SOCOM 4 Deploys This Week

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SOCOM 4 Deploys This Week

On behalf of everyone at Zipper Interactive, we’re pleased to announce that SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs available for purchase in North America starting today! Expect to see it released in other territories all over the world throughout the remainder of the week.

In the SOCOM 4 solo campaign, players will guide the Operations Commander and his combined squad of U.S. Navy SEALs and Korean Special Forces across 14 missions set in war-torn Southeast Asia and a country on the verge of civil war. But SOCOM 4 doesn’t stop there – fans can also expect exciting competitive multiplayer with all-new maps, original gametypes and numerous modes of play in addition to user-defined custom cooperative campaigns that change every time you play them! Check out our launch trailer above to see what we’re talking about.

SOCOM 4 in PlayStation Home

Outside of the game itself, we’re also offering fans a number of other goodies to celebrate SOCOM 4’s release. Log on to PlayStation Home, for example, and you can find up to five unique (and free!) SOCOM 4 shirts for your Home Avatar, as well as a special Bomb Technician outfit for $2.99! We’re also introducing a number of SOCOM 4 PSN Avatars starting today and will have a free SOCOM 4 theme for your PlayStation 3 system next week.

Before we go – we do want you to play SOCOM 4, after all – we wanted to leave you with the patch notes for the update you’ll be prompted to download upon booting SOCOM 4 up for the very first time. Included within the patch are a number of updates from our S4 beta trial and a number of other changes that reflect the feedback we’ve received over the past month.

Thank you once again for all your support and feedback, we hope to hear from you some more on our official forums at Now go have some fun!

SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs Beta v1.02

April 19, 2011 TPPS: 41 MBs, DLS: 57 MBs


  • Increased XP requirements to gain “Rank” levels
  • Lowered XP bonuses for “Classic” mode “Wins”
  • Decreased Weapon XP bonuses earned for “Kills, Assists,” and “Headshots”
  • Adjusted “Classic” mode merit bonuses so that “Kills, Assists, Team Kills, Bomb Techs Killed”, and “Data Carriers Killed” are the only bonuses that are increased by “Classic” status
  • (Single-Player Only) Widened allied “Revive” range so that it’s easier to resuscitate fallen teammates

Weapons and Gear

  • Increased firing accuracy for all weapons and aim modes so that the first few shots are substantially more accurate (with variations by weapon)
  • Increased horizontal and vertical recoil while in Reflex, ACOG and Low Variable Scope modes
  • All long-range sub-machine gun damage has been lowered and maximum range has been decreased
  • Decreased maximum throwing power and lowered throwing angle for all grenade types
  • “Gear 1” loadout now automatically switches to “Gear 2” loadout when “Gear 1” loadout is depleted (and vice versa)
  • Ammo counters now flash red when ammunition is low


  • (Multiplayer Only) Camera position has been moved back to show more of the player-character
  • (Multiplayer Only) Camera field of view has been widened by roughly 20%


  • (Multiplayer Only) Character markers now float in closer proximity to teammates’ heads
  • Updated “Vote Kick” user-interface so that it takes up less of the screen
  • Revive actions now take priority over resupplying when allies are downed near ammo crates
  • Fixed the display stats for the FDO-11 and IW80-A2 assault rifles to their appropriate values
  • Post-game MVP screen now works properly


  • (Standard Mode) Suppression game length is now 10 minutes
  • (Classic Mode) Suppression round count is now 11
  • (Classic Mode) Suppression round length is now 5 minutes
  • (Classic Mode) Uplink round count is now 11
  • (Classic Mode) Uplink rounds length is now 5 minutes
  • (Standard Mode) Last Defense round count is now 1
  • (Standard Mode) Last Defense round length is now 15 minutes
  • (Classic Mode) Last Defense rounds count is now 11
  • (Classic Mode) Last Defense round length is now 5 minutes
  • (Classic Mode) Bomb Squad round count is now 10
  • (Classic Mode) Bomb Squad round length is now 7 minutes
  • Fixed issue that prevented Clan Challenge queue from properly working


  • Made various PlayStation Move adjustments including latency reduction, less sensitive recoil countering, the added ability to pitch up while firing, tuning to the turn and pitch areas, etc
  • Renamed PlayStation Move control schemes to “Standard Aim” and “Standard Arcade”

This isn’t all we have planned for future SOCOM 4 updates, as we are still collecting data from players just like you. In the mean time, talk about our changes with fellow SOCOM fans on our official beta discussion forum on by following this link!

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2 Author Replies

  • Anyways, picked up my copy today, this is a PSA for all new SOCOM 4 gamers. When you are on the “Game Types” page in Competitive multiplayer, you can change the list of playlists from ‘Standard’ to ‘Classic’ and ‘Custom’. The UI doesn’t do a good job of indicating that there are other pages of different gameplay types and styles, but there are.

    I’ve noticed too many people are in the ‘Standard’ playlists and not enough in ‘Classic’ and ‘Custom’. So I want to make sure people are aware of them.

    P.S. My buddy Hellman who posted above me and who used to host an old SOCOM podcast with me isn’t picking up the game today. So people in the comments section, do something to make him buy it. Thanks all!

  • don’t buy it hellman, this game is garbage.

  • I heard that Socom4 will feature a online pass system the whole “socom pro” thing

    sorry I won’t buy then , I already boycott EA for this.

  • Stop trolling Blacksheep.

