The Fancy Pants Adventures Live Today on PSN at 60 Frames Per Second

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The Fancy Pants Adventures Live Today on PSN at 60 Frames Per Second

Starting now, The Fancy Pants Adventures is live on the PlayStation Network! This is a pretty huge occasion for me. I’ve been making Flash games for a few years now, but this time, EA and Over the Top Games are helping to bring Fancy Pants Man to you, and I couldn’t be more excited.

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, The Fancy Pants Adventures is an old-school platformer with some new twists. The environment and your momentum play a large role in how you move through levels, but there’s no point in me talking too much about it, download the demo on the PlayStation Network and check it out!

What I wanted to talk about was how it feels to be a Flash developer moving up to the PS3. Maybe it’s just because I grew up as a console gamer, but to me, having a game on consoles really means something. To me, that’s just where they’re supposed to be played. It’s just an entirely different feeling, lounging back on a couch, especially when you’re surrounded by friends or family.


I designed the original series with traditional gameplay mechanics in mind, so to me, Fancy Pants Man really does feel at home being played with a DualShock controller. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without EA or Over the Top Games, but because of everyone involved, we were able to work in all the console niceties, like four-player online and local multiplayer and online leaderboards.

Coming from Flash development, though, there are a few things that I really appreciate that most developers probably take for granted. With Flash, a player’s experience can vary wildly, depending on their hardware, operating system, browser, or even Flash plugin version. I remember once realizing that most people were going to play World 1 at less than full speed. Think about that for a moment, after spending a year on one game, most people weren’t even going to be able to experience it correctly! On console PS3, I know that everyone is going to get a silky smooth 60 frames per second, have a great controller, and know how to control a 2D platformer with it. Being able to know exactly what kind of experience every single player is going to get when they sit down with the game is a huge relief!


The scope of the game is far beyond what I’m able to do alone, and in Flash. We wanted to have some very diverse platforming gameplay throughout, which takes a lot of very different levels. Over the Top is a group of ridiculously talented programmers and artists, and they were able to flesh out many parts of the game: bonus levels, King of the Hill and race levels, backgrounds, all of the different types of menus, they were able to bring a lot of their own personality, and players are going to get a much more diverse experience because of that.

As a Flash developer, multiplayer is pretty foreign to me, but as a gamer, I couldn’t wait to create something that people can play together. With multiplayer, there’s a balance we had to strike between giving players more freedom and letting them, well, break the game. We tried to err on the side of giving players more freedom, but a lot of the game really is an experiment, revising one of the oldest video game genres and seeing how much we add to it and get away with.

Platformers has always been my favorite type of video game, so it’s crazy to think that I have a chance to really shake things up and redefine such a traditional genre, as long, of course, as the gameplay mechanics made sense for the character of Fancy Pants Man. And since he’s one part Internet, two parts cartoon character, and one part flip book doodle, he’s an interesting little character indeed!

Well, that’s it for now, until next time, see you online!

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  • Gonna check the demo out tomorrow for XBLA and I’ll probably end up buying it. Hope you get lots and lots of sales! I had a lot of fun with the flash version but I’m terrible playing games with a keyboard.

  • SOLD!

  • This looks to be friggin’ fun. I’m going to friggin’ pick up the friggin’ game. I may even pick it up friggin’ tonight when I get home from friggin’ work.

  • i just played the demo off of psn. im really sorry, i know part of the charm is stick figure dude and i have never really played the flash version anyway, but can you guys have a dlc for a better looking protagonist? the world is fine, animation is very nice and smooth, and the music is awesome, but i just dont click with stick figure dudes lol :D sorry. really loved everything else even the price, its really just the main character. to each his own

    • Sorry to here that! There are tons of different hats and pants colors and textures that you can unlock in the game, maybe a new hat or pair of pants will be just the ticket!

  • Awesome game!) Day One for me)
    Thank you)

  • Congratulations Brad! I’ve been keeping track of your progress since you announced World 3, and I’m really glad to finally be able to play this. I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet, but I’m sure I’ll love it. I wish you all the best with this, and you’re future game-developing endeavours!

  • Thanks so much, everyone, I’ve been playing online, Quick Match, Player Match. Join me for a few rounds!

  • Game looks really cute and fun, but if I read the details right on PSN, it’s for 2-4 players….only? Sooo, no single player available? Love co-op games, problem is, I usually find very little people playing online aside from military FPS, so that leaves me playing in the dark, so to speak.

    How about a FancyPants (dynamic) theme and avatar? Think it would be great. :)

    And gj keeping it under $10. :)

  • Stick-figure games are awesome (says the Kingdom of Loathing addict)! Looking forward to trying out the demo!

