New PSP Limited Edition Entertainment Pack for Dads & Grads

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New PSP Limited Edition Entertainment Pack for Dads & Grads

These days parents play games as much as their kids, so for Father’s Day we’re making what to get Dad a whole lot easier – introducing the newest Limited Edition PSP Entertainment Pack. This high value PSP bundle includes a “piano black” PSP-3000 system, 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo and two of our biggest portable titles — MLB 11 The Show and Gran Turismo.

Limited Edition PSP Entertainment Pac

Available this June at retailers nationwide for $159.99 (MSRP), this Limited Edition PSP Entertainment Pack will allow you to play like you’re in the big leagues with MLB 11: The Show or feel the edge-of-your-seat racing excitement of Gran Turismo. With this kind of value, there’s no doubt this bundle is a great gift for dads or grads everywhere. Enjoy!

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  • I might just pick this up :)

  • I got my psp go for that price and I got 3 games free and I don’t like baseball but I’m a fan of GT

  • Darn, just bought a new PSP a couple of months ago. ^^Hey, you’re Rob the Tech Guy lol.

  • If i did not already have a PSP i would totally pick this one up! I am thinking about getting the COD bundle for ps3 tho since i dont have one.

  • Bring Patapon 1 -3 to ps3 via your new remaster thing….?

    Do it. No, no … DO IT.

  • Jerometheknight

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  • nice , any pre E3 NGP news ? who will be providing the 3G service ?

  • Chaotic_Renegade

    who cares about this. get the store up I want my plus games back. I traded my 80 gb in for a 320 gb less 5han 12 hours b4 the psn went down and now I have 0 downloads on my ps3.

  • Great deal!

    And to all the PS Store hermits: Go outside.

  • Jerometheknight

    Fly back to ur bird nest Good fella lol

  • Chaotic_Renegade

    @9 with all the tornadoes in the past few days I am afraid to go outside :( lol………but in all seriousness, I have plenty of other stuff to do than sit and wait for ps store, im just bored right now waiting on the other stuff to start

  • A very nice package, both games are well deserving. I’m still waiting for that NGP. :D

  • Been considering a PSP purchase since early April (missed the Gamestop PSP+LBP deal by a couple of days). Held off lately due to the PSN outage and not knowing if I’ld be able to sync with my PS+ account and transfer all my minis and PS1 games. Might as well hold off a little longer now. June is in 6 days, why no release date?

    PS – Happy to be able to log back in and post.

  • Hmm clearing stock for the incoming beast eh? Sweet deal Sony

  • Looks like a sweet deal, I’m all set with my psp though, waiting for details on the ngp :)

  • This is a sweet deal but why get a psp now, right before the NGP. I have a psp go and it awesome but sony you promised 10 years for each console/portable and kill the psp go. Is this a sign of things to come?

  • Stop offering bundles nobody wants and fix the PSN store.


    Sony you are on a roll with your jokes this morning!

  • nygiantsfan1675

    that’s a nice bundle to pick up if i didn’t have a psp already lol

  • If I didn’t have their PS3 brothers already, I probably would have gotten the PSP-3000 before the NGP.

  • this sucks balls, i just bought my psp on april 21 ( not knowing the PSN was down ) and i had to buy everything to go with mine. Did not come with a memory card..that cost me 30 bucks…and it came with a stupid madden 11 game

  • Hi Crystal, im going to say what I just said about the just announced Call Of Duty bundle. Sony needs to “Step-Up” their limited edition offerings, more specifically the hardware itself. A breath of fresh air if you will, but a branded PS3 and Dualshock is what the doctor ordered! I hate to say this but Microsoft always gets the cool [DELETED]. I mean there should be no reason we cant make this happen, with all the 1st party developers and HUGE HITS like Infamous, Resistance, Uncharted, etc. and etc. All I want is Kratos’ blood splattered all over my white Dualshock 3! Please spread the word.

  • That’s a really sweet deal if you like sports games.

  • i was going to buy one in june anyway but now i no wat one this will save me 50 to 60$ off the way i was going to get it and stell get 2 free game’s… i was goin to spend 200$ for just mem and game sys…

  • $39 in savings? How so? They should release more colors here.

