PlayStation Network Security Update

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On Tuesday, April 26 we shared that some information that was compromised in connection with an illegal and unauthorized intrusion into our network. Once again, we’d like to apologize to the many users who were inconvenienced and worried about this situation.

We want to state this again given the increase in speculation about credit card information being used fraudulently. One report indicated that a group tried to sell millions of credit card numbers back to Sony. To my knowledge there is no truth to this report of a list, or that Sony was offered an opportunity to purchase the list.

One other point to clarify is from this weekend’s press conference. While the passwords that were stored were not “encrypted,” they were transformed using a cryptographic hash function. There is a difference between these two types of security measures which is why we said the passwords had not been encrypted. But I want to be very clear that the passwords were not stored in our database in cleartext form. For a description of the difference between encryption and hashing, follow this link.

To reiterate a few other security measures for your information: Sony will not contact you in any way, including by email, asking for your credit card number, social security number or other personally identifiable information. If you are asked for this information, you can be confident Sony is not the entity asking. When the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services are fully restored, we strongly recommend that you log on and change your password. Additionally, if you use your PlayStation Network or Qriocity user name or password for other unrelated services or accounts, we strongly recommend that you change them, as well. To protect against possible identity theft or other financial loss, we encourage you to remain vigilant, to review your account statements and to monitor your credit reports.

We continue to work with law enforcement and forensic experts to identify the criminals behind the attack. Once again, we apologize for causing users concern over this matter.

Our objective is to increase security so our customers can safely and confidently play games and use our network and media services. We will continue to provide updates as we have them.

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  • huh?!

  • Good job keeping us updated.

  • and the comments die down (finally)

  • very nice password encryption method :D
    but i still want my PSN back! lol

  • OK so when will PSN go live? Can Sony ever have a date for anything?

  • Though they said we’ll get a security firmware update and be required a mandatory password change in order to continue using the PSN services?

  • Thanks for keeping us updated.

    There’s a lot of rumour, speculation and nonsense floating around on the interwebs, and some of it is even trickling in to mainstream news sites too. The problem is, as soon as it hits these sites it’s considered “fact” by the readers. Nothing generates clicks more than a bit of “credit card fraud” and “your information up-for-sale online” fear mongering.

    I know it’s normally not good to comment on rumours, but right now, in the current environment, I think it’s good to see you guys following up on everything rather than just ignoring what people say.

    Anyway, good luck with getting everything back to normal. I never realised how much I’d miss the online functionality of the PS3 until it was suspended. Hopefully it’ll be back soon


    Uncharted 3 has a good date


    Patiently waiting :)

  • Informative post

  • Those rumors are spreading like wildfire on popular sites, good thing this blogs keeps things in check

  • I can’t join the forums. Please fix it.

  • It’s always sad when you have to issue an extra statement just to cover the bad reporting. Looking forward to seeing how Kotaku screws up reporting this one… :/

  • @RedHarlow

    I’m assuming that the forums will start working again when PSN is turned back on. The forums, as well as the PlayStation forums and this blog use PSN for login. If you were not already signed in before PSN was suspended, I guess that you won’t be able to log in now.

    Once PSN is back, everything should be ok

  • Can’t wait GT5 i’m waiting to play

  • Please just gives us a solid date!

  • Thanks for the updates

  • Are we going to be able to change other aspects of our profiles that we were previously not allowed to after the initial sign up process?

    As in, our security questions and answers. Considering this information was also leaked it does not seem feasible to just change my password; as the person/persons in questions have all information needed to just steal the account back or take it all together.

    I’ve already had to go through an extensive process of protecting myself because of this leak. And I have already had unauthorized charges show up on my cards, but at this time can’t be proven to be related to this incident.

    So, Mr. Seybold, please answer this simple question for me.

    • Patrick Seybold

      Those security questions will not be used. As an added layer of security, the password can only be reset on the hardware in which it was created, or through a validated email confirmation. If necessary, Customer Service representatives have alternative methods of validating accounts, but the primary means will be through the console on which the account was created.

  • thank you for the update.
    seems people are always going to try to terrorize others in any way they feel they can.

  • sony, for me to trust you again, you have to take all measures to stop hacked ps3s from accessing the network and banning these consoles permanently and forcefully without any hesitation.

  • Thanks for the update Sony. I am looking forward to two things……

    1. That these lowlifes are caught and fully punished
    2. That we can all return to what we love best, playing games on the PlayStation platform

  • Glad to see this post. Good points to reiterate all around. Cleartext, Hash, Encryption…all good basics to know in todays world.

    Still…when can I get back to playing online?

  • So my main concern on an update is *when* PSN is backup ! Please nail down an exact date….

  • @Patrick Seybold

    You guys are kind of dropping the ball on the accuracy of the information. It’s like getting a players guide that only tells you about important items AFTER you’ve completed an area you can’t get back too. In the future you guys may want to have your security guys to give us the complete run down on how these things were coded in the first place. I was livid when I heard the passwords weren’t at least encrypted, telling me it was Hashed would have made a world of difference. Otherwise you’ve done an awesome job staying on top of things and keeping us up to date given what you’ve had to work with, thank you.

