NIS’s PlayStation Lineup: Bleach, Atelier Totori, Disgaea 4, ClaDun x2

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NIS’s PlayStation Lineup: Bleach, Atelier Totori, Disgaea 4, ClaDun x2

It’s good to be back, doods! We announced some PlayStation 3-exclusive titles last Friday, including Bleach: Soul Resurrección for this summer and Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland, the latest installment of the Atelier series, also coming exclusively for the PS3. And we had great news for ClaDun fans as we also announced the PSP title, ClaDun x2, coming only on the PlayStation Network! I come bearing info for all three of these games, so sit back and check it out along with a new must-see Disgaea 4 trailer!

Bleach: Soul Resurrección

First up is our brand new title, Bleach: Soul Resurrección for PS3. We are really excited because a lot of us in the office are fans of the anime and manga. Soul Resurrección is the first Bleach game to reach the PlayStation 3, and we’re excited to host its big debut! Soul Resurrección’s plot places you as the main protagonist in the series, Ichigo Kurosaki, closely following the current story arc unfolding in the anime/manga, in the land called Hueco Mundo. Along with your friends, it is your job to stop the evil Aizen who threatens the peace of both the Soul Society and the World of the Living with his army of evil Arrancars. It’s up to Ichigo and the rest of the Soul Reapers to destroy the Arrancars and bring a stop to Aizen’s evil ambitions. That’s really all I can say about the story so far. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you all!

Bleach: Soul Resurrección is a hack-and-slash action game. It features beautifully cell-shaded graphics that helps maintain the anime feel of Bleach we have come to know and enjoy. Within the game you will find various modes including the main Story mode that will allow you to play as various characters from the Bleach universe as the battle against Aizen unfolds. In total there are 21 selectable characters, so needless to say, the game is jam-packed! Each character his or her own unique combo moves that can be performed both on the ground and in the air to inflict crazy amounts of damage on the Arrancars! As you defeat Arrancars and bosses, you will also collect “Soul Points” that can be used to upgrade your character by using a character upgrade map system. This upgrade system is unique to each character, so there is plenty of replay value to level each character to their fullest potential. Be on the lookout for Bleach: Soul Resurrección exclusively on PlayStation 3, coming this summer! Don’t forget to check out the official trailer too!

Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland for PS3

Atelier series fans! We are happy to announce that Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland will make its English debut on the PS3 this fall. For those new to the Atelier series, Atelier games are RPG-style games that focus on adventuring and alchemy. Atelier Totori is the latest installment of the series, starring a girl named Totori. Young Totori decides one day that she wants to become an adventurer, so she decides to open a small workshop (“atelier”) to fund her quest. Along the way you encounter a bunch of brand new friends to help you in your adventure and you’ll notice a few familiar faces (as the story takes place a bit after Atelier Rorona) from previous Atelier games that will appear to help.

One of the new features included in Atelier Totori is the incorporation of MP (Mana Points) for Totori and party members during battle sequences. In the previous Atelier game, Atelier Rorona , players’ special moves relied solely on HP, which would deplete the corresponding amount from your health pool. This time around, players can look forward to having access to both MP and HP, and we hope players will appreciate this change to the turn-based combat system. It wouldn’t be an Atelier game without alchemy, so you all can look forward to hundreds of synthesizable items! Since Totori is bent on becoming an adventurer, a lot of the game’s focus is pointed toward exploring new areas. You will gain licenses to access different areas — most brand new, a few familiar. Lastly, like the previous Atelier games, you can look forward to multiple endings depending on your actions during the game. Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland is set for release this fall. Check it out, dood!

ClaDun x2

ClaDun x2 for PSPClaDun x2 for PSP

Last but not least for our newly announced titles, we have ClaDun x2 for the PSP, which will be available exclusively on the PlayStation Network this summer! For those who aren’t familiar with the ClaDun games, they are exciting action-based dungeon-crawling games that also incorporate RPG facets. Graphically, ClaDun x2 has a classic feel to it, as the graphics scheme pays homage to the pixilated characters of old-school 8-bit games. The premise of the game is to progress through dungeons and level your party members, any one of which can take the role of the main character. You know the phrase “You are only as strong as your weakest link”? This phrase in essence sums up a lot of the “leveling” in ClaDun x2. The whole process is facilitated through a “Magic Circle” system. There are various ways to structure your group, and which characters you place in your Magic Circle will determine their strengths (and weaknesses).

