Duke Nukem Forever: PS3 Details and Duke’s PlayStation Roots

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Duke Nukem Forever: PS3 Details and Duke’s PlayStation Roots

Duke Nukem Forever for PS3

Not so long ago, the whole of gaming faced a terrible evil – a threat so grave that few knew of its true scope, a threat so intense that even fewer were capable fighting back. The greatest video game hero – Duke Nukem, our King– was on the verge of being lost forever.

A world without Duke Nukem wasn’t something I even wanted to consider. I know that because of my history with Duke that I’m not objective about it, but I also know I’m not the only one. In the interests of full disclosure, long before Gearbox was founded, long before we developed our games for Half-Life, long before we created new brands including Brothers in Arms and Borderlands, it was working with Duke Nukem at 3D Realms (with Gearbox co-founder Brian Martel) that launched my professional career as a game maker.

That’s why, when bad things started to happen and the future of Duke Nukem Forever was hanging in the balance, Gearbox got involved. How could we let Duke die? The world needs Duke Nukem. Duke Nukem is the Ultimate Alien Ass Kicker. Duke Nukem is the World’s Greatest Hero. Duke Nukem is legendary and unimaginably fascinating. We believe in this. This is a game people have been waiting over a decade for and it’s a game we all deserve to play for ourselves.

Duke Nukem Forever for PS3Duke Nukem Forever for PS3

But it’s about more than just finishing the game — this legendary, seemingly un-shippable game was first announced in 1997. Duke Nukem Forever deserves to be accessible to as many gamers as possible. Duke needs as many people as possible to play. So when Gearbox got involved, back before the game was running on consoles and back before there was any multiplayer component, we knew what we had to do.

We had to bring Duke Nukem Forever to PlayStation 3. We had to. There was simply no other choice, especially since Duke has had more adventures on the original PlayStation – Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes – than any other console.

Our mission is to complete and deliver the game. The vision for the game was created and iterated by 3D Realms and, I’m very happy to report, is the worthy sequel we all hoped it would be. When I first played through what 3D Realms had created, I knew what had to be done. Yes, it was going to require tremendous commitment and effort from our studio. But Duke Nukem Forever is a game the world MUST be able to play and experience. Fortunately, many of us at Gearbox feel a deep affinity for the game and the brand. In fact, with the exception of just one person, every single designer and artist listed in the credits of the 2001 Duke Nukem Forever trailer had at some point either joined Gearbox Software or is now still a part of the project.

But it’s not just us working on the game. Triptych Games, a studio created by former 3D Realms employees after they were let go, were the ones that carried the torch and kept the game going in those dark months after the story broke that Duke Nukem Forever was dead. Among their numbers is Allen Blum, one of the original creators of Duke Nukem and the only person to have never left Duke’s side in the 20 years since. Allen Blum and Todd Replogle created the original Duke Nukem side-scrolling game in 1991. Today, Allen with the rest of the intrepid team at Triptych have been the most dedicated driving force behind the vision and direction that they first established with the rest of the team they worked with at 3D Realms.

Duke Nukem Forever for PS3

Also assisting us in the mission to finish Duke Nukem Forever is a studio known as Piranha Games. Piranha has taken point on building out the multiplayer game as well as preparing the game for PS3. It’s also right to recognize our friends and allies at 2K Games who have been providing support, quality assurance, and all the other great things that publishers do.

I have estimated that 3D Realms invested between 3,500 and 4,500 man-months of effort into the game, a lot of which has been lost to the ages. Meanwhile, by the time Gearbox ships the game we’ll have put in another 2,500 man months of effort. I’ve never been involved with a project of this magnitude. By comparison, Borderlands, which is by no means a small game and involved the invention of an entirely new universe and new technologies to support crazy features like millions of guns, involved between 3,500 and 4,000 man-months of effort.

But the most important part of Duke Nukem Forever, the reason it had to survive, lies with the game itself. It’s not something that can be easily explained, it’s something better experienced – be it while gunning down the alien hordes, partying with the Holsom Twins, single-handedly saving Earth with the most awesome and wild arsenal of weapons ever to appear on the Playstation 3, or going head-to-head against others with your own personalized Duke in multiplayer.

