RTS Under Siege Hits PSN May 3rd with Game Editor, Move Support

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RTS Under Siege Hits PSN May 3rd with Game Editor, Move Support

After three years of production, Under Siege is finally ready to hit the PlayStation 3! In North America, it will be available on May 3rd on the PlayStation Store for $19.99.

Under Siege is a real-time action and strategy game where a small group of heroes fight against a huge invading army. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world and follows the story of Eirik, Kari and Asgeir. Designed to be played with the DualShock 3 controller or the PlayStation Move motion controller.

Under Siege for PlayStation MoveUnder Siege for PlayStation Move

The built-in game editor is one of Under Siege’s most interesting features, enabling players to create their own maps and game modes. The same exact tool that was used by the team to create all of the levels is available to everyone from the start, and there’s no need to play through the campaign to unlock anything.

Under Siege for PlayStation Move - Game EditorUnder Siege for PlayStation Move - Game Editor

Other cool features include 1080p visuals, Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, support for two players in online and splitscreen play, audio and video chat for online games, video recording with screenshot capture, custom soundtrack support and more.

And a big apology to all the fans who have been waiting for so long for this game! As a thank you for being so patient, we have decided to release our Under Siege comic book for free! View, download or print it out here.

Under Siege for PS3: Digital Comic

Thanks for reading! Visit our official website, check us out on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. See you on May 3rd!

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  • I remember being interested in this game when I first saw it either early this year or late last year ( I cant quite remember ). It is still sounding pretty good but the only thing that makes me uneasy is the $19.99 price.

    Will there be a demo? I wouldn’t mind paying the 20 bucks if I can at least get a feel for the game beforehand.

  • Sorry, no demo.

  • Pretty sure this has a platinum trophy (please confirm). Its basically a full-length $20 game. Its really quite a good deal when you look at it that way.

  • Yes, it has Platinum :)


    Finalmente. Compra certa!

    Finally. First day buy!

    Excelente trabalho!

  • Wow, this game comes with it all! Move support, Custom soundtracks, Splitscreen, In-game Editor, etc. I’d say that really validates the $20 price point. it really sounds like a full retail game! Great work guys, i might pick it up myself :D

  • Awesome!! Finally a release date.

    Question: I know some sites have already reviewed this game based on old code and still awarded it 8’s and a 7 from edge, which is very respectable. But edge complained about bugs in the game (which lowered the score a lil) and I’m sure these have been ironed out by now.

    So my question is, will other sites now get the new version? And will the other publications get to re-review the game based on the new version?

    Also will there be any incentives for ps+ members?

    Thanks in advanced!

  • Looks great, and thanks for the comic :)
    Will it be available on the comics section of PSN too?

    • Hey.
      Yes, new reviews that will come out will get the new version that will be on sale.
      The EDGE guys got a very old build (from November I think) so there is a world of difference.

      No PS+ incentive for launch.
      This decision is not up to us so I don’t know if we will get it later.
      It still is a very good price so ;)

      Has for the comic book no, sorry.
      We wanted to give it for free so we just figured it was easier to just make it available like this, you can download the CBZ (which has all the JPGs) and watch it on PSP.

  • Hey.
    Yes, new reviews that will come out will get the new version that will be on sale.
    The EDGE guys got a very old build (from November I think) so there is a world of difference.

    No PS+ incentive for launch.
    This decision is not up to us so I don’t know if we will get it later.

    It still is a very good price so ;)

  • How about a retail release? maybe later after you guys come out with DLC, package the all the DLC and main game on a single disc and call it game of the year edition!!! when it gets on shelf, more people will buy it because a lot of people probably still doesn’t know that there a thing called downloading games

  • Looks great! I really like all the features, but I won’t get it till it is $15.

  • This game looks pretty neat. I’m in the mood for a fantasy RTS, a category sorely lacking on consoles, and this fits the bill perfectly. Plus I’m totally going to give it a go with move.

  • Oh yeah, about time to play this game. Can’t wait to try this. BTW, a lot of gaming site have been throwing joke about Steven Segal and this game (if you watch the movie of the same name, you’ll get the idea).

  • In the 2 player mode, do you work together or play against each other? At one point I thought that online was going to have 4 players.

    Also, will there be level sharing? I’m not very creative but I would love to download the work of other creative level designers.

    • 2 players online and splitscreen.
      We have Competitive and Cooperative modes / maps.
      The cool thing is that you can create more modes / maps with the Editor.
      You can play with other players in their levels yes.

  • wow.. uhm speechless. but uhm how does video chat work. is that in game? This is mighty impressive all the features for 20$ on a psn game. Some big name titles cannt do what this game offered. Im very impressed .

    • Video chat is on the lobbies and in-game.
      If you have a PlayStation Eye or even and old school Eye Toy you can just plug in and see yourself in a tiny window in the corner.