In ClaDun x2, expect more dungeons, updated weapons, more items, more Magic Circles, new monsters, and of course new custom character classes. However, there are a few noteworthy changes to discuss, including an updated character edit system: Now you’re now able to edit your character’s appearance even more than before, this time including movement animations, and even weapons! Last, if you enjoyed the “Ran-geons” from the first ClaDun, you’ll be happy to know that they’ve made the transition to ClaDun x2. We are also happy to announce that “Neo-geons” and “Tri-geons” have been included in the new ClaDun. “Neo-geons” allow you to change certain variables within them, such as weapon and item drop rates, monster levels, and more. “Tri-geons” allow players to choose different paths of difficulty within them, and depending which path is chosen, item drops, item rarity, and monster difficulty will change. If you have a PSP and are looking for an awesome “pick up and play” style dungeon crawler, definitely try out ClaDun x2. It’ll be available on PSN this summer!

Disgaea 4 Trailer

Before I sign off here, I want to leave on a strong note: please take a gander at the Disgaea 4 trailer above. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must-watch for anyone that’s a fan of the series, or for anyone that enjoys humor in general! For more info, check out our Disgaea 4 website.

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  • I’ve never played an Atelier or Disgaea game, but maybe I will now after seeing that trailer :)

  • I will be buying a few of those.

  • I hope bleach dont flop:( graphics look good

  • At least they’re not slated for release for a couple months. Hopefully by then Sony will get everything up and running by then.

  • Clan dun looks like fun zelda style crawler. Now is Disgaea 4 hitting psp as well?

    • Greetings, dood!

      Disgaea 4 is slated for PS3 only so far. ClaDun does have a bunch of similarities to Zelda, but it also has some really cool RPG elements to it too! Definitely check into it, it’s a real fun “pick up and play” style dungeon crawler.



  • I’ll be buying Bleach for sure

  • Sweet. I will be buying all of the above. Looks like Pokemon meets Zelda. Keep it coming DOOD!

  • lol @ Phillyblunz QQ’ing. Go outside you hermit.

    In any case, Disgaea 4 will be mine!

  • Will buy bleach if it has the Japanese voice tracks, otherwise I’ll import it and take my chances.

    • Greetings VixDiesel,

      At the moment we still haven’t gotten word if they will be included or not. As we get closer to launch I’ll hopefully be back on with some good news!



  • i cant wait for bleach!! im still undecided on disgaea 4(but when it hits i know i’ll just be a sucker and buy it anyway).

  • Also I’m looking forward to Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland. Had to import the first game because every where was selling the first game over$80

  • Sweet, thanks for posting this. I been wondering about Bleach and Disgaea 4, now are stores taking preorders on them?

    Because I know are GameStop hasn’t yet.

    • Hey Cat_Corye!

      Thanks for reading, dood!

      Most retailer preorders haven’t started just yet. The only one I know of so far is on The rest should be available in the upcoming weeks!

      Have an awesome day!


  • Sorry, but what is NIS?

  • I love you NISA. Will definitely be buying Disgaea 4, Atelier Totori, and Cladun x2.

    Just waiting for Totori and Disgaea 4 to be available for pre-order on your site. I usually buy your stuff on your site for the extra goodies.

    • Hey Mister-Nep!

      Thanks for the kind words, dood!

      Our preorder reminder service is currently available for Disgaea 4, and Totori should be in a few weeks. Make sure you’re signed up for the Prinny Bomb, as the official preorder annoucement will go out in that!



  • Oh Forgive me Nippon Ichi Software, of course it is!

  • Never poked my nose into any Atelier games myself, but going by that description its very much a traditional turn-based jrpg? I’ll be adding that to my upcoming games on interest list.

    • Greetings megamixer!

