Fame Awaits: Chime Super Deluxe Music Competition

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Fame Awaits: Chime Super Deluxe Music Competition

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying Chime Super Deluxe since we launched three weeks ago – we’re delighted with the great reviews it’s been getting so far. I’m especially pleased with the reaction to the music, obviously! But I’m not here to talk about that, I’ve got some news about a competition (enter here) that could see your music rubbing shoulders with Philip Glass, Plaid, Moby and the rest…

In case you’re not familiar with how the game works, here’s beat-boxer extraordinaire Shlomo explains the basics in the video above. Give it a watch!

We’re inviting aspiring musicians to submit tracks for a chance to appear in Chime Super Deluxe. We will pick our favorite and work with the winner to turn the track into a unique level. Players around the world could hear your music and see your name on screen! We will also profile you on the game’s official website and link to your music online.

There are no rules about what style of music you can submit. Whether you’re a laptop producer, band, choir or percussion group, if you think it would make a great Chime level we’d love to hear it. The only stipulations are that it must be your own work, that you’re up for putting it into the game, and that you’re able to provide “stems” (a multi-track recording with separate instrument parts) if we pick your track as the winner.

For Chime Super Deluxe, we got great results by collaborating with artists like Shlomo, now we’re inviting you to collaborate with us. We’re always looking to push Chime in new musical directions, and we can’t wait to hear what you come up with for the game – so come on, surprise us!

“How does it work?” I hear you ask… To enter, just head here and submit an mp3. The competition opens today and we’ll be accepting submissions until Friday 1st July.

Good luck to you all!


How do I submit a track?

Once submissions are open, you can use the form on this page to upload an mp3 file of your track, along with contact information and comments.

Can I submit more than one track?

Yes, but if you submit more than one we may not be able to listen to all of them, so choose your best!

What kind of music can I submit?

Whatever you like – if you can imagine it in working in the game, let’s hear it.

Can I submit a cover version?

No. A cover version is partly owned by the original composer. Anything you submit must be your own composition and not infringe on any existing copyright

My music contains samples from other songs, is that ok?

No. Samples are the property of the owner of the original recording. Anything you submit must be your own composition and not infringe on any existing copyright.

Will I get feedback on my track?

We can’t promise to provide feedback but we will listen to every submission.

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3 Author Replies

  • Super Deluxe!! and I only recently got the original :(

  • That’s pretty amazing. And you did that with beat boxing? That’s impressive.

    • Yes every sound in “The Looping Song” is Shlomo’s voice. He came in to our studio and recorded with the loopstation he uses live to build up layers of beat boxing and singing. Then we took it all apart and built it back up into what you hear in the game. He is an amazing talent, it was very cool working with him!

  • Holy wow Zoe Mode, you continue to impress. Multiplayer is amazing, the songs are amazing, everything is just wow. I was wondering if the looping song was beatboxing or not.

    Good luck to all the talented musicians out there!

  • The leaderboards for this game are *still* broken. They just stall on the first screen with the message ‘Downloading…’ and nothing else happens.

    Please please get this fixed, Zoe Mode — it’s been more than 3 weeks and it completely destroys any competitive aspect of the game.

    • We share your frustration with that one. I can assure you a fix is on the way, as soon as we are certain of the date we’ll let everyone know. By the way, your scores are being posted, the issue is with retrieval so don’t worry, they do count.

  • Ciaran, i will send some tracks your way with different BPM’s of original work.. thanks for this oppertunity*

    so basically i send in MP3 and dif you like it you contact us and ask for the breakdown of the track to mix and masterfor the game correct? thanks!

    If so should we leave the effects on? lol thanks!

    • Yes, just send an mp3 of a full mix. When we pick a winner we’ll ask for the track broken down into stems / samples. Looking forward to hearing your track!

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