Duke Nukem Forever for PS3

It’s about being the biggest badass known to mankind and taking down bosses the size of buildings all the while quipping one-liners. It’s about the gratification that comes from overcoming thinking challenges and even solving in-game context appropriate puzzles — actual puzzles, not just blindly running forward like we do with other games that often times can just play themselves. It’s about keeping the experience going for more than five or six hours and creating something that feels EPIC. It’s about exploring, finding all the hidden items and gags, and discovering what you can and can’t do. It’s about kicking ass and taking names. And that’s something we will all get to try for yourself soon enough. If you haven’t visited the website the details are that Duke Nukem Forever ships to retail stores on June 14th in North America and on June 10th Internationally. If you can’t wait that long and know you’re in, you can join the Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club to guarantee yourself early access to the game’s upcoming demo by pre-ordering Duke Nukem Forever from a participating retailer or by purchasing the Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition which has a certificate with a membership code on it in the package.

It’s almost here, it’s going to be big, and I absolutely cannot wait until the game is in your hands. Always bet on Duke!

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  • If this game doesn’t get 10s after waiting all these years, I’ll pass.

  • Any word on bringing Duke 3D to the PSN, either as a PSOne Classics or a PSN version with trophies?

  • Yea, I’m all for Duke 3D on PSN along with original two side scrollers and maybe even the Manhattan Project.

  • Are you saying that the Duke Nukem Forever PS3 version was not handled by Gearbox but Piranha Games? So its a certified port?…

  • This game was dated 10 years ago, now its just sad.

    Btw, misogynistic, societal, self-reflection only works when its CLEVER and DELICATELY done. DNF fails to achieve this. Fails on a profound level, as the idocy its preaching will in fact be taken literally. I’d say 5% of the people who play this will “get” whatever obscure references and high-brow toilet humour (yes, I just said that) the game and its designers were floundering to achieve. The rest will merely see “bewbs”, guns and lesbians and herp-a-derp their way to the end.

    The trailer on the PSN looked atrocious too. I assume this is another UE 3 game? What a colossal waste of manpower, effort and time.

  • Take notice! Pitchford has just made an appearance on the PS Blog.

    Note: Borderlands did not have “millions of guns”. I swear, we played that game for over 100 hours and opened thousands of chests only to get duplicates upon duplicates. That was no Diablo weapon generation.

    Good luck with Duke Nukem, you might need it.

  • I would purchase this game but…this is 2011. This year has like the most amount of freaking awesome games and a lot of them are exclusives. Unfortunately, I see games as Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, Twisted Metal, Infamous 2, and more a bigger “priority” to get than Duke Nukem. I don’t even have enough money really to get most of the games. If this game were to come out in a “slower” year it would probably be further up my list.

    Personally I blame Sony for all this. This evil company is making terrific exclusives and persuading us to buy multi plats on the PS3, like LA Noire, Mortal Kombat, and even Battlefield 3 is said to run better on PS3 for consoles.

    If a demo comes out eventually for the public I will be the first to download it. But even though I love the fact that this is a 10+ hour campaign for an fps (that I’ve heard of) and the multiplayer looks really fun, I’ll have to wait to maybe winter or 2012 to buy it at a lower price.

    Thank you Gearbox!

  • Is it just me, or did that Vegas Casino Sign at the top picture say “Fellatio’? LMFAO.

  • I still remembering getting DK:3D the month it released 15+ years ago, and again on when it came out on the PS1 for the extra maps, and I still remember how much I loved it, along with Doom, Quake, and Unreal back in the day. As such, it is absolutely critical that this remains at an equal level of quality and performance on the PS3 as its counterparts. Especially, as you already pointed out (and glad that you did :P) it has been with the PS more than any other console. So, to be blunt, and hoping you will be to, how will PS3 version run by comparison?

    Thank you. :)

  • Is the game going to support 3D or Move ?

  • Thanks for dropping by Pitchford.

    I just wanted to say that Borderlands kicked some major arse. I loved playing it in split screen.
    It was such a fun game.
    On topic, it takes a lot of bravery to show up in these parts cause of the lynching that could ensue.
    The thing is that anybody with a set of normal eyeballs can tell that many ps3 exclusives are so beyond what the “box” can do that its obvious we have to have a downgrade on a technical level for multi-plat titles. Its even worse when the ps3 version has PERFORMANCE issues. I surely hope that isn’t the case with Duke.
    I love to support developers who work hard.
    I would like to try a demo for myself just to see what kind of quality we’re talking about here.


