Enjoy Double XP for Call of Duty: Black Ops This Weekend – Only on PS3

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Enjoy Double XP for Call of Duty: Black Ops This Weekend – Only on PS3


Leo Tolstoy once said, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” Ask any PlayStation gamer who missed out on the Call of Duty: Black Ops double XP weekend a few weeks ago, and they’ll tell you: Leo knew what he was talking about. While other platforms soaked up the extra experience points, PS3 gamers had to hang in there while PlayStation put everything in order behind the scenes. In cases like that, patience isn’t a virtue — patience is a pain in the butt.

As the double-XP date loomed nearer, more and more PlayStation gamers wondered if they’d be able to take part in the festivities, and Treyarch – developer of Black Ops – swore to fans that they would not be forgotten. This weekend, they’re quickly making good on that promise, with a double-XP period that lasts from this Friday, May 20th at 10am all the way through the weekend and beyond – the good stuff keeps coming until 10am on Tuesday the 24th. What’s more, that’s going to be even sweeter thanks to a Nuketown 24/7 playlist that’s being added just for the event. Nuketown is my favorite map because it’s small and chaotic – and the close confines often result in high kill counts, which can really push you to the next level of Prestige in a hurry during a bonus XP weekend. It’s a fast, intense map – but don’t let that stop you from uncovering some of Nuketown’s hidden secrets.

So if the two most powerful warriors are patience and time…well, you’ve been patient, and it took some time. This weekend, enjoy being the warrior.

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  • Love Nuketown & why was Nuketown removed from the Headquarters playlist?

  • @Dan Amrich

    Thank you, I’m doing just that!

    COD hands down! Zipper messed up Socom 4 with no lobbies, no pistols, funky camera angle that switches on you in close combat and because they forgot about southpaws with their beta and the game itself. BLAH!

  • What’s that? I think I hear myself not caring since Infamous 2 is coming out in a few weeks.

  • @ Dan Amrich what about the black ops patch?

  • Double XP on Xbox too?

    • As the headline of this article says, “Only on PS3.” Xbox gamers got double XP about two weeks ago, as did PC players — but PS3 folks are the ones who did not have the opportunity to join in, through no fault of their own. So this is a make-good just for the PS3 people who didn’t have the chance last time.

  • Okay so maybe that last comment was a bit mean but seriously I was just way too disappointed in Black Ops. Treyarch’s last two COD games DESTROY Black Ops in every way. I used to have respect for Treyarch but now they are just dishing out a product to meat a deadline, not to make a good game anymore. In other news, INFAMOUS 2 in a few weeks!

    • Well, just so you know…Infamous 2 and Black Ops are totally different games in totally different genres from totally different developers that are on totally different release schedules. I still don’t know what a double-XP weekend for one group has to do with the other — if anything.

  • i dont mean to be rude but whn r we gtting welcome back pack

  • *meat, meet lol

  • Carl on Duty: Black Cops

  • bountyhunter501

    Couldn’t have been better timing! May 24 weekend here I come! :D

  • YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAME TIME >< im hit ten 14th this weekend on 11th now 11th prestige lvl 20 i think lets go I love psn DEATH TO 360 jk what about escalation map pack why not June 2nd like pc to wtf im fillen lonely no map pack yet *breathes deeply* omg

  • HeavenlySnipesx


    …asks the guy on the PLAYSTATION BLOG.

    Oh and Dan, it will be a busy weekend (3 day weekend, Canada FTW) indeed.

  • I love the map nuke town. The nuke town 24/7 idea is just awesome

  • DarthBardock1979

    this is great . i like killing stuff ,it makes me feel like i accomplished something. and now ill get more points for doing it . how awesome is that

  • What about peeople like me who dont prestige, please dont leave a stupid reply.

    • Choosing to Prestige is an entirely personal decision. Many people don’t do it; they prefer to unlock their favorites and stick with them. Double XP weekends are a great time to make that jump since you can cover so much ground on new levels. But if you choose not to do that…well, I guess the double XP goes to waste. It’s up to you, as it’s always been.


    • Sorry, don’t know the answer to that. I’m just a guest blogger here — I don’t work for Sony. I work for Activision, and you can read my stuff over at oneofswords.com.



  • any idea when the rest of PSN is comin back

  • awesome!!!

  • how will we know we get doble of it

  • Awesome i will now rank faster then ever!!!!

  • Too bad black ops is literally the worst call of duty to hit the market..

  • thats all xp is just level up fast

  • i can’t wait until this double xp and i love nuketown so u know i’m going to murk all of yall so get ready for the big weekend my user name is sameer12152000 and u can find me at nuketown oh yeah Dan Amrich when is we going to get 30 days of playstation plus and free downloads.

  • so the people that have cod bo’s get to cruise through the weekend while everybody else is waiting for the store to go up. i have money in my wallet and would like to spend it when ever i want but since the store is down every game i play i cant access the store. how fare is that? i say if the online is up then the store should be up. if HOME is online the store should also be online.

  • so is the psn store realy coming back on the 24th ive got to know

  • Where’s a bad company 2 double xp weekend? I think it’s time you guys support a real game..