      You can also use just voice chat or chat normally with a keyboard.

  • Reminds me a lot of the old Myth games, I really enjoyed those back in the day.

  • Awesome

  • Looks interesting , may give it a chance :D

  • i remember trine releasing at 19.99 also which also included a platinum trophy.
    this game looks so awesome. i really hope you guys improved it over time.
    will definitely pick it up. my move controllers have been gathering dust.

  • Wow! In-game video chat? that’s pretty awesome. I’ve been waiting for a good Move-supported RTS, looks like this will be it! You mentioned before that you can play with other people on their maps. Can we share our saved creations online like 3D Dot Game Heroes or will the files be locked to the console?

    • For now we have a pretty simple system of people paying on your maps, you create a lobby with a new map you created, invite a friend and he automatically downloads your map.
      More complex sharing tools will come later.

  • Will there be keyboard or mouse support? Seems like using a mouse would be the first step in the development process for a RTS offering MOVE support.

  • Keyboard is supported for text entry only in a Multiplayer match or in the Editor for cutscenes editing.
    The game was designed with the Dualshock3 and PS Move in mind, there is no mouse support.

  • I’m on the fence with this game. I love true oldskool Real Time Strategy games but… I saw a video of this game in action… and while it’s not turn based in the traditional sense, It also doesn’t fit my definition of real time either.

    Since when does real time mean, switching to a “Battle Phase”?

    I understand that the combat itself is happening in real time once you hit that phase… but why the choice to split the game into phases?

    Will this be something we can bypass in custom maps?

    From what I seen it’s all about taking fighters into battle… I’ve not seen any kind of building, resource gathering and that layer of strategy I look for in my strategy game.

    Is this not included?

    Do we just get to command pre-decided units in battle without the ability to set up defenses of a base and more or less play an adventure game with RTS controls?

    If that’s the case… this game might not be for me.

    • At the beginning of development we called the game an RTT, but then everybody was confused about what an RTT was, so we just got back to call it an RTS.

      There is no resource gathering in Under Siege, it is all about fighting and strategy.
      The campaign is one big level as the units you have with you transition from level to level, if they die they are gone forever. You manage money as the one and only resource but you have to be reasonable where you spend it.
      Units level up and gain new abilities so we are mixing a lot of stuff here.

      The spawn points is a way getting the units on the terrrain, quick and easy. The interface is all very simple,easy to use and understand but the gameplay itself is tough as nails. As it should be.

      I understand your point of view, we also love big old-school RTS but this is something different, thought from the ground up to work just perfect for you to be sitting on the couch on the living room instead of micro managing with your mouse on the PC.

      Lastly, if you pick up the Editor you can create levels without the Prep/Battle Phase and pump out an old-school RTS style game with resource gathering so…

  • @23

    Please don’t dismiss this game just because it’s not as familiar of an RTS as…say… Starcraft 2. You might be missing out on a real gem! This is a true micromanagement based RTS, harkening back to the old game Myth, as many others have pointed out. Keeping your limited troops alive through battle after battle, moving the archers to high ground, keeping your healthy warriors in the front, moving wounded warriors to the back to be healed, and defeating overwhelming odds through small unit tactics is an incredibly satisfying experience.

    The inclusion of split-screen co-op is brilliant, as I think this type of RTS lends itself to that very well. I wish you all well and hope Under Siege gets fantastic sales, and I will, of course, be downloading on PSN when the time comes.

    • Much appreciated the support.
      Everyone in the team has played Starcraft, W3, ROL, COH and good old AOE so we think we know what we are doing here hehehe :)

  • Thanks for answering my questions Filipe, it helped clarify some things for me.

    Just the prospect of being able to do what I want with the editor, like you mentioned in your reply, is something that may push me to get the title. Time will tell.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to answer us curious gamers.

  • are you rendering in native 1080p or just upscaling from 720p with an MSAA? all the screenshots are 720p…

    for $20 I’d also expect bluray-level HD audio quality. what codec (and bitrate, if applicable) are you using for your audio assets?

    also for $20, I’d expect a Platinum trophy. any ideas there?

    co-op + Move support is great, am definitely interested if the questions above are satisfactory :)

  • Hi there.
    (out of the office, have to use regular PSN account)

    Native 1080p, not upscaled. At 720p you get as an extra an SSAO filter.
    We will probably post a new batch of screens at 1080p later this week.

    Platinum Trophy – check!
    As for audio I will have check this tomorrow.

  • it is going to be hard to get me to buy it if I can’t try it first since there is no demo my money is very tight right now and well be for a while

  • Audio is Dolby Digital 5.1 but unfortunately it is compressed.
    Being a digital download title we could not have all the sound fx and musics uncompressed or the game would get very big.

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