    I’m playing through the game right now and enjoying it very much. This is from a long time SOCOM fan (PS2 and PSP). Some people will like it some will not. That’s how it goes with every game. No more time to type, got to get back to playing! ^_^ Started on hard so I can unlock elite and try a playthrough on that difficulty later.

    Thanks for another great PS3 exclusive SCE and Zipper. :)

  • If you tell your someone to get this game you must really hate them!

  • Reviewers have not been kind to this game.

    Almost every review mentions how antiquated this game feels compared to modern equivalents.

    It’s seems like Zipper/Slant Sux are just stuck in the past with their technology and game design.

    It’s a shame…

  • I’m picking it up, and will focus on the campaign and possibly some Co-Op to start. I’m not spending much time in online MP until you get the Party System patched in. (So annoying trying to play with the people I want to play with!) Also looking forward to the long list of other fixes, like camera collision ABOVE the player’s head.

  • Thanks for the substantial update! I’m glad beta releases are becoming more common in multiplayer games.

  • @4 I agree, that “blacksheep1972” guy is always trolling around in here.
    As for the game, some of us played the earli ones and pretty much hated “socom confrontation” now that was garbage.

    My favorite ones are Socom 2(ps2) and Fireteam Bravo (psp)

  • just picked this, MK and Portal 2 up. How come when I redeem my Pro code it doesn’t show up in the store yet?

  • This game stinks! I wouldn’t buy it after the crappy beta.

  • waiting for my copy to come in the mail today.

  • Lack of a party system has killed this purchase for me. I know they are saying they will patch it in but guess what, I buy things for what they deliver when i buy them, not for what they promise to offer down the road. When that patch comes, maybe i’ll pick it up.

  • lol @ the trolls! bunch o’ crazies I tell ya.

    anyway, just picked up my brand spanking new copy.
    very much lookin’ forward to playin it as soon as i finish eating my lunch

    Thanks Zipper

  • I’m out of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Screw you Sony and you’re freaking million exclusives that are too awesome!

  • Looking forward to enjoying this soon. The music is amazing.

    • Yeah, Bear McCreary did a great job with the soundtrack. If you’re unfamiliar, Bear has scored Battlestar Galactica and Walking Dead among other movies and TV Shows.

  • My copy should be arriving soon! :)

  • I can not wait till I get the hell out of work already to go home and play this game!!!!!

  • Picked up my copy during lunch. Can’t wait.

    Something I want to be included in the next installment.

    1. Bring back voice commands for single player.

    2. Hand signal commands using the playstation eye. (circle hand to rally, hold fist to hold position, etc)

  • Wow, this game is so broken how could you release such an unfinished product. And the single player is absolutely terrible.

  • It does everything except ship with a party mode? Unfinished product shipped to retail confirmed.

  • Just checked the ps store and there was no free avatar.

  • Will be picking this game up very soon when I get the money. :)

  • great ;DD

  • What free avatars I need to pay for them

  • Where do we find the free stuff?

  • I want this game

  • 66 on Metacritic. Think SOCOM needs a reboot to bring it into the 21st century. I played the beta but didn’t like it, felt clunky and outdated. 4P co-op in SP might have tempted me, don’t know why Zipper passed up that opportunity.

  • Yesterday I was at the midnight of Socom 4 and i bought Socom 4 and Socom 4 is awesome and amazing

    but I want tell the peoples not get carried away by the review

    Socom 4 reviews Destructoid 3/10 3 out of 10

    and now see this other review

    COD black ops 6/10 6 out of 10

    why 6 out of 10??? COD is the same [DELETED] every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Forget it and finally…

    someone add me to play Socom 4

  • Yesterday I was at the midnight of Socom 4 and i bought Socom 4 and Socom 4 is awesome and amazing

    but I want tell the peoples not get carried away by the review

    Socom 4 reviews Destructoid 3/10 3 out of 10

    and now see this other review

    COD black ops 6/10 6 out of 10

    why 6 out of 10??? COD is the same crap every year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Forget it and finally…

    someone add me to play Socom 4 ^_^

  • The beta was freakin awesome. Music was top notch and the team dynamics in multi were a breath of fresh air. I love NO ardcadey perks aswell.

    Don’t listen to the reviews. If you are feed up with arcadey shooters trying to be military, give Socom a go, and play the classic Socom game modes. No respawn, and its intense.

  • Actually, I certainly DO listen to reviews. I’m not going to dump $60 on a game that has crappy reviews.

    I’ll rent…if that…

  • Jeremy could you please send to the dev team of MAG these 2 feature requests, as I could not find any way to send my suggestions to Zipper through their website, and I’m frustrated by those issues while the game still has a lot of people playing it:

    -Could you use the same vehicle seat switch system than the selection screen for the tank in the game Warhawk, as it is much faster ?
    Because for instance if a player controls a tank by himself while the other team members are going to the objectives, and if he needs to switch from the cannon to the driving seat as soon as the enemy commander schedules a bombing on his position, then he simply has no time to do so and gets destroyed.

    -Could you add a buddy respawn system just like the one announced for Uncharted 3 with its multiplayer trailer ? Because if a player wants to play as much as possible with one buddy online, if he dies then it’s very difficult for him to find it’s friend’s position on the map and getting to him is time-consuming.
    Of course to balance the advantage of respawning beside a player directly in the middle of the map instead of the beginning, you could set a longer timer to delay the respawn of its buddy.

  • Pick up my copy of Socom 4 yesterday. To be honest and in my opinion, it’s a lot more fun and cooler than Black Ops.

  • I love socom but this is prolly my least favorite of all the socoms. The campaign is pretty good but the online multiplayer is awful

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