Red Johnson’s Chronicles Investigates PSN Today

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Red Johnson’s Chronicles Investigates PSN Today

Hi, this is Djamil Kemal at Lexis Numérique and I’m glad to give you more details about Red Johnson’s Chronicles for PlayStation Network. You can check it out today on the PlayStation Store (with a 2-week exclusivity for PlayStation Plus members and a 50% discount).

For those of you who are into investigation games and who like noir crime movies, Red Johnson’s Chronicles is for you. We really tried to create a new genre with a mix of classic adventure and innovating gameplay. In this 8 to 10 hour long adventure, you’ll have to solve the murder of one of most hated men in town. Explore dark worlds, find, analyze and use clues that will lead you to the truth. Question suspects, spot their lies, push them over the edge and, when necessary confront them in quick fire action scenes.

If you’re only into first person shooters, Red Johnson’s Chronicles is not for you. But at Lexis Numérique, we believe there is a real opportunity for bringing puzzles to the PlayStation in a very smooth way. In Red Johnson’s Chronicles, you’ll have to crack many different puzzles during the course of your investigation. We worked really hard to make sure they perfectly fit the script so that you always feel immersed. To add this feeling of immersion, we also tried our best to do a “tactile” game. At many occasions, you’ll have to move objects in 3D and, handle them and see how to use them.

Red Johnson's Chronicles

Red Johnson's Chronicles

Red Johnson’s Chronicles is set in a very unique atmosphere with a quality of 3D environments rarely seen before on PlayStation Network. In Metropolis City, capital of crime, you’ll discover a world in which everything is dark, sharp and deadly. Even humor.

And last but not least: at Lexis Numérique, we decided to make a bet. We believe that price is always an issue but we also think that downloadable content doesn’t mean cheap content. Hence we decided to offer you 8 to 10 hours of unique and immersive gameplay at only $12.99. We worked more than a year to achieve it, spent more than 3 additional months to tune it. And as an independent developer, we preferred spending as much as possible in the game development than in marketing. Hence, if you like the game, please tell your friends :)

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  • Woo, another PS+ discount.

  • Sounds interesting I’ll be looking forward to trying out the game.

  • looks interesting.. kinda like a mini LA Noire. Heard about it from a friend on twitter… great to finally have some more info on it even tho it releases today.

  • Looks great. Refreshing even. I didn’t see any mention of Move support. Seems like a perfect fit.

  • Surprised to hear this is 8 to 10 hours. Sounds long, so I really hope it is engaging for the entire time, or else I might never find out who did it.

    • We really hope you’ll find it engaging. But if you’re blocked somewhere and want to move faster, you can always ask Saul a few tips. However, your overall scoring won’t be that good if you keep asking for hints and clues. Plus the journalists won’t write good papers about you…

  • hmmmm…ps plus eh? this might really push me to do it. i wont be surprised if the store updated very late today, too much good stuff. cant wait! ps move support please!

  • Being a brand new PS PS+ member consider this a lock for me to download tonight when I get off of of work. Reminds me of Deja Vu from the Nintendo days which I just loved as a kid. Any info on the trophies for this?

    • Hi Jay_Ci_415 – Most of your actions are rated. The rating depends on how often you ask for help (hints), how many tries you need to solve a puzzle and how long it takes to finish the investigation. In addition, you don’t need to find 100% of everything, you may miss a few elements here and but you’ll be rewarded if you succeed to do so :)

  • First I have heard of this game. Looks like fun. My wife also loves puzzle games like this so this will be a no brainer for me.

  • Awesome. If the pricing point is $12.99 minus 50 percents off for PS Plus members… It is for $6.49, correct?

  • “If you only like first person shooters…” lol shots fired shots fired

  • 8-10hrs of gameplay eh? That’s alot of puzzles and brain strain. Hope it mixes things up a bit. Anyone know the trophy count on this? Looks great, and I may pick it up to play at another date since it’s on sale, but we’ve had puzzle after puzzle game come out with discounts for us to snag. I’m about puzzled out for awhile. Hope we start seeing more discounts on other genre in addition to these great 50% off ones.

