MotorStorm Apocalypse: Multiplayer Q&A

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MotorStorm Apocalypse: Multiplayer Q&A

With online multiplayer back in full swing, legions of MotorStorm Apocalypse owners are already enjoying this chaotic racer’s enhanced 16-player races. But not so long ago, we solicited your MotorStorm Apocalypse questions via Twitter and posed them to Evolution Studios Art Director Simon O’Brien to get the full story.

MotorStorm Apocalypse for PS3MotorStorm Apocalypse for PS3

Jeff learned more about the artificial intelligence improvements, why a certain degree of “rubber-banding” is necessary for competitive races, how epic events mid-race can upset your carefully laid plans, and how MotorStorm Apocalypse takes its multiplayer cues from online shooters in the form of deeply customizable vehicles and races. O’Brien also details how players earn XP in the form of “Chips” that unlock new emblems, vehicle parts, and other customization options that affect your racing style — whether it’s sneaky and strategic or fiercely aggressive.

Have you tried MotorStorm Apocalypse online? What’s your favorite track and game mode so far? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Glad to see Sony keeping up with the same old not releasing any updated info about the Playstation Store. Way to neglect your PSN Plus customers & console customers.

    • Once the final details are ready, we’ll share them with you immediately. Thanks for your patience.

  • this game is great

  • @1 stop crying!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why was this game released? I’m sure millions are still offended by the tsunami attacks in Japan.

  • Motorstorm Apocalypse is still at times mindblowing. Nice direction for the series! Online is awesome.

  • Is this game gonna have a demo?

  • @3 Pay my bills then I’ll let you tell me what I shouldn’t do, till then shut your pie hole.

  • i have a feeling the PSN store wont be back up tommorow. shouldnt sony have informed us aswell ? or atleast let us know if that information is false…. ANYWAYS let me go on topic before some foo yells over the screen at me for mentioning psn store. soo um yea, this game looks kool.

  • I received an email for the Motorstorm Apocalypse demo before tragedy struck Japan.

    Whenever the PS store is restored, will the Motorstorm Apocalypse demo will be finally active to download or will it never be active??? Thanks.

  • Great game. I like it. The online is cool but at times i find one or two people ahead by 10 seconds and that is getting annoying. Otherwise cool online game play and i also like the bets.

  • @7 They did say it was false, just not on the blog. You have to actually go off of a Sony site to get information about it. That’s kind of pathetic in itself that the only way to get information is for other blogs to make up information such as the PSN Store being turned on tomorrow. I don’t care if they say well we have no real ETA on when the store will be up but we expect it under 2 months, even that would be suffice but they give no information at all. Their PR handling is garbage.

  • @3 you cry like a sally!!!!!

  • why play it in first person , then you dont get to see your car get beat up :P

    • Good point! I am a first-person man when it comes to racers, but MSA does make a good case for swapping to third-person. :)

    • FPS driving in Motorstorm Apocalypse is a must and my personal favorite. Especially in glorious 3D! There’s even a Trophy tossed in for kicks.

  • been waiting the whole weekend to post and you guys were missing in action.whats up with that?
    off topic- any news on wizardry or any other rpgs that you guys might offer soon??:0
    let me tell ya that i’m sick and tired of playing disgaea 2 just after i finished playing tits aka trails in the sky.i also finished playing pacman DX so in other words i’m boreed right now.. :0

  • Now back to topic. I picked this game up last night after seeing a game play video, I never got into the others too much but the buildings crumbling and coming down during the race looked sick enough to turn me into a believer that this game will sink it’s hooks into me & get some quality time in my PS3.

    They did a great job from what I could see but won’t give it a test drive till PSN Store is up so I can enter the premier pack code. However if the game play is as smooth as the video looks kudos to the devs & double kudos for the awesome effects on the collapsing buildings & other environmental sections throughout the game.

  • @11 I agree 3 cries like a Sally. Einstein. lmfao

  • I LOVE IT! ! ! Really AMAZING online it is :P

    One thing i would love[not sure if its possible tho]is if you could have 4 player split-screen with online play at the same time? You can play it with 2 player split-screen + with online people. That would be ACE!;)

  • yea i aggree with you PorkNBeans. that kind of information should be on this site. not third party sites i have to google. oh and dlhdav7 i think you may have dissed yourself….. shame.

  • omg, if you guys were trying so hard to bring the ps store back online then why are you not givin us any details. you would if you didnt have anything to hide

    • There’s nothing to hide, just nothing to share yet. Once the details are final, trust me, they’ll be on the Blog lickety-split. Thanks for being patient!

