Eufloria Pollinates PSN in June, Ambient RTS Action Evolves

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Eufloria Pollinates PSN in June, Ambient RTS Action Evolves

Howdy! Nick Suttner here. Whether you remember me from my time at and EGM, 55th place at the 1989 World Beard and Mustache Championships, or simply find yourself wondering who in blazes is wasting their precious intro paragraph, it matters not.

The important part is that myself and a group of other SCEA folk are busy ramping up our Pub Fund program, helping independent developers to bring their games to PSN without the restraints of a traditional publisher. There are no specific criteria, outside of selecting games that we think are interesting and that we’re dying to play ourselves: Joe Danger, Hoard, Explodemon! and Tales From Space: About a Blob are recent examples that came to fruition with the aid of our program. We have a RIDICULOUSLY KILLER slate of titles lined up for the future, and we’re going to try and do a better job of giving you guys a heads-up about them so that you can share in our excitement, and hopefully help support the developers who are trying to do things a little differently.

And that brings us to Eufloria, which we’re thrilled to announce as our next Pub Fund title! Omni Systems are hard at work wrapping up a gorgeous new PS3 iteration of their ambient real-time strategy game, scheduled to hit the PlayStation Store in the latter half of June for $9.99.

Eufloria for PS3 (PSN)Eufloria for PS3 (PSN)

The core gameplay revolves around exploring and conquering procedurally generated asteroid fields (which means that most levels will be different each time you play them), using their raw resources to grow seedlings and battle neighboring enemy forces. The ultra-minimalist aesthetic and simple mechanics make for a relaxing, accessible experience, while the devious AI and level design (something these guys know well) give it a strong tactical edge that really carries the experience. I promise that you haven’t played anything like it on PSN before; cull together bits and pieces of flOw, Mushroom Wars and Everyday Shooter and you’re on the right track…but still quite a ways off. Here’s how the developers at Omni-Labs describe the game:

Eufloria PSN isn’t really like other games. It has strategic gameplay, but no technology trees or complicated interface. It allows for exploration and expansion without being punished for small mistakes. It offers challenges that are fun, but in a style that can be described as “ambient gameplay”. There is conquest but there are no space marines in sight. Instead, all of Eufloria’s gameplay is based on growing your strategic and colonising life forms on asteroids that you conquer throughout the game. That is right: you are basically playing a game of intergalactic guerrilla gardening. Oh, and you engage in massive battles against enemy plant life.

The improvements and additions to the PS3 version are numerous – both in huge strokes and tiny tweaks – but a few highlights include:

  • New units: A new plant will automate troop movements, while a new tree type helps terraform asteroids (both visually and to change the attributes of the seedlings grown on it)
  • Improved gameplay: Including rebalanced levels, improved AI, and a new 2x game speed that works like a fast-forward button
  • New collectibles: Ancient Artifacts add flavor to the universe, as well as full Trophy support, natch
  • More music: Including 100 additional minutes of completely new music by ambient specialist Milieu (the OST is particularly gorgeous)
  • Enhanced graphics: Smoother, faster visuals with much more environmental and color diversity
  • Updated controls: Completely redone PS3-specific interface and controls

So you’ll be getting by far the best version of the game for an awesome price, and a demo alongside it on day one in case you’re not convinced. So keep a little brainspace reserved for one of the more interesting games of the summer, and we’ll be back around E3 with some new media and a final launch date. Thanks guys!

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  • Day One!

  • Yes. Games like this are why I’m here. Keep it up.

    • Thanks, games like this are why I’m here too! And we’re definitely looking to do more with Pub Fund, so keep an eye out for that. As for Tokyo Jungle, I’m dying for it too, but I don’t know any more than you do. Though the new Famitsu apparently says it’s still in development, so fingers crossed!

  • By the way, you guys should make a logo for Pub Fund! Get that stuff official. Stick it everywhere. Represent! And I’m looking forward to what’s next.

    Reminds me, have you heard of Tokyo Jungle, a game SCEJ is publishing through their C.A.M.P. initiative (similar to Pub Fund but for Japan)? We last heard about it at TGS. Do you know if that game is still in the pipeline? Thanks!

  • Some vids would help. ;)

  • Sounds good, I love what Sony is doing here!
    Keep it up, thank you!

  • Thank you for giving us a release month and promising a demo. This game sounds interesting and I’m glad that the Pub Fund is out there trying to bring us these sorts of innovative games.

  • Hey Nick! Had no idea you worked for Sony now. Eufloria looks great!

  • Hi Nick, please check out the games Vessel, Coma, Closure, Miegakure, Amnesia:The Dark Descent and Hawken (all have youtube videos). Also Radian Games’ stuff. Think these would make a good addition to PSN, you just need to email the developers. Looking forward to Eufloria.

  • I enjoyed the Steam version a lot. Anyone who hasn’t already played Eufloria should check it out.

  • I have this on PC, I highly recommend it. Very fun, relaxing, and interesting. If you are a fan of games like flow, flower, or pixel junk eden you will most likely enjoy this game.

  • How do every day ps3 gamers get to be a part of this pub fund? Or if we have a idea how do we submit it so it can become a reality/ Any links or web pages to go ..ty agn..

    vp of psn legionairre commitee

  • I like these kinds of indie games. Art style reminds me of Everyday Shooter.

  • Woohoo! I just added more funds and was worried that all I would get would be PS1 classics.

  • Man I love the PSN. I can’t describe how many gem’s I have found this gen thanks to the PSN. You Pub Fund guys are doing the gaming community a great service! Just got Chime Deluxe even though I had it on Steam, and this is another one I might look into even though I have a Steam copy.

  • Looking forward to this. I agree with some of the comments that you should turn Pub Fund games into a brand with a logo, some PSN Store advertisements, and even a section in the store to make it easier to find the games. Knowing that a game is a part of the Pub Fund program would definitely increase my chances of purchasing the game.


  • you had me at the mention of Everyday Shooter, one of our favorite games. (really wish it would get a trophy patch!)

    how, specifically, is the PS3 version upgraded from the Steam version beyond the additional content? 1080p native? HD audio?

    does it make use of SixAxis? (PJ Eden was masterful at doing it in a way that wasn’t unintuitive.)

    These are the kinds of games we bought our PS3 for, so please keep it up. I’d love to see a PS3/Move version of the iPhone game Zen Bound, as well as Sword & Sworcery!

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