Rockstar Games and Sony Joint Statement on L.A. Noire

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Rockstar Games and Sony Joint Statement on L.A. Noire

We have received a very small number of customer support questions about PS3s overheating or shutting down while playing L.A. Noire. At this time, Rockstar Games and Sony can confirm that neither L.A. Noire or firmware update 3.61 are causing the PS3 hardware to overheat. We are both committed to working hard to find solutions to this and any issues that may arise. If you are experiencing any issues with L.A. Noire or your PS3 hardware, please contact technical support using any of the means provided below:

Rockstar Support:
Rockstar Support on Twitter:

PlayStation 3 Support:

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  • Argh! Then what be the problem, matey?

  • My friends 60GB overheated playing L.A. Noire.

  • Another reason to wait til the price drops.

  • Whens the store up???????

  • jeanrmarques_us

    @3 May 24

  • lilyofthevalee2

    @4 and you got this info from . . . where?

  • My PS3 exploded NOT!

  • My only complaint with L.A Noire is I can’t use any of my danged pre-order content. We need the store up soon before we finish the game.

  • I don’t believe it. Even the X360 version is causing freezing issues.

  • My launch 60GB console just shut down while playing. First time I have ever had any issues. Started back up fine though. Going to make sure it’s clean and try again.

  • WoW! Crazy!!

  • lilyofthevalee2

    @8 That is just freezing those. That’s not a complete system meltdown. HMMM, Sony and system meltdowns. Where have I heard this before . . . ?

  • Been playing L.A. Noire on a launch 60GB model and it’s running fine no lock ups no glitches no overheating or shutting down. However I did dismantle my PS3 and put some REAL thermal paste on it a while back which apparently Sony couldn’t be bothered to do in the first place.

    A good preventative measure for the YLoD.

    Anyway thanks for the update Sony, way to get out in front of this.

  • @lilyofthevalee2 its on and Gamasutra. It’s leaked info.

  • its great that we are getting lots of post about games ,but what about an update onthepsstore.almost ther or what is going on, and or if they are going to consider a bigger game list to choose from for the welcome back pack, cuz its not much of a compensation for those whom already playd those games.on another note…………GLAD TO B BACK ONLINE.

  • @5 according to an article on Joystiq. Sony informed dev’s and publishers that the Store would be back on May 24th. Also, there will be Updates to the Store twice week for 2 weeks on Tuesday and Friday. Store updates will be in the order of original release dates.

  • My game auto-saves like every 10 seconds causing my game to lag like crazy, dont think this is normal…

  • no way!!!!. i just left game stop from buying l.a noire. i’m scared to open it now :(

  • No issues with the game here. Played right at 4 hours last night. My console is a 2 month old 160 gig. Incredible graphics and storyline thus far.

  • i have a 60gb and its been sent back to sony 4x for repairs since launch,..
    if it happens again i guess ill have to send it in to sony then sell it for one of the newer models

    omg my fan is sooo loud when playing blurays

  • Me ol PS3’s fans deff kick in when playing the game, but no problems here.

  • I’m running it on a 80 gb fatty model and I’ve had absolutely no problems. Then again, living in the frozen wastelands of Canada = natural coolant for PS3s and other game consoles.

  • Sony has issues with numbers. When they go offline they said a “couple of days” and now “a small number of customer support questions” and they post it to the blog. My trust is slipping………

  • PlayStation store or fail!


    I got a Intercooler fan system on the back of my ps3 with 4 extra fans. Have had it for 2 years, just run a cleaning disc once a week if you play alot. I have had no problem what so ever, I have a 80 gig fat boy bought in in 2009.

  • My fan isn’t kicking in properly by the sound of it and I had been playing the game quite a bit. Now I can;t get it stay on at all.

  • rabidninjamonky

    i was gonna buy it tomorrow. I guess i”m gonna wait a couple weeks now, just to be sure. the last 2 games i preordered were ff 13 and fallout new vegas, so I learned my lesson on that. FF 13 was worst let down ever, and fallout new vegas is still junk even with 3 patches.Hope this is just a coincidence because I really want to play this game.

  • My launch 60gb ps3 overheats and shutdown with just about every PS3 game anyways. I moved on to my slim and it’s problem free!

  • happens after all the big games are released. people let their system sit for months and then play it for 8 hours straight after a new game comes out. the dust and grime has hardened by then because they don’t clean their system now it can breathe… thus overheating.

  • la noire is awsome no reason to wait for the price to drop and no over heating issues here on any game must be your older model systems

  • ………….this is dumb

  • I just finished it on my 60GB, never froze or shut down once. No idea what the problem might be… :(

  • When will the store be online?