  • I loved the flash games, and am downloading the demo now. I’ll definitely be buying the full version. It’s nice to hear that you successfully made it to console game-development though, maybe we’ll see something from you again.

  • I remember all my friends gathered around in the school library playing the Fancy Pants flash game trying to see who could beat it the fastest.

    Awesome to see the that the games made it way to the PS3 Brad, downloading it tonight! :D

  • Congrats, has to be a great feeling; I’ll check this out when I get home from work today

  • “Fancy Pants Adventures ($9.99)
    Local Multiplayer 2-4, Online Multiplayer 2-4”

    As posted in the PSN update blog post. Misleading at best. Should at least say single player too. Even an old-time, avid-gamer like myself found this a bit odd. Hence why I asked. Perhaps Sony should rewrite the information so other people (who didn’t take the time to find out like myself) know that they can play single player. Also, listed the same way in the PSN store, which is where I noticed it first, and prevented me from purchase as I wasn’t certain.

    Wouldn’t want you to lose any sales. Speaking of sales, I just wish this was the PS+ game on sale instead of (or in addition too) Red Chronicles.

    Thanks for the response to my question. Truly appreciate it. And my money usually finds the people that actually take the time to respond to people about their products. :)

  • Oh, one more question, what’s the trophy count? :)

  • :D Congratulations, Fancy Pants Man!

    What’s your perspective on working with a larger publisher..? Was the evil rabbit close to being censored… Fancy Pants Girl’s skirts too short..?

    • EA’s been wonderful, without them, the game wouldn’t exist, really. They’ve given us a tons of creative freedom, and brought a lot of experience to the table. Above all, though, EA’s just been fans of Fancy Pants, and wanted to see the best game possible get made.

  • OH COME ON IT CAME OUT TODAY! i bought a 20 dollar PSN card and bought something else today.

  • The demo was AWESOME! I’ll be buying the full game this weekend! The fancy pants dude is super cute, and it’s a riot to play with someone (though not much actually GETS done!)

    • That’s why we added King of the Hill mode, so you can just beat everyone up without worrying about anything :D

  • Very kewl… reminds me a smidge of the multiplayer seen in New Mario Bros Wii :) and at like… what? $10? Hells yeah I wants some of that :D

  • Definitely planning of getting it, but i was wondering a couple things: what is the native resolution of the game, is there any cameos from other flash game heroes (you don’t need to say who they are so we aren’t spoiled =D), and, if this game comes to steam, whether you can try to connect the ps3 version of the game with the steam version like Portal 2.

    Thanks for making the game, i hope to see a sequel in the future!

    • I believe it’s 720p, probably could have went higher, but the textures would have had to stay the same resolution, they’d start taking up too much space.

      World 2 still has all the same cameo levels, but there aren’t any new ones.

      If we bring the game to Steam, that’s definitely something that I would want to look into.

  • Brad, you are my hero! I love FPA, and one of the major reasons was the top notch animation. Not enough devs take to time to create that amazing detailed animation and it really makes your game stand out. I’ll definately be picking this up. I got my little brothers and nephews into fancy pants aswell and they love it. Keep up the great work, and can’t wait to see what you’re doing next!

    • Thank you! There’s a lot of animation in FPA that took a ton of time to do, most of the character movements were animated over, and the cutscenes took a ridiculous time to finish, so it’s great to hear when someone appreciates the animation!

  • No worries. I just tried out the demo, and it looks so awesome at the solid framerate. The animation really shines, and it controls awesome aswell, which always is a balancing act. So what are you currently doing? Making more games or doing any animation?

    Oh yeah, which game are you looking forward to aswell? I’m stoked for Last Guardian, even for the fact that it, Ico, and Shadow of the Colossus are entirely hand animated. Those games are inspirations.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words!

      Right now I’m trying to get some rest, but I’ll be working in the background to make sure Fancy Pants stays visible. Lots of work left to do on the Flash side of things.

      Absolutely, the matching of physics and animation in Shadow of the Colossus was mind blowing, can’t wait to see what Team Ico they can do on a much more powerful system.

  • Is their XMB Invites, and Voice Chat for the online portion on Fancy Pants?

    • I believe so. I know there’s invites, there should be full voice chat support, but I haven’t run into anyone with a mic on PSN yet.

  • I didn’t check this out yesterday because I was so excited about Portal 2, but I’ll for sure check out the demo when I get home. This looks right up my ally.

  • is this a way to buy “minis” games at 9.99$?

    • Mini? :O We packed the game full of hand drawn content and online multiplayer. Nothing ‘mini’ about it :D

  • Wasn’t sure what this was about on the store since it was the first I’ve seen or heard of it last night. Just watched the vid…you can add another fan, I’m sold.

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