      Battle/Adventure wise, Atelier games share a lot of the standard turn-based elements in regards to fighting, leveling up, and exploring. One of the differentiating factors in the game itself is that outside of battles you’ll be doing some gathering of materials for Alchemy while you adventure. You create the majority of all your inventory items/weapons through alchemy, so some time is spent doing synthesis on the side.

      I hope this info helps!



  • I’ll definitely be picking up Bleach and Atelier Totori. But I’m not a huge fan of downloading full games for PSP, cause then I can’t do anything with it if I don’t like or after I’ve finished it. It just sits there.
    And I haven’t wanted a Disgaea game since I played the first one, so 4 will be a pass like 2 and 3 were.

  • Atelier Totori and Disgaea 4 already have my guarantee’d purchase.

  • Best news all week, I will pass on the BLEACH game but the rest are must buy and SE pre orders. Very excited for Disgaea it looks amazing :)

    Thank you NISA <3

    • Hey Citrean,

      You’re welcome, dood!

      Hopefully we’ll have some good news on Totori’s release in the upcoming months! The Disgaea 4 Premium Edition is going to be awesome with that Fuka figurine!

      Have a great day!


  • Is BLEACH going to have english subtitles with Japanese dub? I really don’t like the localized actor choices or dialog choices for the US.

    • Hi KazeEternal,

      At the moment we are still in the process of confirming if we will have both language versions, but I should be able to come back on to the PSN blog in the upcoming month or so to give you an update!



  • Thanks for bringing these to NA. Can’t wait for Totori.

    • Heya l3rand0!

      Definitely, dood! I’m really excited to play Totori myself, I got to work pretty closely with the crew here on Atelier Rorona last year, so I’m looking forward to the next installment!

      Have an awesome night!



  • I’ve never heard of Atelier Totori before, but it sounds like just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been missing turn based fights since FF went to hell. Thanks for pointing this out to me, I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

    • Heya NeoHumpty!

      We should have more info on Totori soon, including the official trailer. Since it’s been out in Japan, it should be pretty easy to track down some game-play footage for the turn-based battle. Definitely check it out!

      Have a great night!



  • Thank you NISA. At least one publisher who is true to their fans and not swept up in this AAA or bust b.s. mentality. I’m generally disappointed with the games industry this gen for any number of reasons, but I’ll be buying your games regardless of whether I play them or not, just to give you my support.

    • Hi Christian399!

      Thank you, dood! It really means a lot to us to hear that. Our fans are a definite consideration in everything that we do here at NISA. We truly appreciate your constant support!!!

      Rock on, dood!


  • I’m definitely getting Bleach and Disgaea 4. I have a question though, does the story start from the Substitute Soul Reaper story arc? You know from the very beginning of the anime or does it only start from the Arrancar story arc? Oh btw Captain Aizen can kick rocks.XD

    • Greetings Bigmouthkid!

      I can confirm the story revolves around the Arrancar story arc, so the game contains recent events that have been happening in Hueco Mundo.

      I hope this info helps!



  • … hm i need store ! :-)

  • Any word on special edition packaging for Totori? Nendoroids and paperweights, perhaps?

    • Heya tacotaskforce!

      We don’t have anything official that we can announce just yet for Totori, however we are working on it, dood! Be on the lookout for the announcement in our Prinny Bomb, and then here on the PSN Blog too!

      Have a great night!


  • Out of that list, only Disgaea 4 interests me.

  • will bleach have Japanese voice over as well?… really hate the English dub

    • Hi wocybo!

      At the moment I can’t confirm or deny that it will be in there just yet, however I should be able to come back on the PSN blog to update everyone in the near future!

      I hope this info helps!



  • That Disgaea 4 trailer is awesome.

    • Heya Robbie_G_Irish!

      Thanks, dood!

      The Prinnies here at NISA are super excited for Disgaea 4!!

      Only a few months until launch!!!!



  • As an RPG & Anime fan I am impressed. Cladun is a sweet lil series….this is an RPG…omg classic! Cant wait to play x2!

    Now I just need a PStore to buy these things from…dagon PSPgo…dagon download only….

