at least this gem is coming.


  • @Snoopy_Corleone compare them to the turtlebeach px21 and they are gigantic

  • They look good i might buy 1 soon

  • i would rather wear something comfortable like these look than have something chafing my ear where it hangs from it especially for long periods

  • WOW…Turtle Beach killers?

  • Snoopy_Corleone


    the band holding them together looks bigger but, actual ear part stays about the same as far as I can tell..

    EIther way, after hearing turtle beach once, I will never use them again.

  • Definitely interested in this. Pretty sure I’ll get it, but I’m not sure if I’ll get it right away or not.

  • Only $99.99! And I believe there wireless. Wireless Turtle Beaches are like $250

  • That is a really nice invention, the fewer the wires the better. I also heard “tell tale” Stories that some companies are working or have developed full Surround Sound Head sets.
    Still this Gives those that use the online chats through the PS3 Eye a nice comfortable way to chat privately and so forth.

    I think that this is a very welcomed needed item. Also this would be nice for doing narrations on the PS3 Eye :)
    Not to mention a great addition for use on the PC lol.. Hey will it work for Cell Phones that can use Bluetooth Technologies? That would me nice as well.. So for 100 bucks if it can be used with other items, that would be really great.

  • @Snoopy_Corleone Oh I know but I wouldn’t want a hat connected to a headset it would be uncomfortable..and as for sound of the TB headset you probably just got a faulty pair

  • Bluetooth?

    • The Wireless Stereo Headset does not use Bluetooth. However, rather than having a large base station as with other products, it uses a small USB Adapter.

  • Snoopy_Corleone


    I tried both sets that were being demo’d and I am pretty sure I have even tried them at different locations.

    They always sounded shrill and hollow..

    Especially compared to Audiotechnica ES7’s and compared to Sennheiser HD 598’s well.. there is no comparison.

    I managed to get a USB soundcard + 598’s for under 200$.. naturally sound card is for my pc but, there is really no comparison..

    I have yet to hear a decent sounding set of turtle beaches..

  • Im not buying SQUAT from SONY untill they get their act together. This is just a bunch of BS. Sure buy our stuff make us richer, and we’ll still feed you crap about getting PSN and PS STORE back and running. SONY SUCKS

  • Wow this is perfect I’ve got a step mom who hates profanity (real bummer) and if this works like I hope it does ill never have to worry about that again sounds like a great idea. Now if it comes for no more then $50 to $80 buck that’d be perfect.

  • Oooh pretty. Depending on price, I may get one.

  • Hopefully the components aren’t made by SONY: their audio products suck. Hard.

  • @Snoopy_Corleone Then I really don’t set sounds crystal clear no static or anything even when turned all the way up…I guess there a hit or miss brand

  • It sucks that it has a usb dongle and not direct connect through bluetooth.

  • These look nice. I’ll be waiting for some reviews.

  • @midknight24 Haha whens the last time the fed us anything about the store what like 2,3 weeks ago

  • SOLD!!! 8)

  • i think that looks like a very high quality headset but i’m not stupid enough to spend $100 for a set of headphones. just get a pair for like $30 and thats all. only u people who follow whatever the heck playstation makes or u idiots who want to spend 100 dollars on a pair of headphone for the freakin ps3. and also playstation you can make money buy selling low and alot of people will buy and you make alot of money.
    sockerman out.

  • My god Sony I’m still waiting on a price drop on the $49 Bluetooth headset and your coming out with a more expensive one. I must say Microsoft has you in this area. I just don’t feel I should pay the price of a game or MORE for a decent headset!!!!!

  • looks like an over priced pice of junk

  • It looks nice minus having to connect via usb. Bluetooth would have been much better. The 2 usb slots on my ps3 are always taken with other things.

  • Hmmmm…. Those look pretty sweet, and 7.1 stereo to boot! But you need a usb wireless adapter to connect to it? No bluetooth compatibility? Or does it need to be paired first, and then can be taken out? Guess we will find out, this September.

  • Snoopy_Corleone

    @midknight24 …. nice trolling… I mean you do realize Sony is LOSING a lot of money by not having the store up right? if you don’t have anything to contribute to conversation could you please take it elsewhere?

    @mykallin there is a difference between a set sounding clear and lacking static, and it sounding hollow. I don’t know what your resume is for higher end headphones but, mine isn’t very extensive.. and I still notice a pretty big difference in audio quality between turtle beach and dedicated headphones. If you ever have the luxury try out some Sennheiser hd 598’s or other sets. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of experience or options to go and listen to headsets before buying so I don’t have the luxury of hearing many different headsets but, if you ever get a chance definitely try out some higher end headphones..

    I never realized just how bad earbuds sound until I got a higher end pair of headphones.

  • Now who else want Cross-Game chatting with this thing?


  • @explosive78 you don’t have to get the official PlayStation Bluetooth just go to a Kmart or Target and get one from a good company for like 30

  • i live in ontario canada and i’m waiting for the playstation store to open. it rights “undergoing maitenance”.
    you got playstation network but where is the store. iwant to download demos.

  • @mykallin
    EXACTLY. So we are supposed to blindly buy anything that SONY comes out with now,? Thats funny Sony comes out with the first official wireless headset for 99.99. What sets this headset apart from any of the rest? ITS THE ONLY WIRELESS HEADSET THAT CAN BE HACKED LOL SONY SUCKS

  • Snoopy_Corleone


    You and I clearly have different opinions.. Your going to use the headset with EVERY game so why not spend more money on it?

    I mean you do realize how expensive good headphones alone get right?

  • i have a question not to get off topic but why is everybody so upset about the store? Did you take the time to think maybe the store was the weak link in the system? that’s why it’s taking so long to fix. it just seems like some people get up in the morning just to complain about Sony. im not defending Sony im just looking at all possiblities. the store will be back as soon.

  • WIN!

  • @midknight24 the store will be up on 5-31-11 As it was mentioned by Jeff R on the blog on Tuesday. dig it up.

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