  • im sorry about my last comment. i didnt really have a ot of information……


  • Hmmm, I’ll try the demo thats for sure :D. I’m not much into race games but this one should be interesting.

  • @Sid do you know if we are having a 4th playstation blog e3 meet up?

  • the welcome back rewards need to be tweaked. you offered fine titles but the catch there is most of the userbase already owns most of them!
    the vast majority of those affected by the outage will not benefit from your offer.

  • cool looking game!!! i should check here for news more often….sadly ive been getting my playstation news elsewhere. (seems its the only way to get new news)

  • really bring back the store already ffs

  • Insult fail @12

  • Chaotic_Renegade

    Store info now plz

  • I reserved and bought motorstorm Apocalypse from gamestop n threw away my reciept but i forgot about the dlc it came with ( dynamic theme and supercar). I went to gamestop to see if they could re print the reciept but they said no, any way i could get that dlc?

  • @24 I sure will, i have been looking all over the place for Little big planet for psp and i can not find it in any store in my area. But i do see your point!

  • @27 It’s not all number 12’s fault that he failed… My aura of awesomeness redirected his fingers in the right direction forcing him to input a 3, I used the force. LMAO

  • Chaotic_Renegade

    LBP, and super stardust HD FTW

  • Would anyone like to confirm or deny the article gameasutra posted stating that Sony sent them a memo (as well as other publisher/developers) telling that that “barring any incident from now (may 14th) the PS store will be available again May 24th”?

    Id love to know if thats true or not

  • Well your corporate double talk is not flying , me and 70 million other customers are fed up with “soon” “we will let you know” “once the details are ready”. There have been rumors flying around the store to be up on 5/24. At least respond!!! You people at Sony make this out to be some kind of CIA top secret mission. Well this whole debacle has been a joke and alot of us now know how sony really treats its hardcore gamers like myself. Its going to take a long time to earn trust back from us. Yes YOUR CUSTOMERS, the ones who pay your salary. So stop taking the typical Sony conservative approcah and address your customers.
    Wake up, we are anxious to spend money in the store, doesnt this motivate your comapny?

    Thank You

  • @24 I agree with you on that, but in my case it’s that i’m more of a RPG player… like i said @22 i’m not into racing games either… not much for me in that package :(

  • @24 agreed I’m selling my stuff to buy new stuff. I might sell some of those games to buy this game.:)

  • Amen to what Anton71 said.

    Is it really *SO* difficult to put up a blog about the Playstation Store? There are people who have said Sony’s given this date, given that detail. No Sony has *NOT!* There are rumors out there that people are taking as fact.. the problem is that until Sony actually does say it THEMSELVES, they are by definition NOT FACTS!

    It’s not the store being down and that has many people frustrated. It’s the fact that Sony WILL NOT TALK TO US ABOUT IT!

    It’s been a month. MAN UP SONY and talk!

  • I’m looking at buying Motorstorm (I have the first two and love them) but I’d like to try a demo before hand…..from the store :( lol.

  • Tryed the demo and wasnt impressed visually. I think the 3d hurt this one to be honest. Fun yes but it doesnt have that polished PS3 look. Those of you interested wait for the demo as it changed my mind on the purchase. Demo’s are a good thing.

    As far as the store is going you need to tell us you have no clue what your doing or give us a time frame. Some people like myself are still without psn due to the fact we cant redeem online pass’s or download software such as adhoc for our shiny psp’s. Not to mention the numerous psp go noobs I see beggin here. Its not cool to leave loyal customers who simply want to buy your games in the dark.

  • Chaotic_Renegade

    @34 agreed, also if the store isnt back up within the week we better see improvements to the welcome back plan.

  • thats so true Skywise316 .. its not the fact that the store is offline. its the lack of an update about it. atleast can we get something simple as that. well im sure any minute now some one will be jumping on here telling us to shut up about the psn store, ha watch.

  • @34…i agree

  • ALLCLEAR ID PLUS when can we expect info on that?The Europeans got their identity protection info over a week ago and we haven’t heard a word about it.

  • Okey the game have been around here for a while in Europe. So when is that free DLC coming with the free track?

  • Its a little ironic that MotorStorm “Apocalypse” is being released after the real “Apocalypse” was supposed to start the other day.

  • Another off-topic comment here, I’m afraid, but I just wanted to say one thing: the interviewer is really cute.

    That is all.

    (omg I did not just say that! *embarrassed*)

  • It takes a really long time to get to rank 40. Too long.

  • @34 is right… We need some info on the store

  • @Porkybaby

    rumor mill says tomorrow
    Sony says by the end of the month.

    now get some tissue and wipe away those tears.

  • i want LBP DAMNIT Put up the store already

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