  • another TUESDAY, can we get excited? well, for us PLUS+ subscribers…maybe a little, we do have a discounted game…but, when this hits xbla at the end of the year, do they get it for $5?

    so…looks like that’s it for this tuesday…another tuesday FAIL…PS+ has another WEAK WEEK…

  • What’s the price even tho I am juicy PlayStation Pius member almost 3 years in advance

  • @ 12 don’t be so sure wait for PS Store update and speak from that point, but I have it and I like it it has a lot more to come

  • siddie peeps mommy didn’t love him.

  • so .. to clarify .. this will be $6.50 for plus members right? I just checked an early review, def. seems worth that, for me … don’t know if I’d pay more than 10 though (I really won’t pay more than that for ANYTHING, that could be just me) …

  • that game seems interesting as well, however if that game gonna be like 8 or 10 hours of playing it all the way to the end, then i wonder how much GB of ps3 hard drive for download?

  • Sweet! Been waiting for this to release today. Such a good price, and such smooth looking exploration.

  • Looking forward to picking this up later tonight

  • Half-price for the privileged? Sold!

  • I’ll be sure to check it out at $6.50

  • I remember an earlier blog post saying this was Episode 1. How many episodes do you plan on making, will they be released monthly, and will they all be the same length?

    • In fact, “Episode 1” was a code name. Red Johnson’s Chronicles has a clear ending and the story could stop there – but we plan to release a sequel and, if you guys like the universe and the game concept, why not creating others. The idea is to create a game structure that is closer to TV series episodes than current episode-based games. We want each game of the series to be independent, but on the other hand we also want the game universe, the characters and the background story to grow deeper and deeper.

  • Awesome, that Playstation Plus price looks like an automatic buy. Nice.

    Are guys gonna be posting details on Amy soon? Really like the previews I’m reading for it. Can’t wait.

    • Thanks for Amy :) You can check out the Facebook page – we will post new stuff soon. We’re currently balancing and polishing the game. We’ll do our best to release a 1st video soon.

  • This looks like a fun and interesting game to play, and for that PS+ price i may definitely have too :D6

  • So is this completely a Puzzle game, or a Puzzle game mixed with Hidden Item filler?

    • It’s an adventure/investigation game that includes many original puzzles. One example: you want to search a suspect’s house. First, you’ll have to find a way to make sure he leaves his place (which is a classic type of challenge for an adventure game). But to get into his place, you’ll have to disarm the alarm – which leads you to a puzzle/mini-game. Once in, you may search the place to try and find pieces of evidence. You might also have to fight if needed (the action scenes are based on quick time events).

  • Do I remember this having Episode 1 in the title? Will this be in the vein of a Tell Tale game (just comparing release structure, not gameplay)? I’m definitely getting it, but I’m already hoping that the “Chronicles” in the title means there’s more to come :)

  • This game looks like it would work great with the Move. Will we be seeing a patch that add Move support in the coming months?

    • We’re currently considering a patch to include PS Move. This is not 100% certain for now because we want to evaluate what is the best way to address this. We keep you posted as soon as we have more info.

  • Sucks how LA Noire is so close to your release date…. people’s standards are gonna be too high.

    Anyway I’m excited about AMY – lets get some more info on that one!

    • To be honest, we look forward to playing LA Noir. The game looks really great and we really like RockStar. It’s true that Red Johnson’s Chronicles has been compared with LA Noire by the gaming press (‘Red Johnson’s Chronicles Looks Like the Perfect Appetizer for L.A. …’) and we kind of agree with the general conclusion: while being investigation games, both have their own identity. LA Noir is a $60 blu-ray AAA set in a very serious and realistic atmosphere when Red Johnson’s Chronicles is a pretty good (at least we hope so) $13 downloadable game set in a unique and funny atmosphere. And for you guy who are members of PlayStation Plus, it’s a $6.5 deal :)

  • I didn’t think I would bite on this, but I think you’ve sold me on it Djamil. Also, how am I going to argue with the 50% off.

    I look forward to seeing more info on AMY too :)


    My first reaction, being a growing teenage boy:
    “Teehee he said Red Johnson”

    My final thoughts, being someone who loves a unique gaming experience:
    “Sold. Time to dust off my fedora and become a noir-era detective even while not playing LA Noire.”

  • all i have to say is “PS PLUS F**k Yeah!!*. Game looks really interesting, will definitely pick it up.

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