  • I’ve put in about 20 hours on LA Noire since I picked it up on it’s release date. I’m on a 120GB slim, and have had no issues at all. I hadn’t even heard about any issues with freezing/overheating until I visited the blog’s front page about 10 minutes ago.

  • @Xanthene My system is never left alone. This is the first issue I have ever had with it and I’ve had it since launch.

  • That happen to me before and its because in hot weather you can’t play your PS3 or it will get over heat really bad. When i play GTA4 in my main room my PS3 overheat really bad so i had to wait until it get little more cooler, if your PS3 does this then you need to make your gaming room more colder in order for your PS3 not to overheat. If you need help or tips on how to do it then mail me on the PS3 or the PlayStation® Community Forums. I’ll have page up for it soon so please come.

    I am the PS3 all this week long and next week too, PS3 slim will overheat really bad if you don’t make your gaming room more cooler or cold. Overheat happens only if its in bad hot days and the key to fix that is make your room or gaming room more cooler or cold.

    PS: Don’t make it to cold or you can make your PS3 break if it gets water in the inside of your system.

    PS: PlayStation® Community Forums here in IL is down so please ask me on the PS3 at best. I should be enable to help you out in anyway.

  • man when it rains it pours, no good news for Sony.

    @32 by the end of the month officially. Rumor mill says next Tuesday is when Sony has been telling developers. The sooner the better for Sony, since free games for customers will make them pipe down for a bit ;)

  • I’ve been playing since the release date with no problems other than it froze once when attempting to access the store during one of my regular attempts to see if they surprised us and brought it back online.

  • come to think of it my ps3 has been freeezing randomly after 3.61 it froze after 5 minutes of being on and i was just looking at my trophies and comparing it with a friend of mine


    Thanks RockStar, Now I know why MY PS3 DOESNT READ GAMES ANYMORE!!!!!! SONY AND ROCKSTAR YOU CAN SEND ME A NEW PS3, and a refund for the game. i will not buy rockstar games ever again. The game SUCKS TOO!

  • Shut the PSN off for weeks, still haven’t brought the store back online and people can’t register their “online pass” to play new games online, and now a firmware update that cooks the PS3 itself? What the heck is happening w/ Sony??

  • Best thing to do is make special room for playing video games and keep it at cool or cold temp at made 70% cold at most i say, math is not my field but you get what i mean.

    Sony i can help with problem that overheats the PS3 system, users need to keep there rooms cold or cooler in order to keep the PS3 from overheating.

  • @SOOPERGOOMAN187 Go back to black ops if your not going to play games by a real company.

  • Might be time to announce that Playstation 4 that you have been hiding. Seems maybe current gen consoles may not be powerful enough for how far graphics have come in the last few years. That and Nintendo and Microsoft are announcing, when can we expect? Of course I realize with all the troubles you have been having recently you may not have the time, but a Faithful Sony loyalist patiently waits for your next gen console <3

  • Glad I waited on this one… Anyone care to shed light on how the first two sentences of this statement can be considered congruous i.e. “There are people reporting a problem with this game on this platform. We can confirm that there is no problem with this game on this platform.”

    …That is unless there really is a problem with the hardware, which does not relate to a firmware update.

    So if I understand, the PS3 is causing itself to overheat, and this is a system fault that does not pertain to any of the software currently running on said system?

    Only way this makes sense: There is a playstation kill-switch being engaged. Most people are playing LA Noire. Therefore, the correlation is strong between those whose kill-switch is thrown and those playing LA Noire?

    Someone help… This statement is truly breaking my brain.


    @jose213jose are you insane, you think people want to remodel their homes to keep their ps3 cool.? It should just Work and not freeze or stop reading disc’s because of a Game or an Update. An update is supposed to fix problems and not cause more. Just bought Socom4, Motorstorm Apocalypse, and LA NOIR.

    Totally not good Sony…..

  • just had a look at the games they going to offer us as a welcome back what a pile of pants

  • It doesn’t matter where the information came from. Sony has already stated several times that the store wouldn’t be up until closer to may 31st. you guys should really read the blog post better and stop repeating questions that everyone else is asking and keeps getting the same answer. Sony notified us as soon as they began restoring the network and they will surely announce when the store is back up. The only reason everyone is begging for the store to be up is so you can get your free items


    @ a7x_RoCk3r go back to your barbies kid. Never had black ops, why didnt you look at my trophies to see that you effin idiot.? Big talker you are, why dont you meet me on Socom 4, oh wait it doesnt work the same as any of my disc’s. And Rockstar aint a real game company, they MAKE ONE STYLE OF GAME. GTA RDR and this JUNK are all the same, where’s the “innovation” like all the other REAL GAME COMPANIES are doing? Get bent ya supid kid.

  • elitescorpion94

    I heard that the playstation store will be back up may 24th.

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