    • This double XP weekend is courtesy of Treyarch, the developers of Black Ops. Likewise, the Killzone double XP weekend is courtesy of Guerilla Games. For double XP in other games, you should ask those games’ developers — that’s who makes these kinds of decisions.

  • Damnit, same week as KZ3 double XP :(. I’m going to have to find a way to budget my time.

  • @71 call of duty black ops is not the worst call of duty u just be getting killed so many times that at the end of the match u will have 0 kills and 22 deaths because call of duty is the best shooting game that infinity made and i think u r jealous because u might got the lowest rank and u can’t rank up fast enough like me and also u infinity is not making the new modern warfare 3 some other company is but u still is jealous.

  • Dan, any comments on Modern Warfare 3 since you work at Activision? :D

    • Just that it’s confirmed to be in development and they say they’re going to have more info shortly. And when they do, I’ll be listening and reporting back. :)

  • bad company i snot a real game okay so u can talk smack all u want about black ops but remember what i said on the other comment u r jealous because u can’t rank up fast like me and another reason u is jealous because u know u wrong because everybody got call of duty black ops and people say that call of duty black ops is the most popular shooting game of 2010 and 2011 what can u say about that loser

  • @sameer12152000 Are you actually being serious or are you being a smart a**? Jealous?? >_> I’m not jealous of some piece of s*** that you f* every night because it’s the newest thing..F*** off. Might want to censor my words..it might offend someone..Oh no..Probably a call of s***ty player..

    • Hey, remember the sidebar when you post? “Open to everyone, but don’t be a jerk.” Play whatever makes you happy, but I don’t think you need to use foul language or insult people just to let the world know what game you enjoy playing most. Simmer down.

  • Black ops is only the most popular because it’s over hyped and over advertised. And it’s easy as h*** to rank up..Less than a day of game play to each max level..Are you kidding? Please..Go wack your two inch d*** somewhere else

  • @Dan Amrich
    Since you work for Activision, do you know for sure that there will be quickscoping in MW3?

  • Too bad im busy this week. This always happens to me!

  • How come my NAT Type on Blops on the PS3 is moderate and on the same game through the same port it’s open on the XBox? Any help? I should have to jump through all kinds of hoops to try and open it up, but some help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • activision.com/support has a ton of options — Twitter, Facebook, email, and phone — and they have helped a lot of players with NAT issues, so pick whatever route is most comfortable and convenient for you. That’s why they’re there, and I hope they can help you out!

  • of all the times for my internet to be effed up. damn hackers ~.~

  • Yeah 2XP
    I like that ;]
    Thankk youuu

  • Geee Thanks Sony! Too bad COD is the game of yesterday…

    @Kavewoman If you think socom 4 is messed up then i think you need to quit playing video games, and play an atari or nintendo 64 since you’re an actual cave woman, over there beating two rocks together trying to figure out how to start fire..

    Weak Gamers = need to stop playing video games online..

  • Dan, get a haircut and make a ZOMBIES game, cause COD sucks.

  • you should have a double xp but make it so that you have to use certain weapons or perks to achieve it…that would make the game interesting again, not that its not still interesting, but it would make people use different tactics!

  • LOL, the only map that never gets in rotation is the one for the picture!!! this guys have some one playing the game???
    End then they try to sell new map packs, but the one I already pay never get in the rotation!!!
    This is way I´m dropping out of cod and going back to BF!!!

  • guys the map pack will probly come out a month from the xbox escalation,all the cod map packs do,so it shold be in the first week of june when it come out.i dont work for anyone but im guessing from expireience(i cant spell today)


  • @88 infected

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but there’s no need to try to bring other people down to make yourself feel like a “big man”.

    Open to everyone, but don’t be a jerk.

  • Interesting the last time you activision/treyarch posted here it got killed by hate comments. That was back when the hardcore gamers used to come on the blog, but now since the outage we got a lot more kids/Cod players coming in. It’s also interesting and funny to see Dan replying to all the hate this time but last time it was waay too much to reply back to. However i ain’t a fan of cod, but it’s always interesting to see what everyone’s up to.

  • COD is for scrubs… no skill to play that game at all…. and EVERY DEV STUDIO trys to copy it hence why socom 4 turned out to be the biggest letdown of the series.

  • When does sony get the map pack before microsoft oh let me guess after the new game comes out sometimes microsoft gets on my nerves especially after i got hacked then i swiched to playstation and all was better. And double points weekend=awsome so whoever says b ops is horrrible don’t agree with this!!!!!!!!
    but seriosly when do we get the map packs before microsoft?

    • There’s an agreement in place between Activision and Microsoft for COD DLC to appear on 360 first until 2012. Meanwhile, there’s content for EA’s Dead Space 2 and WB’s Mortal Kombat which is only available on PS3, and it’s not just an exclusivity window — it’s forever.

      So this is just one of those realities of the games biz — everybody’s looking for something to give them an edge, and as it turns out, everybody gets a different one.

  • noone should say any game is not a real game.. if its on the ps3 its a real game :P TrashBox is [DELETED] even the new model gets red rings still and STILL has a higher failure rate than the OLD ps3 hahaha

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