    • Hi WastelandDan,

      I too am excited for ClaDun x2. The “Tri-geons” and “Neo-geons” are looking pretty cool. Aside from the normal dungeons I think they’ll bring a lot of re-play to the game.

      We should be announcing the official ClaDun x2 website fairly soon on!



  • Oh man… i was hoping bleach would start from the beginning.

  • Bleach! Hell Yeh, Im going to get that!

  • Man, Disgaea 4, already preordered it at Gamestop. It’s a “MUST HAVE” for RPG fans :D can’t wait.

    • Hey NeoPhantome!

      You know it, dood! Disgaea 4 is looking great. The HD-sprites really make the characters look awesome!

      Have an awesome night!



  • @12 Gamestop here is taking preorder already since a month for Disgaea 4 (Canada)

  • Disgaea 4 is a must why September it should be next month

    • Heya Shadow_Kamui!

      I know! I wish it could be out sooner. I’m making the Prinnies work extra hard ^^

      Have an awesome night, dood!


  • Loved Atelier Rorona! Gotta finish it up though! I’ll definitely be getting Atelier Totori. I wonder if there’ll be any special things with it, like an art book. I thought that was a nice touch to Atelier Rorona! It didn’t cost extra, and it was nice to have!

    • Hi azariaspice!

      We’re playing with a bunch of ideas in regards to extras for the Totori release. I can’t tell you anything specific just yet, but you should check out our Prinny Bomb newsletter signup on our webpage. It’ll have all the Totori announcements on it as we make them!

      Have a great night!


  • Wanna know whats up on the psn store,yes its great to be back online,but i cant play games like Fight Night Champion,or MK9 because those games have access codes you have to enter at the psn store to play online! Thanks.

  • @37…Sony likes keeping its PAYING CUSTOMERS in the dark….but glad to be online though lol :)

  • What about Final Fantasy 13 Versus?

  • What about Final Fantasy 13 Versus? -_-

  • Bleach looks awsome
    Cant wait to get it. Just hope the story doesnt have all those fillers like the anime, in the middle of hueco mundo. Collecters ed would be great 2.

  • Will there be an option to use Japanese voices on the Bleach game? I’ll be getting Disgaea 4, though.

  • I love NISA and definitely plan on buy (most) of these. The Bleach game is a Dynasty Warriors-esque game and those are… blegh.

  • Thankyou Sooo much Sony. You guys just made my summer by announcing bleach for PS3 in N.A

    Btw what does NIS stand for?

  • @44 Nippon Ichi Software

  • “You create the majority of all your inventory items/weapons through alchemy”
    That sort of thing tends to overwhelm me in games but is also what faqs/guides are for. I don’t mind grinding for materials so long as I know how to put them together in a non-wasteful manner. Should be fun. :)

    • Hi megamixer,

      The synthesis in the game is pretty easy to get into and there are tutorials to really help you get the hang of it in the beginning. The first couple of areas make it easy for you to gather and make things using alchemy, so the learning curve is pretty minimal.

      Also, depending on which you choose to do more, there are different story paths or events you can unlock, so you could technically focus more on adventuring on your first playthrough and do the bare-minimum of alchemy to get by. Getting the best ending in the game will require a really good balance of the both ^^

      Hope this helps!


  • Man, I’ve been dying for Disgaea 4 ever since I saw it was coming to Japan. I still love Disgaea 3. Wish my PS3 was backward-compatible so I could play the first two again, too.

    Hey, NISA, any chance you’ll re-master the PSP ports of Disgaea 1 and 2 like Capcom is doing with Monster Hunter? Or a PS3 HD compilation of the first two games using the Disgaea 4 engine? Man oh man. Laharl’s campaign is still my favorite, but I would love to replay it with all the battle system enhancements of the later games.

    • Greetings derFunk!

      I’d love to see a remastered version of the older Disgaea games! I haven’t heard of any plans to do that just yet, but that still is an awesome idea! I’d love to see Laharl in HD-sprites, hehehehe.

      Have a great night!


  • Thanks Ryan, can’t wait.

  • Bleach! I have been waiting for this!

  • Must own Disgaea 4.

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