PSN Restoration Timeline Update

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PSN Restoration Timeline Update

I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

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  • Is there a way to restore the part that enables me to use my Netflix account though my Playstation without the Playstation Network itself being fully functional?

  • Xx-K--I--N--G-xX

    take any longer please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • please sony, can u guys try to get the network back on by the weekend because im gettin bored playing offline!!!! its killing me

  • cmon Sony….

  • Xbox is starting to look better and better.

  • I’ve gotten on my Netflix account by just pushing the circle each time to go back, Netflix loads on its’ own. It ends up being two times and it hooks up w/o a problem.

  • Add Ty1109 On PSN ITS BACK UP

  • Thank God the network is back online… LOL @ all this idiots that switched to Xbox 360.. Impatient fools..

  • bout tyme its back

  • Haliluya its a Birthday Miricle today is my bros B-Day and Onlines Back On!!!!

  • Woooooooo!!!! its psp time!!!!

  • now that I can talk on here again, I wanna thank Sony for everyone’s hard work trying to revive the PSN. I dont think I heard anyone talk about psp users on here, and thats all I have until I can get a PS3…. so….. PARTY TIME!!!

  • it’s BACK YAYAYAYAY!!!!!

  • i hAPPY

  • Good Job Sony! Still waiting for PS Store and PSN+, but keep up the good work!

  • Thanks Sony ……. now get back on to those who did this ….. make them pay their due’s ……..

  • Timeline update is that we can’t give you an exact date…awesome.

  • I still can’t connect to the Playstation store anyone else having problems?

  • @ nemoaug1 >>> they dont have that part up and running yet. just the online gaming part is fixed right now. and netficks. hope this helps :-)

  • @nemoaug1, No one can, probably will be down till the end of the month.. Just be happy we can play again..

  • Very very very lame and weak post. You hear that Mr. Patrick Seybold the Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media!! Not looking good.

  • upstate new york is up and running

  • playstation store still waiting but thats ok

  • It irritates me when people comment on this site about how Sony is taking too long, or about how this is all their fault, or about how “Xbox is looking better and better”. Are you kidding me? Sony was attacked. They didn’t break their own stuff. And yet we criticize them, sue them, and otherwise complain about how their services remain unavailable. Sony gets that you’re not happy. They aren’t either. They’re losing money every second PSN is offline. Do you not think they’re doing everything they can to restore PSN quickly? They were attacked, they apologized for it (I want whoever attacked them to apologize, not Sony), and they’re doing all they can to restore services and keep us updated. So, you’re probably going to throw hateful and unappreciative comments their way every time they offer any form of update, for reasons I cannot understand, but at least consider the fact that they’re under more stress than I can image, trying to restore a critical portion of their business. Lay off, get your Xbox, whatever, just humor me by attempting to apply even the smallest amount of self control to prevent being the stereotypical American consumer, complaining and suing at the drop of a hat.

  • @ Baconation: I couldn’t agree more.. Then again, 80% of our population is mentally retarded, so what do you expect?? :-D


  • Baconation409 your an idiot!!! I have been a loyal playstation customer and don’t usually complain, but even I got annoyed at Sony as time went on. Of course they can’t help things, but then at least stop putting up posts that tell different timelines and one after another they are incorrect. They should have said nothing after the first time they were wrong!!!

  • i was just playing for a couple of hours on black ops online and now i cant sign in again it says there undergoing maintenance what happened??

  • @nightdog34 exactly!

  • when is the PlayStation
    store up?

  • i just wanna enter my code so i can play online is all

  • I can’t believe it’s down AGAIN??? Having both systems this has to be the worst! At least get PSN available for Tuesday so we can get the L.A. Noire DLC.

  • My playstation network dont work again. It says it is undergoing matience again? Anyone have a clue whats going on? It was just working 5 mins ago.

  • Dexter Kennedy is a babe, He is soo hot I want him soo bad

  • ps3 is back up in Texas thanks sony luv ya

  • when does the ps3 in texas really works

  • plastions are the greatest game consoles ever

  • thisisjustincase

    Dear Patrick Seybold,

    I can see that the PSN services have been restored but I cannot sign in on my PS3 as my email address is 31 chars and it stops accepting input at 30 chars.

    Please help.

  • lets not count the chickens before they eggs hatch .. I am waiting to see if the Anonymous Group follow up on their plans to re-attack psn on the 16th/17th or as soon as its back up .. let’s hope this is the end . but never gonna put my credit card details on the psn again ..U mad

  • Well done Sony. What’s happening the ps3 update 3.56 error 8002F225? PSN is useless to me if that error is not fixed cos I can’t use my ps3. I think sony should replace all ps3s with his problems for free if they cannot sort it out, before we take legal action.

  • dfsdfdfdfdgg

  • yes just got on my pns again haha but sony or whoever should give us free crap like the zombie map(s) ive been dieing to get to compensate for the network being down cuz of there lack of security cuz Xbox has never and will never get hacked and as yall know psn has been hacked i think they should make up for all the misery and boredom sony or whoever has caused us…wat do yall think

  • To Baconation:

    Well said. I will NEVER get an Xbox 360 or switch over. I’ve been loyal to Sony and will do so for as long as I have it. Their services have been great until this attack and I know they’ll get better over time. They’re thinking about the gamer as well as the customer and are doing what they can to make certain we stay with them. To those who want to switch over, you’re about to lose out BIG time.


    i need the store…. i need escalation, i need to shoot faces user or zombie and call of the dead is not available


    hehehe everybody that switched over to 360 is going to get rapped online… i play my ps3 online when i want to feel good about myself and dominate

  • Finally PSN is back thanx Sony for putting it back online

  • when is the playstation store back on

  • My mom is mean! She wont let me play!

  • you dont need a psn id to access Netflix i was watch netflix when the service went down

  • It still wont let me go online, and my connection is perfect. it says that im signed in, but when i try to play mw2 it only says connecting to matchmaking server

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