  • Why are we never hearing anything new for pspGo? I mean it is newer, it would be like promoting the ps2 and try to sell it more than to try to sell the ps3. The pspGo is newer and better and still i have yet to see any bundles/promotions for it. And it would be nice to hear more about the NGP (Nintendo Got Powned). Still no matter what you do i will always be a sony fan!!!

  • they lie cuz it’s more then a 39$ saveing lol

  • what we really need is the store. hows it comming?

  • with the pspgo u take a chance of loseing all your game’s and psn goin down like it is now and not being able to play it with the psp 3000 u have umd’s so u dont have to worry at all…

  • @30

    Yea, but with UMDs they are bulky, and drain the battery. And if you download games and as you say, loose them, which i dont see how that could happen, you could still redownloade them for free, just look at your download list and you can redownload them as many times as you want!!


  • @22

    I couldnt agree more!! Whats the point of buying these so called ‘limited edition’ bundles? I mean once you take it out of the box you cant tell a difference, I just bought a new 320 move bundle to replace my old 80gb fat, and honestly if sony would open there eyes to what the people want and possible make a restance 3 bundle where the system and dualshock were actually restiance 3, like mabey the coverart on it, but they should also start offering the 320GB in bundles!!! The bigger the better right? SONY LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!!


  • I’ll wait for NGP!!

  • SolidusSquirrel

    I find it funny that the bundle shows the UMD cases but when you open the box you get a flimsy little cardboard sleeve instead. This happened with the old Ratchet Bundle I bought a while ago. I’m pretty sure it’s the case here. Really annoying to those who collect.

  • This great. I remember i paid 300 for my psp when it 1st came out . Now to get two great games @150 is very good.

    Keep up the good work sony

  • I still think the PSP GO is the best bet, yes it is a little more expensive but the level of portability is amazing. The one thing that I did was to buy an additional 16gig card to put in it and now I have all my games that I bought on the device with no need of the PSN should it go down again.

  • idk while this sounds like a good reality it would have been better if you had included a 4bg or even 8gb memory card for this bundle.besides, this system is nearing is death because of the ngp so if i were people i would wait for another price drop and bite in order to play some store/psone games.or just wait for the ngp with all its perks and whistles…just saying..

  • really@37 a pspgo a better choice? really?! XD

  • i haven’t played a hand helds since game boy. of course they have improved but i just cant get into it. id like to try it but for some reason i still feel the second i buy one they will discontinue it and stop making new games…..its just my luck

  • Actually that kinda bothers me…..will the psp be around for a long time? should i buy it? or should i wait for the next big thing….and if i do will old psp games work on the next gen?

  • 2 GB? Really?

  • Did someone (#37) really just say that the PSP Go is a better deal than the PSP-3000?

    Oh my…

  • you can buy the 3000 and still go to the store and get dlc games and content just like the go right? or is the 3000 disk based only? guess i could pull my head out and do some research….lol

  • Nice! This is a great deal for people that want to get into a PSP at a great price. I am rolling the MGS peacewalker limited edition and I am eagerly awaiting the NGP. Can’t wait to get a hands on at E3!

  • How about bundling this up with the NGP!!!

  • Any news on a release of the NGS and how much storage space you’ll have on it or a price?

  • @doodooshorts. You will be able to play psp games from the ps store on the ngp. PSP will be around for awhile. They will probably do what they did with the older systems. Slowly stop making games for it. I have a PSP Go and it is better than the regular PSP systems. If you intend on just buying games on the PS Store. I have two GOs just need a new battery for one of them. I have a ton of PSP games from the PS store. Just wish they would release some other good one they haven’t put on the PS store. Hey sony what about some imports like you have with the PS1. We want them for PS3 and PSP. What about Final Fantasy 1 and 2 and tactics PSP versions on the PS Store. Come on Sony hurry up.

  • It’s pretty bad that Sony is still only including 2GB memory cards, I have two 16GB cards and they’re full!

  • This is solid. Those 2 games alone have over 300hrs of play time if not more. If you dont like baseball think again, MLB is really amazing.

  • @ 48 thanks! yeah it looks like ill just be buying from the store…..inexpensive and convenient when its working. ill probably just go with the go. hell, its getting pretty cheap…and when the holidays roll around they will probably be even cheaper!(scratch that, inexpensive! not cheap lol)

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