    Now the question I have to ask is, were any of our security questions HASH’ed as well? This information is just as important as the password as it comes with a reset factor for the password.

    BTW why do you guys recommend we change our passwords?….. HASHing is a one way algorithm, you’re not supposed to be able to pull that password out again. Unless you guys are doing something funky in handling the delivery of that password to your systems.

  • i would like to link my portal 2 account already :( and try out DW7 online…hope you guys are able to get everything sorted out…but i’m finally not working 70 hours a week ;p

  • Not yet, comments are dying down because users cookies are expiring on their machines. For some reason mine keeps going and going.

    I hope PSN is back this week, on side not I have been enjoying Single Player campagins a lot. Finished Batman now working on Fallout 3, with updated 1.61 (Wow they had to fix a lot of bugs in that game) 61 updates really, but I love the game, I will give them 6 more months to fix New Vegas and will buy that too.

  • My EU Blog cookie is already gone, it seems…. but I’m alive and well on the US Blog on two separate computers :)

    I really hope no-one presses my logout button this week.

  • @24. They’re not dropping the ball, the media are taking the most overblown, negative connotations on ALL the available information and speculation and then just publishing it without any sort of waiting for clarification or fact-checking.

    IGN and Eurogamer are among the worst offenders. The behaviour of these “journalists” has been school-yard at best.

    Patrick, what you need to do is start firing back at these slanderous outlets who beat on Sony for kicks and clicks. Blacklist them, pull your advertising spreads. Why advertise on IGN when they smear and create hyperbole for you at every possible opportunity? Seems like a waste of money and common sense to me.

  • Uh, yeah, that was supposed to be “@22” :) My bad.

  • I was just thinking, as everyone is getting free PlayStation Plus, it’s going to be quite a good opportunity to show off those automatic downloads…

    …I mean, there’s bound to be a few security downloads and firmware updates over the coming month. I think people will be quite impressed to see how Plus handles downloads, as long as Sony make sure that they time the updates properly so that Plus picks them up before people turn on their PS3s.

  • That’s for the update. And the apologies are welcomed and the clarification is a plus.

  • Thanks for the update. According to the report the list of CC numbers for sale contained CCV codes and previously Sony had mentioned that CCV codes were not used or stored. I have read other reports that suggest CCV codes are used in the PSN Store. Can you please clarify this?


  • I feel like a cartman quote coming along…

    You could at least put on some lip stick before you… (yeah you know the rest Sony)

  • thanks for clearing that up. hope you guys added additional servers for when psn goes live again. nothing like crashing the network with 10 million people all trying to sign-in in the same hour to ruin your day lol.

  • I never believed that bogus story in the first place anyway. Anyways, a question for the next Q&A, about the email verification process. How is this going to be handled? Will we get an email with some questions to answer, or are we going to need to email Sony for it or what? I understand it is an alt. option to the update on your system one, I just don’t quite understand what the process is. Please clarify as soon as possible for my current system is not my original system. Thanks for all you do!

  • Who cares sony you said these before and we already know you effed up , all we want is our online back so move your butts

  • Sony, stop continually reopening our wounds with this drivel.

  • This oughtta shut them trolls up.

  • I just want to see the blog post that says PSN is online again. :/ We basically know everything else at this point. Just re-hashing (and clarifying) the same stuff over and over. Mind numbing.

    And I want to see if the trophies that disappeared will re-appear once I am able to sync. Busy busy busy, trying to bust out some that i really don’t like to play (like the Sonic Genesis Collection….I prefer new games, is for kids but they never play it. pfft….will plat someday then sell back).

    Anyways, hope everyone had a good single player weekend. :)

  • that-acmilan-guy

    Still no date?

  • i think they were running out of PS+ contnent. that’s why they shuted down the entire playstation network.
    and created all this “masquerade” xD

  • give us a date sony at least an estimated start date

  • I almost have my sly 2 Platinum then will work on 3, Sony Im gonna need online Pronto

  • First PSN goes down and now SOE get’s hit and had to completely shut down due to “issues that they are investigating”.

  • Thanks for the update =D


  • If it takes another week its fine with me. The safer the better. All I want at this point is to see the hackers punished.

  • looking forward to getting back on Home , keep us updated and thanks (:


    Calm down buddy, it will be up when it’s up. Things take time and it takes more time to do it right. Sony has a lot of eyes on them and they need to be 100% sure when it’s back up it’s safe or they are going to lose more face then they can likely recover from.

    Yes it’s an annoyance, but this is far from the end of the world. There are plenty of great single player games out there among other ways to occupy the day.

  • Can the person who done this be the FBI’s most wanted now??? :D

    Hopefully by the end of this week PSN will be back;)

  • will PSN be back online tomorrow cuz i wanna play online soooo freaking bad!!!!!

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