  • I reaaaaally hope this game is not a joke…. i mean seriously if i see 1 delay more this game is officially the day the trolls conquer the internet and gearbox is the leader

  • online coop campain?

  • Im excited for this i have been waiting 14 yrs and counting for this. My brother was telling we might be old and getting heart surgery b4 duke nukem comes out.. I told him dont count out duke , becuase dukes gonna be back to show how a real shooter game is played..

    I told my brother is this is going to be 10 times better than red dead redemtion, becuase i know alenn blum is going knock our got dang socks off. I dont care no one else say this game is going redefine the genre of platform shooters.. I stand by that part becuase i know what the guys at 3drealm and 2k games can do …

    To all those who are writting this game off… Duke is coming for arse’s. Be ready to be blown away!!

    vp-psn legionairre commitee

  • While the writing was a bit… simple, mcbuttz78 has a point, 3D Realms had a vision for this game, and Gearbox fulfilled that vision. If they did it right, this game could be a star.

  • That cover is Boss.

  • I don’t care about this as it will just be another bad port from the 360. Not to mention PSN still doesn’t have Duke Nukem 3D. It’s just an overrated mediocre shooter with turret sequences thrown in.

  • Im sorry but “THE BIGGEST BAD ASS” title has been taken by Kratos, still Duke kills like a boss

  • This game looks like a joke. I wouldn’t buy this without a review.

  • Welcome home, Duke.

  • @5 Christian399

  • that was a speech worthy of Patton m.r Pitchford.

    that’s kinda the point it’s supposed to be campy,cheesy,and crass it’s a late nineties shooter with a 2011 facelift don’t go looking for subtlety ’cause it ain’t there.

  • Randy, this isn’t going to be a shoddy PS3 port right? We need some assurance after some lazy devs have effortlessly pushed their multiplatform crap onto the system.

  • Any details on how the PS3’s advantages are specifically leveraged? Does it make maximum use of all the SPUs? Take advantage of the storage afforded by bluray and dedicated hard drives in every unit? HD audio? 1080p and/or full MSAA?

    Kind of content-free as far as PS3 specifics :(

  • is PSN down or it’s just me? why can’t I log in while I just got my new Mortal Kombat, what kind of bull is that?

  • Oh one more thing of any one would answer me from PSN. WHY SHOULD I EVER JOIN PSN PLUS!! if I join PSN Plus is that mean the network won’t go down like every other day, or after I join there will be trophy patches? or it’s just mean I’m stupid I want to pay freakin’ $50 for the same stupid service like I’m getting now. answer me, I mean this has happened like what…. 1000000000 times only!!!! for cry out loud FIX YOUR PSN so people can’t hack it!!! or ask microsoft how to do it GOD this is getting soooooooo old!!

  • @ lostinplainsight

    Well that IS kind of the point, we’re NOT in the 90s any more. Can’t release a game that refuses to adapt to the times in a shooter saturated market like this. It will be a failure of epic proportions.

    Much as I’m not a fan of the game myself, Bulletstorm, was a significantly better example of a crass, no-bones shooter that was contemporized rather well. DNF is s stodgy dinosaur of a game. Coded terribly too. There’s a lot of photo-shopping being done on those screen grabs, let me tell you. I would urge you to watch the blurry, screen-tearing mess of a trailer off the PSN.

  • @Oreo. You DO realize that Live has been down several times over the years, right? Once during the Christmas holidays even. PSN + gives you a bunch of content, the majority of which is installed on your hard-drive and can be played at your leisure. Its easy to be an angry troll on the internet. Try something else.

  • Duke Nukem 3D on psn, plz?

  • @Christian399
    dude maybe what you said is true. BUT dose Xbox live ever been down for 4~6 days? I don’t think so. and oh you know what’s the other reason this pisses me off is because I just got Mortal Kombat and I can’t play that online, all I’m saying is Sony really don’t put any effort into their PSN less not like Xbox does, how stupid is some random person just Hack a million dollar company like this. this is so old Sony need to give up on online gaming for good that’s all I’m saying. oh yeah after they fix the damn PSN what does all the users get NOTHING! not even a god damn apologize. they been doing this too often, seriously PSN suck

  • That game looks awsome

  • Will it support LAN for local deathmatches?
    I’m SO F-ing glad they have a new Duke Nukem coming out! Hells YES!
    And the story, design, etc. is apparently VERY much 3D Realms.

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